A Little Story About Michelle

I’d like to tell you about my friend Michelle, some of you may have seen her comments from time to time on here. I met her at work, we were in the DSL department together, I didn’t really know her that well at first. She worked evenings and I worked early mornings, so we had very little contact. All of that changed when we were put on the same team.

She professed me to be too peppy and I needed to lay off of the caffeine. I advised her my peppiness had nothing to do with caffeine. We were off and running, it was all in good fun.

Michelle’s exterior was of a gruff, no nonsense woman, underneath was a heart that matched the state we live in. Everything is bigger in Texas after all. We bonded over a love of Star Trek, coffee and dogs.

She encouraged my love of Dean Cain, hand making me birthday cards and valentine cards with his picture in them. She even made a puzzle from one of his pictures, very thoughtful, and fun.

I found out from a mutual friend that Michelle’s deep love of dogs manifested in her going to her local rescue and paying adoption fees so people who were not financially able could have a dog.

She also volunteered at the local rescue, washing dogs, grooming them, making sure they could make a good first impression to the humans coming to look at them.

Michelle’s big heart didn’t just encompass animals, she talked about her sons and grandchildren all of the time. How proud of them she was, their accomplishments and their abilities and how much she missed seeing the ones that lived far away.

Her health was never great, but she persevered, coming into work when she physically should not have been able to.

She finally had to go out on medical leave, we, her friends, were hopeful we would see her back in the work place. Then Covid hit and we hoped we would see her online, able to work from home.

It was not to be, I don’t know what Michelle finally succumbed to, but God said enough. I need you to come home, so she did, she went home to be with her beloved mom and dad and sister.

Her legacy of the caring she showed us will live on, I’ll never forget her. In her honor Stormie and Fat Catstard have been getting extra love and extra treats.

She also loved hearing about Fat Catstards escapades and what Stormie was doing.

She was one of a kind and I’ll miss seeing her comments on my blog, or some silly thing I posted on Facebook.

She hated winter and aways had something sassy to say about my winter posts. I’ll miss those the most.

Michelle I’ll continue to keep your family in my prayers, I know they will miss you more than I. I also know without a doubt I’ll see you again, when I do I’ll tell you all about the escapades of Fat Catstard and Stormie.

Star Trek Continues On and On and On

As you all know I recently watched Star Trek the Original series again. I forgot how unsatisfactorily it ended, of course it didn’t know it was ending at the time, I’m so happy the movies came out.

I have moved on to STtNG, for those not in the know, that is Star Trek the Next Generation, I remember when it premiered. I wondered if I would love it as much as I loved the original.

I needn’t have worried, I did, I felt the same emotions watching the series premier that I did when I first saw it. The first look of the new Enterprise, the introduction of the characters.

Having DeForest Kelley come on and bridge the generations, those of us that loved the original, transitioning us to the next. It was brilliant and pure Star Trek in nature.

Seeing Lt Ryker for the first time and watching the interaction between him and Deanna Troi, you could feel the electricity between them. You knew before the telepathic conversation between the two.

Speaking of Jonathan Frakes, let’s just say Genie Francis chose well. He remains an incredibly handsome man, his Ryker had such a manly swagger, very intriguing. Even translating well in todays world, manly men are well, just watch Lt Ryker. Or Poldark. Moving on. 

The series premier, Encounter at Farpoint, was a great start and showed off each characters strong suits perfectly. We get to know each one of them, even a Klingon, an android (in the words of Dr. McCoy, just as bad as a Vulcan). A counselor that we never knew that we needed, a woman as head of security and a boy genius in Wesley Crusher.

It was a great introduction to Captain Picard was pitch perfect, we saw him take command immediately and we saw his weakness. He is uncomfortable around children, and they gave him a family ship.

I have my twitter friend Gin to thank for this one, she has been rewatching the series and tweeting about it. A natural progression from Star Trek the Original, I do love my Star Treks.

You can learn a lot from watching these shows, plus, what other television show spawned so many shows and movies?

Let’s see if we can name them:

Star Trek

Star Trek the animated series

Star Trek the Next Generation

Deep Space Nine





Lower Decks

There is also the fan one, Star Trek Continues


Star Trek the Motion Picture

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek Generations

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: Insurrection

Star Trek: Nemesis

Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Beyond

There are plans for a new Star Trek series as well, Star Trek just goes on and it makes me happy.

If you can name another series that was cancelled after three seasons that spurred generations of shows and movies and continues to delight fans everywhere. I have to go now, I am on episode 2 of season one of STtNG.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Stay safe and make good choices.


Superman Old or New?

It was announced this past week that Henry Cavill has signed on to portray Superman in three more films. That’s great, I am all for continuity and while his portrayal isn’t my favorite I believe he did an ok job.

