Going Home Sendoff

Yesterday was the celebration of a life well lived for my friends son. As most of you know I am somewhat of a funeral snob. I have been going to them since I was a young child. Some people believe that children should not attend funerals. I have the opposite belief, death is the great equalizer and it will come to every single one of us eventually.

I have to tell you all this was one of the best send offs I have been to, I really hate that it was for someone so young, but the people that came and spoke showed that this young man did what he was supposed to here on earth.

It was a packed sanctuary, standing room only, people were even sitting in the choir. When the preacher, and yes he was a preacher, not a minister, asked if anyone would like to say a few words, friends of this young man went up.

They all had the same thing to say, a ready smile, generous, would give you the shirt off of his back, but I already knew that, see when you know the head of the household, you know the heart of the household. 

When the heart is not happy, the leader of the household is not happy, and my friend is a happy man. I knew those things already about his son.

It was when one of his Army buddies got up and spoke that I saw the real heart of this young man. Who he was as a man, his friend told the story of the place they met. He said they literally met in hell, it was Afghanistan, and they were fighting insurgents. He said that his friend was the beaming light in that place and actually led him to Christ by his actions and by showing the light of Jesus in that incredibly dark place. 

That testimony did not surprise me, knowing my friend the way I do, I have no doubt this is the way he and his wife raised their family.

The preacher was incredible, he said my friend requested an old fashioned sermon and he delivered. If you have never been to an old fashioned Baptist church you will not get what I am going to tell you. I suggest you find one and go, when the preacher began to speak you could feel the Holy Spirit in that place. It was amazing to hear the words spoken in a time when so many churches are saying feel good words. This was the truth spoken, and I could feel it in my soul. 

The coming months will be hard for my friend and his family, please continue to lift them up in prayer. It is never easy to lose a child, but they can take comfort that their son did what he was supposed to do on this earth. Show the light of Jesus in his every day actions and words. 



I come to you today asking for a favor, not for me, but for a good friend.

I have often said I like funerals better than weddings, I forgot to add a caveat, I hate funerals for children or young people.

I have been to all kinds of funerals in my lifetime, including my own son, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, a brother, cousins and beloved friends.

Tomorrow I will be going to the funeral of my friends son, I don’t even know what to say to this. He has been through so much this year alone, he has lost an uncle a brother and now his only son.

I am not going to say his name because I don’t know if I have the right to, so I am just going to tell you about my friend.

He and I had worked together for many years before he retired. He is one of those people who’s spirit just shines through. You cannot have a bad day around him, full of smiles and laughter and kind words for everyone.

When I was raising money for the charity our company supports he was my go to guy. I would say I need whatever to him, can you do this for me, whatever you need Angie. He was there, ready willing and able to do whatever it took to raise the funds to help those less fortunate.

I know without one doubt he and his wife have raised their three children to do the same. At work he talked about his children and he was so proud when his son joined the military.

My heart is broken for the whole family, I know what they have lost. Even though they have no doubt where their loved one is, that is the way it is for Christians. We know without one doubt where we go when this life is over.

No one knows when the time will be when God calls us to come home. It is not an easy time for the ones left behind, even when we know, it’s still hard. It will be hard for them, the holidays are coming up, it will hit them all over again, who is missing from the table, who is missing from around the tree, who is missing at the church service. It will hit them and hard, so I ask that you lift my friend and his family up in your prayers, that God comforts them and that they take comfort in knowing that their loved one is celebrating those holidays in the best place ever.

It’s never easy losing a child, I know, I have buried a son myself, but the comfort in knowing that one day we will see our children again is a really good thought to hang on to.

I’m going to leave you with my favorite Bible verse:

1st Corinthians 13:13 Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love–but the greatest of these is love.


Ok, so, I am really in the not happy column with my BBFF.

I am going to relay the conversation in question and you all can tell me if I have said right to be, what is the word, incredulous, not in a good way.

