Lesson Learned

I believe that the DMV lady made a huge mistake telling me that at the time I come to work the Plano police are doing a shift change, to me that said, oh go as fast as you want with no consequences. Of course I typically do that anyway. I cannot seem to help myself. I love to drive fast, the faster the better; there is nothing I love more than an open stretch of road, no on in sight for miles. You can just open up the carburetor and go, really test your cars limit. My dream is to one day drive on the autobahn in Germany so I can finally go as fast as I want, or drive a formula 1 car. Can you imagine? It seems to be genetic, that need to drive fast, my dad had it, I have it, my sister has it, and my children seemed to have inherited it. Of course they got a double dose as their dad is the same way.
I have to admit, I rarely get tickets, I can talk my way out of just about anything, it is an art that typically Southern women posses. You smile, you speak with a southern accent, which I have a really good Southern accent, and bat your eyes a little; you can get away with just about anything. I don’t understand how my daughter did not inherit this; she cannot get out of a ticket to save her life. And she is about one thousand times prettier than I am. All of my children are drop dead gorgeous, it is like God took the best genetic material from me and their dad and swirled it around and came up with those three. The boys could be in boy bands, they are that pretty, and Elizabeth, well Elizabeth could rule the world. If I had looked like her at her age I would be empress of the whole earth!
Getting out of a ticket is not that hard, I remember specifically one time I was pulled over for an expired tag; the officer approaches the car and asks why. Just why. Well, I guess this would be a good time to mention it was fall, which means boot and sweater weather, which means I have a whole different attitude, as wearing boots makes me a different person. So I tell him that I honestly had not noticed, and that is the truth, he then asks for my drivers license and proof of insurance, so I hand him my license, make him promise not to look at the hideous picture and inform him I have to find my proof of insurance in my glove compartment. He says fine, that he will run my information while I hunt for that. And hunt I did, he comes back and says well; I say well, I have good news and bad news, which do you want first. He says how bout both. So I inform him that while I cannot find my proof of insurance I could find my long lost OU phone cover. Of course this is all said with a smile and a southern accent, trust me when I tell you I am very good at the southern accent. Southern, not hick, think Scarlett, he bursts out laughing and says well it is your lucky day; I am an A&M fan. Then he tells me to get that taken care of and he trusts me that I have insurance, which I do, hands me my license back and tells me to have a good day.
So the lesson I learned is if you are going to get pulled over wear boots and have a good flirty attitude.


I fee an inordinate amount of stress lately, stress beyond my control. I am one of those people that firmly believe if you don’t like where you life is, then change it. That easy, snap your fingers and change your life. I am finding it is not that easy, what has me so stressed you ask. Well the main thing is my work environment. The environment, not the actual job itself, I really like what I do, I like helping people, I like solving problems. I’m good at it, that is not bragging, that is fact, I am good at my job, I know how to do it, I am constantly learning, I get to talk to interesting people, who for the most part are nice and want my help. That part is not stressful, it is the other part, the pressure to make sure the customers know not to call back in for 24 hours; however, they are not the ones we have to worry about. It is our internal offices that code our accounts that give us what is called a repeat. We have no control over them, yet we are held accountable for them. Managers are going in and repeating us, yet we pay the price for that.
I feel such stress, my manager sits next to me all day, I feel like an animal in the zoo, not even a nice zoo, the ones that are full of Plexiglas and concrete floors. I feel trapped with no way out, I feel watched constantly, I need a way out, yet there is none. There is no where to go in a company that was once ripe with opportunity, that was known for the different avenues open to its employees. Now, when you land somewhere you are stuck and there is no help.
There are times my mind goes numb, my chest feels tight and it is hard to breathe, I have a hard time staying positive in such instances. It is a daily thing these days, I hide it as best I can, I know no one wants to hear it, so I say nothing. I know one day I will end up either in a fetal position on the floor under my desk or carried off to the loony bin in a straight jacket.

The Weekend

I had the best weekend that I have had in a long time, first on the agenda, going to the St Baldricks event where the Irishman gave up his red beard and hair to raise funds for cancer research to defeat the disease in children. If you cannot ascertain from how much I have talked about it, I will say it plainly, I am incredibly proud of him for putting himself out there like this and participating and raising funds for this worthy cause.
Jess showed up, so double the fun and afterwards we decided to go to the movies. We went to see The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey; it is like he saved all of his acting chops for this role. Nothing short of amazing, I would highly recommend this movie to all adults out there. I read the book years ago and they stayed pretty true to the book, an enjoyable way to while away the afternoon.
Then on Sunday, I got to spend time not only with Elizabeth but Jeffrey and his family as well. Now that was a treat. No one tells you how much you miss your children when they grow up, I miss spending time with Jeffrey and Elizabeth, they have grown up to be incredible adults, and no I am not just saying that because I am their mother. I am saying that because it is true, I don’t know why I was chosen to be their mom, I am just happy I was chosen to be their mother.
I do not believe it is luck having good kids, I believe good kids are made, it is how you raise them and it is hard work. You cannot have children and ignore their religious upbringing and expect them to know who God and Jesus are instinctually, you raise them in church and teach them about religion, the bible and give them a good moral foundation. Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6, hmmm that bible, one can learn a lot from it.
So my weekend was good, I hope everyone else had a good weekend as well.

