Sad Resolution or Commendable Goal?

I got sucked in. By a headline. It’s a sad day folks, I not only got sucked into a headline, it was one about one of the Kardashian crew. Yes, I’m sad, for me.
However, I couldn’t stop myself, it said that Kourtney’s New Years Resolutions were sad. I had to see what a sad New Years Resolution was.
I was sucked in. By a headline. For the secular world I can see why her goals for the coming year were sad. She actually expressed a desire to have a deeper relationship with Jesus, to continue with her fitness goals and be the best mother she could be. To work on her, not worry about how others perceive her.
Is there a higher goal for a Christian? To seek a deeper relationship with the one who gave His all for us? Why would anyone call that sad? I call that commendable, I was actually a little heartened to read it. I pray she can keep it up in the materialist world she lives in.
Of course this set me off to look at my goals for 2016, I have one specific goal, which I will not post at this time.
I am contemplating a change, a different path, for myself, I have shared it with a few people and they have told me they think it’s a great goal. I can’t wait to share it with you all.
Look for it at the end of January or beginning of February.
My New Years Eve evening will be quiet and fun, I am spending it in my home with Tess. One of the best ways I can think of to ring in the new year.
In case you’re wondering, the Irishman will be at work.
There is so much I am looking forward to in the new year, on so many fronts, personally, professionally, entertainment wise, it’s just going to be a great year.
I would love to see what goals you will be working on in the new year, please feel free to comment.

The In-between Week

Christmas has passed, and it was a good Christmas, filled with my beautiful children, Tess and the Irishman.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the overuse of superlatives in the American language, it has become ubiquitous. It’s ordinary now to see awesome, great, amazing or fantastic, when in fact what the person is talking about is good, ordinary or in some cases it really is extraordinary, however it is not amazingly awesome. I myself am guilty of this phenomenon, I must ask myself, when did this happen?
I don’t remember, in my younger years, using hyperbole so much, however in my middle years, I find myself doing it on, embarrassingly, an hourly basis.
Since this is the week of New Years, and a time when people typically make out lists of things they are going to give up, I thought I would start with my language.
So, here goes, my list of things I am going to work on in 2016:
1.) I shall give up the overuse of superlatives, only using them when they are warranted. Not callously tossed about, given without thought, without measure.
B.) I will only buy shoes I need, not have to have, will die without, I have a ton of shoes and refuse to buy things I don’t need. Elizabeth Anne, I need you to keep me on the straight and narrow on this one.
III.) I will learn to use Alexa efficiently, right now I am just bugging her to find Dean Cain for me. She is balking on that task, so, she and I will learn about each other and I will learn her ways.
A.) I will make more of an effort, that’s it, you can fill in the blank with this one.

That’s it, that’s my list, in a nutshell, I am not one to give up things I know I will not be able to. However, there are things I can change, and those I will work on.
I would love to hear what you are going to work on, try to change, or even give up.
It is time now to put away the Christmas decorations, get the house ready for New Years, I will be making my 15 bean soup with the leftover honey ham from Christmas. Also cornbread is on the menu. Jeffrey will not come over for that as he is allergic to beans and hates when I make that. I do fully expect to see Alex and Elizabeth Anne and maybe a few others.
Oh and I have one more, I will be going through my closet and getting rid of what I don’t wear. I seriously need to do that, it’s embarrassing.

My Thoughts on The Force Awakens

I am filled with emotion right now, good, bad, angry, sad, elated, all spectrums of the emotional range, I am.
I just saw then new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, I am overwhelmed. This will be a spoiler free post, just in case you were wondering.
First of all, seeing the familiar and hearing the familiar, from John Williams unforgettable score, to Chewbacca’s signature, well, I have no words to describe his language, it was just incredible.
You can tell this film was done by someone who loves the whole Star Wars realm, which kinda pisses me off. Because this is the same person who did the reboot of another much beloved realm, Star Trek.
The differences between the two are glaring, J. J. Abrams himself admitted he was not a fan of ST, however was a huge fan of SW. I cannot begin to tell you how I wish ST had been entrusted to someone who loved it.
I am not going to put down the ST movies, as I did enjoy them for what they were, they were not my beloved ST, they were different.
However, having seen how he treats something he loves vs. how he treats something he has no heart in, well it leaves me angry.
I will be seeing TFA again, and again, and yet again, because it is just that good, not good, great, awesome, amazing. Lovingly crafted by someone who has respect, knowledge and a fondness for detail. This was a film, ST was a movie, huge difference.
My hopes are high for the new ST coming out, however, having seen the trailer, I am not holding out hope. Even though Simon Pegg has rushed to assure true fans of ST that the movie is nothing like the trailer and he, himself was disappointed with it.
I am one of those people that love both, Star Trek and Star Wars, I am more passionate about Star Trek. I readily admit that, Star Trek introduced me to space travel, it took me to places I will never be able to visit outside of my imagination. It gave me hope for the future of earth, like nothing else does, as the realities of this earth are getting closer to a nuclear meltdown.
Star Wars took me to a galaxy far, far away, where none of the characters were from earth, therefore not bound by human rules. It was old fashioned good vs. evil, and you can easily tell the good guys from the bad.
I love them both. I just wish the same person had not done both in this generation.

