The Start of Geek Week

Well it is the start of Geek Week for me, Thursday is the day I see all of the Avenger movies leading up to the midnight showing of The Avengers. I am so beyond excited!
So, the Irishman is still sick, he is better on the medication, as soon as it is gone; the symptoms come back in full force. It is crazy; I hope they can figure out what is wrong with him.
Nothing very eventful over the weekend, I did notice someone is reading every single thing I have ever written here. I wonder who you are, the only comments I have gotten from someone I don’t know was a crazy person defending a child abuser. She has been blocked from commenting, so if it is said crazy person, I will never know. If you are not the crazy person, please feel free to let me know who you are.
So two episodes in and RHONJ is rockin it! Man oh man, Teresa is alienating everyone, her husband Juicy Joe is starting physical fights and Melissa and Joey are quickly becoming my favorite couple. The emotional reaction that he had when she played her new song for him, which she wrote for him, was just nothing short of amazing. Every woman wants someone that feels that way about her, hands down best scene of the night. I love that Bravo didn’t back down about the accusations that Joe is cheating on Teresa, her fans that went to her book signings all tell her they are praying for her. Women can forgive an inordinate amount of wrong doing; hopefully they can pull things together. They have four daughters together, reason enough to work on things and get their acts together.
Poor Lauren, battling her weight issues, I understand how she feels, the battle is a hard one, especially if you have a family that eats big. They are Italian and Italians have all that great food and she was right when she said that summer is one of the worst times to begin a new eating regimen. I saw from a Facebook post from her mom, Caroline, that the diet did indeed work. Lauren looks fantastic; I hope we get to see some of the struggle. I believe it would help young women who battle this issue to know they are not alone and even the wealthy are not immune to the emotional turmoil that comes with battling ones weight.
Jacqueline, wow, so heartbreaking to watch her do the tough love with Ashley, and how really ditzy does one have to be to miss their flight while looking for a Dunkin Donuts? Really Ashley? The next day Christopher, Jacqueline’s husband took Ashley and made sure she got on the flight to her aunt and uncles home. They are sending her there in the hopes that it will help her grow up; being at home is sometimes not an option when the child becomes belligerent, lazy and rudderless. I understand the move did Ashley good and she found her direction in life. We are seeing the struggle that led to that growth.
Well, that’s all I got, I hope everyone has a great Geek Week! Let’s make this a great week for Joss Whedon!

Sunday Ruminations

I am one of those people that when others complain about their lives I simply say change it. If you don’t like how your life is going then change it, I find that so easy to say. Not so easy to do it, I do not like how my life is going, yet seem incapable of changing it. It is a conundrum. It would be so easy to just wriggle my nose and life would be different, oh wait, I am not Samantha. Is anyone out there wanting to make a change, yet seem incapable of doing so?
Why is it so hard? That is the big question, perhaps because people are afraid of change, we, as humans typically don’t change until it is thrust upon us. Then it is painful change, I have to wonder, if we initiate the changes in our lives, would it be easier. I don’t know, honestly, all the changes in my life have not been of my doing. Well, ok, I take that back, all the job changes I have done within the major telecommunications corporation I work for have all been my choice. I was never forced to change jobs except for once, and that one was painful. The changes that I initiated were not painful, in fact were delightful changes that I relished. Wow, that is quite a realization, change when initiated by self not painful, change initiated by someone else, painful. Something for all of us to think about on this beautiful cloudy day. Much like Eddie Rabbit I love a rainy day/night, I hope it does rain, I want it to rain. Hard. I have a new book, I can’t seem to get into it, it is about Lucretia Borgia, I love reading about the Borgia’s, almost as much as I love reading about the Medici’s.
So, I am off to begin my Sunday, the start of my total Geek week, I hope you all have a terrific day!


