Dean Cain Defection?

I have a dilemma, as you all know I own The Avengers movie, if you don’t know that you don’t know me. So anyway, I love Thor, not the actor that plays him in this movie, I love Thor himself. I always have since discovering the Norse mythologies.
Now, I have a working theory, that if I watch The Avengers enough, I will eventually assimilate into the movie itself and become Thor’s new love interest. Don’t want to hear about Natalie Portman, Jess….
Now here is my dilemma, is this cheating on Dean Cain? My love of Thor predates my love for Dean Cain, although my love for Dean has been a little consuming. If I am assimilated into the movie will I lose my knowledge of Dean? Will I no longer be able to watch him on old episodes of Lois and Clark? Will he know I have defected and my affections are elsewhere?
Here is my other challenge; I have to be wearing the right outfit when I am eventually assimilated. I have the right boots; it is just a matter of finding the right outfit to go with said boots as I will be wearing it from that point forward. I don’t see many costume changes in the movie. But here is another thing, should I wait for the next Thor movie to try and insinuate myself into it? There is not a lot of time for romance in this movie, tons of action, yes, romantic pursuits, no. So there you have it, I have many decisions to make regarding Thor and Dean Cain.
You know the funny thing is I have watched Dean Cain in Lois and Clark countless times and I have never been made part of the show. However I have a theory on that as well, since every episode is different there is little time to really incorporate myself into the story line. Since the movie is the same every time I fully believe eventually I will become part of it. I have seen The Avengers a total of 5 times now; I foresee a 6th time on the horizon.
What I am curious about is how many times does it take? Does anyone out there know? Please feel free to share any raw data you might have.
As for my relationship with Dean Cain, well, I still love him, with my whole heart and no matter what universe I end up in, he will always be my main obsession. Still waiting for him to come to town, he is after all in my pre-nup.

Pip Pip for Friday

Today is my Friday, thank you Baby Jesus, I cannot wait to sleep in a little tomorrow, I am very tired this week. Too much television, yes, I said television, all of my shows are starting back, well almost all, but still, enough that I am staying up to keep caught up on them. I don’t want to miss any of Castle, Modern Family, Law and Order SVU or Revenge, just to name a few. It’s rough being an avid television addict. I do believe it all started with the Partridge Family, Bewitched and the Andy Griffith Show, I was hooked on a worlds that differed from mine, I wanted more, I wanted to know about other lives, other planets with Star Trek. Television was and continues to be my gateway to escapism at it’s finest. I get to travel not only the world, but the galaxy and beyond, to give up television would be to give up part of my being.
The Irishman is back to being sick, I made him take DayQuil just now, he is like a 5-year-old, making faces and saying yuck. I don’t know what it is about being sick that turns men into children, but it does, every single one of them and you all know it. Anyway, I really don’t want this one, I’ll take the intestinal thing where you lose weight, but I don’t want anything that stuffs my sinuses, makes me achy or any of that.
Now to get dressed, and off to get my Friday Starbucks Treat, I hope you all have a Starbucks induced day!.

Welcome Back Television Favorites

Since the new tour change, they have decided everyone should move desks, well almost everyone. I am one of the ones that moved, a little disconcerting I must admit, I am not a big fan of change, however this time they allowed us to take our CPU’s with us. That is huge as we all have our favorites and our way of setting up our computers.
I always say when they move me I get to sit by the most interesting people and get to know them in a different way. This time is proving that once again, I am now sitting across from a man named Carl. Carl is one of the nicest people here, along with that he is funny, smart, good at the job and just a joy to be around. I know for a fact Victoria is jealous that I now get to sit by Carl and she is on the other side of the building. I know I am going to enjoy sitting next to him for the next 4 months, or until they decide to move us again.
Last night was filled with television greatness, from How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Warehouse 13 to Castle. I have yet to get to watch Revolution, I do have it recorded, so no fears that I will not get to see it. Castle came out of the gate strong, great season opener, tied up some loose ends nicely, and gave us great things to look forward to. Cannot wait to have full discussion with BBFF today, I know we have a lot to discuss. So happy he is no longer watching the horribleness that is DWtS, I now have him hooked on WH13, finally, I have been trying to get him to watch this show since forever.
Quick health update on the Irishman, he is starting to improve, his appetite is improving, he is now eating whole loaves of bread, which he needs to stop as they are $7.00 a loaf. However it is good to see him eating, I don’t think he has gained any weight back yet, however he seems to have stopped losing weight. Sometimes it is hard to be his fiancé, I so want to lose like that; I would give anything to be able to do that. Anyway, his color is much improved and he is becoming more like his old animated self, good to see.

