Weight Loss Journey

I began my quest to lose weight in May of 2011, so far I have lost 26 pounds, I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, or like it was a fast loss, but being only 5’4″ every pound shows up. Some weeks have been easy and the weight has fallen off, others have been fraught with temptations, and yes I have fallen. There was my bout with fried chicken, disaster, I however have not fallen off the wagon for my old nemesis sugar. I have had no sour skittles, no candy at all, I have found skinny cows to replace that bad habit. But above all I stuck to the Weight Watchers plan, I counted every single thing that went into my mouth. The point system really does work, it is not always easy, but it is simple. I am not done, not by a long shot, I would love to be a size 4, I have said that before, I will keep saying it. I am not big boned, the term some people use to excuse their weight. I have tiny hands and tiny feet, I need the rest of me to match. I am still following the Weight Watchers plan and I am still losing weight. I encourage everyone that is having difficulty controlling their eating habits to just start keeping track of what you eat. I was amazed at how truly badly I was eating. I don’t think we realize how bad our habits are until we keep track of them. If I am going out to eat in the evening, I plan my days accordingly, eating mostly fruit during the day so I can indulge in the evening.
I probably would have lost weight faster had I exercised, but I have to tell you I hate exercising, however I know I must begin, I do not want to be flabby skinny. I want to be toned and in order to achieve that I must be active. So active I will become.
I hope everyone out there that is on a journey of their own finds success.

A Proud Paris Hilton Reject

So, I heard that someone called me a Paris Hilton reject, so of course I start to analyze that. I am not sure if that is a compliment, because seriously I would not want to be accepted by Paris Hilton, or an insult. And was I called that because I do not carry around a small dog in my Coach purse? Or is it because I am not rail thin (I’m working on it!) or is it because I cannot afford the designers she wears? Believe me when I tell you even when I become rail thin I will never wear outfits short enough to show my undergarments. That is, well, icky, especially for a woman of my advanced age. Oh, could it be that Paris would reject me due to my age? Alas I fear I will never know, however, I do know this, I am flattered to be rejected by Paris Hilton.
On an unrelated topic I am running out of clothes to wear, all but two pairs of jeans are too big, I have one pair of Ralph Lauren khaki pants and one pair of slacks I got from Victoria’s Secret that fit. I do have a ton of skirts I have not tried, however, working United Way fund raisers are not conducive to skirt wearing, lots of heavy lifting and food deliveries. I don’t want to buy new jeans until I am done losing. Ugh! Issues, I have them, in abundance! If anyone has any size 8 jeans they are done with, give me a call. I know I really want to lose about 40 more pounds, not sure what size that will be, but right now I am a solid size 8. Very happy about that! I look amazing! Looking at me you would never be able to tell I gave birth to 5 babies, 4 C-sections. It is crazy, God must really love me in this area of my life, because goodness knows nothing else goes the way I think it should.
Last night the Irishman and I saw Moneyball, we all know I have a deep obsession with sports movies, this movie delivers. Brad Pitt was greatness, Jonah Hill outdid himself, I wish I could hate Brad Pitt and boycott his movies, but I cannot bring myself to do it. I do find I have no issues boycotting Angelina Jolie movies, I blame her in the whole mess, I find I have a tendency to blame the women involved in cheating more than the men, except when the men lie to the woman and tells them they are single when in fact they are not. However, when a woman knowingly enters into a relationship with a man that she knows is in a committed relationship with someone else, well the woman can say no. Good grief just Nancy Regan it people! Have some dignity!
Well I am going to take my Paris Hilton rejected self and do United Way work today! I hope everyone has a great and productive day!

Amazing Happenings

So yesterday I took Tessa to have her picture taken at JC Penney Portrait Studio, huge shout out to those people. They were fantastic, they got such amazing shots of her, not just regular poses, they allowed Tessa to well be Tessa. I spent way too much, but it is the first time I have gotten to take her to do something like that, that is my excuse. I am sticking with it!
I had a ball with my beautiful granddaughter, she is so amazing, she is not only beautiful, but bright, funny and has such great comedic timing! I think it must be a trait on my side, I have it, Elizabeth has it, my mother had it, now Tess. Proof that beauty, brains and humor can coexist harmoniously.
Today is going to be an easy day, the Irishman and I have a few errands to run, I don’t want to go to Costco by myself, and I need help in that store or else I will spend everything! I know what you are thinking, go with a list, well I do, however it is all so tempting!
I have a confession to make, I am severely craving Kentucky Fried Chicken, original recipe to be exact, I have looked it up and one whole wing is 3 Weight Watcher points. I could make a meal on two of those that would only be six points, not cheating at all. I am thinking we may go by and get a bucket for lunch/dinner today. After all it is football day, what goes better with football games than fried chicken??? I know, beer, we already have that, which I don’t drink. You know for someone who, um, well, loved to indulge in such things in high school, I hardly ever drink alcohol these days. Once in a while I will get a margarita, but that is about it, unless I am at Gladys’ house, she somehow has a way of convincing me I need to drink with her.
I have to tell you I have the bravest and best daughter in the entire world, Elizabeth Anne partook in the warrior dash in Tulsa this weekend, and it was her first time doing something of this nature. She came in 3711 out of 6612 of all racers male and female and 220 out of 801 in her age/gender group. I am so amazingly in awe of her. Every day she amazes me more, Elizabeth you are the best daughter a mother could ask for. Smart, funny, beautiful, strong and independent, I like to think I had a little to do with your amazingness, however, in reality you were probably born with all of it! I love you sweetheart!