Ignorance vs Stupidity

I would rather meet someone ignorant than stupid, ignorance can be corrected, stupidity cannot. The dictionary defines ignorant as lacking in knowledge or training, the definition for stupidity is foolish or unintelligent. So you see, by definition, ignorance can be cured.
The reason for this is of course a Facebook post, someone re-posted something someone else posted without research. Now I am guilty of this myself, however, when corrected or someone posts the research as a comment I quickly correct my post.
The person posted something about a major retailer, it didn’t sound true, so I researched it and posted the research under it and said hey this isn’t true.
Their response was does it matter. Does it matter? Let’s think about this, you posted something that was erroneous and potentially harmful to the retailer. As it was quite vicious in it’s accusations. Plus, let’s add on the fact that the person portrays themselves to be a Christian.
So now we’ve got a violation of do not bare false witness and thou shall not lie, so yes, Virginia, it does matter.
It matters for so many reasons, first you are showing that you are not ignorant as you cannot learn, you are showing that you are stupid or foolish. Next it matters due to the fact if, a big if I admit, many people believe the vitriol it could hurt the major retailers’ business. That would mean layoffs, people losing their jobs and not being able to provide for their families. I know that’s a big supposition, however, it could happen.
After that, we have your immortal soul, do you really want this to be the thing you have to explain to God when you die? Because, contrary to popular belief, God can see everything you do, yes, even on the internet.
People think they are invisible or they forget that that God is omniscient, He sees all, He knows all. I have to admit, there will be quite a few things I have to answer for when I die, however baring false witness will not be one of them.
Choose what you post carefully, I try, I am not always successful, but I do try and I feel that if I am ignorant on a subject I will educate myself.
In the words of Judge Judy, Beauty is skin deep, Stupid is forever. Ignorance can be cured, stupidity cannot, and with the advent of the internet we are seeing stupidity overtake ignorance in a big way.
This is my advise to everyone, read, read then read some more, if you have any doubt on anything you read, then read more. Education is the key to fighting ignorance and warding off stupidity.

My Review of the Rustic Cuff Business

I’m going to tell you something, something I don’t advertise or tell anyone that I do, to me it is a private thing and something that gives me great joy. Whenever I am in the drive-thru at Starbucks I pay for the person behind me. I know what you are thinking, what is the big deal, well I am telling you that because it parlays into what I am about to delve into.
I was raised to take Matthew 6:4 at it’s literal word, in case you have forgotten what it says: “Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.” My mother was a pro at this, I didn’t know she made quilt tops for homeless veterans until I was 16 years old and caught her and my dad loading them into the car to deliver to the woman who would distribute them.
I am also a Mary Kay Consultant, something else that will come into play as you will soon see. In Mary Kay we are taught the Golden Rule, if you don’t know it when you become a Consultant, you learn it in lesson one. For those of you not familiar with it: Matthew 7:12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Pretty simple and clear cut. These are lessons we should all be learning as children, and they should not be a surprise to anyone as an adult.
Now, onto the heart of why I am telling you all this, there is a company in Tulsa called Rustic Cuff. The owner and creator of the business is a woman named Jill, her back story is well worth reading. It’s a great backstory, although, the majority of us in life have a great backstory. However, it takes a rare individual to take that story and make it a business, not only a business but a thriving one, especially one that is specialized.
You see the company makes and sells bracelets, and the owner is constantly giving them away. So now the women who buy them also give them away, they call it “gifting”. They imbue Jill with the attributes usually reserved for sainthood, I find it a little disconcerting.
Don’t get me wrong, what she has created is special and wonderful, she has taken a setback and created a business. She is adding to the economy of Tulsa, employing people and selling a much sought after item. But she is not in the league of a Mary Kay Ash or Ebby Halliday, yet, once she begins to employee more women and create more jobs without ceilings for them I will be more impressed.
You see in Mary Kay, we are taught about gifting, we give gifts with every purchase (the majority of us do), we also give a gift for having us in your homes. When we deliver product we have it wrapped prettily in a gift back with tissue. I have customers tell me that they look forward to my deliveries because even though they are paying for the product they feel like they are getting a gift.
Jill does give a lot of bracelets away, they have bracelets and cuffs, the followers call them all cuffs. They are not, they are bracelets, they buy them by the 100’s, from what I have seen. One woman posted that her husband (who is in the military and deployed) saw their bank account on line, called her and told her no more. She had spent roughly $400.00 on bracelets. Bracelets. The women then began commenting that she should spend more! I saw that and was floored, I thought can someone say divorce court.
I see women posting that they will have to feed their family fried bologna because they have spent too much on these things. They have to scrounge for rent or house payments, I just think to myself this is insane.
I have a few of these very attractive pieces, I will not be “gifting” any of them as I purchased ones that represent things in my life. I have also asked my children for one for Christmas, it is a true cuff and is a cutout of Oklahoma. Once again something that means something special to me.
I fully believe this woman is doing great things and is guided by the Golden Rule, from what I have seen she is very giving, very driven, high energy and family oriented. She is a rare breed of woman that God has blessed beyond measure and she is giving back. She gives back to the community at large, I have seen her do great things with this newfound fame she has garnered. I pray she continues and God continues to bless her, what I want to say to her followers, and they are followers, not mere customers, is that the near worship you have for her is a little scary. I have seen you post pictures of her children when they were out with their mother. I have seen you take pictures of Jill without her knowledge, with her in the background, some with her children in them. I have no words for that.
Please remember, this is a business, she is a business woman, with everything she is giving away, she is making a lot of money. This is not an altruistic business, it has a bottom line, however she seems to have her priorities in order, God, Family, Business. I pray she has continued success. I love seeing women succeed in business, but her premise is nothing new, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Looking Forward

