Cleanse Update

I had a dream the other night that I had a huge bathtub, I mean abnormally large. It was filled to the brim with coffee and dark chocolate, I was diving into it like Scrooge McDuck. Rolling like a pig in mud, it was heavenly, I really didn’t want to wake up, but I did. It was sad, the waking part, I think the cleanse is causing me to have hallucinations.

I started to think about it, everything we love is waiting for us in heaven, right? So, if that’s the case, I am so going to get a tub filled with coffee and chocolate, and I shall dive into it and roll around in it.

I may do that when this cleanse is over, get a pool and put it in the back yard and fill it with coffee, just roll around it in, luxuriate in it, that’s not crazy.

I don’t know what I miss more, sugar or coffee, I am going to go with coffee. After all that is how God says good morning, I love you Angie and then hugs me in the goodness that is coffee. I miss that. So. Very. Much.

Other than that I’m fine. My temporary crown fell off today, luckily I am going Friday for my permanent one. I don’t understand the whole crown in my mouth and not on my head, but whatever. It doesn’t feel great, I did call and leave voicemail, the dentist is closed today.

I’m going to go now, I am feeling very sad and I do believe I will go sniff some coffee beans to see if I can get a pseudo hug.


I have a confession to make, it’s a little embarrassing, ok a lot embarrassing. I don’t even know if I want to admit this, even to myself, perhaps saying the words out loud will help me begin to heal.

I think I’m turning into a hippie, I know! The embarrassment! Ok, so stay with me, I’ll get to why I believe such an outrageous thing.

It’s not the healthy eating, the going organic has always been in my DNA. I come from farm stock, to us organic is just food. Real food, grown in your garden food, it is not surprising I would return to this. No, it’s not that in itself, the unhealthy attachment I am developing witch Whole Foods is one factor.

But that in itself is not enough, perhaps it is the pesticide free cleaning supplies I am purchasing or maybe it’s the essential oil obsession.

Yes, that is the one, lately I have really gotten into essential oils. Their purpose, their uses, what ailments can they cure. I’ve never liked going to the doctor. Now before anyone criticizes me, if I found a lump or had serious symptoms I would consult a physician.

There are some things though, that home remedies are best. I don’t feel the need to pump my body full of antibiotics or painkillers when I can take care of simple ailments naturally. I fully believe God has given us so much on this earth we can use. I also believe He gave us doctors as well.

Am I turning into a hippie? I hope not, I enjoy using underarm deodorant too much for that to happen.

But I am going to continue to explore oils and herbs and spices for healing and cleaning.

If anyone ever sees me in Birkenstocks and flowy things, for the love of all that is holy please hit me.


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the memorial service for my friend Gail. She had an amazing send off and I know she would have been humbled to hear all of the words of praise directed towards her.

I talk about funerals a lot, I have been attending them since I was 5 years old. I don’t think a year goes by without me going to one.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but saying goodbye when you know it isn’t goodbye, it is a see you later is a joyous happening. I know without one doubt I will see Gail again, I will get to tell her if Tessa really did name a daughter after her. That is a story all in itself. I will see her infectious smile again, hear her laughter and catch up on everything she has seen and done in Heaven.

The drive home was not a happy occassion, there was a semi overturned and gas was everywhere. They shut the entire highway down, the entire highway, both sides.

It literally took me almost 4 hours to go less than 5 miles.

I posted it on Facebook, one woman thought it was hysterical. I took umbrage with her assessment, naturally. I don’t even know what kind of person finds that funny. I most certainly would not find it funny if someone said they were stuck like that. This was not a traffic jam, let’s be clear, I leave far enough out where those are not an issue. This was the whole highway shutting down for a semi truck driver that could not control his truck. The second time this year, I believe, in the same spot. What is going on that truck drivers are doing this? I hate driving next to those semis, I had one that almost pushed me off of a bridge in Oklahoma. Since then I have hated driving anywhere near them. The drivers don’t pay attention, they believe the road belongs to them and they don’t care how many wrecks they cause. Isn’t there some kind of test before they get their commercial license? There should be a better one if there is.

Well I broke down and have bought a new washer, it will be here today. I tried to have my old one repaired, the repair man was extremely aged and I thought he was going to have a stroke or heart attack working on my machine. There were many grunts, groans and profuse sweating, after three hours he said he couldn’t fix it. Now I will tell you that whatever he did, made it work for a few weeks. Maybe all that pushing and pulling did something, so it lasted a little longer. The new one will be here today, thank goodness.

That’s all I really have for now, there are a lot of things in my head, but none that can or should come out right now.

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Well it has been a month so far. Usually February is the best month of the year, I did have a great birthday. But it’s have also lost two friends this month.

I’ve already been to the funeral of one and the next is this coming Thursday. My heart is broken over the loss of these two amazing women. Each one different on how they tackled their worlds, but both of them phenomenal in their own right.

The first was supremely hard to say goodbye to, the one coming up this week will be doubly hard.

I will move on to my birthday, I bought myself several presents this year.

The first being a Ninja blender, I have wanted one for several years and decided this was the year. It is amazing!! My smoothies are smoother and creamier and it is easier to get 4 cups of water in the thing. Perfect present to give myself.

Also the highlights in my hair are my present to myself. I am loving those as well.

Since I can’t make up my mind on the tattoo I am holding off.

So, now, the first day of my 30 days with no coffee. I feel bereft, I had to say goodbye to a dear friend and will not get to converse with them for a month. A whole month. It is so very sad, I am so lonely without my beloved.

