Dead Neighbors

So I thought my neighbors were dead, turns out they’re not, but I did think they were for a few days. There had been zero movement from their house, even leaving their trash can at the curb for 5 days. A definite no-no according to the HOA, however, I saw them today and they are not dead. Major relief, no one wants to live next door to dead people.
I don’t know them, I have seen them a few times, the kids have said hello to me, the mother gave me a dirty look and I have only seen the dad from afar. Not sure why the dirty look, unless it is because I am a single female living alone. She need not worry, her husband is not my type, being that he is married. Married is not my type, period. It never has been and never will be, so no married ladies need worry that I am looking at their husband thinking I got to get me some of that.
I have been doing a lot of meal prep, as I have said on here, I usually do the same meal for all 5 work days. Today I did something different, 3 different meals for five days. It was a lot more work, time-consuming, however I think the payoff will be worth it.
The cleanse is going well, one of the pills made my tongue numb, but that part of it is done. So no more numb tongue for me.
I miss coffee so much, I got a shipment of Black Riffle Coffee yesterday and I actually hugged the bag and drew in a deep breath. Through my nose, so I could smell the goodness within.
I look forward to drinking it, on September 19th, I shall come home from work and make a huge pot of coffee and drink it all. In one sitting. I will be euphoric, caffeine high, mountain momma. Oh wait, that’s part of a song, I am delirious in my deprivation.
The cleanse is working though, my heartburn is completely gone, it dissipated with my move, now it is totally gone. Also my belly bloat is gone, in the past, no matter what I gave up, it was always there. Now, gone, as of Tuesday, I noticed no more belly pain. I credit this with the cleanse, clean eating, fascia blaster and the belly ball.
I am exhausted from all of that, but happy with the results, weight is leaving me, due to all of that and the working out.
All of this clean living leaves me wondering when I will get to be bad again. I seriously need to get into trouble, not get arrested trouble, just fun trouble. Oh maybe in Owasso, in October, I’ll find it there.
I will still be traveling with my coffeemaker, nothing weird about that.
Does anyone else do that? Travel with their coffeemaker? No? Just me? Coffeemaker and Black Riffle coffee, let’s not forget that, I am a coffee snob and I like it.
Well, that’s all I have for today, my neighbors are not dead and I still can’t have coffee.
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Age Rant

As you know by now, I am a big fan of Kellie Raspberry of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show. I also listen to her and her husband, Allen Evans, podcast, A Sandwich and Some Lovin’.
The other night they did a Facebook live recording for their new episode. They happened to have a love expert on, a real life matchmaker. I was interested in what she had to say regarding women my age, I knew it would come up, Kellie has a large fan base with women my age range.
Sure enough the question came up, where do women who are over 50 go to meet men to date.
I wish you all could have seen the look on this woman’s face, I don’t even remember her name, she was horrified that women over 50 would even want to date.
The hesitation in her voice, the look of horror, the though process that clearly showed on her face. Finally she said well it’s very competitive and honestly there isn’t anything until you hit about 55 then men that age want to date in their age range.
The look on Kellie’s face was thank God I got engaged right before I turned 50.
Apparently my first instinct was correct, I will never date again, this time it isn’t my choice. It is because I am past my expiration date. I can only hope that this woman will be happy when she is past hers, alone with her cat, thinking I wonder why I told women who are over 50 they are too old to date.
I’m gonna tell you something, I am just a little bit angry by some of the things she had to say to all of us old gals.
She said never leave your house without looking your best, like I seriously go out in pajamas, house slippers and curlers in my hair. I always look presentable. Oh and another thing, have a really great photo on your social media, don’t post anything of you walking your dog at 5am looking a mess. Well, first of all who does that past the age of 25, B.) women of a certain age don’t really like walking their dog at 5am and I thought we were all supposed to have cats!
Oh and she said go to church, she didn’t say to meet men, she probably meant go to church and pray some man finds you attractive.
I’m done, done, I will not be dating, I will not be a walking glamour shot hoping some man will take notice of me. Unless I thought that would get me Dean Cain, I’m not doing it.
Oh and she said lose weight, then Kellie kinda called her out and said some men like women who are bigger. Then she said oh yeah I guess. What and ever!
Yes, I work out and am seriously caffeine and sugar deprived right now, which is probably why I am ranting more than I usually would about this. However to tell women who are over 50 they are just out of luck. She was simply horrified a woman that old would have the nerve to want to find someone to spend the rest of their miserably old life with.
A huge part of me hopes she finds herself alone at 50, sitting in her house with her cat wondering why can’t I find a man.
I am gonna tell you what, if I wanted to find a man, other than Dean Cain, I could find one. I am Angie, I am the empress, I am in control of where I want my life to go, even if I am older than the hills.
I seriously can’t wait till this thirty days are up.
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