I had to process some things before writing (i.e. look up on webmd) about my physical.

First off my blood pressure was a little high for me. 110/70, it is typically 100/70, she did correct my medical records while we were there. Because she asked when my last period was and I just stared at her. 2001.

Then she said so that was your only surgery? Me: 👀👀, yes all four of my eyes just stared at her. I’m no 4 c-sections and an emergency one for tumors.

Ok, now we get down to business. My lungs and heart sound good, hello, non smoker here, no growth on thyroid, which means nothing. Then she said she wants me to go for a bone density scan, mammogram, colonoscopy and have bloodwork done.

Oh and meet with the nutritionist.

I did fast for this and I go over to the lab, right across the hall for the bloodwork. I will tell you this, I didn’t know this so it might be a public service announcement, biotin can mess with you readings on blood tests. It didn’t say what, but there you have it. I did stop taking all supplements about 5 days before, so I was all good. They took three vials of blood.

Next I call my ob/gyn, who has been my doctor since 1988, to find he has retired. And they have none of my medical records. They are all gone. He delivered two of my children and preformed 2 other surgeries. And all of my mammograms have been done there.

Not happy is an understatement.

I did look up hypothyroidism on webmd and I have a lot of the symptoms. Just sayin.

I should have those results tomorrow. My problem is the colonoscopy. They want you to have someone with you and I have no one. They won’t let you ubber there or take a taxi. So now I’m kinda going hmmmm. I’ll have to figure this out.

The animals refuse to learn to drive, so I’m kinda stuck.

I’ll keep you updated on my tests as they come back.

Debates, Debacles and Fat Cats

Today, as I was driving to my doctor’s appointment I started to think about some things. Not unusual for me, I really live about 70% in my head. What I was thinking about was a conversation I had with my youngest son, he has gone back to school and he wanted to tell me how he did on his first tests of the semester.

We talked for a bit about his grades, excellent, and then we started talking about his philosophy class. This was one of my favorite classes in college as well.

He said he really didn’t understand the grading system for philosophy since it is really subjective. I agreed, then we started talking about the different philosophers and what they believed.

Here’s the thing my son and I don’t agree on several things, but we don’t fight. We have discussions and debates, but we don’t fight. He shakes his head at how I can believe the way I do and still read things authors such as Joseph Campbell and watch science fiction. I laugh and say of course I can believe the way I do and still find value in those things.

He once asked me if I believed in aliens (from outer space, not the illegal kind) I said of course I do.

I believe it is the height of hubris to think that we are God’s only creation. Of course there has to be others. Maybe they came before us and are therefore more advanced than we are.

I miss the world I grew up in, I miss being able to have civilized discourse on the world’s events. On religion, politics and philosophy, I miss those, I miss real political debates.

I know I talk a lot about this, I miss Ronald Reagan and Walter Cronkite. I miss logic and facts, I miss so much about the world that was.

Did civility begin to crumble with the advent of chatrooms? Where people first discovered they could sit behind a keyboard and a screen and say whatever popped into their heads without sensor?

I don’t know, I do know that I am of an age of dinosaurs at this point. Will we be able to get to a point where we can ever have those discussions again?

I don’t have any answers and I don’t pretend to, I will say this, I will enjoy having discussions, debates and confounding my son for as long as I have left on this earth.

My thought process is not an easy one to follow, but he does, it doesn’t make it a lot easier for him to accept, but he does with graciousness.

On another note, Fat Catstard is disappointed he didn’t get to eat my face. I woke the other morning to him licking my hand, I said not today Fattymcbutterpants. Not today.

He looked at me with a canary eating grin and sauntered off.

As usual any comments, questions or debates can be left here or sent to me at


Life is way too short to go through it hating people. I don’t hate anyone, however there are things that I hate. I have decided to get it all out of my system.

1. Gravy. I hate gravy, it is disgusting, how anyone can even put that in their mouth is beyond me. It’s made from flour and water. Do you know what else is made with flour and water? Paste. If you eat gravy you’re eating paste.

2. Ketchup. I do like tomatoes but allure of ketchup escapes me. It looks like your food is bleeding. Bloody french fries? No thank you.

3. Mayonnaise. White, globby, mess. That’s what that is. There’s a scene in one of my favorite movies, Undercover Brother, where Denise Richards plops mayonnaise on a sandwich. I literally cannot watch that scene. I cover my eyes every single time.

4. Lavender. The oil and the color. It makes me physically ill, the oil, the color just makes me cringe. I love dark, royal purple.

5. Liver. The smell is putrid and the way it looks on a plate is, well, Silence of the Lambs inducing. Just gross.

6. Reality shows. One caveat, if Dean Cain is in it, best show ever. Case in point, Stars earn Stripes. And here you thought I couldn’t work my gratuitous Dean reference in. Oh ye of little faith. Seriously though, I love scripted tv, I love a plot, good acting, good directing. Story telling.

