Wacky Wednesday

I shall rename today Wacky Wednesday, for no apparent reason. I woke up to having to make my own coffee, which is fine, however I like the Irishman’s better. Once again I am having honey in it, you know it really brings out the coffee flavor. I am rather enjoying it.
My nails are looking rather raggedy right now, nail appointment on Saturday, I think for the season I am going to forgo the french manicure for a color, a holiday color. I am thinking red, I know, original, maybe with some sparkle, since I have a party to go to Saturday night and a football watching thing on Sunday. I want to look festive, I have found the perfect dress in my closet to wear Saturday night. It is red, fitted and amazing, I have only worn it once, then could never wear it again. I got it from Victoria’s Secret so you know it is incredibly sexy. Not something most people think of me as, but at times I can look incredibly hot. So, for Saturday night I choose to look hot, or at least in my mind I will. And seriously, that is all that counts. Shoes, that is the big question, I have the smokin hot Carlos Santana ones, however they are red, would that be overkill, do I go with black to break it up, or go with the red shoes and carry a black purse to break up the red? Decisions. And Sunday, what do I wear? It is a football watching party, do I wear the pink Cowboys jersey I bought to support United Way? Do I wear a cute outfit? I think we all know I don’t really watch football, ok, not at all, I go for the social aspect. I like these people, they are nice and fun, I am in such a quandary as to what to wear. I’ll ask Rachel what she is wearing. Whew, disaster averted.
Ok, I am off to get dressed and start my day, I am still loving my tour, I am finally getting enough sleep and am waking up rested, a heady feeling indeed.

Terrific Tuesday

Ok, so, every day my dad would eat a tablespoon full of honey, he would spread it on his toast, of course this was honey that we got from the honey man up the road. He said that someone told him a long time ago that if you eat a tablespoon full of honey one would never have weight problems. My dad was not fat, so there may have been something to that, or it could have been the fact he was very active and ate healthy otherwise. We shall never know which it was, anyway, Elizabeth Anne told me she started eating honey because someone told her if you ingest local honey it would help with allergies. So, I was at Costco on Sunday and they had a local vendor there that sells, you guessed it, honey. Honey made in Frisco, so, I decided to give both theories a go. I bought the honey and am having a tablespoon in my coffee instead of sweet-n-low, I figure it has to be better for me than chemical sweeteners. It is two weight watcher points and I only have the one tablespoon per day. My coffee actually tastes better, so far so good, don’t really know anything regarding allergies or weight loss as of yet, but the taste is good.
I am looking forward to this weekend, very busy, getting nails done early Saturday morning, then shopping, then Christmas gathering with the Ladies that Lunch, this time no lunch, dinner. We are mixing it up folks! Cause that’s how we roll. I crack myself up.
Elizabeth Anne came yesterday while I was at work, she organized my closet, cleaned my kitchen and, yes, organized my boots and shoes. I love that girl, then as a reward, I took her to Taco Bueno, ok, so Bueno was always in the plans, but still, we went, had good food and good conversation.
I hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday (thank you Anissa for the phrase)!

Wedding Update

So, for all those wondering, I am not getting married December 31, 2011, it was unrealistic to try and plan something for that time of year. It is wickedly expensive and I have to be honest I don’t want to spend the money on that and not spend on Christmas. So no wedding this year, maybe next year, I don’t know. I am thinking I want to get married on a Friday the 13th that is a good luck day in my family. There are three next year, January, March and July, one the year after in September. But how cool would that be, to get married on a Friday the 13th in 2013.
I have to be honest, I am in no hurry, and really at this age the only reason to get married is so that person can make medical decisions for you in case something happens. But I have to tell you, I already have Elizabeth for that slot, she knows not to pull the plug, and I want to live as long as I possibly can. So really, what other reason is there? I can see it when you are young, but I am not a 19 year old, impressionable young girl any longer. I am older, jaded and not very good at planning things. I am also ambivalent toward the whole thing. I mean seriously, what changes with a marriage certificate? I know, I would no longer be living in sin, however in bible days all you had to do was say we are married and boom you were married. Or you walked around a tent three times, I can’t remember exactly, but it was also easy to divorce. The man just said the words; I divorce you, and boom, divorced. Will I be no less committed without a piece of paper? Well I have been committed this whole time, so nothing changes there; a piece of paper will not change that.
I mean I have done the big, white dress, champagne fountain huge wedding thing, I don’t need it again. However if I do decide to get married, then there will be a wedding, a small one, with very close friends and family. It won’t be July, can you imagine? The heat in Texas, at a wedding, ugh. So if we miss the March window, it will not be until 2013.

