A Day Late

I’m a day late. Yesterday was Friday the 13th. Those are the best days, they are considered good luck days in my family. My parents were married on a Friday the 13th, they were married 59 years before my dad passed.

Thursday night, at roughly 9pm I discover the air conditioner is not working. An emergency call to my leasing agent is made. The air conditioner service of course can’t get out that night so Friday it is.

I’m not worried about it because Friday is going to be nothing but greatness.

So Friday morning comes around, oh did I mention my new sectional was being delivered as well.

The air conditioner people call, they can be there between 1 and 5. Ok, I’m here all day I tell them.

I put all of the old furniture to the curb, two wingback chairs and a sofa. I’m very proud of myself, I didn’t need any help. I’ve inherited the strength of my people. I come from peasant stock.

The furniture people call before the appointment time and ask if they can come now. Of course.

Right after that the air conditioner people call, there’s been a cancellation, can he come now. Of course.

Does any of this surprise me? No. It’s Friday the 13th, only good things come to me on this day.

And it did, my furniture came early and my air was cooling shortly after. All is well in Angie World.

Next up meeting Dean and convincing him I’m not crazy and we should just get married.

In the famous words of Sheldon Cooper, I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.

Lois and Clark Day

So today, September 12, 1993, I fell in love, with a television and an actor. Yes, 26 years ago today Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman made its debut. Life would never be the same. Ok, so my life would not change dramatically but the show remains my favorite and the actor, Dean Cain gets better as he ages.

I remember eagerly awaiting the premiere as I have always been a huge Superman fan. I read the comics and loved the movies, cartoons and any form the story was told.

This particular incarnation came at a time in my life that was difficult. My dad passed away and I was going through a difficult divorce. Becoming a single mom with three little ones was not what I expected to happen but there we were.

For one hour a week we could all watch a wonderful show about my favorite superhero and forget about everything else.

Today I celebrate Lois and Clark, thank you for all you gave me.

I Remember

I was at work, listening to the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show on Kiss FM in North Texas. One of my co-workers said Angie are you listening to the radio. I said yes, he said a plane just hit the World Trade Center. I said I think that must be a sick joke, I don’t think that’s real. Who would do that.

Then Kidd came on and said what had just happened, the whole office was in shock, then the second plane hit. Then we heard about the Pentagon, then Pennsylvania.

People in my office had relatives in New York they were frantically trying to contact. We all drifted to the break room down the hall where there was a television.

Numb is the word I would use to describe the emotion, the first plane we all chalked up to a horrible accident, then the second, the third and the fourth. We were under attack and we had no information.

All planes in the country grounded until further notice. Then the reports that it was a terrorist attack, Radical Muslims wanted take away the safe feeling we all have as Americans.

This is not a political post, I would like to focus on what happened on September 12, 2001. All differences were forgotten, we were one, we were all Americans. More flags were flying, we seemed to be a tad more courteous to each other.

Respectful, neighbors, friends, countrymen, we were all one. I, for one, like to remember that time, when we all came together to protect each other from an evil, outside force. On that wanted and still wants to take away our way of life, the best revenge we can extract on our enemies is to continue to be the best America we can be.

Protect our Civil Liberties, our rights, our freedoms, live our lives being the best we can be.

To all of my fellow Americans, I love you, I love our first responders who rush into danger for all of us. I love our military who protect us and fight for us every single day. Oh one thing, give those people a raise, they deserve it.

Let’s go back to loving and respecting each other the way we did on September 12, let’s never forget, let’s lift up the families directly effected to this day in the aftermath of this horrific attack. The children who never met their father or have no memory of their mother. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends, never forget.

The Wedding

When my friend Kimmy called to tell me she was getting married she also told me she and her fiancé were not going to have a wedding. I was aghast. I said no! You have to let us celebrate you!

Please allow me to tell you a little about my friend Kimmy. First of all I’m the only one that gets to call her that. My full nickname for her I Kimmy Kim Kim, and yes that is how she is listed in my phone.