7. Fox network. I will forever hold them in disdain for canceling Firefly and the Dollhouse. UPN and the WB for canceling Buffy. Have I mentioned my love of Joss Whedon?

8. Non-seasonal weather. Heat in fall? No thank you. Snow in the spring? Well, yes, I do love that. So it’s just the heat I am fighting with.

That’s it for now. I would love to hear what you hate. You can tell me here or message me at

Virtual Toga Party

I’ve talked about this before, but get ready, I’m repeating myself today.

There are so many things I’m passionate about, mainly television shows.

First and foremost is everything Joss Whedon, the man is brilliant. From Buffy to Angel to Firefly to the Dollhouse, Avengers and Agents of Shield. He put Tahiti on the map again, it’s a magical place.

Anything with Star in the title, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica.

To comedies, Friends, The Office, The Good Place and Last Man Standing, just to name a few.

Let’s not forget superhero’s, from Superman in the DC realm to Thor in the Marvel universe and don’t even get me started on Dean Cain. I think you all know how I feel about him.

I was late to the party on my current one, it’s not even on the air anymore. Chuck, it’s sweet, funny, smart and action filled.

Today is the 12th anniversary of the premiere of the series. I have been introduced to a twitter group that celebrates this amazing show. Tonight at 7:00 pm CST we will all stream the premiere and watch together. Online. Nerds/geeks unite online. I listened to Jeffster songs on my lunch and break and had mini dance parties.

The parts were perfectly cast, I cannot imagine anyone else in those roles. I mush sign off now and prepare for the watching party.

Are you coming to the toga party?

Sad, Angry and Disappointed

I am highly upset right now, I am so verklempt I can barely speak. Today is the first day of fall and the high today was 91 degrees. 91. This is Texas, we don’t get fall, while the rest of the country is luxuriating in the beginning of boot season I’m still in sandals.

I spoke with a man in Michigan today, we need to do some outside work and it needs to get done before their winter sets in. I mention this, he says oh no worries it’s really hot here today. It’s 71 degrees. 71. I said sir that is really inflammatory language, he said where are you Angie. I said Texas.

He apologized profusely, I said it’s fine. Fine. Just great.

Did I mention the humidity? When I came home it did start to rain, now we are talking alpaca territory. My hair, I can’t even discuss it, so while the rest of you are enjoying the changing of the leaves, pumpkins, frost in the mornings, here I sit, with alpaca hair.

I have a closet full of boots, I’m not exaggerating, I have black boots, biker boots, hiking boots, brown boots, little house on the prairie boots, red boots, black suede pirate boots, pink boot, purple boots, so many purple boots and sparkle boots.

All I can do is stare at them and lament the fact that I am destined to live in the wrong state.

When I came back from Montana last year I asked Tess if it would be ok if I moved there.

This is the conversation:

Me: Tess, Gigi is thinking of moving to Montana.

Tess: No

That was it, that was the whole conversation, never to be brought up again.

My perfect retirement plan would be to fall and winter in Montana, come back to Texas for Christmas, New Years and my birthday. Then spring in Florida, who doesn’t love Orlando? I could visit friends and we could visit the mouse, hope for a Loki sighting.

Summer in Texas, there is no getting around that, I spend a week every summer with Tess. I am not giving that up until she decides it is not cool to hang out with Gigi. I am praying that day never comes.

Then back north for beautiful fall colors and real boot season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my adopted state, I love my home state, I am just never going to live there again. I know this, it is just not for me, I really fell in love with Montana and I have always loved Colorado.

Oh, maybe a motor home, I could just drive all over! However I cannot see wintering in a motor home, at all, I would be a frozen carcass by the end of winter. Fat Catstard wouldn’t like it at all, The Dire Wolf would, but not fatty catty.

Oh well, a girl can dream, of roaring fires, hot chocolate, boots and Dean. I thought I would just slip that in there, lest any of you forget what my real dream is.

Time Travel

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that when you woke up you had to check and see if it was true?

The other night I had a dream that a friend of mine died suddenly. It was so real and so vivid that it woke me up at 4am and I grabbed my phone to make sure it wasn’t real.

It wasn’t, but I did say a prayer for my friend.

Right now I am craving popcorn, watching an episode of Lois and Clark and fighting the urge to make some.

I am watching one of the time travel ones. Any show that has time travel is for me.

One of my favorite movies is Peggy Sue got Married. Can you imagine waking up and you’re in high school? What would you change? Would you so anything different?

Peggy Sue became very frustrated when she realized she couldn’t change things. Then when she is back in the present she realizes she did have some influence over certain things.

All in all I wouldn’t change anything from my high school days. I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing my parents and grandparents. I miss them a lot.

I would like to end on a word of advice, when calling tech support for anything, I wouldn’t suggest screaming and using obscenities. It’s not going to get you anywhere. Peace out peeps!