Welcome Christmas!

No Black Friday shopping for me, work it is, and work I will gladly do! I have my giant container of iced coffee I brought from home, my Greek yogurt and my seaweed; I am ready to conquer the world of tech support, one call at a time!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, celebrating in whatever way you chose, whether it was with family or in solitude. I have to be honest, I prefer solitude, since my children spend every Thanksgiving with their dad’s side of the family, I seriously have no desire to celebrate. I know you must be wondering why they spend every Thanksgiving with him, well, let me tell you. It was an agreement we made a long time ago. His whole family gets together at Thanksgiving and celebrates that day and Christmas and even some birthdays. I didn’t want my children to miss out on that experience. So, he got Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve was and remains mine. An arrangement we still honor today even though the children are now adults.
Sometimes I miss Thanksgiving, but it is more of a missing my mom and dad and the Thanksgivings I had with them and my family. The fun that was had just two miles north of Owasso was total greatness, and I cherish all of my memories.
Work again today, then it seems like I had something to do this weekend, oh yeah, massive cleaning and getting the place ready to drag out all of my Christmas decorations. I can’t wait to buy the tree, make cookies, see if I can find sugar free hot cocoa, maybe splurge in the real thing, haven’t decided yet. I love Christmas! Happy start to the most wonderful season on earth!

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, so I shall tell you all what I am thankful for, finally. I am thankful that all of my children are healthy and for the most part well adjusted adults. I am thankful I didn’t fail too miserably at the job of parent, I am thankful that I have never harmed anyone, seriously, with my cooking abilities, or non-abilities. I am thankful that I am healthy, and don’t have to take any medications for blood pressure, cholesterol or any other ailments that people my age seem to have. I am thankful I come from a people that live long and prosper, and we are not even Vulcan!
I am thankful for Chewy and Nocona, they are always there, ready to welcome me home, letting me know someone (even if they are covered in fur and walk on four legs) loves me. They amuse me, listen to me and comfort me when I am sad.
I am thankful that stores stock ready made food, so I don’t have to cook if I choose not to, eliminates the possibility of food poisoning as well. I am thankful for a full pantry; it means no one will go hungry in my home. I never have, but my parents used to tell me stories about the Great Depression and living in the dust bowl in Oklahoma. There was a lot of hunger and people dying of starvation, I am grateful that neither I nor my children have had to go through that.
I am thankful for my parents; you see they had a choice on whether or not they were my parents, and being adopted gives you a whole new perspective on your parents. They didn’t have to take me and raise me, but they did, and they were fantastic. If I had gotten to hand pick my parents I could not have done a better job.

Holiday Plans and Christmas Love

I am very excited for the upcoming Christmas season, I love everything about it, the music, the decorations, the lights, the sounds, the buying presents for everyone I love. That is really the best part, picking out the perfect present knowing they will love it, and if they don’t saving the receipt so they can get something they do love. It does not hurt my feelings if someone wants to take back a present I have bought. I would rather they get something they want and will use and enjoy. Although I must say I do pretty well in the gift giving department. I rarely miss when picking something out for someone. I love the colors of the season, the movies, the food, ah the food, my nemesis. What to do this season, well, I shall plan and if I falter I will not beat myself up for it, just get right back on the wagon.
The clothes of the season, here, in North Texas, I have the promise of wearing sweaters and boots and jackets, such heady thoughts. Big hint for any of my children reading this, I have worn out my black leather gloves, would love another pair!
Must go get ready to start my great day at work, I know it is going to be fantastic! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and has fun getting ready for their Thanksgiving day!

