Special Edition: Read all About it!

Today is a special edition of Angie World, instead of Does That Make My Dog Crazy; this is an installment of Does That Make My Dog Clever.
Chewie is getting older; please do not tell him, he cannot stay alone in the house for long periods of time without having to relieve himself. So I bought the puppy pads for him so he would have no embarrassment and it would be easy clean up for me.
There are two spots he does this in; they are about three feet from each other. A week ago, I knew I was going to be very late coming home, so, down go the pads. Now usually he only goes on one or the other, but that day, I was gone a lot longer than usual and he had to make use of both pads.
When I walked in the door and went over to check the pads I discovered something unusual. He had dragged both pads together. Now he had to drag it about three feet, not an inordinate distance, but he had never done this before. Granted he had not needed to use both pads before, so this begs the question, was he being clever or thoughtful? Or both?
You decide.

Happy Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the United States of America. This day is particularly meaningful to me as my family has sacrificed many members to insure the safety and freedom of this great nation. We have had someone in the United States military from the Revolutionary War and up to and including the current conflicts overseas.
As we take a moment to remember our fallen heroes, the heroes who came home and the heroes who are still over there, let’s not forget what they fought for.
We have freedom of speech, we have the right to lawful assembly, we have to right to worship God the way we want, not the way the nation dictates, women have the right to dress how they see fit, not how someone dictates to them, we can say what we want, when we want to whom we want. This is all thanks to our amazing men and women who give their lives serving us.
I am in awe of anyone who makes this sacrifice, it is not only the selflessness of the individual, it involves their family as well. Let’s not forget the mothers and fathers who send their children, the wives and husbands who send their spouses off with assurance all will be taken care of at home until their safe return, the children who say goodbye to parents, they all make sacrifices so our country can continue to be the best in the world.
So, to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard privates to the officers, I salute you, thank you, pray for you and am in awe of you.

Coffee Saturday!

I am having the best morning; I have found a new coffee, Rita Monti, dark Italian roast. I found it on a website I go to, http://www.sampleaday.com, it was a free sample. However, they sent me a full size 1 lb can to try. I was shocked to find such a pleasant surprise in my mailbox. I decided to try the coffee today, wow; the flavor was rich, the texture smooth, and no bitterness whatsoever. Amazing coffee, the website for that brand is http://www.ritamonti.com; you cannot find this in the stores.
Ok, enough advertising for today. I have a very busy weekend planned. I am not leaving my apartment today. I have so much cleaning to do, plus, I signed up for Netflix and you can do the streaming movie thing on your television if you have an Xbox 360 and well Alex has one, so I am hoping I can get him to set it up. There are a lot of things I could watch!
Tomorrow, I will go and get Freddy a birthday present, his birthday is Monday. Then Monday I can be lazy.
So I am trying to figure out how to order contact lenses online and use my insurance benefits at the same time, I even went to my vision insurance website and it was not helpful, I suppose I am going to have to wait until Tuesday and call them to figure it out. All I know is I am not paying a horrendous price for recreational contact lenses. If anyone who works for the same large telecommunications company as I have figured it out, could you please educate me!
I have it on good authority that crazy eye may be coming home next week, that will make Chewie very happy, he misses her. I am poor company compared to the excitement crazy eye brings to the household.
Well folks that is all of the new I have for now. Oh wait! No, I do have something, yesterday Alex tells me of a strange happening that occurred Thursday morning.
He said that at around 6:30 A.M. someone began banging on the door, when he went to look out the peephole someone was shining a bright light in it so he could not see out. So of course he did not open the door, he said they banged on the door for about 15 minutes then left, they did not go around back so he never saw who they were. Has anyone else heard of this happening? Very disconcerting to say the least!

Vote for Me!

Lately I have been thinking about the television show Earth: Final Conflict, this show was amazing, it only ran four seasons and was never on network television, always in syndication. It was the brain child of Gene Rodenberry, so we all know it was brilliance personified.
The premise is aliens come to earth to help us all be better humans. Of course it is a ruse, they really want to dominate and destroy, not all of them, there are a few rogue ones. However, for the most part they want to dominate and destroy.
I have been giving this a lot of thought, and I want to nominate myself to meet the aliens if they should arrive during my lifetime. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.
First of all, I am a perfectly normal, average, woman who would represent the rest of woman kind wonderfully. I would wear 4 to 5 inch heels to the meet and greet, that way if they are tall and willowy like in Earth: Final Conflict I would be elevated to almost their height, if they were short, like the Asgard in Stargate SG-1, I would tower over them menacingly, to let them know that we are not soilent green. I would wear a fabulous outfit, letting them know that we are a fashion forward people and lastly, since I have seen almost every Sci-Fi television show, EVER, I am uniquely qualified to adapt to any alien life form since I have been studying them for so long. Vulcan’s, got ya covered, Live Long and Prosper, lizards masquerading as humans, not an issue, poison the water, gray and green ones that like to experiment on humans, I will send them to the delta quadrant, Janeway will make short work of them. I can adapt to any situation and will undoubtedly make them comfortable.
So you can see, I am qualified, I am willing and I promise to dress the part. In short, vote for me to meet the visitors!

Happy Happy Happy Thursday!

