Parental Hypocrisy

Parenting hypocrisy, let’s all think about that for a moment, it is at a monumental high right now. There is a woman in the news who was filmed disciplining her teenage son, whom she caught in the midst of the Baltimore riots, throwing rocks at the police. She did what I would have done, what my mother would have done and what any woman I grew up surrounded by would have done. She marched into the midst of the riots grabbed her son and began to beat the daylights out of him.

She is being hailed as the mother of the century, I would simply call her a mom, a mom who has raised her children with discipline and expects better of them. Here is where the hypocrisy comes in, most parents of today, in America, don’t believe in corporal discipline. Spanking is barbaric, there are better ways, reason with your child, talk to them, allow them to make their own choices.

I don’t understand that, at all, hopefully, my children know, without a shadow of doubt, if I saw them doing what that young man was doing, I would do exactly as that mom did. Discipline transcends skin color, what was that, I’ll say again, discipline transcends skin color. I have often said there is only one race, the human race, we might have different ethnicities, different skin tones and raised in different parts of the earth, but we are all human. If you truly believe what the bible says, we all are created by God, we all come from Adam and Eve.

To think, we are being ripped apart as a society by what can be found in a child’s crayon box, color, we cannot change what happened in our country’s history. However, we can change our future, we can be better than our ancestors were, we can all work together to create a stronger country.

The in-fighting needs to stop, I know I am white, about as white as one can get being of Viking, German and Irish descent, however I am also about as American as one can get. Some of my people have been here since the 1600’s, the rest arrived in the 1700’s, therefore I shall voice my opinion on this country and what is going on in it today.

Today, that is the operative word, today, not yesterday, not in a past century, today, we are a diverse nation. The most diverse on the planet earth, we should be celebrating the fact that we are truly a melting pot, healing our wounds and coming together.

Our future generations might look back on this time in our history and be as horrified as the majority of us in this generation are when we look back at things that happened in the past. We need to learn from the mistakes of our forefathers, we need to learn from their successes as well.

Be a parent, raise your children with discipline, that does not mean raise them with cruelty and abuse, but teach them right from wrong. When you see them on the streets doing things they did not learn in your household, be a parent and grab them and take them home. Before they, themselves end up a statistic, that goes for parents of all skin colors, of all ethnicities. Don’t be a parental hypocrite, saying this mom is mom of the year, when you, yourself do not discipline your children.



Skinny Rant

I want to be skinny. There, it’s out, my big secret, I feel so much better. (Does anyone but me feel the sarcasm in that last statement?) I have never hidden the fact that being skinny is my main objective in life. It has been since I was born, I say born because I, honestly, not remember a time I didn’t want to be skinny. I was a chubby kid, a chubby teenager, well, until about 16, then I was ok. Just ok, not skinny.

I grew up in an era where skinny, thin, beautiful women ruled the world. My best friend was even one of those creatures. It was not a good time to grow up chubby.

I have battled my weight my entire life. It’s like God said I’m giving you a brain and a nice speaking voice but the rest of it, you’re on your own. Good luck kiddo.

Battle it I have, one time, in high school, I ate nothing but celery for an entire month. To this day I cannot just eat a stalk of celery by itself. It’s traumatic, I have flashbacks.

When people try and admonish me for wanting to be skinny I very literally roll my eyes. I want to say you have never been me, you don’t know what it is to be the fat one in a friendship or the fat one in a relationship for that matter. For some odd reason, I am only attracted to thin men. I am a total glutton for punishment. Being married to someone who can eat whatever they want whenever they want was torture. Having children who are the same way was nightmarish. Although I would like to interject here, I am beyond thrilled they will never know the absolute heart wrenching pain I go through on a daily basis.

I work hard and deprive myself of all the things I love. All because I do not want to be 300 pounds or more.

I love sitting, I love puffy Cheetos, I love sweets and chocolate with a passion. I really miss diet coke and movie popcorn dripping in fake movie butter, throw in some milk duds and my head might explode. I cried a little just writing that.

So, before you decide to tell someone, who states they want to be skinny, be happy with yourself, perhaps think about it. I will never be happy with the way I look from the neck down.

I will say I a very happy with myself from the neck up, I am pretty, not beautiful, not gorgeous, but pretty, in a completely old, country kind of way. I clean up really well with the right lighting and makeup.

Being skinny is my goal, I will never achieve it because I have super fat thighs and they just are not going anywhere. Oh and while I am on this topic, I do not, in any way, shape, form or fashion want a big butt. I would very much like my hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, calves, arms and chest to just disappear. I am sure the Irishman would agree, I completely can tell he is tired of living with someone who looks the way I do.




Happiness Rant

I have to say nothing irritates me more than seeing the word happy flung around. Do what makes you happy, happiness is all that matters in this world. What a load of cock, I’d say the other word, but I don’t in life so I won’t here.

If I did what makes me happy I would live on puffy Cheetos, drink diet coke and stalk Dean Cain all over the world. I choose to do the right thing, I choose to do things that give me great joy, happiness is such a human word, a human emotion, and it is fleeting.

Joy is eternal, having a joyous soul gives one the unique ability to overcome trials and tribulations of an earthly nature. Happiness can be punctured, can be effected by the outside world.

I am not saying don’t be happy, there are a great many things that I am happy about, and they are all human things and can be taken away at any given moment. Certain television shows make me happy, they can be taken away at the whim of a network executive.