A Good Day Today

I hope everyone is having a good day, mine is starting off fantastic, cold weather, sweater dress and purple knee boots, it’s all good. At this point all that can make it better is snow, or ice, or both! How great would that be! I can’t wait to go to work today to help all the people get their email and connect to the internet. The majority of people who call in for help geniunely want help and are nice and not yelling and cursing. There are a few that do that, but once you explain to them you will not be able to help them until they stop that behavior, they calm down. I actually had one customer that called in, heard my voice and said oh you are too happy I can’t work with you and hung up. He didn’t give me his account number, nothing, so I couldn’t call him back. I wanted to call him back and say well since you hung up on me I am a little less happy, I think we can work together now. But I didn’t get to. Oh well, not my fault if people don’t want the happy. Most do, and that is what makes my job pleasant.
I hope everyone out there enjoys some aspect of their job, it just makes the day go by and doesn’t drain you. It also helps that I am surrounded by co-workers that are helpful, joyful, nice and just downright pleasant to be around.
So, hi ho hi ho it’s off to work I go, see you all in the funny papers!

Monday Update

Ok folks I have been entrusted with a heady responsibility, I am planning the December Ladies that Lunch outing, and since it is our Christmas gathering, well you can imagine the pressure. My dear friend Wanda had a spill and is not up to planning the event so she entrusted it to me. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was that she asked. It will be so much fun, I admit Wanda made it easy, she gave me all the contacts and actually the place, and it looks fabulous! I do hope we have a good turnout, I am very excited about it.
This Monday was really good, cold, wet weather, Ralph Lauren skirt, boots and my black, leather Anne Klein jacket. I am in heaven, I tell you! I can only hope it gets colder.
This week is short for most, as for me I am working Thanksgiving and the day after, I always do this, I will be working 7am to 4pm, those two days. I am thankful I get to work those two days to give my family a good Christmas. I am thankful for the ability to work, I am thankful to live in a nice area of town in a nice apartment, I am thankful for all of the things my job affords me.
I will be getting my tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, I have to get the place ready for a tree, I always get a real one, this year will be no different. This year I get to add two Santa’s that belonged to Sandi to my decorations. I am so happy to have part of her with me this Christmas season.
So on that note my friends I will let you all get back to your lives. Peace out homies!

Things I Have Learned From Movies

All Ancient Greeks speak with a British accent.
Orlando Bloom really is a Greek god.
Mickey Rourke dies at the end of every movie.
Only women can be Vampire slayers.
If a man is sparkly and won’t have sex with you, he is not gay, he is a vampire.
Whips and fedoras are fabulous fashion accessories in the jungle.
Musketeers are always handsome and wickedly funny.
Behind every monarchy is an evil religious man wanting to take control.
Boots are for every season.
Spontaneously singing will not get you put in the insane asylum, it will win you awards.
The good guys always get the girls.
The good guys are easily identifiable by their white hats. (Thanks Joss for telling us that one)
Bad guys are easily identifiable by their black hats and sarcasm.
Cannibalism is acceptable in snowstorms.
In the end love always conquers and everyone lives happily ever after, except if they are going to film a sequel, in that case major turmoil at the end for all lovers.
Time travel is possible, if you own a Delorean or a train, or are related to H.G. Wells or a penny.
These are just a few of the things I have learned watching movies, there tons of other things but I have things to do today and since I do not own a Delorean, I have to shower now and get ready for my day. I hope you have a great day and remember, pray for snow.

Friday, New Team and Elizabeth Anne

Yesterday was the first team meeting that I have attended with this new team, I have to tell you I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a great meeting, I know I was not looking forward to the team change; no one likes change, however after the meeting yesterday I am rethinking my well thoughts. First we took a personality test, which if you know me you can guess I love those! It was fun and informative to hear what everyone got on the test, where they fell in the personality ranges. My new supervisor seemed to be genuinely interested in everyone, fully engaged, and even inquired how each individual wished to be approached when she had things to discuss with them. All in all it was a great start to being on a new team, the hours are actually conducive to physical health and well being, and the team seems very well adjusted and functional. So yay!
Today is Friday, I do believe since I do not have to be at work so early I will pick up my Starbucks treat on Fridays. No, not the sugar and fat filled ones, the skinny versions will do nicely, however, and I believe we all need a treat. So treat myself I will.
My beautiful, intelligent daughter passed an exam yesterday that will help her further her career, I had no doubt she would do it. Elizabeth Anne, you are beautiful, intelligent, and funny and I am always proud to call you my daughter!

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