No Need

I wonder when it’s time to say enough is enough. God doesn’t want me to meet Dean Cain and there are no other viable options.

I’m perfectly happy by myself, am I a little concerned about dying alone and Fat Catstard eating my face. Yes, but considering what type of men are attracted to me, it’s time to just stop.

My BBFF says that my lobster is out there and I shouldn’t think like this. But what if I already know who my lobster is I will never get to meet him.

What if my lobster isn’t attracted to me? When do I just accept that I’m not supposed to be with anyone.

Let’s face it, I’m really weird for a woman my age, I like strange things and I have secret single behaviors that at this juncture of my of my life I’m not willing to give up.

For instance while I’m cooking I put my headset on and listen to music. Not unusual in itself, but I also sing at the top of my lungs and dance. When the notes are a certain pitch, Stormie joins in. I really don’t want anyone witnessing that behavior. If I were married I’d have to stop doing it. I don’t want to stop. I love singing, I have a horrible singing voice. A great speaking voice, horrible singing. Its sad really, I love singing, God really didn’t bestow any talents on me. Wait, is weirdness a talent?

If it is I have an over abundance of it, on the flip side I don’t have anyone judging me for all of my nonconformity. I can watch what I want, relax in whatever fashion I want, buy the shoes I want. It’s a great life.

That’s the pitfall of having a great life and being good alone, you don’t need anyone else.

Little Things

I talked to a man today that touched my soul. He called in with a problem that really wasn’t within my purview.

He told me he had been up all night trying to figure it out and just wasn’t able to. I explained about my scope of support, but if he was willing I’d be happy to google how to fix his problem and see if we could get it taken care of. He readily agreed, it took an hour but we fixed his issue working together.

During the course of our interaction he began telling me about himself. He has colon cancer and by the time they found it, judging by the size of the tumor he had been walking around with it for 5 years. He is two years into treatment.

What struck me was his attitude, he was kind, gracious and very patiently followed all of my directions.

He began to tell me how God was working in his life and how he was using his time to tell people about God and the things He was doing in his life.

I told him I would be praying for him, he thanked me and we hung up.

This is the exact reason I love my job, every day I make a little bit of difference in someone’s life by helping them lessen a little of their stress. Dealing with electronics can be stressful.

We go through life never really knowing the effect we have on people, positive or negative. If we are fortunate we get to see a glimpse of how God uses us mortals.

I am grateful I was the one who got to speak to that particular customer and help them with their issue.

Falling Apart

I think I’m falling apart, I did something to my right knee and left arm. Also I have had digestion issues going on for a while.

So today I took myself to task for not taking care of myself. I dug through my Doterra oils and found the DigestZen, two drops in 4 ounces of water and within 10 minutes I felt instantly better. I did that two more times and I am feeling so much better.

Next up my knee, a few weeks back I was standing in CVS and turned and felt my knee pop. That is the only word I have for it, pop, the only thing I could do was stand there. It has been hurting like crazy since.

Today I heated up my leg and took my handy dandy Mini 2 Fasciablaster and went to work on it. It is not as good as new but it feels so much better. I have not worked on my shoulder yet. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Is it age? I mean I am 55, not on any medications, my blood pressure is perfect, cholesterol incredibly low and I have no insomnia. Maybe this is just the price I pay for all of that.

In other news it is curly hair season, officially, the humidity will kill me. Or my hair.

Oh have I mentioned I have discovered Chuck, a delightful Zachary Levi show that is now defunct. I honestly don’t know how I missed this when it was on television.

The cameos are awesome! Scott Bakula as Chuck’s dad is so much fun, especially when he says “oh boy”. I’ll be sad when I watch all of the seasons, but until then I shall enjoy.

It’s on Amazon Prime if anyone would like to check it out. I’ll put the links for the DigestZen and the Fasciablaster in case you want to research them.


so I totally stole this from a friend of mine. I don’t think it’s true in my case. I don’t thing people see me at all. I firmly believe that if I were gone no one would notice.

On Sunday, at work, the tornado alarm went off and we had to go in the stairwell. It really hit home for me that, well, I have no one at home that would miss me if the tornado hit. Huskies are fickle, so Stormie wouldn’t miss me for long.

Fat Catstard would more than likely go back to his real Flerken family and soon forget about me.

If something happened to me at home the cat would eat my face and no one would notice for weeks.

So I really don’t think others think anything about me at all. I don’t say this to garner sympathy, I’ve lived my life this way. For better or worse this is who, where and what I am.