Lee Greenwood, RHONJ and Danny Strong

So much to tell, I don’t even know where to start, I do believe I will start with the benefit concert I attended yesterday afternoon. Jess told me about it last week, he casually mentioned he was playing in a benefit concert featuring Lee Greenwood, and in fact would be playing with him on the song God Bless the USA. I was like, WHAT, so I immediately purchased my ticket, how do I not support my friend in this amazing event.
The concert was benefiting an organization called Parkinson Voice Project; it is a non-profit charity that helps people who have Parkinson to find their voice. I did not realize that Parkinson disease also strikes the vocal ability of patients, this foundation helps patients regain the ability to speak and be understood. They do not charge people one red cent for this therapy, it is amazing to hear people before and then to hear them after. Sometimes even after 10 days of vocal therapy their voices come back.
The people singing in the choir, known as The Loud Crowd, are all people who have Parkinson’s disease and who are a part of the Parkinson Voice Project, let me tell you they did a fantastic job. Please take a moment of your day to check out the entire endeavor at
There is something about Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the USA that makes me tear up every time, I still remember the first time I saw him sing it in concert. It was in the 80’s and he was billed with Crystal Gayle, which will tell you how long ago it was. I believe it was 1985, I was pregnant with Jeffrey, it was just amazing. I still love that song, it definitely holds to the test of time. This time was no different; I got a little teary eye when he sang that song and the Loud Crowd joined him. Just a terrific moment, very moving, very patriotic and incredible, especially after knowing some of the back stories of the people in the choir.
Then it was home to get ready for the Emmy’s, my favorite awards show, after a quick detour to bring the Irishman a decaf coffee treat, it was home, pajamas and Emmy. So freakin’ excited for Danny Strong, a.k.a Jonathon from Buffy some might remember him as Doyle from Gilmore Girls, winning an Emmy for writing a mini series. Now I am going to have to watch Game Change for sure, as you all know I support all Joss Whedon alumni.
Very moving tribute to Andy Griffith, Ron Howard did a fantastic job; he is always so incredible, saying the right words, invoking emotion, smiles and tears. Then it was off to the Real Housewives of New Jersey, wow, I don’t even have any words for what happened at that fashion show. It is obvious that Teresa set up Melissa; I do like how Melissa would not allow Teresa play the victim, called her out on it and then called her husband.
Here is my question, why would Teresa not leave with her brother? Why would she not even go out there and try and calm him down? After the fight in Napa he and Melissa left with her, they also kicked someone out of their home at a Christmas party that was talking bad about Teresa. Teresa did not do that here, in fact she went back inside to party some more. Her brother in law told her good job, good job for what? That is the big question here, why was he congratulating her, she said thank you and was all smiles and giggles.
I have to mention that hairstyle and outfit that Teresa has been wearing for the interview sections, what the heck. It is a major fashion faux paus and Teresa is incredibly fashionable. But that look is hideous; it is a throw back to every bad 1980’s look in the book. Whoever styled her for that was so very wrong.

Expectations of Privacy

I was watching the View a while back and the discussion was the expectation of privacy for children, interesting discussion. This is my “view” on that thread, children should have no expectation of privacy except for the bathroom and getting dressed. As a parent it is your responsibility to monitor what your child is doing, on the internet, phone, IPad, or any other means of communication.
When Jeffrey was in middle school the Columbine tragedy occurred, in the days after it was reported that these boys had an arsenal in their rooms and garages.
In class, one of Jeffrey’s teachers asked the students whose parents would know if they had those types of things hidden and how many would not. He told me the amount of students who raised their hands was a lot. I said which way did you answer, he said oh mom you are way nosey, I could never hide that from you.
Good answer, I was nosey, my children knew they had no expectation of privacy, especially in my home, I paid the bills, I bought the food, the clothes, provided all comforts, everything was fair game. I want to tell you, they are well-functioning members of society today.
In the line of work I am in I see a lot of parents being exceedingly trusting, children will get away with what you let them get away with. If a child freaks out because you tell them you want the password to their phone, computer or other electronic device, then you need to have it immediately. Children who have no need to hide things, will not freak out, remember you pay the bills, they do not.
As a parent one has a choice, you can either run your home, or you can allow your children to run it, in my home, I ran it. After all, without me they would have had no home, I was the Queen of the household.
I don’t know what the world is coming to when children are running the show, it will be a sad world in a few years when these entitled people become adults and realize they are not the be all, end all to society.