2016 is looking like it is going to be a great year, for nerds and geeks everywhere, myself included. Let’s start with Batman vs Superman the Dawn of Justice. Introducing Wonder Woman to the mix. My head may explode, as you may know, or not know, I don’t know, I love the superhero mythology.
Before you say, what, those are comic book characters, I would say yes, they are, however there is a whole mythos that surrounds them. Wonder Woman literally, she comes from Amazonian warrior women, she is the daughter of Ares and Queen Hippolyta. Literally a Demi-goddess, in Greek Mythology. If you are not familiar with the backstory I suggest you google it, it is way too long to go into here.
Superman, let’s take a look at him, a super being sent to earth to save mankind, without the whole dying for us thing. There are so many similarities that it is also worth some research, the first book I suggest you read is The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. A fantastic read for everyone.
In it he delves into the human need for heroes, for a something, someone higher than a mere human. Our psyche is hardwired to look for something beyond ourselves, an explanation to our universe.
With the world in so much turmoil it is only natural we escape into the world of caped heroes, that we dream of our world being rescued by a being not of our world.
Of course this is not going to happen, I am a devout Christian and I do believe the end is coming, and humans are trying to hurry it along.
However, that does not stop me from loving the world of super heroes and heroines, my first love was Superman, I added Wonder Woman, Thor and Captain America as I grew. I also grew to love Science Fiction. I cut my teeth on Star Trek and Dr Who, and don’t even get me started on classic horror films and books. Frankenstein’s monster, The Wolf Man, and Dracula!
Of course we cannot forget my immense love affair with anything Joss Whedon, from Buffy to the Avengers, he is my geek crush of the century, well last century and this one.
I don’t believe it takes away from my Christianity to love these stories, I don’t love Christ any less, and I don’t believe they are real.
I still hold out hope for mankind, I still hold out hope that the Vulcans will eventually contact us. Although to be honest, reading the news and looking at the tabloids (purely in line at the supermarket) they will NEVER contact, especially if they monitor our airwaves, such as E! and all of the “reality” shows. Especially the ones on TLC, seriously, I’m embarrassed to be human sometimes.
I am excited for 2016, for so many reasons, but several stand out, Captain America Civil War and Batman vs Superman are two that jump to mind immediately.


So, on Facebook, a friend of mine tagged me and challenged to post five pictures I feel beautiful in. Interesting. That is the only word that comes to mind as I am not beautiful, I never feel beautiful and I most certainly have no pictures that I am beautiful in. No amount of lighting will ever make me look beautiful. I am not even passingly pretty. I am reminded of that every single day of my life.
I will not be posting any pictures; I have made a decision to never post another picture of me at all. On any form of media, it’s too painful to look at it afterward. I will only post pictures of animals or funny pictures. Or my children and Tess of course, however, fewer of those and with the majority of my social media on strict privacy control.
There was an episode of Angel (brilliant Joss Whedon) where Cordelia is rendered unconscious due to her visions. They were never intended for humans, and she meets Skip, a full on demon who explains this to her. He takes her on basically a vision quest, but what struck me is when he tells her that most people have an idealized vision of what they look like. However, she doesn’t, because, well, Cordelia is beautiful. But the point is she saw herself the way she actually was.
I see myself the way I actually am, I have never been beautiful, pretty or anything else that causes heads to turn.
I have no illusions regarding my looks, oh, sometimes I have more bravado than most days and I can fake it really well. The whole look at me I’m pretty façade is just that, a façade and as I become more aged the façade has been stripped down.
So no more selfies, no more photos of me, no photos plastered all over the internet for all to make fun of. To point and say who does she think she is, thinking that she looks good, when in actuality the truth shines through.
I don’t even think I have a good personality to make up for it, I read a lot, I watch geeky shows and movies and do not have an exciting life. I used to be envious of women who are truly beautiful, my BFF Tammi is so pretty, she was actually a Mrs. Oklahoma. Julie Sunday, a former Miss Oklahoma, was so pretty. My parents would hold her up as an example of what I wasn’t. I don’t think they meant to really do it, just a generational thing.
So, here I sit, not posting the five photos I feel beautiful in, because there are none in existence.
To all of you out there, the pretty ones, the beautiful ones, enjoy it! Revel in it, take care of it, cultivate the inside as well as taking care of the outside, because eventually the inside shines outward.
I guess my insides are not that pretty either, as nothing is shining outward with me.

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