Santa Claus

Do you ever look in the mirror and think wow God does really good work? No? Yes? Only me? Alright then.

This past weekend was jam packed, by jam packed I mean I didn’t get to sit for hours and drink coffee and watch Hallmark.

Friday was spent at the dentist, first for me, which I love, yes, I love going to the dentist. I love having my teeth cleaned and my dentist is really funny and good. So I love going to see her.

Then I took Tess to the dentist after school for her cleaning. I know she has parents, but since I am off, I volunteered to take her. That way none of her parental units have to take off work plus I get to spend time with my girl.

We had a little time before the appointment so I took her to eat at McDonald’s. I know, but it has an indoor playground and it is a treat not an everyday thing. 

Then dropping her off at her dad’s (my son) in Bonham, then back home.

Here is my real question, when did it become pitch black at 5:30in the evening? When did this happen??? Seriously. All I want to do is put my pj’s on and go to sleep.

Speaking of pj’s, I bought new ones and they feel like clouds on my legs! So soft and warm, I seriously did not want to take them off and get dressed for work. 

Yesterday I headed off to Northpark mall to see my good friend, Santa Claus! Yes, I am friends with Santa, I will post a picture to prove it. I have known him for years, he and his wife are incredibly sweet. Visiting with Santa is always a good idea right before Christmas. I have been really good this year and it has been incredibly difficult, so I think I need a good present. 

Santa is from Owasso, of course, because Owasso is a magical place. It is a place that produces Santa Claus, Wonder Women, Baseball players and so much more. American Heroes are produced there as well, I know several. 

I also got to hang with my BBFF for a little, which was lovely. 

I also bought a new front door mat which lights up and plays music, it is so obnoxious! I love it!

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Hot Chocolate Kind of Week

The past two days have been a mixture of good, great, fun and sheer frustration.

Good because I have a friend on the mend from a medical issue. Great because I got to wear my favorite sweater dress and new favorite leggings today. Fun because we had a center wide celebration today.

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I genuinely like the people I work with. We rarely get to do anything where we can all interact. So today was a delightful treat.

Frustrating due to the fact I had a technical issue I could not resolve. It took two days and two companies to get a workable solution. The last person I spoke with, funny how that works, was empathetic, calming and nice. It was like talking to me on the phone. I really hope I get a survey on him because he was greatness.

So after that I decided to have some Abuelita hot cocoa made with almond milk. Make with bricks of chocolate not powder! Let me tell you how this came to be in my possession.

I was talking to a man at work about hot beverages and the subject of hot chocolate cane up. I said I really like the Abuelita cocoa, he said do you use the bricks? I said whhhaaatt?! So he explained how it was so much better than the powder. Then he brought me some! I told you I work with really great people.

When I first got it Sunday, I rushed home and made it. I was like OMG! What trick of the devil is this deliciousness?

Tonight, was rough on the phone, I decided I needed a treat. I made some more, this time I added whipped cream, keto friendly, a stick of cinnamon and dusted the top with cinnamon.

I’ll let you know just how amazing it was after I come out of my taste coma.

My Soulmate

I met my soulmate a long time ago, It was with that first glance, that first meeting, that first sip. When that first cup was poured, when I took that first sip, the warm liquid washed over my tastebuds in an explosion of flavor. Sliding down my throat and the elixir of life awakening all of my senses. Nerve endings tingling, coffee made its presence known.

Doesn’t everyone have that experience when they drink coffee? My whole being comes alive, the very essence of life is in that coffee cup.

Caffeine has no effect on me, except to give me life, I can drink coffee all day long then sleep hard and deep. It’s amazing what coffee can do for you.

It is God’s gift to man, so much power in that little coffee bean.

I love coffee in all forms, except black, I cannot so straight black coffee. Since it is winter peppermint mocha is my flavor.

I do a keto friendly version, Lily’s chocolate, peppermint essential oil, heavy whipping cream and coffee and a little truvia. Soooooooo good and life affirming.

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Candy Man

So I made a mistake. I know, huge surprise. I made the mistake of saying something tongue in cheek on Facebook and some took it seriously.

I said I’d marry the man who makes me candy. You see I have been seeing all of these videos. Recipe videos. Videos of delicious candy, I love candy. I can’t eat it, but I love it. In a moment of weakness I said I would marry the man who could make those delicious recipes.

Then came the inappropriate response and private messages letting me know who could make me candy. Or bring me candy or really anything sweet.

I’ve made this mistake in the past, not on Facebook. Before the advent of Facebook. I said I would marry the man who brought me my favorite flower and my favorite chocolates. Then one day one did, I slammed the door in his face. Then I broke up with him. Immediately.

Ask yourself one question. Are you Dean Cain? If the answer is no, keep moving, if the answer is yes then I’d faint.

I honestly don’t know if I will ever be ready to get married again. I’m not very trusting, I haven’t seen a lot in the world to trust. Plus I’m holding out hopes for Dean.

After my experiences in the dating world I’d rather be single and hope for my dream man. So no I really won’t marry the man who makes me candy. Unless you’re Dean Cain.

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The Wonderfulness of 2018

It’s that time of year again, the closing out of a year, the posts saying how the year has been bad and people can’t wait for the new year. I have been one of those in the past, couldn’t get out a year fast enough.

I have to tell you, this is not the year, 2018 has been so much fun, I want to see what 2019 brings, but I have genuinely enjoyed this year.

Both of my best friends found love, romantic love, I feel like I gained a new friend, a good friend. I have gone places I have never been, went to see my beloved OU Sooners play with a good friend.

I’ve had a fun filled year, I went through a deliverance session with a good friend. A trusted friend, it was freeing, I felt such release from demons of the past.

I have laughed more, talked more, engaged more, this year than ever before.

I know it has been tough on some people, loved ones were lost, relationships ended, things were lost. But one thing is certain, God is still the ruler of the heavens and as long as there are men and women willing to step up and do the right thing life goes on.

My heart has broken for some, it has soared for others, all in all 2018 has been a good year and 2019 is shaping up to be spectacular as well.

Spectacular doesn’t have to mean fireworks every day, it can be something as simple as meeting an actress that played your favorite character in two of your favorite Joss Whedon shows.

Spectacular can be finding that certain person who embraces your geekiness and joins you in the madness. Spectacular can be in the form of spending time with ones grandchildren, gaining new people in your family.

I truly hope everyone who did not have a great year finds peace, joy and your struggles lessen.

As for me I will enjoy the rest of this year and look forward to more adventures in 2019.

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