Dean Cain and Ares

It’s Friday and I was so desperate for a Starbucks treat, I had them put an extra shot of espresso in, just for luck. Soon I will be flying, I hate to be the one that breaks it to everyone, it is not Redbull that gives you wings, it’s coffee, caffeine, Starbucks that gives you wings.
I have discovered the HUB, it is a television station, it shows great television, for example: Lois and Clark; The New Adventures of Superman, Hercules, Sliders, just to name a few. I am so beyond excited, not just for Dean Cain viewing, but for Ares viewing on Hercules! I had the biggest crush on Ares, I know, cliché, we always want the bad boy. There is no badder boy than Ares; the god of war, that man was just, well, hot, there is not other word for him. His personality was on point, sarcasm with a hint of surly, who can resist that? Not this woman, I had high hopes for the actor that played Ares, he really was great in that role, unfortunately he has passed away. However I can still enjoy him in Hercules re-runs, just a hint, I would love the DVD’s.
So, last weekend I hurt my Achilles heel, Elizabeth Anne kept saying “you mean your tendons mom?” I said I like saying Achilles heel better as it makes me seem god like. She snorted at me; well it was more of a look, but still. Don’t we all want something to make us fee immortal? Didn’t we all want to be a god or goddess when we were in the fifth grade and read Homer for the first time? I remember reading the Greek and Roman mythologies and being transported to a world that was magical, powerful and where I got to be in control of not only my destiny but the destiny of others. What a heady feeling, so if I want to say I hurt my Achilles heel, I get to say that.
So, the Irishman’s oldest daughter is sick, and now so is the Irishman, with his ongoing illness it has left him vulnerable to germs. I am happy to report I am impervious, I never get sick, the most I ever get is sinus stuff and since I changed my artificial sweetener to local honey I don’t get that.
I hope everyone has a great day, a wonderful weekend and decides to consciously do the right thing, no matter what that may be.

The New Deal

Yesterday on the way home from work I had an interesting conversation with Alex. We were talking about the upcoming election, the importance of voting and of course it turned to how badly the current President is performing. Then we started talking about the depression, the real one, and how his grandparents had made it through and how The New Deal (President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s programs) had affected our family on a personal level. I told him that his grandmother’s family, my mother, was directly affected as it put her brothers to work. Before that things were not looking good for the family as her father had just died and there was no income, the boys went to work on the WPA, they worked at building roads. In a way they helped create the infrastructure of our country as we now know it. Roosevelt put people to work, he did not give them a hand out, he gave them a hand up, and that is what we need now. People need to work, not collect food stamps, I know my way of thinking might be wildly unpopular these days, but I was raised in a family of workers.
My parents were migrant workers in the 1930’s; they worked their way from Oklahoma to California, picking cotton. My dad used to tell me no work was menial if it was honest, if you have an honest job do it with pride. Do your best, take a stand, do what’s right, which is what I learned from my parents and grandparents. My aunts and uncles as well, at one time the whole family was picking cotton to make ends meet and put food on the table.
When my parents arrived in California my dad worked in a gold mine, after that he was hired on at McDonald Douglas where he eventually was able to transfer back to Oklahoma. My parents were not afraid of physical labor, they were not afraid to get their hands dirty. I am so proud to come from a people that work hard, take pride in whatever they do and helped shape the landscape of this country.
I am not ashamed I come from people that picked cotton, dug ditches, worked on cars, farmed, in fact did whatever they had to do in order for the family to survive. In the process they helped their neighbors, they took food, made blankets for the homeless, picked up homebound widows and took them to church and out to lunch, took people grocery shopping and showed me how to be selfless. There are too few selfless people in this world today; we need to get back to that, helping people, helping them work. Hand up, not hand out, which is what we should be focused on, let’s bring back the job programs, teach people a trade, so they can take pride in all that they accomplish.