I like scramble eggs, however, I only like the yellow part, so one day I got the idea to separate the egg whites and the yellows and scramble them separately. I decided that since egg whites were so healthy I would give them to Chewie to eat. I would have the yellow, I put the plate with his food down and he eagerly went to it. Looked at it, sniffed it, turned his nose up at it. I guess even a Wookie knew the white part is disgusting and tastes bad.
I had scrambled eggs this morning, I did not separate them and I missed feeding part of my eggs to a Wookie. However I did have a crazy eye here eagerly awaiting her share.
I don’t know if that makes the dogs crazy or me, probably me, I should do the bit does that make me crazy, however there would be too many items to list.
I have a headache and my stomach hurts today, I hope I am not getting what the Irishman had, or maybe I do. He lost twenty pounds in roughly 2 weeks, I could live with that, then I would only have 20 more to go. Bring it on germs, bring it on!
Yesterday was a day where I was doubting myself, I have them every once in a while, doubts on my looks, as I am getting older and have had no plastic surgery. I know how I see myself, I often wonder how others see me. I think I look pretty good, but I know in reality I am looking old and haggard. I so do not want to be an old crone.
I don’t know where my obsession with looks came from, I remember my grandmother and great aunt Effie were always old and always wrinkled and I always thought they were beautiful. My mother never had plastic surgery and I always thought she was beautiful as well.
When I look in magazines, I see what I am supposed to look like at my age and I know I don’t look that way. I see women in the store that are so thin, and I know no matter how much weight I lose I will never look like that. My legs are huge and seem to never go down in size. It doesn’t matter what I do, they are still there, glaringly large, so huge compared to everyone around me.
So yesterday was a bad day as I realize I am old, fat and unattractive, luckily I can look at myself in the mirror sans glasses and see me as I was in high school. Way better than beer goggles.

Another Book Review

Here I sit, facing my 2nd Friday of the week, ok, after this week I will quit bragging that I have 2 Fridays a week. Maybe. What I am about to say next may anger some people, yeah, when has that stopped me before.
So I bought that book 50 Shades of Grey, I bought it from Target so I thought really how bad could it be. I must preface this by saying I am no prude, I am a child of the ’70’s for goodness sake. However, this book, it is nothing but porn, I know it was advertised as “mommy porn” but this was just filth. I couldn’t even get through the first book, when the man brought out the list of what he wanted to do to that girl I was done. I put it down and will not pick it back up. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting but hard core porn was totally not it, especially for a book I bought at Target.
Yes, I know, it is being touted as a break through book on women’s sexuality, seriously, if the author of the book cannot even talk about what she wrote without looking at the ground and blushing, well there is an issue.
And I am fine with the book existing, I have nothing against it, just seriously, don’t sell it in the same spot you sell children and young adult, i.e. teenage, books in. This book should come in a plain brown wrapper.
There, done with that, ok, peeps, it is my second Friday, so I know you all know what that means, Starbucks is on the agenda. I do believe I will be getting an unsweetened passion tea lemonade. I love those things, so yummy! Then off to work to help people stay connected with the world!
Peace out hommies!

Terrific Thursday

Today is Monday/Thursday, yesterday was a mini weekend, and it was good, so strange being off in the middle of the week without taking a vacation day. I think I am going to like this. I went to Bonham and saw Jeffrey and Elizabeth Anne yesterday, so nice, and came home and got caught up on laundry. Oh and it was clean sheet day, wow, it just could not have gotten any better!
Tuesday’s Zumba just about killed me, that instructor was a beast, in a really good way, going back for more today. I think my body is changing due to the zumba dancing, I feel different in my clothes, like they fit different. I am loving it!
I am very excited to go back today and be tortured all over again, I know I am going to sleep well tonight! Just one more week until my huge Avengers event, I am so way beyond excited about this. I have seriously never done anything this geeky in my entire life and it feels good. Ok, dressing up as Wonder Woman, that was pretty geeky, no wait, that was just cool. Yup, still nothing as geeky as next week will be.
I hope everyone has a great, geeky Thursday!