So yesterday I went back to the optometrist and am now a recreational contact lenses user. I wonder if there is a twelve step program for that. I hope not.
I am still not feeling all that great, I woke up nauseated today and still feverish, if I still feel this way tomorrow I am going to call the regular doctor and see what is wrong with me. Probably the Asian Bird Flu. If I am going to be ill I want it to be exotic not a common cold.
Well today is my Friday in the office and thanks to Elizabeth and Freddy I have continued my Starbucks addiction. I am very happy, full of coffee and love; yes I equate caffeine to love. It is that euphoric feeling that just envelopes me when I take that first sip that assures me that God is in charge, He loves me, and that all will be right with the day. I have reached level 30 on my registered gift card at Starbucks that makes me ultra special, they will be sending me a personalized gold card. Very excited about this! I believe this achievement can only validate my addiction.
I have a long weekend ahead of me, Sex and the City 2 comes out today, however, the reviews are bad, bad, bad. So I am conflicted about spending money to see it, however, if fiancée has been bad, this movie will be his punishment. But I don’t want the movie to be my punishment as well, a quandary my friends.
There is a man who sits in the cubical next to mine, when he drinks he slurps, every time, he has horrible manners and screams at people. Just had to get that out.
I don’t know what to do with myself, all of my shows are done, well almost all of them, Friday Night Lights, Stargate Universe and Merlin are still new, Leverage starts soon, oh Christian Kane! Ok, my day just got better, that man is just hot, hot, hot, he can sing and act! I wonder if he can dance? That would be a triple threat! Oh my.

Totally Mortified

I haven’t posted anything for a few days due to I have not been feeling well. Physically I am about 50% better; mental sharpness appears to be much less.
Yesterday I had my yearly physical, the last one I had was three years ago, but better late than never. As I am sitting in the waiting room I realize I have forgotten to shave under my arms. I am mortified; I have been going to this doctor for 22 years. He delivered Elizabeth and Alex; I want to ask if they can hold my appointment for about an hour while I run home and shave! But no, at that moment, they call my name. Fortunately, he does not see the offensive arm pits, however the mammogram technician does. She was a lot of fun, made the process seem fast, however, I could tell she would gossip at the water cooler about my grooming issues.
I have become “that” patient. Anyway, I told my doctor about my chronic tiredness. I wake up tired, I stay tired all day at work, I go home and take a nap, wake up tired from that, then go to bed tired, then start the whole thing over again the next day. He went over what it could be, ordered blood work done to rule out certain things and then we will go from there. This has been going on for about a month now. I think I have west Nile, or maybe the Asian bird flu, or something exotic.

How can I be this exhausted on a Monday?

This past weekend was jam packed with activities. On Saturday it was total Tessa time, first we made a stop at the Bangladesh Night to say hello to friends, then to the dance recital for fiancée’s daughters, then McDonalds.
I wish we could have stayed longer at the Bangladesh night celebration, but it was still good to stop by and say hello to friends and meet their families.
The dance recital was fun and Tessa made it through both of fiancée’s daughter’s performances.
McDonald’s was something else; first off, it was fun, but strange. There were a ton of kids there and very few adults. There was one woman sitting in the corner with headphones in her ears and reading a book. There was no way to even know which children were hers. Then there were two parents there that were engaged with the children; however seemed to be hitting on each other. At first I thought they were on a date and had brought their children. Turns out this was not the case, they had met there. Then the mother who was wearing the headphones gathers up one of the children and leaves that left two that were seemingly alone. So the other adults and I looked at each other and I said who do these children belong to? And the woman says I don’t know we were just wondering that. So I asked the little girl who was no older than eight who she was there with and she says that she and her brother, who looked no older than 5, were there with their grandmother. And I look and since there were no other adults in the play area, which is cut off from the other part of the restaurant, I look in the main part of the building and there were three adults, an older couple sitting close to the window looking into the play area, so I ask the girl and she says no that is not her grandmother. Turns out hers is sitting on the other side of the McDonald’s on her cell phone. Never once came to check on the kids.
I am not going to pretend to understand this mentality.
Anyway, at about 10pm Tessa and I head back home, where she is not tired out from playing, so we stay up till after 11. I am still tired.
Major update, fiancée made a call and today we have an appointment at the church to speak to someone about upcoming nuptials. Will keep you updated…

A Good Evening

Yesterday was the most amazing day. I went to the optometrist and had the best time! The technician who was running all of the pre-tests was just flat out funny. She was warm, engaging and fun. Of course you know your eyesight is bad when she takes your glasses turns and says ok how many fingers am I holding up and then begins to laugh hysterically.
Then the Doctor comes in and we begin talking and he just keeps staring at me, finally saying, I am trying to remember why we put you in bi-focals the last time you were here. Then he turns looks at my chart and exclaims Oh My Gawd! You are ** years old?? I would never have guessed that by looking at you, well that explains it.
So, I look young, I just don’t see young, he then told me I had very healthy eyes, they are just blind as all get out. Which I already knew, don’t know why he felt the need to tell me that.
I then went to pick out all of the extras, last time I had decided against the scratch guard, I remember thinking, I am not a child, I don’t roll around the ground, and these things will not get scratched. Well, turns out I must be rolling around the ground because my lenses are so scratched it is amazing I can see anything. I went for the scratch guard this time along with the progressive lenses. I go back next week for the contact lenses exam. They could not do it this visit as my eyes were dilated. I am pretty sure I looked stoned as I was driving home.
Then Elizabeth came over and we watched the season finale of Bones and Grey’s Anatomy. OMG my heart just about could not take Grey’s Anatomy. It was just a roller coaster of emotions. I won’t get into it here, just in case anyone has not seen it. Just know, it is well worth two hours of your time!
Well Happy Friday Everyone! Smooches!

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