I don’t understand

There are a few things that I don’t understand and perhaps some of you out there can explain things to me.

I don’t understand people who get in the passing lane and drive the speed limit or lower. Seriously, find the dang gas pedal people! What is so hard about this, you are in a lane that is meant for people like me, who know where their gas pedal is and how to use it. Please, for the love of my sanity, get over.

People who say they don’t watch television. I don’t understand this one at all, I am not going to pretend to, I will look at you like you have two heads if you tell me that. Oh and if you are calling to tell me your television service doesn’t work and in that same breath tell me you don’t watch it. How do you know it doesn’t work? If you really don’t watch it, how do you know?

People who tell me they don’t read. I really don’t get this one, reading is like breathing. How do you get along in this world if you don’t read? How do you get your news? How do you learn new things? I don’t even know how to respond to this when it is said to me. I blink a lot, if you are talking to me and I start blinking rapidly, know I don’t understand a thing that is coming out of your mouth at that point in time.

People who say they don’t like sweets, how, just how are you from this planet. I could wallow in sugar, just throw it on the ground and literally roll around in it. Throw some candy on there while you’re at it, I’ll roll around in that as well.

I once heard someone say they don’t listen to music. How does that happen? Music feeds my soul, I don’t understand you if you don’t listen to music.

Just a few things I don’t understand, so many more running through my head. How can someone have never seen Star Wars? And how can one admit to that?

It is almost the new year, 2017 has been very good to me, I cannot imagine what 2018 has in store for me.

Oh, for the record, I have no hate in my heart for anyone, I have great disdain and pity, but no hate. Hate takes up too much space, I would prefer to ignore you off the face of the planet. I’m really good at that, if I truly don’t like you, then you will know. Because you will be off the planet.

One more thing, vegetarians, I don’t understand them, bacon is really good.

2018 List

I have decided to add Norway to my must see places list. Someone posted a picture of a Norweigan Navy man, and that is all it took for me to become a tourist. Seriously the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life.

Dean Cain is pretty and will always have my affections and I am going to marry him one day. However, this man was beautiful. If you have Instagram you have to check him out. His name is Lasse Løkken Matberg, his twitter handle is @lasselom.

Seriously, I had no idea that men who look like this actually exist. Who knew they existed in Norway? The land of my people! He looks like a modern day Viking!

I mean seriously, how has this not been broadcast everywhere. Tourism would be out of the roof!

It is almost a new year, I look forward to seeing what 2018 will bring me. 2017 has been such an amazing year, so many great things have been happening. So many great things to come in the new year.

I am not going to do a whole New Years resolution thing, I am going to do a list of things I want to accomplish:

  1. Trip to Montanna
  2. New Tattoo
  3. Maybe a new hair color (still debating on this one)
  4. A writing class
  5. Still the year of yes

Those are the things I have so far. Any suggestions as to what I should say yes to?

Merry Christmas

I should start off by saying Merry Christmas! It is Christmas Day, as most of you know, Christmas Eve is when we celebrate as a family. It was great, except for Alex and Elicia being delayed, however I got to spend time with them later in the evening.

Children laughing and playing, tearing wrapping paper, laughter, conversation. Truly greatness.

Jesus is totally the reason behind celebrating the day, the birth of our Lord and Savior, being together, exchanging gifts as the Magi brought gifts to the Christ child. That is what we do, that is how we celebrate His birth.

I am truly blessed, I know people say that all of the time, it is a saying that is losing it’s meaning. I can tell you, this year, I feel truly blessed, free, joyous, so much less stress than in previous years.

I had four glorious days off of work, much needed, I go back tomorrow, work 4 days, then off for a week. I am going to spend it recharging my internal batteries, organizing my pantry and linen closet and a possible day trip to Claremore. Maybe a drive through Owasso and Tulsa as well.

I know being in my pajamas will also be order for at least a couple of those days. Elizabeth Anne gave me a new blu-ray player, now I have one in the living room and my bedroom. I am thinking a movie day is in the books as well.

4 short days, then I get to sleep, play, read, watch movies, do whatever I want.

My prayer for everyone today, our first holy day, even if it is the end of the year, is that you are surrounded by people you love and that truly love you. I was yesterday, my soul is at peace, my entire being is happy, I wish the same for anyone reading this.

Life is way too short to spend it surrounded by hate, negativity, gloominess and well anything that makes you completely miserable.

I foresee a multitude of Christmases filled with joy, peace, love and Dean Cain.

