Open Letter to Dean Cain

It is storming here in North Texas, it fits my mood, I am very dark today, angry, livid really, something has come to light that I feel the need to get off my chest. So here goes, an open letter to Dean Cain.


Dear Dean,

I have been your biggest fan since 1993, the first time I saw you on Lois and Clark, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I told all of my friends, you have to see this show; this man is the prettiest man I have ever seen in my entire life. It didn’t hurt that you were playing my childhood hero, and filling out the blue suit very nicely. I sung your praises to anyone that would listen, then the show went off the air, I even watched Ripley’s Believe or Not, just for you!

I followed your career, watching every show you were on, telling everyone, Dean Cain is on tonight, whether it be Law and Order SVU or Hope and Faith, I watched them all. I was incredibly grateful you never did Dancing with the Stars, as I loath that show. But for you, I would have recorded it and watched your parts. And yes, I would have voted for you. Thank you for not making me do that.

But now, Dean, now, I find out you are doing a dating show! On Fox! Seriously? How did this even happen? I mean, how did I not know? How did I, your biggest fan, not get to try out for this show? Is it my age? Is it the fact I am currently engaged? Well, don’t let that stop you from having me vie for your affection. My fiancé, the Irishman, has said that he would step aside for me to have a date with you. I think he was placating me, but that is beside the point. If it is my age, please do not let that stop you as you are also at this point, out of my age range. Dude you are getting older, still the prettiest man on the planet earth. But let’s be honest here, how much longer can that last? Well, ok, you live in Hollywood, a long time.

I will watch your new show, as I am a loyalist, however I will be yelling at the TV, crying that it is not me, and sadly disappointed that you have decided to go the route of reality TV. I have always pointed out to everyone that you never did reality TV. I am so beyond sad and disappointed. I can only hope at this point you do not choose a skank and actually choose someone who is semi normal and kind of respectable. Let’s face it; the show is on Fox, not exactly synonymous with class.




Life Changing Decisions

Yesterday I received a save the date card for a wedding, the groom is someone I have known since he was 3 years old. I just sat and stared at it for a long time, how could he have grown up so fast? How did he become old enough to get married? He was an adorable child and has grown into an incredible young man. He is a credit to his parents, hard-working, intelligent, well-mannered and ambitious. I hope his bride to be and her kin appreciate the kind of person that is marrying into their family.

Still the whole thing has brought home how fast time is going by, my own children are adults, making adult decisions. Mostly without my input, and doing a fantastic job of it I might add. I know I have said it before, and I will say it a million times after, I am amazed by them, proud of them and wish I could take full credit for them. However I cannot, they are their own beings, full of life.

With time passing it makes one reflective of their own life, I am no different, I often wonder if I have done anything that has made a difference in anyones life. If I have influenced anyone to do the right thing or make a decision that they would not have made otherwise. I have had the privilege of having had wonderful influences in my life, my grandparents, my mom and dad, my great-aunt Effie, my friends and yes even my children. If you have had someone influence your decision-making for the better I would love to hear your story. Also if someone has made a difference in your life, I would also love to hear that story.

Most of the time I believe we, as humans, are not aware of the influences around us, that we make these life changing decisions without pondering the aftermath of said decision. We blithely go through life never fully realizing how our actions affect others, I wonder how different would things be if we all took the time to really ponder our choices. Make more informed decisions, think before we act, ponder before speaking. What world we would live in then.

I urge you all to take a day, consciously make the choice to really think about things before deciding, well anything. I hope you will all let me know the outcome of our experiment.

Starbucks, Friday, Robin Hood

Today is a Starbucks kind of day, I am thinking Greek Yogurt, iced coffee, in my very own Venti insulated cup and Chipotle Chicken Wraps for lunch. Thank you Starbucks for starting my day off right and continuing it on throughout the day.

This past weekend went by way too fast, I had a full three days off from work, and I did nothing exciting, it was really nice. Sunday we did go out to eat, we found a new place for fish and chips, McSwiggans on Windhaven. It was really good, much better than the Ice House on Preston. The last time we ate there the food was just horrible, like it was all microwaved, not only microwaved but left in there way too long. Will not be going back there again, nor recommending it to anyone.

