Snow Storm and Recovery

I don’t know if you have heard or not, but we had an unusual snow storm here in Texas. The whole state of Texas had a winter storm.

I would like to be able to say I enjoyed it, but this was not an enjoyable kind of storm. Power was out for days, water went out and people died. 

I lost power at roughly 9am on Monday, February 15, 2021, it came on again at about 10 am for 15 minutes, then back out. It would continue to come on for 15 minutes and go out for anywhere to an hour to two hours at a time. Until Wednesday February 18, 2021, then it came back on at 2:30pm and stayed on until 9pm, then back off until roughly 11pm. It has been on since then, I am very fortunate.

When it first went off I realized I had some firewood in the garage. Not a lot, but I thought surely the power would be back on by the time this is all burned up.

It was not, I am very fortunate I am a procrastinator, this past summer I had trimmed the big tree in my front yard. I cut three huge branches off of it. I drug them to my backyard with the intention of cutting them into smaller pieces for to have them hauled off.

I never did, so I went into the backyard with my hand saw and began hacking away at them.

I used all but one to keep a fire going in the fireplace, I was incredibly blessed to have had that. There is a reason God created me to be a procrastinator and now we see why.

I had plenty of food, and I had just bought a case of water, which I used for the animals. The drip from the faucet was enough to fill bowls and pans so I could flush the toilet. 

When the power would come on I would quickly charge my phone, cook some food and run the heat. 

I recognize I am fortunate and am mourning the lives lost, I am angered at the managers of the Texas power grid. They sold off the excess of our energy thinking we would not need it for ourselves. They then thought about buying it back but didn’t want to pay the price the up north companies were going to charge them.

They are responsible for the loss of life here in Texas and I pray that the families sue them.

From what I understand the majority of the board of directors of Ercot don’t even reside in Texas. This has to be corrected, we have our own power grid, we have to be in control of it. Period, end of discussion, Texas should be self sufficient, not relying on out of state people to decide the fate of the residents. 

Every state should be self sufficient, every state should have it’s own power grid. No outside country should be able to access any of the United States power grids. Ever. Just as we should not have our hands in any other countries power grids. 

Our infrastructure was not designed for this kind of onslaught, we are a hot state by nature. Our houses are built for heat not cold, we have no salt or sand trucks as we rarely get this kind of weather. To invest in those things would be a waste of money. So we are not prepared, no one could have foreseen this sort of thing happening.

I ventured out Thursday afternoon, I went to Brookshires, to find they were closed. I later learned that a pipe had burst in the store.

So I went to Walmart, a place I never go, but I really didn’t want to go on the highway to Target. 

Walmart had plenty of food, produce, meat, no milk, but did have heavy cream, they did have eggs, bread lunch meat. So there was plenty for the people in my town, no bottled water, we are still under a boiling notice. So I have boiled water and put it in the fridge for myself and the animals.

I am still not sure how all of this happened, I know I pray for snow, but I didn’t think God would deliver the past 10 years worth of prayers all in one week. 

We are currently sitting at 50 degrees, all of the snow and ice is melting at a fast pace. 

Please pray for our great state of Texas as we go into recovery. The loss of life, the burst pipes, water damage, structural damage, it will all be huge. I can tell you this, Texas is filled with the most resilient people I have ever known, this state will be back better than ever. I am so proud to say this is my adopted state and I raised three of the those great Texans.

57 and Counting

So today is the day after my birthday, I begin my 57th year on this planet. I don’t know what to think, I am now 7 years older than my mom when I was born. My children are all adults and my granddaughter is fast approaching adulthood.

I am here with two cats and a dog, well a husky, almost the same as three cats. 

I have had a life in these past 57 years, I have amazing children, amazing friends and I haven’t accomplished anything that 16 year old Angie wanted to.

Wait, I take that back, I now have purple hair, 16 year old Angie wanted that very much. Other than that I have done much with this life. 

Perhaps that is why God didn’t bless me with the life He has others. I have had to struggle every single day of my life. I am alone, I live in silence, except for the television and when I talk to the animals. 

This past year has taken away my ability to see the people I work with daily, it has taken away my ability to go to the movies and to take my granddaughter to the movies. 

So here I sit, in silence except for the tv and the occasional conversation with my animals.

I know, I’m alive, something to be grateful for, and I am, I am also grateful for a good roof over my head and plenty of food. 

There was a time in my life those things were precarious, no longer, there was a time in my life when I had $20.00 left after paying bills, to buy food for myself and my three children for the week. God provided then and He continues to provide. Trust me, I am not complaining, but there are times when I see what He has done in other peoples lives and I think He must really love them. And I realize I am not highly favored, I am minimally favored. I was not blessed enough to have ever had anyone love me romantically. I was not blessed with a ton of money, I have struggled for everything I have. Perhaps that is why I appreciate it that much more. 

This birthday is really a reminder of everything I don’t have in my life, have never had in my life and will likely never have in my life. People who have someone in their life that loves them in that romantic way will never understand what it is like to be someone like me.