Disclaimer and Revolution Review

Before I do anything I have to print a disclaimer, yesterday I said I believed the last great men were my dad and grandfather, well I have to add another to the list, my BBFF, yes Jess. Jess is loyal, faithful, an amazing friend, and I believe will be a terrific husband to some lucky woman. Applications are currently being reviewed, not by Jess mind you, but by his sister and myself. She gets final word, however I do believe I get input.
Ok, so, Bones was back with a bang last night, what a wild ride, the bad guy was caught, then not so caught. I can only wonder what it means that the FBI agent picked up the flower at the end. Questions answered, questions abound, gotta love it!
I watched the new show Revolution last night, it is on NBC, it caught my curiosity as it is a JJ Abrams offering. I have to tell you, it is going in the DVR rotation, very well done, loved the premise, very curious to see what is going to happen. It sucked me in from the get go, the only thing that bothers me is how fast vegetation overtook the planet, it only appeared 12 or so years passed since the lights went out, no electricity, no cars, nothing, everything rusted so fast. Perhaps that will be explained, perhaps not, I look forward to the journey.
Well folks Tuesday is upon me and I must finish dressing for my day, till tomorrow, happy trails to you!

Tessa and Semi Rant

I have to tell you, I completely enjoyed having three days off in a row, it was just wonderful. I started with a leisurely Friday, which included picking up Tessa from school, taking her to play at a place called CooCoo’s, the McDonald’s for some chicken nuggets and more play. I dropped off a very tired little girl to her daddy. What fun we had, she is so funny and smart, the things she comes up with are just hysterical.
She said to me, “GiGi, when I grow up I am going to be a queen and live in a castle”, so I said, well you know who the queen is right now don’t you? To which she replied “me”, I had to explain to her that I was indeed the queen for right now as I am the grown up. She was so funny, then I asked if I could come live in her castle with her. She said yes, that everyone could live in her castle, I can only surmise that is a big castle.
A friend of mine said the most profound words to me this weekend, “I have a skewed view of men from watching Jersey Shore.” We were talking about how almost all men today seem to think it is ok to lie and cheat to and on women. It is disgusting, seriously, why do you all think it is ok? Why do you do it without forethought or any guilt? I think the last great men were truly my dad and grandfather, I can only hope I have raised my sons to be different. That it is not ok to lie and cheat your way through life. There are certain expectations one has when entering a relationship, honesty, loyalty and faithfulness are just a few. However these days the only place you find that is with a pet, it is sad that in today’s society there is so little loyalty in the world.
I believe the internet has made it easier to cheat, also places like Twin Peaks has not helped. Women are barely clothed and men think that is normal. It’s not! I say let’s get back to morality, let’s get back to when it was popular to be faithful to ones spouse. This includes women, just say no, come on, you can do it.

Taste Explosion

Yesterday at lunch I went to Target, I know huge surprise, I got a few things, work supplies, then I indulged in what I can only describe as the perfect treat. I learned about this from listening to Kellie Raspberry, a DJ here in North Texas, one morning she was talking about milk duds and popcorn. Me being a huge fan of chocolate and popcorn, I decided to give this a try. It is a taste explosion, I can tell you without a doubt, the warm popcorn, mixed with the smooth flavors of chocolate and caramel are nothing short of a revelation. Once you put a mixture of the two in your mouth I promise you, your eyes will roll in the back of your head. It is amazing, run out and try this concoction, I promise, you will not be sorry. This is not an everyday treat mind you, but a once in a while treat, top it off with diet Coke and wow, a lethal combination.
Last night the Irishman and I had a date night, we went to McSwiggans here in Plano, I had the fish and chips, I will say this, they know how to do it right. So good, just the right amount of batter and fried to perfection, the tartar sauce is tangy, not sweet, and adds the perfect complimentary taste. I asked the waitress, who was terrific by the way, if they had gotten a new chef, as these were so much better than the last time. She said no, what they had done was start making their own batter instead of buying the ones already battered then frozen. I do believe they have stumbled upon the perfect recipe. These are the best fish and chips I have had, hands down. Hats off the McSwiggans for producing such perfection.
So, for a party in your mouth, try popcorn and milk duds, then take yourself out for some fish and chips. I hope everyone has a terrific Friday and a fantastic week. I am picking up Tess from school and we are going for an adventure. I found a new place CooCoo’s in Plano, I can’t wait to go and see the excitement on her face. We do love our adventure time.

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