We watched Thor on the HD TV, could not find my blue ray, so upset, I do have it downloaded on my IPhone, so the Irishman streamed it from my IPhone to the television. I love technology. Without it I would have not been able to watch Thor, which would have been upsetting.

Yesterday I saw that Robin Hood was on, the Russell Crowe version, which made me miss the BBC Robin Hood, so off to Netflix I go. And yes, success, it is there. Start watching Robin Hood, with all of the English accents it makes me miss Tom Hiddleston, so IMDB here I come. There is a series he did in England, Henry IV, nowhere on Netflix, or BBC America. I have begged the Irishman to see if he can find it and download it. I need to see that series. I cannot wait for Much Ado About Nothing to hit theaters; I need my fix of a Joss Whedon project.

Today is my Monday, Tuesday and Friday all rolled into one, very heady stuff, I have off tomorrow as it is my regular day off, perhaps I should have taken today off. Then I would have had 5 days off while only taking one vacation day. However we did nothing exciting so I am going to save my vacation day for when I actually have something to do. I have already started thinking about the schedule I will choose next shift bid. It will go into Christmas so the dynamic will be different, it is something to think about, it will be time to choose before I know it.

I hope everyone enjoys their day, I know I will, as it is Friday and Starbucks day!

Thank You

On this Memorial Day I would like to take a moment and thank the men and women who have given their lives so that we all may enjoy freedom. I would like to thank the Revolutionary war soldier who was fighting for an idea, not an actuality, fighting for the life he wanted his children and grandchildren to enjoy. The freedom to self govern, the freedom to say anything they wanted without fear of punishment. The freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I thank you so much for the legacy you left to us here in this great country.

To the men and women who came after you, who continued to fight for our freedoms, on our home soil and abroad, I thank you. Your courage and fortitude amaze me, you leave me in awe of your personal sacrifices so that we, here at home, may know what it is like to live with no sacrifices. I thank the families of the men and women who have served our nation, without your sacrifice we would not have this freedom.

I owe a great deal to all who have come before me, it is a debt that can never be repaid, all I can do is simply say thank you. Thank you for your bravery, thank you for your courage, thank you for your service, thank you for your life.

God bless and keep all of our service men and women, God Bless America.

Scattered Thoughts

I sit here staring at the whiteness of it all, the blank page, the nemesis of anyone who considers themselves a writer. While I know I am not a writer in terms of being published, you must admit I am prolific in my attempts at being a writer.

This morning there is a lot on my mind, maybe too many things to choose from, do I write about the dream I had last night? I was with the cast of The Walking Dead only it wasn’t a show, it was real and we were all living in a school and I had Tessa with me. We had to stay in the classrooms in the middle during the night and not turn on any lights as it attracts the zombies. Or do I write about my feelings of inadequacies at being a parent? So many conflicting emotions are warring within me at the point in time.  I continually question every decision I have ever made since becoming a parent. Did I do it all the right way? Did I really do the best I possibly could? So many questions, so many doubts. One thing I never have doubt in, is my children and their ability to overcome, adapt and succeed. They are truly remarkable, I can only take a minimum amount of credit, they were all born with the personalities that they have. The only thing I can take credit for is their strange television viewing habits.

Do I write about my obsessions with superheros? I am continually fascinated by all of them really, I have some that are more loved than others. Superman continues to be a favorite, I have loved him since I was 3 years old, Batman, not the dark knight one, the campy one, I love him, Wonder Woman, I want to be her. Thor, god of thunder come to earth, who doesn’t love that. I continue to this day to be fascinated by them, I know there is some debate regarding DC vs Marvel heroes and heroines, however I love them all.

Since I am so scattered today in my thinking I will sign off for now, tomorrow is a new day, a special day here in America. Where we honor all of our fallen heroes, the real ones, the ones that gave their lives defending our freedoms. More to come tomorrow.

Updates and Geek Happiness

I have an update on the toddler that was placed in the washing machine in the laundromat that I talked about a few days ago. The original news story identified the man and woman as the little boys parents. I am happy to report they were not his parents, horrified to tell you it was his babysitter and her boyfriend. The parents didn’t find out until the police showed up at their door to question them regarding the incident. This my friends is every parents nightmare, that the person you have entrusted with the care of your child, so you can work to support your family, is an abuser. Or in this case allowed someone else to harm the child. I hope they get stiff sentences, I will have to keep an eye on this. Thank you to Stacy for sending me the updated story.