We have known each other for years, many years, it wasn’t until we both worked in the internet department that we became good friends.

Kimmy has a spirit that reminds me of my mom. She is gentle in nature and has a huge heart.

She and I have a lot in common as well, when she became a single mom she dedicated her life to raising her son. The way I dedicated my life to raising my children when I became a single mom.

She waited until he was an adult, in college, before she dated and became engaged. I’m still waiting for Dean Cain. Did I mention she was also a big Dean fan? Her being married eliminates one of the competition. 🤓🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m super happy (see what I did there) she met the love of her life, she looked so happy marrying the love of her life.

Her son gave her away, which is the point I completely lost it and started crying. Thank goodness for Chanel mascara. When the minister said who gives this woman in marriage and he said “I do” then he leaned down and kissed his mother on the cheek. It was the sweetest moment and said volumes about their relationship as mother and son.

Her groom looked at her the way all grooms should look at their brides walking down the aisle.

I am beyond grateful she invited me to witness her happiness.

Kimmy and Trialus I pray God rains his blessings down on your household!

Car Trouble

So my weekend started on Friday, when it normally starts on Thursday. This is the price I paid for a 4 day weekend. I had a one day weekend.

Friday after work I drive to pick up Tess, not from school but from her mom’s house. Instead of family dinner I drove her to Jeffrey’s house. The upside is I got to spend a little time with her.

I get home and try to get out of my car, my door wouldn’t open! It had opened fine at my sons house. Now I can’t get out of the car. I am completely panic stricken.

It is important to note up to this point in the day I had only had 300 calories. I think to myself I’m going to have climb out of the passenger side. So I do, and I am in a total panic mode. I have a wedding to go to Saturday evening. I cannot climb out of my car at a wedding, in a dress. I am ready to cry.

I make myself a delicious Flowsupps protein smoothie and start researching my car issue. Apparently it is pretty common problem, I order the part and text my son. It will be fixed this week as soon as the part comes in. As the nutrients get to my brain I think to myself why didn’t I just roll the car window sown and open the door with the outside door handle?

Thought process is a beautiful thing. I was able to go to my friends wedding and celebrate her day. More on that tomorrow. I’m exhausted. I am going to sleep. A one day weekend goes by fast.

Peace out peeps. May your week be awesome!

Update on Diet and Coffee Situation

On Saturday I started the HCG diet, which is 500 calories a day. I am making it 600 that way I get 89 to 93 grams of protein a day.

I decided to try Flowsupps for my protein, the ingredients were the most natural I’ve seen in a powder protein. I have been having issues with proteins making my stomach hurt. Which was one of the reasons I did the juice cleanse. I needed to get all of that out of my system and start over.

So far my stomach has not hurt at all and the flavor is good, no aftertaste, which is nice. I did find it blends better in my nutribullet as opposed to my ninja. In the mornings I add collagen powder to it. In the afternoon I go between PB2 powder and strawberries. For lunch I am doing one pre-made protein drink.

The only time I have felt real hunger was at work. Someone had lasagna and I could feel the garlic. In my soul. Then someone made popcorn. It was slightly burnt. I love slightly burnt popcorn. I found myself whining to my BBFF. Who replied Dean Cain. Goals back in focus I persevered.

I have ordered and received Black Riffle coffees Smooth Silencer, it is a low acidic coffee. I will be trying it Saturday. Never try new things on a work day.

I have also been doing a squats challenge, I added a kettlebell. Today was 140. I am very literally in, well, hell.

This morning on my way to work an unbidden thought popped into my head. A woman I used to work with made the most amazing banana pudding. It was all homemade, it was so amazing you just wanted to dive in. Wallow around for a while and then swim your way out. I almost passed out thinking about it. I was deleterious, I could smell it. I think I may be losing my mind a little.

I wonder how long I can keep this up. We’ll see. Pray for me.