Happy Birthday and Father’s Day Dad

I know my Dad’s birthday was June 3rd and I didn’t write about it. I didn’t forget, I just had so many stories floating in my head. I thought I would combine two in honor of his birthday and Father’s Day.

My dad was a funny man, he had a sense of humor that was out of this world, with a laugh as big as the universe. He especially appreciated it when the other person got one on him.

The year we moved to Plano, I called my dad and asked what he wanted for his birthday. He hemmed and hawed and said he really didn’t have anything. I said well is there anything you need. He said yes, he needed socks, I wish you could have seen the unimpressed look on my face.

I said, socks, that’s it? Yes. Okay. So I tell Jeffrey, who was   two at the time, we are going to the mall to get Grandpa Testerman socks for his birthday. I put Jeffrey in the car, and off to Collin Creek Mall we go.

I marched into Dillard’s, the store of the decade at that time, right next to Sanger Harris. We went to the sock department and I thought that old man will rue the day he told me socks. I bought dress socks, white socks, all kinds of socks. Roughly a hundred dollars worth, this was 1988, so you know it was a lot of socks.

I put them in the gift box, wrapped it ever so pretty, put in another box, taped it all up and drove it to UPS. There was no tracking in those days, so I waited until I was sure it had been delivered.

I called, in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day, long distance rates be darned. My dad answered and as soon as he heard my voice he let out the biggest laugh. He said you got me, I have never had that many socks in my life. He loved the socks and the joke, but he didn’t learn his lesson.

A couple of years later, when Father’s Day was approaching, I called, asked what he wanted, typical answer, nothing. What do you need Dad? Ties. Ok, ties, gotcha.

This time it was Jeffrey and Elizabeth I put into the car, largely pregnant with Alex and off to Collin Creek Mall we went. This time I went to JC Penney, as ties are very different from socks and he might not like the styles or colors I chose.

I picked out 5, they were beautiful, silk, different colors with the matching pocket handkerchiefs. I wrap them ever so pretty, put them in another box, tape it up and off to UPS we go.

I wait and I wait, this time my phone rings, my dad says, those ties were beautiful, but they weren’t clip ons. I took them back to JC Penney, I got 10 ties for what you paid for those 5. That year the joke made it’s way to him and then boomeranged right back at me. I laughed hard, then asked why he didn’t like the tie ties. He said as he got older it was easier with the clip ons. But he loved them all.

I miss my dad’s humor, I miss his laughter and most of all I miss his wisdom. God gave him the gift of wisdom, discernment, and vision, I miss him every day.

So happy birthday and Father’s Day dad, have fun celebrating with mom and Jesse.

God Bless Kim Kardashian

I recently received an interesting request to participate in a poll, one of the questions was do you want to see more women in public office.

This is not a cut and dry question, it is not a simple yes or no. I would say yes, with a caveat, qualified women, qualified men, I want to see qualified people.

I would like to see a servants heart in these people, you are running to serve. So many forget that, you are put into political office to serve the public.

We, the people, hold the real power and the sooner we, the people, realize that, the better off we, the people, will be.

The ridiculousness of 20 candidates in one party, and each more clownish than the next, is beyond comprehension.

Another thing, God bless Kim Kardashian, a celebrity who actually put her money where her mouth is. Advocating for real prison reform and not only that, but advocating for real opportunities for these people coming out of the prison system. I don’t see any other celebrity coming forward and doing things of this nature.

It’s easy and commendable for people to help our wounded veterans, Gary Sinise comes to mind, he does so much for our veterans. Wonderful man, puts his money where his mouth is, and it is commendable, but these are heroes, and it’s easy to raise money for these men and women.

People who have broken the law, well, it’s different and people are a lot more judgmental towards people who have done hard time. It is harder for them to turn their lives around. It’s harder to get a job, it’s harder to keep a job, once they get it, that’s it, they are on their own. If they have spent years behind bars it is more than likely their families have forgotten about them, out of sight, out of mind. Society talks a good game, but when it comes to hiring an “ex-con” well, who really wants that in their place of business.

So yes, God bless Kim Kardashian and her willingness to leave her comfortable life and go visit a President that is vilified in the press and the public and advocate for these forgotten souls.

If more of us, and I am including myself, left the comfort of our lives and advocated for real change for what we are passionate about imagine the world we could have.

Would we have the utopia that was mentioned in Lois and
Clark by H.G. Wells? And yes, I can always work a Dean Cain reference into almost all topics of conversation.

