Coffee Free

So I decided to give up coffee, we are having a challenge at the gym and part of that was developing a habit. I decided to develop the habit of not drinking coffee. If anyone knows me you know that is a huge commitment.
Elizabeth Anne asked if I had gotten a headache yet, I told her I was taking excedrin, she said that had more caffeine than coffee, I said no it doesn’t. And back and forth we went, no real winner declared. So I decided to do some research.
Excedrin for migraine has 65 mg, 8 ounces of coffee has 95, I was drinking 32 ounces every morning. Which equals 380 mg of caffeine a day.
I have cut back on caffeine intake from 380 to 65 milligrams a day. Not too shabby if you ask me.
I have replaced the coffee ritual with hot lemon and honey concoction. The hotness somewhat placates my senses.
This is for 6 weeks, I don’t know what will happen at the end of 6 weeks, I can’t promise I won’t go back to coffee. We are old friends after all, and it is not the caffeine I am giving up, it is coffee. The way I drink it is sinful. That is all I will say about that, no need to go into detail.
Next month is my birthday month, I have my birthday week off. I can’t wait! I am going to move my workouts to the morning so I can get them over with and not have to worry about it in the evenings.
Well, happy Thursday, remember it is a gateway day, this Thursday is the gateway to Elizabeth Anne’s birthday!

Love The Body You’re In?

Well we have a new year, 2015, and I want to know where my flying car is, where is my hover board? Where are the sneakers and jackets that conform to your size? Movies and cartoons got it so wrong!

I saw an article about women accepting their bodies no matter the size; I have to admit I was taken aback. If you are overweight and at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and everything else that goes with being overweight why on earth would you accept that???

I don’t. I do not accept my body the way it is now that is why I am working so hard at getting it into optimal shape. Everyone should be working towards being healthy, especially with our healthcare the way it is. I have insurance, however it is like not having insurance, my deductible is so high I might as well not have it. Forget going to the doctor and getting meds for an infection, unless I am near death I will not be going to the doctor.

So, exercise and diet is the key, diet as in change the way you eat, fresh is best, processed is not, if you are buying food with more chemical ingredients that real food ingredients, start there. Don’t buy those things, it will take more thought at the grocery store and take you longer to make better choices, but it will be worth it in the end. I promise.

The article I read had women looking at themselves in their underwear in the mirror, no way I am doing that and liking what I see. So gross.

I would love to be able to snap my fingers and be a size 2, but that is not going to happen. I have to work for it; I still have 200 pounds to go (not really, but I never tell the real number) to be where I want to be. I want to be the woman people look at and say you need to eat a burger. That has always been my goal, even when I was young, my BFF, Tammi, was always thin. Standing next to her was not a good time; I know people saw someone beautiful and thin, then pudgy and plain.

To this day I am envious of her, the way she can eat anything and still be thin, even after having two children and being the age we are. I am still blaming my weight on baby weight, when they ask how old my youngest son is I say 23. I am hoping everyone thinks he is 23 days old, not years.

I have tried every diet known to man; this total change in lifestyle that I started with Infinity Personal Training (there has been a name change, not a change in venue) has been the best and simplest that I have ever done. Get rid of the crap, the processed, fresh is best, green is better, work hard, strengthen your body and the rest will follow. The sheer amount of support given, the you can do it attitude of the other members, the owners and trainers is nothing short of a revelation. I cannot say enough good things about the place and the people.

I am leaving you with one thought, change your attitude, change your life, take this new year as an opportunity to love your body by making it better, healthier and taking care of it from the inside, working towards the outside.


Why I Do Business with my Ex-Husband

Well here it is 2015, we still don’t have flying cars, a little disappointing I must say. Speaking of cars, I got one, yesterday, I wasn’t looking for a new car but this is what happens when I got to my ex-husbands place of business. I leave with a new vehicle; I must say I am very happy with my car. It is a 2012 Ford Fusion, it is OU maroon, so that makes me really happy and it drives like a dream.

I know what you are thinking, um your ex-husband; however, there are reasons why I buy my cars from him and only him. Number one reason is the money I spend with him stays with family; two of my children work for him. So the money goes to pay their salaries, number two, he never cheats me on price, in fact he gives me a better price than anyone else would. Number three, I take my cars to his shop, he makes sure that the vehicles I have stay in working order. Even though our children are grown and no longer are riding in those cars, our granddaughter is.

My dad used to say that my ex-husband was the best mechanic he had ever known, very high praise from him, since he was a mechanic himself. I come from a long line of mechanics, my dad, grandpa, uncles, cousins, nephews; they all worked on cars and anything else that needed fixing. Never hire someone for what you can do yourself, my dad taught me about the inner workings of the combustible engine. He didn’t want me cheated by an unethical mechanic when he was gone.

So there you have it, the reasons why I have always and will continue to do business with my ex-husband. I also recommend him to my friends and family; if you are in the area of Bonham, go see him.

So 2014 is gone, 2015 is here, and with it brings the weather I love, it is cold and raining, perfection. God is giving me a message of hope, that 2015 will be exceptional, as is every year. I pray that He will use me to His glorification, that I will put His wants for my life above my own desires.

I pray that everyone reading this will have abundant peace and joy in their lives, that they will know what it is to live a fruitful life.

Most of all I pray for a sanctification of my country, that we would all take a hard look at ourselves and understand we are in this together. We must put the past in the past and move forward as one, understand each other and walk hand in hand.

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