Whenever I see the memes or words of people saying the only thing that matters in this world is happiness so do what makes you happy I want to literally scream.

When the bible was translated into English, there was no happy in it, men put that word in there, joyous, joy, blessed, those were the words used.

Jesus did not promise us great happiness if we followed him, he promised great joy, he also told us we would be persecuted, ridiculed, but to stand fast in our faith. Our faith, not our happiness, so there we have it folks, faith, hope and love these are the things that are left and of these three, love is the greatest. Love gives us faith and hope and great joy, look beyond mere happiness, find your joy, find your hope, find your faith and you will have your blessings, in abundance.

The blessings may not be what you think happiness is, it may be something entirely different, you will never know until you give up the inane pursuit of happiness and look towards something beyond.

If I had not stepped out in faith by accepting my Aunt Odela’s offer to come to Owasso, I would never have had a real mother and father. I would never know the joy of being a real daughter, I would never have known the joy of having a friendship that has spanned 38+ years. I would never have known the joy of being a mother to the best children ever.

Stepping out on faith gives us joy, not happiness, once again, not saying don’t be happy, there are many earthly things that give me happiness. But they can be taken away at any given time, joy cannot.



Humble Opinion

Someone posted a provocative question on Facebook, are we all replaceable? Interesting question, I was always taught yes, we are all replaceable. But are we really?

In some areas of life, yes, we are, I know where I work, for the major telecommunications corporation, I am in fact replaceable. Truth be told, they would love to replace me, I have been there a long time, Tuesday was my 18th anniversary, I am at top pay and they would love it if I left.

In life though I don’t believe I am, as a mother I know I am not, this might sound egotistical, however, no one is going to love my children the way I do. No one will ever have the relationship with them that I do, they are my heart and I do believe it shows. As a Gigi I am not replaceable either, so there’s that.

As a wife I was totally replaceable, as a fiancé, yes, replaceable, as a girlfriend, yes, replaceable, those relationships in life have proven not to last.

As a friend, now that poses a good question, I don’t believe we can replace friends, I know I have friends that are totally irreplaceable. I have lost a friend to cancer and she was not replaceable, there was no trying mind you, it is a simple fact she was one of a kind and is missed every day.

If I owned my own business I might be irreplaceable, I would delegate and train people to take responsibility to run the company, but in the end it would be my signature on the checks. My decisions that would take the company in new directions and my leadership that would further the careers of all that worked there. I think, I don’t a company so I really don’t know.

So there you have it folks, there are some areas in life that we are replaceable and some not so much. Of course this is just my humble opinion and in the end doesn’t count for a hill of beans. As my mother would say, now there was a woman who was irreplaceable in so many areas of life. I also know in the body of Christ I am irreplaceable and will one day take my place in my eternal home, where conversations like these are a moo point. And yes, I meant moo, not a typo, it’s like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter.

That’s all I have for now, will be writing more later, I miss this, I miss putting my thoughts down and spewing whatever happens to be in my head onto metaphorical paper.



This morning I put on a pair of capris that were too small last spring; I could not even fit my legs in them. I slipped them on today, and, well, verdict, they are a little too big, the waist is loose. How ‘bout that.

The 51st year of my life has not been that awesome so far, I have had a cyst on the top of my head, injured my arm and gave up coffee. My looks are fading fast, once 50 is gone, and now I am on the downside of life, I find my looks going. It’s sad, I can’t afford plastic surgery, however I can afford a hat with netting, for a mask, I don’t want to scare small children. I can only hope that when I die and go to heaven, I will be restored to when I was pretty. 17, I was really pretty at 17, I think that was the last time I was truly pretty. Having a hard life takes a toll on one; I have never had an easy life since birth. There was a period of about 5 years that life was genuinely not hard. I look back with fondness on that time.

My goal now is to be so skinny that people tell me I need to eat a sandwich, I have always had that goal, I have yet to achieve it. A work in progress, still, one would think after 51 years I would have achieved it, I am a slow worker. Takes time to get all of this fat off, I have about 100 more pounds to lose.

After giving up coffee for a total of 8 weeks, I know have coffee one day a week, I typically have it on Sundays, because that is the day that the Lord has made and I will enjoy His expression of love for me with coffee.

On the up side of things, the doctor was able to get the whole cyst out of my head without invasive surgery and my arm was fixable with visits to a sports medicine specialist and physical therapy.

I am quickly losing faith in humanity, Facebook has a lot to do with that, some things people say, all I can say is wow. It is one thing to spout ones opinion on things, however, I have always held to the belief that in order to have an opinion, one must read and do their research. If I had come to the dinner table spouting what some people do online my dad would have popped me in the mouth.

I am truly disheartened by humans these days, maybe we need an infusion of alien on earth, it couldn’t hurt and could help.

Everything I have seen on alien races (granted on television, movies and read in books) they appear to be enlightened, have conquered their emotions and war, hunger and disease is a thing of the past. Oh wait, no, that was Star Trek, ok, I would like us to accelerate to a future where we all just get along.  If we, as a human race could do that I would be extremely happy.

We are still fighting the same issues that have been fought over for hundreds of years; it’s old, very tiring and disturbing.

Right now I am watching a marathon of Reba, if only life were like a sitcom, where every problem could be worked out in 27 minutes. With a laugh track! That would be awesome; I would love to have a laugh track following me around. I am very funny and it would be nice to have that validated on a daily basis.


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