Woohoo! Friday at last!

On a warm summer’s evenin’ on a train bound for nowhere… oh wait, that wasn’t me, that was Kenny Rogers! So it is very muggy outside and it is just 6:00 AM. Does not bode well weather wise. Today is Friday, April 30, 2010, a great day indeed. I am off work, I am getting Tessa, and I have coffee! Not just any coffee, I found organic Sumatra coffee at New Flower. New Flower is a smaller version of Whole Foods. Their prices are reasonable, the food fresh, and just a fun experience. Anyway, commercial aside, the coffee is amazing; I ground the beans there so it is extra fresh. The flavor is rich but not overwhelming, if you are a coffee lover I highly suggest the organic Sumatra at New Flower.
I am here with the pups this morning, never mind the pups are 13 and around 7, I say around because we did not get Nocona as a pup, she was a stray. I know I talk a lot about the dogs being crazy, but they make life interesting and I would not want it any other way. It is surprising that I have ended up with dogs; I have always fancied myself, well, the crazy cat lady. I love cats, I have always had cats, and I may go back to cats someday.
I know what you are wondering, how did the crazy cat lady end up with two crazy dogs. Let me tell you a little story.
When the kids were younger I had told them that when we got into a house with a yard we would get a dog. It was a total hollow gesture. However, they took the bait and it placated them. Until we moved into a house, with a yard. Elizabeth put the pressure on, I work for a major telecommunications company and I am a single mom, I am good under pressure. I resisted, she took matters into her own hands. One day I come home from work and she has a dog there, she had found it wandering around in a friend’s neighborhood, this particular dog hated me. I honestly thought it was going to kill me in my sleep. I told her it had to go, we called the Plano animal control department and they came and got the dog. Now before you get all worked up, Plano is a no kill facility.
A few weeks later, the children are with their dad at the lake house in Nocona, you can see where I am going with this. Well on their way home I get a call, from Elizabeth, saying Mom, we found a dog and we are bringing her home. I know they had Elizabeth call because I find it very hard to say no to her, I actually find it hard to say no to any of them, but Elizabeth especially. So they bring this dog home that they have found in their grandparents garage. They named her Nocona, she is a blue heeler, and incredibly sweet, and jumpy, you could tell she had been abused. She was jumpy and would run and hide when Elizabeth would use her hair straightener. After many years, she is still sweet, much less jumpy and life would not be the same without her.
I know what you are thinking now, where did Chewie come from. In the words of Paul Harvey, tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story!


My favorite place on earth is the museum, any museum. There is one in Oklahoma called Woolaroc; it is such a fun place. It has the history of Oklahoma and the pioneer people and the Native Americans, it also has a wildlife preserve with buffalos. I have been going there since I was a child. I took Elizabeth and Alex there a few years ago. I hope they had as good a time as I have had there over the years.
The museum I frequent here is the DMA, Dallas Museum of Art, I feel at home there, perhaps due to all of the old things there, I relate. When I was taking Art Appreciation, one of our assignments was to go to the museum and find a piece from the Ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamia eras. I wandered about aimlessly. At that time I was going through a very dark period in my life, and even going to the museum was a supreme effort. Nothing spoke to me, which is unusual, because I love Ancient Egypt. The art, the stories they have translated from the art, just fascinates me. I particularly love Bastet, even sculptures of her left me cold.
So I left that area of the museum and wandered over to the European paintings. That is where I found it, the painting that gave me the strength to get beyond my situation and carry on. It was a landscape, of a cemetery, not just any cemetery, an ill kept, forgotten, battered, lonely cemetery. The painting reflected everything I was feeling, alone, battered by circumstances beyond my control. As I stood there taking the painting in, I began to weep, in the middle of the museum. When I was done with my crying jag, I was able to pull myself up and continue on, not feeling alone, as the painting let me know that there had been someone else in the world that had felt like I did right then. It didn’t matter that the person had lived over a century before me. I felt alive again and was able to complete my assignment.
That is what the museum does for me; it is a balm on my soul.