I was married, he later told me he had never loved me, we had 4 children together, one that passed away as an infant. I had loved him, he held me in great contempt and left us.  

I waited a long time to date, I raised my children first, I felt like they deserved a steady home. Not one that had a revolving door, no one will ever be able to tell me I didn’t do the right thing. I have zero regrets in raising them in a household with just us, I would never have allowed anyone to discipline them besides me.

Then I did date and it was disastrous, the man was horrible but I didn’t find that out until it was too late. I thought I had better discernment than that, but alas I didn’t. 

He was an alcoholic, a chronic cheater, liar and a abysmal human. I was so happy to be rid of him, that I truly enjoy my singular life.

I will never date again unless God brings me the man and sets him down in front of me and says this one. This is the one I created for you. Until then I will enjoy my life in the fortress of solitude.

I do have great friends, my Bestie, Shay, had wings and brownies delivered to my door for my birthday yesterday. Such a great surprise! She even had them write happy birthday inside the box.

The life I lead now is much preferable to being with the wrong person. I don’t regret my marriage, I have the most amazing children, I don’t regret that at all. 

I do regret the one after him, that was horrible and I really think that moron gave me PTSD, once again, poor choice on my part. Also, he gave the Irish a bad name, I’ll never date anyone from Ireland, I’ll always judge them based on this man’s behavior. Right or wrong, it is how I view all of them now. 

So that is it, here I sit, content with my life, with only one regret. Not too bad.

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Jeremiah and Psalms and China

Hello China, I see you have been having fun on my blog. Did you read anything interesting? You do realize I have the ability to see where all of the hits to my blog come from, right?

I welcome all readers from all over the world, but I am curious. What exactly do you find so fascinating that I write about? I would love to know, is it the juice cleanse? The Rustic Cuff? The Fitish ones? 

Whatever it is that you love reading about please, do tell.

This is my birthday month, well, after the 1st, that is Elizabeth Anne’s day.

I love that my birthday is in February, it is fitting, I love winter, I love the color purple and all of those things are in February. God definitely knew what I needed before I was born. It makes sense, due to Jeremiah 1:5 and also Psalm 139:13-18. God knows us even before we are born, before He knit us in our mother’s womb. 

With my birthday looming, I am thinking more and more about how glad I am that I am alive. Abortion is an abomination, I fully believe that, as I was one of those unwanted children. You know, the ones Democrats say should just be aborted before they are born. I am happy that I was born, that I was adopted, even though it was at a later age, not as a baby. 

I am happy my parents took a chance on a wild child that had no discipline and had very little love in her life. I am so happy that I got to have the privilege of being born, that I wasn’t killed before I was born.

I’m pretty sure my children are grateful as well, because, well, they exist due to the fact I exist. My granddaughter exists due to the fact I exist. Everyone has a purpose in life, I find I am still searching for mine, even at this advanced age.

Soon I will be 57, yes, that is a larger number, I only have roughly 57 more years on this earth. 

I believe I should be able to figure out what I am meant to do in that time frame. 

I am in love with my purple hair, I don’t know that I will give it up any time soon. I feel edgy and young with it, also fun and fun-loving. Does anyone else love different color hair? I love seeing all of the colors out there, it is fun and light hearted. Isn’t that something we all need a little of right now?

I hope you all have a great day, oh and China, leave me a message! Tell me what you are reading and what you are getting out of it. I would love to know, remember to read your bible daily and pray to the one true God. 

As usual any questions, comments or critiques can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld. 

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne 2021 Edition

Elizabeth Anne,

The day you were born started off bright and sunny and by the time you were born it was a raging ice storm. I often say it was portentous of how your personality would form.

I love how your personality has formed, you are so funny, smart and determined.

You have always have been determined, whatever you have wanted, you have found a way to get.

I remember the time you wanted a chinchilla, I said I am not paying that much for a rodent.

So you saved your money and found a way to get not only the chinchilla, but the cage and everything you would need for upkeep as well.

I hope you know how proud of you I am and how much I love you.

I love that I get to be part of your life even as you are an adult. I love the fact that you remind me so much of my grandpa and dad. The way you are with animals is nothing short of amazing.

Not many people have the abilities you do, I love how much common sense you have and how you are able to think for yourself.

In this era, of so many having mob mentality and joining a band wagon, even when they don’t understand that bandwagon. You still think for yourself, you weigh all of the pros and cons and make your own decisions. 

I love how you make decisions based on fact and not emotion, I am so proud to call you daughter.

So on your birthday, I hope you know, that even after all of these years, the day you were born was one of the greatest days of my life.

You are the daughter I dreamed of, the daughter I prayed for, one with dark hair and dark eyes. Filled with spirit, fire, humor and a mind of her own.

You have exceeded every single one of my expectations of what you would become in life. You continue to march to beat of your own drummer and I love it. 

I very much look forward to you continuing on your path and can’t wait to see where it takes you!.

I love you to the moon and back,


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