Current Irritations

We all know Facebook is where I find the most irritating posts, well, now Twitter has joined in. There are a few things I would like to address on both platforms.

First off, Ewan McGregor called and has asked that everyone stop trying to pass him off as Jesus. It is very flattering, however, he did not die on a cross and come back to life. He cannot promise you everlasting life, he can wield a mean lightsaber, if you need lessons he can probably arrange for that to happen. But the other, it needs to stop.

The picture of the actors from Tropic Thunder, while they do appreciate all prayers, would like everyone to stop passing them off as Vietnam Vets. You are encouraged to buy tickets to whatever current movies they are starring.

I almost feel better, but there’s one more thing on Facebook that has crawled under my skinned and burrowed around for a while.

The only Empaths are on Star Trek, there was one on the original series, as a matter of fact the name of the episode was The Empath. Season three if I am not mistaken, which I rarely am when it comes to Star Trek. She felt the emotions of others so keenly she had to live alone, isolated. If you are truly an empath, you will need to find a cave to live in.

Next was Deanna Troi, from Betazed, are you from Betazed? No? There is a good chance you are not an empath.

I took a test on Facebook, it said I was originally from Asgard. If we are to believe all tests on Facebook, let’s start with that one. I will immediately begin ruling over all humans, as we all know everyone from Asgard has some sort of power. Oh, wait, Asgard has been destroyed, amusingly enough by an Asgardian.

Facebook tests can be fun to take, but take them with a grain of salt. Please, I’m begging you, for my sanity.

Not everyone has empathic abilities and not everyone’s ex is a sociopath. I wonder if it would surprise anyone out there to learn we all have sociopathic tendencies. You can take any personality trait and make it into something bad.

Am I done with things on Facebook? Let me think….. No, one more things.

I recently watched a video of a man who did an experiment to see how many people actually read the bible.

He posted, on a page that profess to be Christian, Luke 4:7. Now for those of you who don’t know, that verse says: “If you worship me it will all be yours”. For those of you not familiar, that verse happens to be the devil talking to Jesus. Trying to tempt him while he was fasting in the wilderness. It was surprising how many people said yes Lord and clicked like, said things like amen, hallelujah, seriously people we have go to do better. Just take a minute and read the Bible and stop just clicking like. If you had read the Bible you would know God never ever promised us a life of luxury and ease for following him. As a matter of fact He promised life would be very hard, what you would get and still will get even today for following Christ is everlasting life. Eternal life. Let that sink in. My best advise is read, just read. Ok, now am I finished with Facebook….   Yes, for now, moving on to Twitter.

Someone said they were born in Texas and bred to hate Oklahoma, yes hate, such a strong word. I was born in Oklahoma and raised with the notion that Texas was our cousin. Sometimes a really ugly, bad cousin, but a cousin nonetheless, my own grandmother was born in Fort Worth. I could no more hate Texas than I could her, to hate something so deeply as this man claimed to hate Oklahoma is detrimental to ones health.

I tried to think of a state in the Union that I hated as much as he professed to hate Oklahoma. I’m still thinking, because I don’t really hate anything. Except crocs, the shoes, not the animal, liver, I really hate liver, zucchini, I’ve tried to like zucchini, I just can’t. Oh and soccer, I really despise soccer. Other than that, it’s all good in my neighborhood.

I don’t even hate any people, some I pity, some I look upon with great disdain, but I don’t hate them. I would imagine there are people who hate me, I can think of two, three, wait, 4. I think that’s it, I honestly don’t care if anyone hates me, that just hurts them not me.



I find myself obsessed with a few things lately, first off is the song Save Me by Foreigner. I had no idea this song existed until a few days ago. I am obsessed now, it is brilliant and I will be playing it at my wedding to Dean Cain. I really hope he never finds my blog.

Second, A Sandwich and some Lovin podcast, it is so awesome, find it and listen. You will not be sorry.

Coffee, always and forever, I can’t seem to stop myself from buying coffee beans when I find something interesting or on sale.

Pajamas, for so long, I have so many, it is a sickness, I probably need help.

My obsessions are probably pretty harmless, unless that restraining order comes or I end up on Dateline. I can see the title of that show: Woman hopped up on caffeine shows up on Dean Cain’s doorstep in a wedding dress. It will not be pretty folks, I will be one sobbing mess as they haul me off.

This week is my week with Tess, it is our traditional week in the summer. I am going to enjoy this week, she is 11 now and I know the time is coming fast where she will want to be with her friends more than her grandmother. I will relish whatever time she wants to spend with me.

I asked her what she wanted to do and she said be lazy, well, unbeknownst to her, I have some things planned. I hope she likes them.