First Day of Fall, First Day of Boot Season

It is fall, we all know what that means, an ode to boots is in order:

Boots, the word carries so much, so much promise, so much fun, so much intrigue. I love boots, I love the way they feel, I love the way they make me feel. My personality is a little more sassy when I am wearing boots. I feel sassy, I feel taller, I feel amazing in boots. Boots are magical, they have to ability to make one special, I would like everyone to admit when they put on that first pair of boots, on the first day of fall, they feel magical. Like you can do anything, be anyone, conquer the world. While wearing boots I have gotten out of traffic tickets, I have gotten free Starbucks, I have gotten marriage proposals, and yes I trace all of that back to boots.
So, today, being the first day of fall, I urge you all to go out and purchase new boots,be open to the possibilities and enjoy all of the magic that follows.

The Fairy Tale

So the Irishman says he wants to get married Monday, I think he thinks I am going to back out completely. I probably should, but something keeps me here, In 1993 I swore I would never get married again, EVER. Now, look at me, I’m a mess. I think I will tell a little more about mine and his history, just so there is no confusion out there.
It happened very quickly, where he was telling me I was the love of his life, the only woman he had ever had those types of feelings for. The depth of his feelings for me, there had been no other like that. I was meant for him, there was no other for him. Yes those are the words he used, I was his destiny, I wasn’t used to hearing such things, mainly because I never allowed anyone to get that close to me. He kept telling me such things, that since his divorce he had never met a woman like me, strong, independent, beautiful and fun. He said I was the proof intelligence and beauty could co-exist. He had never met anyone as beautiful as I, as funny as I, as smart as I. The thing is, even after all of this time, he still says the same things, he said the easiest decision he ever had to make was asking me to marry him.
I want to believe in the fairy tale, what woman doesn’t, however, I learned a long time ago that fairy tales don’t tell the whole story. I will have to wait awhile to get to the end of my story as I am still fairly youngish.

Thor Day

I bought Thor on BlueRay, it came with a digital copy, of course that has been downloaded to my IPad. I can now watch shirtless Thor anytime I want! Today is a good day indeed friends! I feel my life taking a turn for the better, just with that simple act.
I am beginning to think that I need a remote control for life, much like the one Adam Sandler had in that movie, I don’t remember the name of it. I would not speed up time, I do believe I would slow it down. My life is rushing before my eyes, I am in need of more hours during the day, more days in the week. Especially more weekend days, I would love a 5 day weekend and a 2 day work week. Who’s with me? All for one, one for all!
I have a lot to accomplish this weekend, I need to clean again, I need to do laundry, again, I need to grocery shop, again, and I would love a few hours for fun. I don’t know when that will be. Maybe Sunday. The Irishman has off on Sunday, perhaps he will want to spend that day with me.
I am thinking I need a new wardrobe, I am thinner, a lot thinner, and none of my clothes fit, I do have some that fit, but not nearly enough. I really think the question is, can one ever have enough clothes? Well of course that answer is no, because styles change, trends come and go, I need them all! Well except for the trend of showing ones belly, that one I never wanted to do, my belly does not look great.What I really need is a whole body transplant. That would be great, botox for my neck, awesome! Anyone else with body image issues out there?