His take is darker than I really like my Superman and he is more Superman than Clark Kent. The direction they are going is a darker take on the universe.

On twitter I saw a few people saying they’d rather see Dean Cain as Superman on the big screen.

Now we all know how I feel about Dean Cain and his Clark Kent/Superman. It’s one of my favorites, however, he is now not the right age to be Superman. I know, ageism, but let’s think about it rationally, Superman never ages, I know everyone thinks Dean Cain hasn’t aged, but he has.

Oh he looks good, for his age, but he is nowhere near the shape he was in when Lois and Clark first aired. Superman doesn’t age, it is only reasonable that a younger actor would take up the mantel. Continue with the storytelling.

I would love to see Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher do a miniseries for the small screen to catch us up on what their version of the characters are up to. That would be fun and I would totally watch it.

I have often said I am first a Superman fan, the character has been my favorite since I was 4 years old and saw my first comic. Lois Lane even influenced me to major in journalism.

Superman, Lous Lane, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, the Fantastic 4, Black Panther, Captain America, I loved them all. Too many to name here.

It’s much like Star Trek, there comes a time when younger actors need to take up the mantle and continue telling the stories.

I am all for that, I like to see the storytelling continue and go on to the next generation. That is what keeps the characters alive.

That’s it, those are my thoughts, i hope you all have a good day and make good choices.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Save Our Children

I’d like to talk about the movie Cuties on Netflix, it is causing a lot of controversy and I’d like to add my two cents.

They took eleven year old girls and decided to sexualize them, make a movie then brand it with a mature rating saying only adults should watch it.

So the girls they exploited cannot watch what they did, now before you decide to take me to task for prudish tendencies, let’s chat.

The girls are grinding, twerking and rubbing their vaginas while a camera gets closeups of it. In one scene one of the girls tries to seduce a grown man. Taking his phone and running into the bathroom, pulls her pants down and takes a picture of her crotch. Then publishes it, when she comes out of the bathroom, he pushes her away saying what is wrong with you.

This sends a message that an eleven year old girl is the seducer and the man must protect himself from her.

This is a pedophiles dream scenario, this movie will be watched by sexual predators everywhere and they will start acting out this movie with young girls.

This is not a cry wolf situation, if you have any knowledge of how sex trafficking or abuse works, you will know that the aggressor always blames his victim.

There is a lot of blame to go around, from the one who wrote the script, to the casting director, producer, film director, director of photography, the crew and above all, the parents of these eleven year old girls.

If any of you have an eleven year old girl that is taking pictures of her vagina and posting it, please get her some help and find the person who groomed her. Because 11 year old girls do not think of these things themselves.

I am beyond disgusted that they are trying to say this is a coming of age film. The Goonies, that was a coming of age film, My Girl was a coming of age film, even Star Wars was a coming of age film.

Stop trying to pretty up soft core Kiddie Porn, that’s what this is. Oh I know it won an award at the Sundance Film Festival. I also know Sterling Van Wagenen, who co-founded the Sundance Film Festival, has been sentenced to at least six years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of a child.

That’s all I have, I’m disgusted as a mother, I’m disgusted as a grandmother, I’m disgusted as a woman.

Save our children, all of our children, stop sexualizing them in film.

Star Trek Dreaming

I know I mentioned last time that I am watching Star Trek the Original Series from episode one. The thing that I always forget is how much I love these characters. Captain Kirk with his cowboy diplomacy (which is my ultimate favorite diplomacy) to Spock with his unflappable logic and stoicism, except when he thinks he killed Jim and then finds out he’s actually alive. Bones with his dry wit and sarcasm, when he allows his facade to crack, a southern accent that would do Kellie Rasberry proud. Scotty with his love and loyalty to the ship, the Enterprise might be Captain Kirk’s wife, but she is Scotty’s true love. Lieutenant Uhura, one of my first role models, a woman, on the bridge of a starship. One who carried herself with confidence and also a hint of humor.

I love all of them, a lot of life lessons can be learned from watching these shows. From issues with your parents not approving of your life choices, Sarek not approving of Spock joining Star Fleet, the age old I want you to be like me. It seems no planet is immune from that age old struggle.

Captain Jame T. Kirk, a chick magnet, I know that is not PC, but that is what he was. He had a different woman in every port, on every planet and in-between. We loved watching his swagger, his confidence, his commanding presence. Who didn’t want to be one of those women? Not me because I was only 4 when the show came out.

I wanted Spock to be my dad, I was positive when I was mischievous I would be dealt a healthy dose of logic. Not the sit in your chair and you can’t watch television for an evening punishment.