I foresee lots of popcorn, Netflix, Hulu and laughter, we laugh a lot when we are together. She is a funny girl and her sense of humor is just getting stronger as she gets older. We are all pretty funny, so it is genetic, as is sarcasm, she seems to have inherited that as well. Thank goodness.

That’s all I got for now, I will probably not post again until after my fun filled week with Tess. Everyone have a great week and get out and enjoy the Texas heat. (insert sarcasm emoji here).

Stalker Alert

Happy Friday the 13th! My favorite days of the year, for a myriad of reasons. First off, it is a good luck day in my family, as many of you know, my parents were married on a Friday the 13th. I wanted my son, Alex to be born on the 13th, but that was a Saturday the year he was born and since it was a scheduled c-section my doctor said no. He was not coming in on a Saturday for that reason. So, there ya have it.

So here I sit, on a Friday the 13th, excited for the day and all that it will bring.

Having said all of that, I have news, I, officially have a stalker. A few months back, at work, I sent a business customer an email (work, all work related) his information, it was a complicated issue and he asked that I email him the information when I had taken care of the issue. It took hours, it was very involved and I had no issue doing so.

Fast forward several months (yes, months) later, I open my company email yesterday morning and there is an email from that customer. It said, don’t take offense but you are gorgeous. At first I thought it was spam, sometimes the firewall doesn’t catch it, some does get through. Then I noticed it was a reply to me, to the original email I sent.

I asked a person who does our support, hey are our pictures on our outgoing email. He said yes, I said since when! He said, Angie, several years.

Then in my personal email I get a notification from LinkedIn saying someone has viewed my profile. It was this guy! I was like what the heck. So apparently he has been staring at that picture for months.

Not only that, but my last name is unusual, I am easily found if you have that information. So now I’m a little freaked out. Time to batten down the hatches and go into hiding. Does anyone know how to delete a LinkedIn account?

Other than that, not a lot new, next week will be spent with Tess, I am very excited about that, so much fun will be had.

I am off to get dressed and shop for Granddaughters birthday party. Have a great Friday the 13th!

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Happy Birthday Thomas Alexander Graham Bell

Today is my youngest child’s birthday, I so cannot believe he is 27. Right now, this very moment he is literally half my age.

I still remember finding out I was pregnant with him. It was shocking to say the least. But in the best possible way.

Alex you were a huge surprise, the best surprise a parent could ever have. You continue to surprise me with your generosity, kindness, your take charge personality. Sometimes you are larger than life itself. I am constantly amazed by you and all you have been through and all you have accomplished in your short time here on this planet.

I love you so much, I feel words are not enough to express to you how much I love you and how much you enhanced our family just by your existence.

Happy Birthday son.


Ok, so, I have effectively found myself in an odd place to be. The next few sentences might sound like I am fully taking credit for something, and you would not be wrong thinking that.

I am taking credit for my BBFF finding an amazing GF, and my BFF finding an amazing man. I don’t know if they are officially BF/GF yet, so I won’t label it as so, until I get the official word.

So, thanks to me they have love lives.

I do not, apparently I can help others, I simply cannot help myself.

The other night I started thinking about it (very dangerous territory), a lot, I came to the conclusion that no one has ever been in love with me. Oh people love me, my children, my granddaughter, friends, family, but I am talking romantic love.

Well, maybe Kent King, I think he did, with his whole teenage heart. But that’s it for me. I was 17 the last time someone was in love with me.

I admit I got a little teary eyed, then the cat jumped in my lap. He thought my tears were meat tenderizer, I said not today Fat Catstard, not today. My face is staying where it is, you will not feast as of yet. He looked me right in the eyes. I stared him down, he jumped down and sauntered off.

It is now too late for me, I wasted my 40’s with a person who didn’t love me. I don’t consider my 20’s being wasted as I have three of the most amazing children on the planet earth.

I read a book recently where one of the characters had missed her chance with the love of her life. They reunited as adults in their 50’s. The love was there but the white hot passion of youth was of the past.

She had the opportunity to go back in time and change things. She took the chance.

She did change things and spent her life with the love of her life and she did have the passion of youth with him.

Thinking of my life I would go back, but not that far, I would only go to 2009 and change things. There is nothing else I would change, I want to keep the children I have.

I’m done being morose, the cat will not be feasting on my face for the time being.

I know I talk a lot about Dean Cain. I don’t think I can ever meet him in person. If I do I would probably be rendered mute, instantly. I would embarrass myself greatly and I would never recover, like ever.

So there we have it, no meeting Dean for me unless I can work on controlling my geeky tendencies and not go all fan girl on him. I will only have one chance to impress him and make him fall head over heels in love with me. So that is the quandary, do I take that chance or just live with unrequited love?

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Foreigner 4 Answers All Questions in Life

Since this seems to be a music filled week and weekend, I will continue in that vein.