More Weight Loss

So this morning I weighed and I have lost even more, I can see my rib cage and I have clothes on that I have never been able to wear since buying them. I went through my closet this weekend and got rid of all of the clothes that are too big now. It is as if I have a whole new wardrobe, I am so very happy! I want to lose another 48 pounds, that will make me heartbreakingly thin, I cannot wait! I am following the Weight Watchers plan, I am sticking to my 29 points a day, I also eat a lot of watermelon. If you put salt on it, that curbs the craving for salty treats.
Yesterday I walked over 2 miles. I am very happy about that, I was not even tired, but I was very sweaty, which means you are sweating out the fat, right? I hope, I hate being sweaty for no reason! I hate to sweat period, so if it is not for a good reason forget about it.
I also got my new boots I ordered a month ago, they are Colin Stewart boots, and are fantastic! Brown suede, with only a moderate heel, but they are knee-high with the fold over top. Very nice indeed. I cannot wait for full on boot season!
Losing weight and being thin makes me happy, it is the one thing in my life I can control, and being a control freak, this totally helps when nothing else is within my control. I can understand why people become anorexic. It is a control issue, you can control your food when you can control nothing else. I do not believe I am headed down that road, but one never knows. I have a lot of body image issues, I fully and readily admit that. I refuse to be seen in a swimsuit, I refuse to show my legs, I refuse to show my stomach, my arms, well you name it. I do believe the Muslim women are onto something, along with the old-fashioned Nuns. Cover everything! However, here is where I differ, I love form-fitting clothes, nothing loose on me! I can’t stand too big or baggy clothing. I know it is strange for someone who has body issues. TTFN

Cliche’ Day

Well it is Sunday and I find myself living a cliché’, I am lazy, after cleaning like a dervish yesterday I figure I deserve it. What is it about a man that when he lives with a woman he becomes a boy again? Not doing laundry, not vacuuming, not cleaning the bathrooms. It is no wonder I am so tired! We are going to have to have a talk. I cannot do it all, I have never been one of those women who said oh I want it all. I can do it all. No, I need help! And yes I do realize that one brief sentence has left me open to a Jess comment. I look forward to it.
I have gone grocery shopping and loaded up with Skinny Cow products, they are saving my life. The dark chocolate caramel treats are particularly tasty, I have to hide them from the Irishman as he eats them all. He doesn’t seem to understand he is already skinny, he does not need to be a skinny cow, I do!
Recently I have become enamored with iced coffee, so good, what a tasty, caffeine filled treat. Well this morning, or rather, afternoon, I have created my own! Very proud of it, I love coffee, I know I haven’t said much about it lately, but we are very much still in love. Coffee loves me, I love coffee, it is symbiotic, It gives me energy and well, I give it validation for it’s very existence. Remember, caffeine is God’s way of saying “I love you Angie”.

Chewie and the Irish People

So today I spoke to the Irishman’s mom and dad and aunt and uncle via skype, so they got to see me, the only problem with this is I was not forewarned. I had no makeup on and workout clothes on. Do any of you know how stressful this is? I never allow anyone to see me without makeup! I had to do an early morning delivery of United Way sale items and was dropping off, leaving, quick Starbucks run, then planned on working out. Not talking to future in-laws via Jetsons technology. It was the first time they had seen me. Can you believe that is the way they saw me??? They must think I am the ugliest creature alive. The absolute horror!
I did not get to work out, too traumatized, I did however clean everything in sight today. All clothes are clean, it is clean sheet day, and it was so pretty the back door was open all day so Chewie could come and go as he pleased.
Speaking of Chewie, the Irishman was showing his family Chewie and he was telling them that Chewie is 15 and is slower now. About that time, Chewie begins hopping about, as if to prove him wrong. He was saying, uh yeah, whatever, look at me!
I love that dog!
Well that was my traumatizing day, I will have to go to therapy to get past the horror of it all. I hope everyone else had a great Saturday.

Sweater Dresses and Boots

I am bone tired, cooking food and serving it for 8 to 10 hours is very tiring, but the end result is always good. We make money to help people in our community. That is a good feeling. I have such a great team, I can’t say enough good things about them.
I have been thinking a lot about Sandi lately, and Dee, I miss them both so much, I still have their numbers in my phone, I have their pictures on there as well. When one gets to the age that death is inevitable that is one thing, but to die from horrible diseases too young is another. Sandi’s was not by her choice, although I believe Dee had a choice. She chose to smoke, and chose to continue to smoke even when she knew it was killing her. That is the sad thing, and it does not diminish the pain of the ones left behind, I believe it heightens it.
On to other topics, I refuse to be unhappy today, the weather is cooler, it is bordering on boots and sweater dresses season, and I could not be happier. I am 25 pounds lighter this season and am so beyond excited to get some new sweater dresses! I love them! I want a closet full of them, I also want to live somewhere that I can wear them nine to ten months of the year. I can hardly wait for snow this year! I am so beyond excited about the possibility. There is always the possibility of snow here in North Texas. We mainly get ice, which I will take, but there is that occasion, the slim chance, that we will get snow, and twice in a row it has been on my birthday! You are all welcome! I will bid you all adieu for now, making breakfast tacos today to sell at Lakeside tomorrow. See you all there!

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