Before I give you the conversation I am going to preface it with information. Just in case you don’t know the background. We have been best friends for over 21 years. While most people find it hard to believe a man and a woman can be platonically friends for that long, it is true. When we first met it was like oh, ok, you’re my friend, we instantly became friends. Through the years our friendship has strengthened, I consider him family. Speaking of, I think very highly of his family as well, quality, amazing people.

So there you have it, a smidgen of background, on to the story.

Me: so how do you explain me to your potential dates?

BBFF: (I could feel the sheepishness seeping from the phone right here) oh, hmmm, well, I tell them you are 15 years older than me and a grandma.

He actually used the word grandma.

Me: complete silence for a good 60 seconds. Floundering for words. Finally: How old are you?

BBFF: (so sheepish) 46.

Me: So math is not your strong suit? I’m 55, that is 9 years older and I am a Gigi!

At this point I am contemplating contacting his parents and letting them know they need to call the university they sent him to and demand a refund for any math classes they paid for.

It was a really good school so I’m sure they could recoup a good penny for those math classes!

While I do see his point that this would make explaining me a little smoother, as most females do not understand platonic friendships between men and women, I am still miffed.

Not everyone is like Harry met Sally, there are real friendships out there between the opposite sexes.

Good people, do I have a case to take to Judge Judy for judgement or is this a Judge Springer case. Maybe the Peoples Court, is that still even a thing?

I don’t know, I do know I am on the countdown for Dean Day. Very excited for that, it still doesn’t feel real, I feel confident, I didn’t Baio up meeting Jenna Owens.

I can do this, I will do this, I will be brave.

Unpopular Opinions

We all have them. Unpolished opinions. I have a few.

1. Anything done with boomerang. It gives me a headache and makes me a little queasy. When I see something made with that I keep scrolling.

B. Summer. I hate the heat with a passion.

III. Sweet tea. It’s disgusting. It’s like drinking liquid sugar.

4. Gravy. Water and flour make paste, not food.

E. The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Both shows are devoid of anything resembling morality. I’m sorry but when you put a man or woman with 20 of the opposite sex and say pick one. Why on earth does everyone feel the need to make out with that many people??? It’s a whorefest. I stand by that. Both shows. Morally bankrupt.

That’s all I’ll admit to for now. I’m going to sleep. Talk amongst yourselves.

Real Life

Actual conversation:

Me: I’m not going to be able to pick up Tess on November 1st.

Jeffrey: Ok. What are you doing?

Me: I’m going to Tulsa.

Jeffrey: what are you going there for?

Me: I’m going to meet Dean Cain.

Jeffrey: oh is it some kind of comic con?

Me: well part of the proceeds are going to charity. To the hospital you were born in and spent 6 days in the NICU.

Jeffrey: justify it however you want mom. You’re going to stalk Dean Cain.

Me: well in my defense this is the first time I’ve done that in real life.

I’m pretty sure my children think they mother is certifiably crazy and belongs in Arkham.

All I can really hope for is not to embarrass the family name. Well, no more than I do on a daily basis.

I have my playlist for my drive ready to go, it has over 6 hours worth of songs and the drive is only 3 and half hours. Well, if one drives the speed limit, I don’t think that applies to me. The number on the sign is simply a suggestion. Unless it’s a small town, then it’s the number on the sign.

Ok serious question. I am thinking of getting crimson and caramel lowlights in my hair. Thoughts?

I am contemplating a quick visit to Owasso to visit my mom, dad, brother and son’s gravesites. I typically go any time I’m in the area.

It all kind of seems like a far off dream, part of me doesn’t believe it’s actually going to happen. I’m really trying to keep my excitement to a minimum. Everyone at work seems to be really excited for me. Even to the point of discussing wardrobe and potential wedding venues. I wish I were kidding but I’m not. I have drawn them all into my psychosis. Sometimes it’s really fun being me.

That’s all I have for now, no results yet on the bone density scan. Will have that by Monday.