Today is Friday and the start of a three-day weekend, an amazing occurrence, as next week I only work three days, without taking a vacation day, how amazing is that! I am very happy, I have my movie for tomorrow, One for the Money, loved the book, love the movie, can’t wait to watch it again.

I may sneak in another Avengers watching, I have not decided as of yet, I have a theory. I fully believe if I see the movie enough times I will become part of it. I think fighting off an alien attack will be way less stressful than the life I have here. We shall see, I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime Loki and Captain America are on twitter! Ok, so it is the actors that play them that are on twitter. I wonder if they have the internet on Asgard, hmmmmm something I shall check out when I become part of the movie.

Well must go for now, getting dressed and heading to work for another exciting day, oh, yes, I have news from the workfront. One of my co-workers, Jason, made mention of Thor being on my IPad, he asked if it was just the actor or the character that I was infatuated with. I started going on and on about the myth and comic books and Joseph Campbell, as I tend to do. I asked if it was too much only to find out he likes mythology as well, so happy to have another geek in the row! So hiho hiho it’s off to work I go, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Fashion No-No’s

I love doing nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, except getting caught up on DVR things and reading and playing on the computer and IPad and IPhone. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, in fact I do believe if I won the lottery I would do absolutely nothing for about a week. I think a week is all I could handle of doing nothing.

I suppose I could have gone down to the pool and done nothing there, that would have been nice, however, I really didn’t want to, I just wanted to do nothing here, alone, with me for company. I am great company, I find I am intelligent, articulate and have a great sense of humour. At least to me I do, and well, it is me I am keeping company, so there.

Thinking ahead, this is a three-day weekend for me, I am off Monday, I did not volunteer to work, on one hand I wish I had, but on the other I am glad I did not. Maybe Monday will be a popcorn and movie day, there are a lot of movies I have not seen and we have the Apple TV, with a ton of movies to choose from. Or a Netflix day, streaming Dark Shadows, or reading, I have some books to finish, I could really do anything.

I do believe Starbucks will be in order this morning, I have no cream for my coffee so I will need to go to Starbucks for coffee. I have my giant, insulated coffee cup, ready for an iced coffee, I do believe that is what I will be having. Yum. I think I deserve a treat as I deprive myself of a lot of great things in life. Candy, alcohol, Taco Bueno daily, high fat foods, I deserve an iced coffee dangit.

Starbucks rules and I even got to stop by my favorite one this morning, the one at Park and Custer, I love that one. They are friendly, courteous and professional. Serving coffee with a smile and kind word, just what everyone needs to get their day started. Today will be a good day, I can already see the signs.

I would like to talk about working in an office that has no dress code for a moment. Summer is fast approaching and that is when all of the inappropriate outfits come out of the closet. Please ladies, if you are going to wear a tube top, do it at the pool, or the lake or NASCAR races, not in the office. When you wear a tube top, with no foundation garment to speak of, it is not a good look, especially if you are of a certain age and are, how should I put this, top-heavy. It looks no better when you pair it with a blanket. Also, short shorts, while fine at the pool, lake or NASCAR, it is not fine in the office, you are all old enough to understand the word professionalism. Even though we are not a customer facing office, except by phone, we all have to look at each other. Tube tops and short shorts are really not appropriate office clothing.

The complete breakdown of societal fashion is horrifying to me, perhaps it is my age, perhaps it was the parenting that I had. My mother always instilled in me a sense of pride about the way I look, we may not be rich she would say but we can look good all the same. I am often shocked (yes even after all this time) by what some people think is appropriate office wear. Even one time when I had jury duty, I was shocked by what one of the attorney’s had on. It was the heyday of Ali McBeal and this woman had on a skirt that was so short I was thankful she dropped nothing.

I hate sweatsuits, I hate velcro, I hate when people wear tennis shoes without socks, I hate crocs, there, I’m done.