Inspired by @MrsScottBaio

So the other day on twitter Scott Baio tweeted a picture of a table and said something to the effect that his wife had done a good job with a luncheon she was having. Then someone tweeted back, was this after mass, to which @MrsScottBaio (Renee Baio) tweeted she was Christian not Catholic, I really think she meant Baptist in the place of Christian, but it was thrown out there in twitterverse and the beating began. One woman actually tweeted that because they were not married in the Catholic church their marriage wasn’t valid. People were just brutal, one man said he would have thought Scotty would prefer Catholic girls dressed in little school girl outfits, I stared at that for a while. Does this man not realize Scott Baio is a grown man and prefers a woman as opposed to a girl, and he is saying this to the mother of Scott’s child, and his wife. It was really crazy and yes, Mrs Baio did come back and say she didn’t mean to imply that Catholics were not Christians and that she was a Baptist Southern girl so obviously Scott preferred her over the Catholic schoolgirls.
I am a Baptist Southern girl myself, a FreeWill Baptist Southern girl, I believe that Catholicism is not a different religion, it is a different denomination. I cannot believe the beating that was rained down on Renee Baio for not being Catholic, I have a lot of Catholic friends, in fact my BBFF, aka Jess, is Catholic. He, nor any of my friends, have ever tried to tell me I was not a Christian due to my beliefs, and in turn I have not done that to them. In fact, Jess and I have had many philosophical and theological conversations, I can’t really call them debates as we end up agreeing with each other.
Here is the real point, if we as Christians cannot recognize that if a person believes Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died to save us, then rose three days later to ascend to heaven, how can we respect anyones beliefs?
I had a wonderful Sunday School teacher in Owasso, Oklahoma, Mrs Hall, who told us in order to understand why we believe the way we do we needed to study other religions and denominations. She brought books to us, of course I was about the only one that read them, but I understood. I had a better view of the world after those lessons and a better understanding of the people around me.
I would like everyone to remember that Catholicism was the only Christian religion on earth until Martin Luther began the reformation. Please pick up a history book people, we are all Christians trying to make a better life for our children and the people around us. We should all be lifting each other up and not trying to tear each other down. If we do not have respect for each other how can we expect people of truly different religions to respect us as a whole.

Oh and FYI my first husband was Catholic and the man I am engaged to currently, The Irishman, is also Catholic. Therefore we can conclude Catholic men like Baptist women.

So, hats off to you @MrsScottBaio for standing up for what you believe in and not taking any of the insults hurled your way personally.

Happy Psuedo Friday!

Well I did it, I survived my first 10 hour day, with overtime, all is well! Today is Zumba as well as Friday I am so excited,
Tomorrow will be spent going to Bonham, going to see Jeffrey, the air is not working in my car, and it is intermittent! Ugh, the problems of being a customer with an intermittent issue, I can only hope it is acting up tomorrow.
I wanted to get my hair done, I am really wanting a change in color, something lighter for summer months. Not blond, but some highlights, maybe lowlights, I don’t know, I need a decision maker in my life for hair issues. Any volunteers? And please only serious suggestions!
I like the quiet of early morning risings, the house is still, the coffee is on, the internet is working perfectly, what more could anyone ask for. Nothing I believe, not a darn thing. Oh wait, maybe a butler names Jeeves to bring me said coffee, silently, always knowing when I need a refill. Oh a robot butler, that would be even better, I love it, someone invent that for me.
Well, since today is Friday, I do believe I deserve a Starbucks treat, so the Starbucks at Custer and Parker is it for me. I think I have told you all before this is my favorite Starbucks, even early morning the workers are friendly and professional and speedy. Love them, huge shout out to my favorite Starbucks! Everyone in Plano go in and tell them you saw them on angieworld.
Speaking of Starbucks, if you are a Costco member you can use your $5.00 off a bag of Starbucks coffee beans through May 12th I believe. That makes it very affordable, I have already gotten mine, these coupons for the Starbucks coffee do not come around very often! Take advantage folks. That will be all for the advertisements today, it is off to get dressed for the day for this woman. I do believe it is a Lucky jeans day paired with a BCBG top and Madden Girl cork wedges. I hope everyone has a fabulous day, I know I intend to!