All Hail Queen Shay

First of all I very literally have the best friends of all time. My Bestie Shay not only offered to keep Stormie, but she is also staying in my home to take care of Fat Catstard as well.

I am going to meet Dean Cain! Does that make me crazy that I am stupidly excited? I promise I will not Baio this up. I will make you all proud of me. I will be as cool as a cucumber in July. Is that a real saying? I don’t know.

I have to tell you I am so humbled by all of the supportive words I received from everyone. You all are so nice and don’t seem to think I am crazy at all.

Still waiting on my most recent labs I had done on Friday. This next Friday is a bone density scan, and yes, every time I say the word density I think of George McFly. I am your density. Should I say that to Dean? Maybe not.

I hope you all have a great Sunday, God is good all of the time and I just have to say won’t Jesus so it! Look at me, getting to meet the prettiest man on earth.

Just Do Something

So last night I got to do something really cool. It all started last Friday evening, I received a message from my friend Cheryl. She asked if I knew about Jenna Owens (from the Kidd Kraddick in the morning show) was having an event promoting her skincare line, Fitish. I said no, I did not, she sent me the link and said that she had already signed up and she knew that I love Jenna and Fitish as much as she does and thought I would like to go.

The day was a Thursday, perfect, as that is my Friday, I immediately said I’m in.

The event was in Dallas at a place called Camera Ready Cosmetics, I had never heard of this place, not unusual as I am in Anna. I immediately bought my ticket and sent an email to let them know Cheryl had referred me.

The big night came, Cheryl and I met in Allen and drove to Dallas together. Since we are roughly the same age we immediately began to compare age happenings and found so much commonalities.

We also agreed we would stop each other from Baioing it up in front of Jenna. If anyone is curious about that phrase, it is about me not Scott Baio, do a quick search here and you will find the abbreviated version of my story. I digress, we would stop each other from overly gushing over Jenna therefore not embarrassing ourselves.

We arrived and went into the location, we were greeted and given a gift for coming. If you bought your ticket online, you received $25 off of your purchase that night and also you received $150.00 in product from Camera Ready. They were so nice and welcoming from the front door to the room where the event was being held.

Cheryl and I were among the first to arrive and we scored front row seats. Trying not to fangirl out, we kept each other calm.

Then in came Jenna, she came up to us, shook our hands, asked our names and then talked to us. Really talked to us, conversed, she was so down to earth and seemed genuinely happy that people had come out for this.

I have to tell you before I continue that she is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You see these people on social media and on television as well and of course there is great lighting, filters and editing. So you wonder if they really look like that in real life. She does.

She has gotten so many question regarding her makeup routine she decided to do this event and show people what she does.

Now I have been experimenting with skincare and makeup since I was 13. I have also been a Mary Kay Skincare Consultant since 2001. I do know a lot of things, but I learned some things last night, which I will be implementing in my makeup routine.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but I really love her skincare line. I originally bought the Cool Down spray for Elizabeth Anne for Christmas. Then I went back and bought myself the Dewing it and Cool Down, then bought everything.

I will also say this, I am a long time listener to the show, I remember when Jenna first came on, I feel like I’ve watched her grow up. I am so proud of the woman that she is, she is a positive role model for young women.

After she was done with her makeup tutorial, she asked if we had any questions, she said she would answer anything.

She answered personal questions, she answered Halloween questions and she answered business questions.

My take away from the whole evening was when Jenna said if you are passionate about something and really want to explore it, just do something. Just one thing a day, get out of your house, get out of your comfort zone and just commit to doing one thing a day.

In this day and age where women seem to love tearing each other down, she was refreshing, she actually embodies the Mary Kay way, lift women up, praise to success, share ideas. What a breath of fresh air, we should all be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Not just women, all of us, I am very excited for her future and so happy she welcomed all of us into this place and shared so much with us. There seemed to be women from all walks of life there as well, and different ages, there was even a policewoman. Everyone was super nice and friendly and it was just a pleasant evening and I am so happy I left my house and did something.