I have an ultimate favorite album of all time, yes, one, I know, unprecedented. I usually say they are all my favorite, I don’t like any of the songs to feel left out. Yet, a favorite I do have. I know I have written about this before, but I feel a need to write about it again.

In my opinion Foreigner 4 is the best album of all time, it answers every question there ever was or could be in life.

Every song on there answers a pertinent question in life. Please allow me to elaborate:

Night Life answers the age old question, day or night, what kind of person are you. Give me the night life, as in I hate the bright sun of summer. Bring on the night with the cooler temperatures. The main attraction is the moon and the stars, I am quite enamored by them. Living where I do now affords me the privilege of seeing them in all their glory.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Juke Box Hero of course, every time I hear the song I want to go out and purchase a beat up six string. I may do that today. What could be better than that? Do they still make Juke Boxes?

Let’s say you are in a relationship, and it is not going smoothly. Break it up is the perfect song, don’t break it up, make it up. Of course if it is really going badly, then break it up. So totally break it up.

What are you waiting for? A girl like you, or more accurately, Dean Cain is waiting for a girl like me. Trust me there is no one on earth like me and he is so going to sing this song to me at our wedding.

Luanne doesn’t really make sense, I do believe Dean will change that to Angie. If you are someone else, just change the name to someone you love. Write letters you will never send. Don’t stalk though, that is illegal, unless you are me and the other person is Dean.

When do you call someone in the middle of the night? When it’s Urgent, of course. Trust me, if I had Dean Cain’s number I would call him all hours of the day. I can really feel that restraining order coming my way.

What are you going to do in life? I’m gonna win, of course, I got no time to sit and wonder. I gotta stand up, I gotta face it, I’m gonna win. Of course I am quoting the lyrics, I am so not original with this. Still, go out and win at life, whatever that looks like for you. Right now, sitting with my coffee, I am winning at life.

What to wear today? Woman in Black, question answered, there we have it, the guess work gone. Just wear black, I believe that is for men and women.

Where is your girl? Why she is on the moon, naturally, you dream of her, yet she is not reachable. Why? Because she is on the moon.

Another relationship song, Don’t Let Go, every time I think of giving up on the Dean Cain dream I recall this song. Don’t Let Go, and I don’t. Foreigner called it, every time, don’t let your pride or common sense get in the way. Just keep hanging on, eventually one will end up in a special place, with nice doctors and orderlies or will end up with the actual Dean Cain.

So there we have it folks, Foreigner 4 is a classic album that answers all of the questions for the ages.

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The Bay City Rollers

Yesterday, speaking to my BFF (not to be confused with BBFF) I learned some interesting things.

First, she is not good at math, at all, as a matter of fact I am still laughing about it. She was convinced she was a year younger than she is, I said no, you are this age. She argued for a good 5 minutes until I told her to do the math. She got a calculator and after a lot of cursing, accepted the truth. I am still laughing. She said go ahead and write about this, I know you’re going to, I said yes, yes I will and you won’t read it!

We both had a good laugh.

The second thing I learned is that I really need to quit romanticizing Owasso. In talking things out with BFF, who is from the same small town I am, I really came to the realization that the reason I fell so hard for the Owasso guy is due to the fact that I love Owasso so much and he really brought it all to the forefront. I really need to stop with the romantic reminiscing of Owasso.

I am incredibly sad, Alan Longmuir has passed away. Who is he you ask, I am so glad you did. He is the founding member of The Bay City Rollers. I sit here listening to their music I am so grateful to him for having started a band that provided the soundtrack to my life in the 70’s and early 80’s. Whether it was doing my homework, trying on a myriad of outfits for picture day, getting the right hairstyle for the Skate Ranch or getting the blue eyeshadow just right. They were there, providing background music.

It is Bay City Roller songs that also keep my heart hopeful for someone in my life. I sit here listening to You Made Me Believe in Magic, and it renews all of my faith in love. As silly as that might seem, it is fact, inside this nerdy, hard exterior is just a big Roller girl.

My love of boy bands is well documented, from the Jackson 5 to The Backstreet Boys. I just love them.

If you get a chance, listen to Rock and Roll Love Letter by the BCR, it is my favorite. I might jut post a link at the end of this post.

Other than that, not a lot to report, I have been off work since Tuesday, I go back on Sunday and I am loving not really doing anything. I am going to get my nails done today and some light shopping, light means necessities, not fun. I might dance around my bedroom to the Bay City Rollers, just in honor of Alan. Oh, fun little side note, it was his brother that I had the big crush on. He was the drummer, and in the time before the internet, I actually ferreted out his phone number in Scotland, yes, Scotland. I called, he wasn’t there but I had a lovely conversation with his housekeeper. Then my parents got the phone bill, then I was grounded, so totally worth it!

As promised:

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