I may take a lot of heat for this and I honestly don’t care, so many people want to say so many bad things about so many people. Why not turn that energy into something good, take this day to try and think about how you think about certain sects of people.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Peace, love and gossip, what? A Downtown Julie Brown quote on a Friday? #flashbackfriday

Fitish Skin Care Review

As you may have gathered by now, I am a skin care junky, I love it. I have been experimenting with skin care since I was 13. My best friend Tammi and I started with Noxema. Who remembers that? It was awesome, and did get me started down my path of taking care of my skin.

I also love the Kidd Kraddick in the morning show and have stayed loyal to them even after the loss of Kidd.

I tend to be incredibly loyal, so when they all started doing side ventures I tried quite a few of them. I love Kellie and her husband Allen’s podcast, A Sandwich and some Lovin and am a loyal listener and have even tried a few of their advertisers.

So when Jenna Owens started her company Fitish, I decided to follow that as well. When she started the skin care portion of her company I was eager to try the products. I started out buying the Cool Down spray for Elizabeth Anne, I really wanted to try it myself but held off.

Then they came out with their moisturizer Dewing It, that is when I caved and bought the moisturizer and the cool down spray for myself.

I really didn’t think I would see that much of a difference, as I really didn’t have any skin issues. Or so I thought.

I have lived with two things as long as I can remember that they have become part of who I am. I didn’t think anything would ever fix these two things so I really didn’t give it a thought.

One thing I have lived with is so weird, that nothing has been able to fix it. Where my nostrils meet my face has always cracked and bled, at times it has hurt so bad that it has brought tears to my eyes. I have always battled skin flakes around my nostrils, nothing helped, I have tried aloe, Neosporin, vaseline, Mary Kay’s Extra Emollient Night Cream (that helped the most but didn’t get rid of it entirely and last but not least Vick’s Vapor Rub. Nothing helped and I was resigned to live with it for the rest of my life. I was constantly putting moisturizer on it to quell the flaking.

I started using the Dewing It and the Cool Down spray, the moisturizer twice a day and the spray once a day. After about a week it hit me, my nose didn’t hurt, I quickly looked in the mirror, no flaking at all, no split, it was completely healed. Completely. Nothing had ever done that before, I was amazed.

So I thought hmmmm could this be the answer to my other problem. My ears are constantly flaking as well, the inside of my ears seem to produce dead skin at an amazing rate. I have tried all of the above products plus hydrogen peroxide, nothing worked. It didn’t even keep it at bay, so I began spraying my ears with the cool down spray and the next day after the first time the dead skin was minimal, I have been doing it every night since and have been blown away by the results.

These product are infused with CBD oil, so apparently I cannot travel with them for fear of being arrested at the DFW airport.

They do not have the THC part of cannabis, just the CBD, I loved the products so much I have ordered a second round of them.

The only thing I would change up, is I would add a little spatula to the moisturizer as it is in a jar. Since I am a Mary Kay skin care consultant I have a ton, but the average person might not.

Other than that, the package is beautifully done, their customer service is excellent. I had an issue with the spray nozzle on the spray and they handled it exponentially and perfectly.

I loved everything so much that I ordered the lip balm and I love that as well. No greasiness, just smooth and soothing, I highly recommend that as well.

I will include a link to their site below, but my opinion of this product is excellent. Jenna Owens has knocked it out of the ballpark with her products. I do hope they come out with a mask soon, I think that would be awesome!

Dream or Nightmare?

Ok so, the strange dreams just keep coming. Last night I had a dream that someone was impersonating a friend of mine who has passed away. She went home several years ago and I miss her very much.

Well this woman shows up and just assumes her identity. She was trying to convince myself and several other mutual friends that she was indeed our dead friend.

She convinced my friends mother (who is also passed) that she was her daughter. It was so weird, I kept saying no, this is not our friend. My voice was completely drowned out. I woke with a start and scared Fat Catstard.

My subconscious or God is trying to tell me something. I need to figure it out fast. These dreams are getting in the way of my dreams of Dean Cain.

Nothing new on the dating front, I did swipe right on one, said hello, he said hello back. Then he deleted me. I guess I didn’t say hello the right way. I laughed so hard because it is exactly what I do. Maybe that was meant to teach me a lesson, but it didn’t.

I really believe in my heart of hearts I am going to marry Dean. So there’s that.

Ok still looking for a dream expert. If you know what my dreams are trying to tell me I would love to know.

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