As I grew older I wanted to grow up to travel on a starship, I don’t know if I will ever get to achieve that dream. I feel we are getting closer, perhaps Tess will see it in her lifetime.

I wanted to meet an alien life form, I wanted to be the first to greet them on earth.

I have always been drawn to strong characters, I wanted to be them, Uhura, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, the first girl Musketeer, protector of a king in the form of a dora milaje, Mata Hari girl spy, saving the day. I wanted to be a singer, a dancer, a writer, Star Trek started all of that.

The show taught me I could dream, I could reach for the moon and land among the stars. It taught me logic, it taught me tolerance, it taught me unification, lessons this earth desperately needs. Perhaps a healthy dose of Star Trek is in the cards for everyone.

Make is mandatory watching in every pre-school, while the special effects are dated. I mean it premiered in 1968, the stories are solid, the ideas are enduring and Captain Kirk is still a chick magnate.

Once I am done with this series I will move on and re-watch Star Trek the Next Generation. Where we have a captain that is more refined, a first officer that has more swagger and bravado than should be legal, and rocks a beard magnificently.

I highly recommend Star Trek for everyone, of all ages. As usual you can leave any comments, questions or criticisms here or send them to angie@angieworld.com. I would love to know who your favorite character is and if any of them influenced your life.

Destructive Behaviors

Ok, so, I’m watching Star Trek, the original, and it is Season 1 episode 22, I know some of my friends will know what episode that is.

It is a pivotal episode and is even continued in the Star Trek movies. Space Seed, Khan to be exact. The one, the only, Ricardo Montalban, is a revelation playing this character. This was way before he was Mr. Roarke, he was Khan, he was forceful, he was magnificent to watch and yes, incredibly macho.

As I watch this episode with the eyes of an adult woman, I am struck by how the character Lt. Marla McGivers behaves. She is a historian, so she is besotted by Khan and the whole gang of people out of time.

So much so she initially betrays her own captain and crew, even when Khan is clearly abusive and manipulative towards her.

It begs the question, have we, as women, evolved from that behavior?

I would like to think so, however, I have seen too many women fall for this type of man. Full of himself, full of bravado, only in it for himself, not the betterment of others. He thinks only of the next conquest, whether it be women, sports, even conquering his other male friends.

We have to be better than this, we have to look for the signs of abusive behavior. Isolating women from their loved ones, getting them to betray their own social circles.

Thankfully I am too old to be caught in that web, and quite frankly I am way too stubborn and self involved. I am well aware of who I am as a human, as a woman, wait, am I human? I don’t even know anymore, due to the fact that humanity as a whole has gone off the rails.

I digress, if we see a woman walking down that path do we owe it to all women to tell her to watch out. Be careful, you are walking down a destructive road and you deserve better.

I have been in that position and have told other women, stop, take a look, be careful, get out. You deserve better, I have told male friends that as well.

Manipulation isn’t just for males, not by a long shot, I have seen the opposite as well. Abusive, manipulative women, who will do anything to get their way. Even if it means walking over their own children to get there.

When will we, as a society, learn to stop these destructive behaviors? I often wonder, when seeing certain music videos, hearing the lyrics of certain songs, and seeing the behavior on social media, are we regressing?

Then I see my own daughter, daughters-in-law, sons, granddaughter, bonus grandchildren and I am hopeful.

I am also hopeful when I see younger generations on social media not falling for what is clearly destruction. Going above and beyond to help others, not tear them down, not destroy.

Take care people, the younger generations learn from the ones that came before them. I hope I have set a good example for the ones younger than I. You don’t have to step, shove or annihilate anyone to get ahead in life. You can be strong and nice at the same time.

I don’t always succeed at the nice thing, I tend to be a little more brash, like my dad, he was so blunt in his honesty. I wish I had gotten more of my mom’s gentleness. Alas it was not to be, here I am, too old to change now, I don’t know that I would want to.

I would love to know others experiences in this world, please feel free to leave any comments, questions or criticisms here or if you wish to remain anonymous you can send them to me at angie@angieworld.com.

National Sunday School Teachers Day

Today is National Sunday School Teachers Day, so in honor of this I will tell you about several that influenced me.

Not surprisingly, they are all from Owasso, not that the ones that came after them were bad, they just couldn’t really hold a candle to those that came before them.

Let’s get started, first up, Caroline Hall, this amazing woman realized she had a bonafide nerd in her classroom. She worked at the Baptist Book Store in Tulsa, she would bring me books on all sorts of topics. She taught me why Freewill Baptists believe the way they do, she brought me books not only regarding our denomination, but others, and other religions. She knew how to get through to the nerd in me, she was amazing and after all of these years I still remember her fondly and remember the things she taught me.