St Baldrick’s

Tomorrow is the big day, the Irishman will be shaved for charity, http://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/participantid/414763 is where you can go to read more about it and donate if you can. It is a very worthwhile charity and I am very proud of him for participating.
So today is Friday and I have a lot to do after work, I will be running an errand before getting the girls from school, then dragging them with me for more errands! Hopefully I can throw a fun thing in there for them so they don’t get too bored. I am way excited; my copy of Tangled has been shipped! I should get it before the release date of the 29th. That is the great thing about belonging to the Disney Movie Club; you get all kinds of perks. And yes, I ordered the movie for me; I am not ashamed to say I love Disney movies. Animated and live action, doesn’t matter, Disney does it right. With one exception, G-Force, worst movie EVER, I seriously did not think Disney could make a bad movie. However, they proved me wrong with G-Force. I literally wanted to poke my eyes out in the movie theater so I would not have to watch anymore, and this was after about 5 minutes. I can’t even imagine anyone liking it.
I don’t think I have had enough coffee this morning, perhaps an IV is in order today, I slept really good last night; don’t understand why I am so tired. Maybe because I haven’t taken vitamins in a while, I should do that, I don’t know why I ever stop, I like the Flintstones vitamins, I think I shall add that to my list of errands for today. Vitamins. Check.
Alright going now, perhaps to do some jumping jacks to wake up!

Elizabeth and other stuff

We are on the downhill slide my friends, Friday is tomorrow and I am looking forward to it! Last night I got a phone call from Elizabeth Anne: Me “Hello” Elizabeth “The student has surpassed the master grasshopper!” and yes she said it like the Kung Fu character. She then went on to tell me that she had played a 71 point word in words with friends. That girl cracks me up, she is hysterical. And yes indeed she is now beating me, in this game. I still have time to rally and win, so watch out Elizabeth!
I love playing that game, especially with my children, I am now playing with both Jeffrey and Elizabeth, Jeffrey is new to the game so he is still learning the nuances, plus I don’t think he is as competitive as we are. Elizabeth and I are both highly competitive and want to win!
So I am now on my cleansing, cottage cheese and coffee for breakfast, turkey breast for lunch and I don’t know what for dinner yet. I am looking forward to not feeling all full and bloated and no more heartburn. It is the craziest thing, I believe it is stress that causes it, I have been extremely stressed lately. I am hoping that is ending now. My cleansing is perfectly healthy; I actually got this from a doctor and nutritionist. You can’t do it indefinitely, I do it for two weeks, just to get my body off of sugar and all of the starches, that I love so much. Once that is completed, I add fresh fruit and vegetables and go from there. I will be adding exercise soon, I promise. I do better with exercise once the cleansing portion is over.
Yesterday I wore my new Jessica Simpson shoes, they totally rock, they are 5 inches tall and I love them. A lot of people ask me how I walk in my heels, well, it is simple, I put one foot in front of the other, and I have discovered the secret of wearing heels. Dr Sholls inserts for women, they make them specifically for heels and strappy sandals. No one knows that you have them in your shoes, they have changed my life. As we get older we lose the padding in the balls of our feet and heels become increasingly uncomfortable, however, Dr Sholls has changed all of that. If you love heels and have noticed a difference run out and purchase these things, they are roughly $10.00 for a pair, and worth every penny. Now you all know how I walk in my heels!

The New Wonder Woman

Has everyone seen the new Wonder Woman costume? I kinda think it is amazing, except for the boots, I would like to see the iconic red and white ones. Of course all I have to do is go to my closet for that, as I own a pair. I am excited to see the new Wonder Woman show; however, I really wish the actress playing her had been Charisma Carpenter. I just think she has more of the look. Not that the one they chose is bad, I just have a fond spot in my heart for Charisma since she played my favorite character of all time, Cordelia Chase on Buffy and Angel. Maybe if Joss Whedon had been on board it would have happened, but David E Kelly is at the helm so it will have a totally different feel.
I have to say I am looking forward to the weekend, the time change is still kicking me in the behind. Also this weekend is the big fund raiser to benefit St. Baldricks, a foundation that raises fund to research cures for cancer that hit children. The Irishman is being shaved, I cannot wait, last year was a lot of fun and raised a lot of money for the foundation. Everyone please come out and support this wonderful cause. It will be at Trinity Hall in Dallas, we will be there about 12:30, so come on out!
Next weekend is Career Conference, still a little daunting for me, this is the first one without Sandi, I am glad it is not in the same place it usually is. This year it is in Frisco, usually it is in the convention center in Dallas. I don’t know that I could have handled that, I still don’t know what to do about Seminar; I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
Ok kiddoes, have to go now as I am tired and need to wake up!

Body Odor Issues

Dear Co-worker who came to work wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday. Your perfume is not covering your body odor, plus the perfume does not smell good. It is an epic fail on all fronts. I don’t know what is going on in your life that you were not able to shower or use underarm deodorant today, but if you could correct that soon I know I would really appreciate it.