I keep telling myself it is worth it, I will feel better, physically and mentally. Maybe not emotionally because I am bereft.

I am completely sold on the essential oil thing, they really do have healing properties. You know there is something to be said for holistic approaches. I am loving researching this, I believe everyone should take their own health in their hands.

Now, I’m not stupid, serious ailments should be seen by a Dr. However, I highly encourage everyone to do some research before getting ill. Like start now, before you’re sick.

I have to go now, I have essential oil capsules to take and lemon water to drink.

It’s My Birthday!

Time will either prove who you are, or who you aren’t. It’s up to you.

It’s my birthday! The day I look forward to all year, just because I believe the day one is born should be celebrated. I hope I have given my love of birthdays to my children, I know Elizabeth Anne has it.

The last few birthdays have not been pleasant ones in my household, this year it is back to my usual buoyant birthday mood. Even the animals seem happier, which is awesome, Stormie’s mood could be due to the fact I spilled some coffee and she lapped it up before I could get the dishtowel and clean it up.

A husky on caffeine, should I be worried? We shall see what the day brings.

I bought myself a few birthday presents, not the tattoo, I’m still trying to decide what I want, I know I want a Viking design with the number 13 incorporated, I can’t find the Viking design I want for an eternity.

I had highlights put in my hair, I bought a book on Vikings and one on Wonder Woman. I cannot wait to dive into them, I did stay up late last night reading the Viking one.

So, yesterday, I posted a picture of myself saying I make 54 look good. Someone said oh it’s the glasses, hinting that they are hiding my face therefore I look good. There is no other word but pissed. It pissed me off, there is no reason for anyone to be that obtuse to say something like that. So I posted a picture of me without glasses, to say I look good with or without glasses.

I mean seriously, why on earth would someone feel the need to say something like that. I have no idea, but I am really, well, pissed off. No other word for it at this point, I am past the point of niceties. I hope they learn their lesson and think about their actions and their words, you just don’t say something like that to people, especially to a woman.

Moving on, I am looking forward to spending this afternoon with great friends at a wonderful fashion show and luncheon. What a grownup I am! A luncheon, how awesome is that. I am of the age now where I lunch with friends, I think that is fantastic.

Now it is time to start getting ready for my afternoon, I hope you all have a fantastic day, go out and make it happen!

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Let the Fun Begin

So, yesterday, I did something I have not done in years, as a matter of fact I cannot remember the last time I had to do this particular thing. I went to a laundromat, I had to even google where to find one.

My washing machine broke about a month ago, I have been trying to have it fixed since then. The part is finally in and the repairman will be here next week to fix it.

In the meantime I ran out of clothes and towels, here is the thing, I have a lot of clothes and towels. I have so many clothes I didn’t have to do laundry all of this time. However, yesterday was a desperation day, I had to do laundry or go buy new clothes.

I decided to go to a laundromat instead of bothering one of my children because I could wash everything at once and bring it home to dry. I probably should have dried the towels there, so many towels. I was down to my beach towels, so that will tell you something.

Anyway, I found a place in McKinney so I loaded up the car and headed out. The establishment actually had an attendant who was very sweet to me and helped me find the right machines and figure out how many quarters I needed to complete the task. It was a lot of quarters, just FYI, and I washed my things. I didn’t take everything that needed to be washed, I took a lot, but I didn’t take the sheets and the whites. I like to bleach my whites and I have a particular way of doing it, where it takes three cycles to get it done.

Once again my closet and dresser drawers are full and I am relieved. I can wait till Wednesday to do the sheets and whites.

It is officially my birthday month, this year is going to be a great birthday month! Last year was very literally the worst birthday I have ever had, this year is going to be the best. I already have plans with great people the evening before and the day of is with some of the best women I know. I am so excited to usher in this new year of being on this earth. I know it is going to be one of my best years, in terms of me being just me. I really do love who I am, I know, huge surprise for everyone.

But if you can’t love yourself for who you are, then how can anyone else love who you are? I am a really incredible person, I’ve lived through some things during my time on this planet and I have wisdom to impart. Maybe not wisdom, humor, I have humor to impart. Knowledge, I have that as well, maybe some wisdom thrown in for good measure. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Anyway, today is going to be great, family dinner to celebrate Elizabeth Anne’s birthday. Picking up Tessa, I missed her the last time due to the flu, it has been way too long since I have seen her. We have planning to do for our week of fun in July. Never too early to plan.

I feel the need to mention I spent last Saturday evening with Dean Cain. Never mind that he was on my television screen and I was three dimensional in my living room. It counts as a date, right?

I have to go now, I have things to do, peace out peeps. As usual, any comments, criticisms or praise can be left here or sent to

Elizabeth Anne

So today, 29 years ago I got the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. Elizabeth Anne entered into this world and life was never the same.

I knew she was a girl before she was born, I knew she would have long dark hair and would be perfection. I was not wrong.

She is everything I could have wanted in a daughter. She is smart, loyal, funny, caring, strong and unbelievably beautiful.

I often say I don’t know what I did in life to deserve the children God gave me, I’m just happy He gave me the ones I have. They are all amazing humans.

I’m constantly amazed at Elizabeth’s life, all of her responsibilities, the strength she has to face them all. Both physically and mentally, I, of course, like to think I had something to do with how she turned out.

Elizabeth Anne, I hope you enjoy your day, it is fortuitous that you are a February girl. I am so happy we share the month. I love you beyond words.

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