Speaking of, at Christmas Eve lunch, Tess spots Mr. Sooner (if you follow me on FB or Instagram you know who that is) I said my boyfriend is here with us, she looks at me and says, with a completely straight face “you’re cheating on Dean Cain with him here”. I didn’t know whether to be proud or scared. Going with proud, sense of humor, check, dash of snarkiness, check, family trait of sarcasm, intact.

I’d say our job is done here.

Merry Christmas people, as usual if you have nay comments or something you would like to convey to me you can find me at angie@angieworld.com or leave a missive here.

Here We Go Again

I have been seeing so many people talk about their year, this is the time when you are supposed to take stock and vow to do things differently in the new year.

Well, my life has been perfect from Easter of 2017 to present day, I just don’t even know how God could make it any more perfect. Wait, yes I do, Dean Cain, Dean Cain would make it way beyond perfect.

I don’t know what I am going to do differently in the new year, oh yes, January 13th I will be doing another Doterra cleanse. So, warning, no coffee for thirty days, also I have been wallowing in sugar for the month of December, with no regrets, but I will be going through withdrawals.

I am sure I will be a delight to be around, like I said forewarned.

There is nothing I will do differently in 2018, wait, yes, I will be traveling more. I have a girls tripped planned for October of next year, I want to go to Florida at some point. Oklahoma more, family reunion in June, favorite nephew and his wife are expecting their second child. I can’t not go.

So there ya go, in 2018 I will change that, I will also be continuing my year of yes. I will be saying yes to almost anything and anyone, nothing immoral or illegal, but otherwise yes it is.

Maybe more coffee, after January, oh wow, do you know what I just realized. I will be on this cleanse during my birthday!! NO! What have I done! No coffee on my birthday? No cake? I don’t know what to say.

I have decided on my birthday present to myself, I will be getting my second tattoo. I want a Viking design with the number 13 incorporated somehow. Viking, well because I am one, 13 because that is a lucky number in my family. My parents were married on the 13th day of January and were married 59 years before my dad passed away. So there you have it, my yes for my birthday. No, you won’t be able to see it, I only get them where they will be hidden when I die. I can’t let my mom see that nonsense, she might ground me. I can’t have that in heaven, I’m pretty sure there is going to be a lot I want to see and do, so yeah, hidden.

So there was a huge controversy on Facebook, I posted two pictures of myself, one with glasses and one without. Everyone chose the with, then I made my profile picture one without. The horror! I am quite the rebel.

I miss my old team at work, yes, I know, I still see them, but we don’t sit by each other and I miss them. My new team is great, I already knew almost everyone on it, some I have worked with before, some I have never been no the same team with them. I have a feeling they will eventually find me annoying, as I am happy all of the time. Yes, all of the time, I wake up that way, I go to sleep that way, it is the most amazing thing EVER.

Stormie is so happy here in our new life, she is less skittish, she sings with me, she tries to dance, but I am the better dancer. She knows it, she doesn’t admit it. Ronald is happier, he actually goes all over the house and no longer stays in one room. Peace. We are all experiencing peace, it is amazing. Everyone should experience what I am, God is good, not just sometimes, but all of the time.

Sometimes you just have to exhibit patience and wait for it and then recognize your opportunity when it is presented to you.

I did, and now I am reaping the rewards of my leap of faith.

May you all have a wonderfully Merry Christmas! As usual you can comment here or send me an email at angie@angieworld.com.


I had a thought and I needed to get it down before I left, I have so much to do today and I can’t believe I stopped to do this. However, I believe my sudden insight might be helpful to others.

I have been saying I have no life, jokingly, but kinda serious. I said it to myself this morning, and I thought whoa, why am I saying this.

I literally have the best life I have had in so many years, I am beyond happy. I literally wake up singing and dancing with Stormie. Her singing voice is a bit better than mine, admittedly, but we muddle through. The dancing though, I have her beat on that one. So many years of watching American Bandstand and Soul Train finally pay off.

I live closer to my children than I have in quite some time, I see them more often.

I come home to a place that is filled with peace, that is a true oasis from the chaos of the world.

I have an amazing life and I need to stop saying I have no life, whether it is out loud or in my head.

If you are one who is doing this as well, stop, take stock of all that you have. Your friends, family, pets, the home that is a fortress against the crazy of every day life.

You will find you have a life filled with amazement and great Joy.

God has given me this amazing life and I am going to honor Him from now on. I will no longer be saying I have no life. I will be shouting from the rooftops that my life is joyous!

Peace out peeps! I hope your day is going to be as amazing as mine is.


Ok, so, they moved my desk at work, I should be used to this as this is what they like doing. I will miss my old team, we had so much fun together. Giving each other a hard time, joking, helping with complex issues. We are now scattered.