a perfect morning

This morning was amazing, a full moon, and a bit on the chilly side and The Backstreet Boys on the radio! Life could not be more perfect. Having nothing to add to that I will go straight to the segment of the day: Does that make me or my dog crazy? You decide.
It was a bright sunny, summer afternoon, a typical North Texas day. I decide that my hair color needs a little sprucing, so, not wanting to get hair color on my shirt, I take that off and put on my ratty, fuzzy, purple robe. I put the hair dye on; I am waiting for the timer to ding. It is at this point Chewie decides he needs out. Well unbeknownst to me, the fence had fallen a little behind a tree. Chewie and I spot it at the same time we both start toward it at the same time, he is quicker than I. Now before you start to think well just call him back, he is a runner. He would be in Oklahoma before I could yell out his name. Of course knowing this, and knowing I have no time to waste, I run out to the garage, in my old, worn, fuzzy purple robe; hair full of dye and clumped on top of my head and jump in the car. There is no way I can catch him on foot. Now, mind you it is roughly 6:00 p.m. on a weekday, so everyone is just getting home from work and outside checking their mail, walking their dogs or just visiting with other neighbors. I drive around the block several times like a mad woman trying to spot the Wookie. I finally see him, drive up, hop out of the car, speak to my neighbors walking their dog, tried to convince them I had not lost my mind. Ushered a very happy dog into the car, proceeded to scold him the 20 feet back to the house, it did not good, he ignored me. Arrived in the house in time to hear the timer go off letting me know to wash the hair dye out of my hair. I don’t know if I ended up on YouTube or not, I hope not. But does that make my dog crazy or me?


What has happened to our society? That is the question of the day. I grew up with an older generation that believed in civil disobedience. Thoreau was quoted liberally, and reading was highly encouraged, not just for entertainment purposes but for educating ones self. It was not left up to the schools, it was taught at home, read everything you can get your hands on. My grandfather told me at a young age, Angela it is your duty as a Smith (the names have been changed to protect anonymity) to stand up for your beliefs, and to stand up for the rights of others. I took it to heart. I read Thoreau’s essay on the right and obligation to follow your conscience. I believe it should be mandatory reading for everyone. My dad used to tell me to fight within the system, if you see something that you believe is wrong, change it. However, do it in a respectful manner. No one listens if you are screaming and flailing about like a madman. He also told me to take a stand, make a mark. Stand up for people who cannot do it for themselves. Be their voice. I believe that is the reason I became a Union Steward. To help people who need it, and yes, at times I find myself helping people who sorta don’t deserve that 2nd, 3rd or even 4th chance, but you have to help everyone and hope that this will be the time the message gets to them that they must change their ways.
Our founding fathers believed that, they wanted their part of the world to be better; they truly wanted to do better. Yes, they too had their flaws, they were human, however, they took a stand, they made a mark. When did we lose sight of that? The rules are simple, always tell the truth, always stand up for what you believe in, and always look after the weak.

Just another manic Monday

Well another Monday is upon us, another chance to start a fresh work week. I know I am going to have a wonderful week. I am confident no matter what happens I can handle it.
I am going to make an appointment with my chiropractor, my back is killing me and he is the only one that helps that. I know that will make me have a good week. What will you do to ensure you have a good week? I firmly believe that our attitudes define who we are and will somewhat direct your life. I know what you are thinking, well your life isn’t all that great, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, however, I have a good attitude about it. Granted some things are beyond our control, we cannot control how others treat us, but we can control our reactions to their actions. That is all that matters, how we conduct ourselves. We cannot control how others behave. All we can control is our own actions and reactions. With me, I think people are never quite sure how I am going to react to any given situation; it keeps people on their toes. I see people around me that react in predictable ways, and that is how others control them. I firmly believe that people need to stop and think about how they want to react, stop the knee jerk responses. The world might improve. Please note I said might.
I finally got caught up on laundry and vacuuming and other stuff. Of course as soon as I get home I will need to vacuum again, thanks to the two fur balls! I will say this again, I miss the snow. I know everyone loves the sun and the spring and warmth, me I love the cold, want the wet stuff. Anyway it is going to be a great Monday! Everyone enjoy!