Oh I almost forgot! Jenna’s mom Candy was there, what a delight meeting her! She was so sweet and genuinely happy to be there and supporting her daughter. You can tell she is Jenna’s number one fan.

I will put the links to Camera Ready Cosmetics and Fitish, oh CRC was such a fun place, they do a lot of fun makeup things and even movie and television makeup. Special effects sort of things, if you want to do something fun for a Halloween party give them a call.

On the Dean Cain front, my bestie Shay has offered to keep Storm, I am going to talk to her and tell her how needy my dog is and let her know what she is in for. That way she has the opportunity to say um no, I do have a lead on a dog sitting place as well. Keep your fingers crossed people.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com




Have you ever had something happen and even though it is a disappointment you realize it’s probably for the best?

It looks like I won’t be meeting Dean Cain after all. My pet sitter is no longer pet sitting. I think God is telling me something. I’m not supposed to do anything that could potentially give me great joy. It’s fine. I can cancel the hotel. I’m totally out the money I spent to meet him. Lesson learned.

BBFF is probably right, I’d just make a donkey out of myself, it’s best this way.

It’s too late to change my schedule at work so I’ll have a three day weekend anyway.

It’s really best this way, God is telling me something. If I ever truly became happy I wouldn’t be His sitcom anymore. If I never meet Dean Cain I’ll never be disappointed.

Laundry Detergent and Other Things

Is anyone else a laundry detergent fan? I mean the different scents. Of course we should all be using laundry detergent. I can spend so much time on the laundry aisle in the store, finding the one I love the best.

It used to be Gain, that one smells so good, then, thanks to one Kellie Rasberry Evans and her husband Allen Evans podcast, A Sandwich and some Lovin’, I decided to give Grove a try.

Now this is not a paid endorsement or advertisement for either of those things. I just like to share things I find that I love, so I went on Grove and ordered their “starter kit”. All of their products are natural and for the most part chemical free and I’m really into that right now.

They sent Method laundry detergent, OMGEE, the scent was heavenly, Beach Sage. I fell in love with it so hard I took myself to Target and bought the fabric softener as well. If you have a chance and are as enamored with the different scents of laundry detergent as I am, go to your local store and look for it, then take the cap off and smell it. I promise you will not be disappointed, or and it really does get my clothes clean.

So, with my tendency to bury the lead, I have done so now, I did get my lab results back.

Are you ready for this? Normal. All of them are normal, thyroid, cholesterol, sugar levels, fat level, white blood cell count, all of it, things I don’t know what they are, NORMAL.

I was really expecting something different, maybe a little alien DNA, perhaps Kryptonian in nature (I kid, I’m not crazy), anything that could explain what is happening.

So this coming Friday I go in for hormone level checks and all of that good stuff, the Friday after, bone density check. I called for the colonoscopy and they were supposed to email me something and they did not, so I will call them back on Monday.

I have started taking all of my supplements again, collagen, HCG, vitamins, strangely I do not take calcium, I think that’s a little overkill. Oh and probiotics, along with drinking most of my meals. I am telling you the Flowsupps has literally saved me. Best protein I’ve ever tried, hands down, and I have tried many. So many, if you are like me and have a hard time finding one that doesn’t have an aftertaste and isn’t hard on your stomach and has a ton of protein, try them. Excellent product, once again, not a paid endorsement or advertisement, just sharing what I have tried and what works for me. I mix mine with cashew milk or almond milk, I go back and forth with those two.

On to the coffee situation, the Smooth Silencer from Black Riffle Coffee is low in acid and doesn’t give me heartburn, I only drink it on Friday and Saturday. I don’t drink coffee during the week. I do believe between the two, low acidity and cutting back is saving my esophagus. So there you have it, my updates, oh I do have something fun coming up on Thursday night. I’ll write about that tomorrow, it deserves its own entry.

As usual, any questions, comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com

Links for everything I mentioned, once again, I get nothing, just sharing. Oh the Kellie and Allen website has a lot of good deals on it. I thought I would share that as well.




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