I like the people on my new team, I seriously can get along with almost anyone. Almost. One of my new teammates, that I’ve know for quite a while now, said if Angie doesn’t like someone they must be the devil incarnate.

She’s not wrong, I can find good in anyone. Almost anyone. There are two people on my floor that I have serious disdain for. I take that back. One I have mild dislike and I don’t trust them, the other is disdain and downright loathing for.

This number will soon be going up by one, you see, in managements infinite wisdom, they are moving a certain someone’s group to my floor.

On the same side as my group. I am not looking forward to this event. However, since I am the consummate professional I will be able to tolerate this. They did put me in the back of the row, which helps.

I do like my new manager, I do believe we will get along well. I wish I could tell you her name so you could google her. She’s an Olympian gymnast. Seriously cool.

I am almost ready for Christmas, I have been very busy lately with all of that.

Oh I also have a stalker light. Ask if you would like that clarified.

Till later my peeps. As usual you can leave a comment here or email me at angie@angieworld.com


Yesterday I did the thing I look forward to all year. Christmas shopping with Elizabeth Anne. It is always an adventure, filled with thoughtful consideration of the gifts we choose for others, laughter and yelling at each other. Usually it’s the turn here really fast that brings on the yelling. It’s always an adventure shopping with Elizabeth Anne.

I am almost done shopping, just a couple more things then stocking stuffers. Yes, my grown children still get stockings. They look forward to them, I look forward to filling them.

We moved desks at work, not a huge deal, except for the fact that I really enjoyed sitting by my old group. I am positive I will enjoy my new one as well. Some old friends in this one as well as new. Always an adventure and learning experience.

They had put my desk in the very front row, stressful as a certain someone who shall not be named is being moved to my floor. My desk would have been on the beaten path, as it were.

One of my amazing coworkers talked to my manager. Yes, I know, I should have, but being on a new team I didn’t want to be demanding right up front. Long story short, she moved me to the back, it’s all good in the hood now.

I am so ready for Christmas. I can hardly wait to spend time with my beautiful family.

I hope everyone likes their presents. That’s the iffy part, if they haven’t specifically told me what they want.

Oh! Oh Emm Gee!! Ok, so, Jeffrey’s fiancé’s oldest daughter, likes OU! She is officially my favorite! I can’t wait for her to open her present!

As usual any comments, complaints or criticisms can be left here or sent to angie@angieworld.com.

Go Owasso Rams, Take State!

I know I promised a review of Bitchie Belles, however I was sidetracked by Janet Evanovich’s latest offering. I haven’t laughed so hard reading a book since her last one.

Recently, several people, accused me of romanticizing Owasso, I plead guilty. Oh and this accusation will not change my romanticizing in the least. Just a public service announcement. Why is this important you ask yourself? well, let me tell you, my beloved Owasso Rams are in the State playoffs tonight, against Union.

I know, I don’t watch sports, but I do cheer for my teams, Owasso Rams, OU Sooners, OKC Thunder, I believe you get the point. I am a true hometown girl, no, homestate girl. I love my home state and will cheer for them all, I really hope the Rams win. Since yesterday was my Friday and it is Red day at work, I wore one of my Rams shirts. Today I will wear the other one. Showing support in this way is the very least I can do.

Let’s get back to the romanticizing of a town I haven’t lived in since 1987. Why do I do it, you might wonder, or not, I’m still going to tell you.

I do it because it was the place I finally had real parents, a mom and a dad who taught me so much. Who gave that unconditional parental love, which I had never had, yes, I had my grandparents, my great-aunt Effie and my many cousins and a host of aunts and uncles, but that does not replace that parental love.

I found a best friend that is literally my best friend for life, she and I are more like sisters than any bond I can imagine. Through thick and thin, miles apart and yes sometimes years without contact. The internet is an awesome thing and allows us to keep in contact way more. Through it all, that friendship remains intact, Owasso gave me that, something I cannot discount.

Owasso is the place I truly learned about God’s grace and forgiveness, I learned to be myself, my whole nerdy, geeky self.

I wouldn’t be the person I am without Owasso in my life, I shall romanticize that until the day I leave this earth. Then I will tell God all about it, He might be bored, because He already knows. The whole omniscient thing, He has that.

I can credit Owasso for me being the way I am, so if any of you have a problem with me, call the city of Owasso and tell them.

In other news, Christmas decorating is in full effect in this home, I am so excited, I have me and my fake boyfriend on the tree. If you follow me on Instagram or FB you can see us, together, hanging out, on the Christmas tree. We make such a cute couple, me as a snowperson, him in his Superman costume. So cute.

As usual, if you have any comments, feel free to leave it here or send it to me at angie@angieworld.com.

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