I will also say this, she gave me my first piece of OU swag, which I still have to this day. She was also the first to come to my house after my son, Michael, passed away.

Next up, Grace Wimberly, this woman was incredible, I remember the first day of the new year of Sunday school she stood in front of the class and said this is the same stuff we learn about year after year. I have to teach from the lesson plan, but we can get through that in about 5 minutes. What do you all really want to learn about? My hand shot up so fast it would have made your head spin. My bestie Tammi sighed in exasperation, she new that the nerd in me was coming out full force. I said Revelation, I want to learn about everything in that book. She said ok, and she accepted the challenge, she made charts, little books for all of us, hand made, this was the days before computers were ubiquitous, handmade pie charts, graphs and the book was put together by her and her husband Al. I’ll never forget how she made me feel, like what I wanted to learn was more important than a cookie cutter lesson, created by people who didn’t know us. She was caring, she was straight to the point, said what she thought and meant what she said. I learned asking questions and doing research was the way for me to delve deeper into the Bible.

Ed and Fleeta Sunday, they taught as a couple to young 20 somethings. Fleeta said something one Sunday that really hit home for me. She said that with everyone concerned about what was on television that they forget about what they are consuming when they read. Me being a huge reader, well that hit home, because at that time I would literally read anything. That is not always a good thing, I learned to fill my mind with things that would propel me closer to God and also expand my capacity for learning. This includes fiction, I do love fiction, but I am picky about what I read.

Thank you to these Sunday School teachers that helped form who I am today. You gave me the resources to understand why I should have the courage of my convictions. You taught me to question, and to search out the answers to my questions. You taught me that God had made me exactly the way I was supposed to be.

If you know any of these (except Grace, she’s in heaven now) please tell them I said thank you.

Who are some Sunday School Teachers that influenced you?  And why? I would love to know other peoples experiences.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Nutritionist and Other News

On Friday I met with my nutritionist, I had not seen her since February, we had one over the phone appointment. I realized I cannot do that, I am on the phone five days a week for 8 hours a day. I loath being on the phone if it is not a personal call, I really don’t want to pay for a phone visit. Plus it is not good for my mental health, I prefer medical appointments in person.

So on Friday I got to see my nutritionist! I was very excited to show her all of the supplements I had been taking. As these are ones I discovered on my own, I think she almost passed out when I put all of those on her desk.

Some were good, the ingredients were good, some not so much. She tweaked some things and made other suggestions.

She also ordered new blood work to check hormone balances and vitamins B and D. Then we will see what else needs to be refined and go from there.

I know I have talked about her before, but she really is good at what she does. She is a functional nutritionist, she doesn’t do cookie cutter nutrition. She actually looks at the individual person, their blood work, their lifestyle and what works for them.

She is also very gentle in her approach and doesn’t make me feel stupid or bad for past food mistakes.

I still love Hotworx as well, they managed to take two things I hate with a passion, the heat and exercise, and combined them into something I look forward to.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk Cobra Kai, this is a show I never knew I needed in my life! Yes, Shay suggested it, she will want full credit.

If you are anything like me and loved the Karate Kid movies from back in the day, you will love Cobra Kai!

It is the original actors, except for Pat Morita of course, because he is no longer with us.

William Zabka is absolutely fantastic in this, he really shows the road to redemption is rarely smooth. It is filled with ’80’s music, nostalgic looks at the past in clips from the movie. It is also about family, controlling ones emotions and the urge for payback.

I highly recommend it, there are only two seasons so far, looking forward to a third.

Since I have no new shows to watch I have currently started with Star Trek, the original one, from episode one, season one. I am very happy.

Another thing I am happy about is my BBFF is getting married! I have not met the future Mrs., however, I know without a doubt she is amazing. How do I know this you ask. Good question. His sister loves her, and his sister is way more protective than I am. So if she has the sister stamp of approval that is good enough for me. I can’t wait to raise a glass to their happiness at the wedding.

The new Marvel movie is out and I am thinking about going to the movies this coming weekend. I really want to see it, which brings me to my next item.

What I am sad about though is hearing about the passing of Chadwick Boseman. I cannot imagine the strength this man had, to do all of the movies he did, all the while battling cancer.

He gave so much to us yet managed to keep his personal life to himself.

He brought to life one of my favorite superheroes, I loved Black Panther growing up. I wanted to be a Dora Milaje, much like I wanted to be a Musketeer, I wanted to be the protector of the king.

I hope it brings comfort to his family knowing that he touched so many lives. He will continue to live on through his film work, generations to come will look at how he brought the king of Wakanda to life and will want to grow up to be like him.

That’s all I have for now, as usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

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