Random Sunday

Is anyone else a law and order junkie? I admit I don’t watch the new episodes on NBC but I love watching the marathons on TNT. Law and Order SVU, that I watch new, but the original Law and Order, those I watch on TNT. I love getting all of my law acumen from television, I can’t explain it, I just know I love it.
I always wanted to be an attorney, both a research attorney and a trial lawyer. I love ferreting out information and using it for the good of all, and I love the drama of the courtroom revelation. Does anyone remember Perry Mason? He always had the big reveal in the courtroom. Total greatness. I think journalism fulfills that need as well. The big reveal. With the advent of the internet where information is immediate it seems that true journalism has gone the wayside. Now it is all sensationalism, people don’t want to know the real news issues; they are more interested in starlets and their underwear wearing habits. It is sad really how salacious the news reporting has become. I love reading the Wall Street Journal, it doesn’t have such stories, and it is written at a higher level. Did you know that almost all newspapers are written at a fifth grade level? That is because the majority of the population can read no higher than that. How sad is that? I also enjoy reading the Dallas Observer as it is written at a higher level, I don’t believe it gets much respect due to the add content. However that is how they keep the paper for free for the public. So it is a trade off.
Well I don’t really know how I got off on that tangent, but it is Sunday, I have had coffee, and am ready to take on the world. Not sure what is in store for today, perhaps nothing exciting, perhaps a walk, as it is beautiful outside, perhaps movie and popcorn at the house. I will let you know tomorrow what was decided.
Yesterday was spent catching up on sleep and laundry and housework. I hate housework, but I like a clean house. I hate laundry but I like having clean clothes to wear. It is vicious I tell you!

an off day

Today is a strange day. First off, it is total curly hair day, Jess, do not stop reading, it is not hair care product day! It is raining and my hair will do nothing else but curl, so instead of fighting it, I have gone with it.
I am totally off of my game this morning, I woke up early, at 3:00 instead of 3:30, and I am congested and yet can’t quit blowing my nose, left sinus medication at home. Also instead of bringing my box of Kleenex back to the bedroom with me while I was getting dressed I left it on the bar and had to keep walking back and forth, then as I was getting ready to leave my bedroom for good, noticed the box of Kleenex on my night stand. Craziness!
It really started yesterday; I ran errands after work and totally forgot the most important errand of all, dog food. Thankfully they had enough for today. But I tell you what I better remember after work or else they are going to start looking at me like I am a turkey at thanksgiving!
Thankfully I did not forget the coffee this morning, and it is Starbucks day, so woohoo! I am not going to review the television shows from last night as I know Michelle has not watched them all, nor has Elizabeth. So, tomorrow will be television review day.
Ok, now for the Does This Make My Dog Crazy segment; Whenever Fiancée comes over, Nocona has to get in his face and sneeze, every time. Does this make my dog crazy?
Have a Good Friday everyone!

does that make my dog crazy….

Jess you are 100% correct. Six hours of television a day is my calling. I don’t know why I even question myself. I seriously need to get a job with TV Guide. If anyone has any contacts please hook me up! I discovered a new show, huge surprise. This is a new sitcom, Romantically Challenged, Alyssa Milano’s new show. It was so good to see her back on television and in a comedy. The first show was cute, a little risqué, however they have programmed it at the right time 8:30 pm CST, when little children should be in bed and with the advent of the DVR parents can record and watch later. It is a perfect lead into Castle Monday nights. The first episode was funny and dead on about the dating world. When you first enter it after a divorce and your friends are all throwing advice at you, it is confusing and can lead to funny situations.
So my new vocation, professional television watcher, the thought is, well, heady to say the least. I could spend all day watching television and writing my opinion about it. I think I have died and gone to heaven!
Ok now for a little segment I like to call Does that Make My Dog Crazy:
My dog insists on fresh water in his bowl every time I walk in the kitchen, even if it has been less than 10 minutes from the last fresh water. Does that make my dog crazy?
And yes Jess, I am talking about Chewie.
Fiancée’s hair is growing back; he is now like fuzzy wuzzy the bear. The beard has grown back faster than the hair on his head. He is threatening to let it all grow for a solid year, for the next fund raising event. I don’t know about this, we may be house bound after 3 months of that. I’ll keep you updated.
Well tonight it is a new Bones and Vampire Diaries and finally The Office! Will be writing tomorrow, fair warning of a spoiler alert in advance!


Have you ever been so completely bored? Maybe bored is the wrong word here to describe what I am feeling. Maybe it is restlessness. I feel the need to get in my car and drive. Drive where you ask, well I don’t know. I do know I am missing Oklahoma right now, I feel the need to see my family that is left there. My nephew Chris, my niece in law Cindy and her children and grandson I have yet to meet, and of course Tammi. But deeper than that I feel a need to change things in my life, I don’t know what yet. I get off work at 2:00 pm so I know I could do something meaningful before I got to bed at 8:00 pm. That is six whole hours I could do something other than watch television. Do something other than watch television? OMG have I completely lost my mind! I think I have a fever…..

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