Well, it was a rough wake up, I can say that, however I did have the foresight to have my coffeemaker programmed and already brewing when the alarm went off. Coffee is the elixir of the gods, what a gift it is to us mere humans.
Yesterday was spent taking Carolion and Lauren to the movies, I took them to see Journey 2, the Mysterious Island, at the dollar movie, which is now $2.00. Still fun, I did find that .50 cent Tuesday has now turned into .75 cent Tuesday. Still a great deal.
I cannot believe this is my Monday and also my psuedo Thursday, what an amazing thought, I am one blessed woman. The Irishman had a couple of setbacks this weekend, but by last evening he was looking better. Hopefully this road to recovery will continue in its progress.
I did watch the season premier of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, man, that Joey Gorga is just heartbreaking to watch. You can tell he cares a great deal about his sister, Theresa, and yet she is in such denial about her financial issues, her personal issues, everything. Theresa did at one point try to talk to her husband about the tabloid reports of him cheating, in the guise of their daughter having seen the headlines in the grocery store. His response, it is what it is Tre, I was like, what, that is not a denial, no, well you know I am not cheating, no let me talk to her and comfort her and let her know her dad is not a lying scumbag and cheater. Not a ringing endorsement of his fidelity, however, if it works for them, who is to say anything negative about them. Still love Caroline Manzo, that woman just doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone, Jacqueline is still breaking my heart with her issues with Ashley, her daughter, so sad, Jacqueline does not deserve that turmoil. She is a good mom and Ashley is spoiled beyond belief and thinks everything should be given to her and she should not have to work for anything.
Melissa and Joey are still cracking me up, he is so funny and so is she, she just makes up words, it is so funny to watch.
Well that is all for now, must go and get dressed for the day, just because I go in early does not mean I get a pass in the fashion department. Must look fabulous!

Shopping, Lunch and Ladies

Well, tomorrow is the day, I start my new shift, I know you all are tired of hearing about it, but I am way excited. Yesterday was a fun day, I had lunch with my ladies that lunch crew, a good crowd showed up and we had the best time, good food, good company and a ton of laughter. Next I took the Irishman’s girls shopping, they were in desperate need of new shorts and tops. So, I had made a decision recently to support JC Penney in it’s effort to revamp itself. So, off to JC Penney we go, I am so happy I made this decision, 7 tops and 4 pairs of shorts for under $70.00. The girls are now wearing the same size in clothing so I told them the majority of the clothes they have to share but they will still have their own special outfits.
Next it was Target then home, they were very tired as they did not get to bed until after 11 the night before due to their dance recital and up early for Carolion for her Saturday school. By 9pm they were almost falling asleep in the living room, so off to bed for them and me. I was exhausted as well, so a good nights sleep was had by all.
This morning was pancakes, normal color, with red sprinkles, add some coffee (for me) and bacon and it was a pretty darn good morning.
I will let you all know in the coming days how much I love my schedule, I hope you all have a great day and a great start to your weeks!

Total Geek Happenings

I am going to admit to a major geeky thing I am going to do, I am so excited! On May 3, the Irishman and I, starting at noon, will be at the movie theater watching all of the Avenger movies, Iron Man I and II, Thor, The Hulk and Captain America, culminating at midnight with the showing of The Avengers, so freakin excited! I am going to totally geek out!
I love the Avengers and I love Joss Whedon, I cannot wait to see what he has done with this franchise. Expect live tweeting, if you are not following me on twitter, now is the time. I will not be tweeting any spoilers of the new movie, no fears on that end, probably a lot of O.M.G and Wow and Joss Rocks, will be on the menu of tweets.
Does anyone out there have a total geekfest coming up? I know Jess does. If not what is your favorite geek out moment in your life? I have too many to really mention, however, my very first total geek out was at Star Trek the Motion Picture, it was when Spock walked onto the bridge wearing all black. An epic moment indeed.
so I confessed mine, your turn, confess yours.

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