Victoria’s Secret Thoughts

I have to speak out about this, it has been bugging me for the longest time, there is currently uproar about an ad. Yes, an advertisement. Victoria’s Secret posted an ad that said The Perfect “Body”; please note they put the word body in quotation marks. The reason being, they were talking about their lingerie line called Body by Victoria, I know this because I buy from that line.

Everyone blasted them saying oh you’re giving girls a self-esteem issue, number one, why are young girls looking at this, it is an ad aimed at adult women. B) It is their line; it was not a comment on women making themselves thinner. And lastly, really, with all of the things that are going on in this country this is what you choose to get upset about?

I find no fault in their advertisement, it did not make me want to binge and purge or become anorexic to fit into the body size of the ad. It did not make me want to slit my wrists because I am not that size and do not look like the women in the photo. It did remind me it is time to go in and get fitted for new bras, as I love that particular line they sell.

As an adult, if your self-esteem is so low that a simple ad makes you feel bad, you seriously need to seek help. Not sarcasm, not a joke, get some help, there are other things that need to make you lose sleep and feel bad. Children starving in our own country is one, a government that foists things upon the public that are not constitutional is another, these are just two things.

I am shocked that so much vitriol was thrown at Victoria’s Secret over this; did no one see the quotation marks? Does no one know about the different lines they carry and the names of them? This is like the time everyone was on the whole make Barbie fat bandwagon.

Everyone knows Victoria’s Secret models are thin, and busty and beautiful, and air brushed to the heavens in ads. They starve themselves for the runway show; they do whatever they have to do to maintain weight that is their choice in their chosen field of employment. Oh wait, what was the key word there, choice, these girls and women have made a choice, to be models. Not only models, but Victoria’s Secret models, that takes it to a whole new level because you will be modeling things that leave the majority of your body seen. Seen to be taken apart bit by bit by the public, and if these models were not flawless, heaven help them, because the backlash would be worse than the one for that simple ad.

People love to spew hate, and with the advent of the Internet, that hate is rampant due to the face that people believe they are anonymous. They spout whatever they can to get attention, it is insanity.

Leave the models alone, leave Victoria’s Secret alone, learn to read an ad, and leave Barbie alone. I for one, do not base my self-esteem on the images of others, if you are truly worried about your daughters, teach them to read, to think, to explore their world. That will give them self-esteem, self-awareness and a thought process that goes beyond the superficial.

Hello World, I’ve Missed You

Woke up to the best surprise, the last episode of Smallville, the one where Clark Kent flies and is in full Superman suit. Chloe reading the comic to her son and it ends with Clark opening his shirt getting ready to fly off to save the day. Full orchestra accompaniment. Greatness, it was a great ending to a great series, I have said it before, I’ll say it again, the CW just knows how to get DC heroes right. The writing, the casting, the directing all comes together in one beautiful show, they did it with Smallville and are now doing it with Arrow and Flash.

Well, I decided to give protein bars another try, this time Quest bars, thanks to my new friend Sallie Ann, who loaned me $2.50 to get one at Fitness Together, I tried the double chocolate one. Upon Vincent’s suggestion I microwaved it for a few seconds. Woweeee, I was ready to whoop it up! This bar rocks, it was a breakfast treat, I had it with my bulletproof coffee and thought I had literally died and gone to heaven. Combine this taste bonanza with a Friday off and well, you can imagine my euphoria.

I will be adding yoga to my routine on Wednesday, one night a week, and they have upped the cardio sessions. I will now be doing 45 minutes of cardio twice a week instead of 30 minutes. I seriously hope I survive, this past Thursday I literally thought Vincent was trying to do us in. Man oh man, that was a toughie, but I survived, I do believe we all did! So yay us!

I am still plugging along, learning to eat the right foods; the right combination of healthy fats, protein and carbs, it is an ongoing process. However, I am confident I will be able to conquer this thing that I have been battling since I was a child.

A date is fast approaching that I look forward to with happiness and joy and a little sadness. I can’t say what right now, I will afterwards, it is a joyous thing and I wish I could write about it now, however I am sworn to secrecy.

Well, I am done today folks, I am getting out of this chair, cleaning, then grocery shopping, then picking up my amazing granddaughter. Then family dinner, meatloaf tonight, with homemade gluten free bread, crescent rolls for the kids, mashed potatoes and salad. However for me, it will be meatloaf, plain potatoes with olive oil and salad. No bread, that is the devil, no devil on my plate, happy Friday everyone!


Bullet Proof Coffee

I love coffee, there, I’ve said it, everyone knows it, and all should know how unhappy I was during the thirty day cleanse. No dairy, no cream in my coffee, when I was able to add it back in, it made me sick. I was betrayed by the very thing I loved, what to do now was the big question.

The coconut creamer and the almond creamer just didn’t do it for me, then someone posted on Facebook about the bulletproof coffee. What is this I asked, I must know, well it is Kerrygold butter and something called MCT oil, however I don’t know what that is so left it out. I put the butter and the coffee in my bullet to blend it, the recipe said a blender, I am not getting that thing out when I have this on the counter. It was so amazingly good! The next go around I added honey and cinnamon, I will never look back, the best coffee I have ever had.

I highly recommend it, if you are a coffee lover and like the taste of the coffee without the flavored creamers, you will be a fan instantly.

Halloween was awesome, Tess went as Cleopatra and she was adorable, after she went out to get her candy she handed out mine. It was an easy family dinner, pizza, which I did not have, Gladys’ stories of her experience with pizza has me scared to try it.

Yesterday was glorious, I woke up to have my awesome coffee, got caught up on my DVR’d things and then Costco and grocery store. Last night of course was spent with Dr Who, an episode that left me breathless! I will not go on, in case anyone has not seen it, I don’t want to give anything away. Just know that it was a spectacular episode, can hardly wait for the season ender next week.

Today will be spent with Tess, shopping for her fall wardrobe, very excited about that! Love that little girl and getting to spend time with her, she is nothing short of amazing.

I hope everyone has a great week; I am still working out at Fitness Together and staying off of almost all dairy, exception being the Kerrygold in my coffee. Staying off of grains and sugars as well. I weigh in next week and will be measured again; I know it won’t be as dramatic as the first month, however I am sure it is a loss!

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