The Real Life WebMD

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, I proclaim my bestie Shay the real life WebMD. She took umbrage with the fact that I completely left her out yesterday. She called my diagnosis before I received the test results. Let us all inundate her with requests for medical diagnosis.

I have to fast for my physical on Friday, I shall be hangry afterwards. Everyone may want to stay out of Plano.

I did get to spend time with my awesome granddaughter yesterday evening and this morning. Love that girl so much.

Today is the first day of fall and once again I am bemoaning the fact that I live in Texas. I feel Montana calling my name.

I shall be visiting Arizona in February, one of my favorite non-relative nephews is becoming a father. It will be another epic road trip with Shay.

We will be visiting Roswell on the way, no, not to storm Area 51. We’re not idiots. But it would be nice to see an extraterrestrial. So if Spock, Thor, Loki or Superman is around come see us.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend, mine is over. Back to work tomorrow after being off due to illness. So much fun!

Web MD Expert

Ok, so, I’ve been sick all week, I woke Tuesday morning at 4am to horrible pain. I popped 8 over the counter pain relievers. Thinking that would get me to work then I could get through the day. It did not.

At 6am when I got in my car and backed out of my garage I thought I can’t so this.

So I pulled back in, put in for a sick day and waited until 8am when I could call my doctors office.

Now I would like to digress for a moment. I have been a patient at the same doctors office since 1997. My original doctor is no longer there. She died. It was sad and I miss her, but I chose to remain with the practice and chose another doctor. Same practice, different doctor.

I call, I ask for an appointment with my current dr, ok, how ’bout October? Me: that doesn’t really work for me, I explain why. She comes back and says ok I can get you in today with the nurse practitioner. Cool. I take it.

I go in and the intake nurse says get on the scale when you’re ready. Me: we’ll be here for a long time. Her: blank stare. I get on. Brutal.

We go to the exam room, remember, 1997, she flips through my folder, so your parents are still alive. Not a question. I said um no, my dad passed in 1993 and my mom in 2003. Oh, when was your last period? Me: 2001. Are you sure you have the right folder? Shes a little embarrassed at this point, she should have been. 1997.

I know I don’t go there often, I’m rarely doctor worthy sick, but dang.

Finally the nurse practitioner comes in, saying I loved her is an understatement. She was excellent. After telling me she needs the lab to look at things she and I start talking about general health.

I tell her how I’m not able to lose weight, I show her what I’m eating. She doesn’t understand either. She then asks me when my last physical was. I was embarrassed then, I’ve never had one. I mean I have the woman yearly one, but a regular, old fashioned physical. Never.

She then tells me she NEEDS for me to have one. Something is off and she wants to check all of my levels.

So I’ll be going back on the 27th for that. In the meantime I’ve been waiting on these labs.

I do a quick WebMD search, I’m dying, I think to myself what if Tulsa is my make a wish with Dean Cain?

It’s not easy being this paranoid about medical issues.

A Day Late

I’m a day late. Yesterday was Friday the 13th. Those are the best days, they are considered good luck days in my family. My parents were married on a Friday the 13th, they were married 59 years before my dad passed.

Thursday night, at roughly 9pm I discover the air conditioner is not working. An emergency call to my leasing agent is made. The air conditioner service of course can’t get out that night so Friday it is.

I’m not worried about it because Friday is going to be nothing but greatness.

So Friday morning comes around, oh did I mention my new sectional was being delivered as well.

The air conditioner people call, they can be there between 1 and 5. Ok, I’m here all day I tell them.

I put all of the old furniture to the curb, two wingback chairs and a sofa. I’m very proud of myself, I didn’t need any help. I’ve inherited the strength of my people. I come from peasant stock.

The furniture people call before the appointment time and ask if they can come now. Of course.

Right after that the air conditioner people call, there’s been a cancellation, can he come now. Of course.

Does any of this surprise me? No. It’s Friday the 13th, only good things come to me on this day.

And it did, my furniture came early and my air was cooling shortly after. All is well in Angie World.

Next up meeting Dean and convincing him I’m not crazy and we should just get married.

In the famous words of Sheldon Cooper, I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.

Lois and Clark Day

So today, September 12, 1993, I fell in love, with a television and an actor. Yes, 26 years ago today Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman made its debut. Life would never be the same. Ok, so my life would not change dramatically but the show remains my favorite and the actor, Dean Cain gets better as he ages.

I remember eagerly awaiting the premiere as I have always been a huge Superman fan. I read the comics and loved the movies, cartoons and any form the story was told.

This particular incarnation came at a time in my life that was difficult. My dad passed away and I was going through a difficult divorce. Becoming a single mom with three little ones was not what I expected to happen but there we were.

For one hour a week we could all watch a wonderful show about my favorite superhero and forget about everything else.

Today I celebrate Lois and Clark, thank you for all you gave me.

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