Overt Enthusiasm

Well another day another dollar. Do you remember that saying the lady doth protest too much? Well I have a theory; I believe the people who are overly enthusiastic about something are trying to convince themselves as well as the rest of the world that they are genuine in their enthusiasm. I know you are wondering what I am referring to, well I shall be cryptic, in case they read me. However I do not believe they do, as they seem to be very self involved.
There is someone on Facebook (of course) that is overly enthusiastic about something, uses all caps, tons of exclamation points. But it just rings false, it is too much. I have to tell you I am enthusiastic about the same thing she is, however, I do not feel the need to scream it at people, nor do I feel the need to claim I am the best at being enthusiastic about this particular thing. I have found, in my lifetime and experience, the people that behave like this one does is headed toward a fall. A huge one, I have one word for this person, humility, look it up, learn it and live it.
Ok, that part is done, I can’t write more without telling too much and without her knowing who she is. People already think I am a heathen, so I will stop.
I saw Tangled for the first time this weekend, I took the Irishman’s girls to the dollar theater and we saw it in 3D. I loved it! OMG Disney did it again, I know I am late to the party, but it was worth the wait. Such a great movie and the girls had already seen it and enjoyed introducing me to it.
Tonight I am going to see Paul with the Irishman, very excited as I love Simon Pegg; I will go see any movie he is in. This movie is going to be total greatness, I can feel it. Will give an in-depth review tomorrow.

Jump and Shout

Let’s all jump and shout, it’s Friday and it has been a long week. I am completely and utterly knackered, I need about a weeks worth of sleep. I will not be getting that but I need it! I am completely busy for the next 3 weekends, when did I get so busy? Shouldn’t I be lazing about in my robe and slippers? I should move into a retirement community. I know I am not retired and nowhere near the age of retirement however, I do believe I would do well in that community.
I went back to Bonham yesterday afternoon, this time no rooster drama; I just opened the door enough for them to get some fresh air. They had tons of food and water the other day, so no worries there. I did have a moment with the guineas, when I opened the door one of them screamed at me. SCREAMED. It opened its mouth wide and screamed, it sounded like a woman, I just stood there staring at it. I didn’t know what to do. So I chose the do nothing route. Seemed to work for me.
Mickey and Doggie were fine, Mickey I believe is mad, he is mad his mother left him, Doggie looked sad. I think she is depressed. I gave her lots of lovin, she is so sweet, I love that dog.
So much drama lately, I hate drama, with a passion, this is not my drama, it is others drama. I can’t even tell you what it is; just know I am disgusted by recent events.
Ok, so, I don’t watch Glee as a regular TV show, but I did catch it this last Tuesday, and I could not believe it, they sand that song, Jesus is My Friend by Sonseed. OMG you have to go check out the YouTube video, this song just simply rocks. I could not believe it was on Glee. They did original songs as well which is now playing on the radio, which reminded me of the episode. So there ya have it.
Well Elizabeth comes home today and I know her menagerie will be extremely happy to see her; I am a poor substitute for their mommy.

The Rooster Story

Yesterday I went to Bonham to take care of Elizabeth Anne’s animals; she is in California at the moment, so I said of course I will go check on things. Well, Doggie was good, very happy to see me, loved on him, fed him, made sure he had water. Moved on to Mickey, petted him, loved on him, cleaned the litter box, and gave him fresh food and water. Then I moved to the outdoor animals.
First the guineas and chickens in the shed, they all had water and food and looked fine, no issues there. Then, I went to the garage to check on the roosters, major mistake, one rooster is in a cage, he is the one that is a fighter, then there is the other one, he was waiting at the door. We did a dance he wanted to escape I was blocking him, dance to the right, to the left, I think I have him outsmarted, then he ducks out!!!
He went around me so fast, he was out like a shot, of course I wore the wrong shoes, I am chasing this crazy bird all over the farm! Yelling at him, telling him he is headed for the soup pot if he does not get back where he belongs. After 30 minutes of this activity, I go in the house and put on Elizabeth’s rubber boots. I go back out, chase some more, I find a broom, tried herding him back in. No go.
I finally give up and call Elizabeth, I tell her I cannot get the rooster back in, I tell her I am chasing it, she starts laughing; this is not a laughing matter I tell her. Which of course makes her laugh harder, she then tells me to stretch my arms out and sneak up on the bird. I try this, the mules in the pasture are staring at me, I can feel their disdain. I tell Elizabeth I will call her back. I try sneaking up on the rooster, I am yelling at Doggie to help me, he is no help, he is lying down with his head on his paws just watching the events unfold. After 30 minutes of walking around with my arms outstretched trying to sneak up on the rooster I call Elizabeth back. This is not working I tell her. She then tells me to call the rooster, I’m like what, she says to call the rooster. Yell rooster in a nice tone, like I would call a dog, I begin doing this, which sends her into another round of laughter.
She then gives me the real fix, go in the house get some rice krispies and bread, show it to the rooster and have it follow me, and give some to the one in the cage so it will make happy noises, that works, I have finally won!

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