Bad Parenting

I have several things on my mind this morning, well two really, one trivial, one not so much, two rants, which one to choose. I will go with the not trivial one this morning. Yesterday I saw a video while perusing the news stories on Yahoo, it was two parents who put their toddler into a washing machine at a laundromat. The video was soundless, which, as we know from watching Buffy makes it more terrifying to watch. We see the father scoop up the toddler and place him/her (I don’t know) head first into a front loading machine. Then he shuts the door, puts money in and turns it on, the mother then comes around see what he has done and points and they both laugh. Then the mother reaches over to open the door for the poor panicked child. She cannot, because as any semi-intelligent person knows, the machines at the laundromat lock when you turn them on, especially front loading washing machines. The instructions even state that, right there, in black and white, at this point I can only assume these two morons cannot read. They began to panic in earnest, an attendant comes over to see what the commotion is, and he is horrified and begins running toward something, the story said the breakers. The attendant does get the machine to go off and the toddler is saved, minor bruises and what we can assume is a damaged psyche at this point in time. The story didn’t say if charges were being pressed against the parents. One can hope that child protective services were called and the parents will receive some much-needed education. Verbal education as they appear not to be able to read simple instructions at a laundromat.

Parenting is not that hard people, common sense, you do not place your child in a washing machine for fun, or anything! Seriously, you have to take a test to drive a car, join the military, shoot enter college, however, any moron can become a parent. Any idiot can do that, the only time they test is when adoption is involved. When people are in the hospital having a baby there should be a test, if you fail, then classes will be provided to you, you will have to pay for them as idiocy comes with a price. The price should not be the life of your child, it should be with your money, if you have no money, then you should work off the cost of the course by helping other parents after you have completed the course work yourself. Assuming some people can pass, I don’t know what to do with the ones that don’t pass, I have not gotten that far in my thinking process, I am sure I will be slammed for all of this, however, I think we can all guess how much I care about that.

Seriously, stop the madness, if you think it is funny to put a child in a washing machine to watch them panic, you might not make a good parent. Think about it before you procreate.

That’s all.


Coffee Monday

So today is Monday, I have to admit I stayed up way to late watching TV, but come on, how on earth does anyone expect me to miss the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Watch What Happens Live! I mean seriously, Rosie was on WWHL, no way was I missing that! I love Rosie, she just rocks. Last nights episode of RHONJ did not disappoint, it was filled with laughter, tears and drama. However it wasn’t really Teresa that brought the drama it was Gia, or as Andy say, G to the IA, she really is hitting the tween years hard. My heart goes out to Teresa, she has to do this 4 times, I hope at least one of the girls is even tempered, however being Italian and Jersey, she is in for some rocky times.

Teresa also lied last night to make her brother look bad, saying he had not reached out to her when indeed he did. Once again Joe Guidice proves he is just a horrible human being saying the worst things about Teresa’s family one could say and on camera. On one had you can understand his frustration as his wife tells him everything and of course slants it to make herself look good (as we all do as humans) and he is fed up with hearing all of this. It does make one wonder, Teresa tells her husband everything; however she expects her brother to keep secrets from his wife. Interesting, I would think she would understand that, I hope she is getting the point of all of that. Watching these shows cannot be easy for her, she was always one of my favorites and I still root for her, I want things to work out for her and her adorable little girls.

So, on to me, Saturday was a Ladies that Lunch happening, it was wonderful as usual, one woman came that is a rare attendee, it was so wonderful seeing her, she always adds fun and laughter to any event she joins us for, so happy to see Charlotte. The food was amazing, we went to one of the Chocolate Angel restaurants, their food is just wonderful, I ate too much. Then it was seeing Jeffrey, I always love seeing any of my children, now that they are grown I don’t get to see them every day and I miss them. However I love seeing them independent and self sufficient, although sometimes they still need their mother. As in looking after their animals when they go out of time, then I get to be useful! Love it!

I am loving my schedule, however next time I am thinking of doing the straight 4 x 10’s and having 3 days in a row off. I am thinking towards Christmas, I could get so much done with those three days off, without having to take any vacation time, so there we have it. I will be doing the straight 4 x 10’s next time, having Friday through Sunday off. Well I am going to sign off now and drink my coffee, I need it today, the housewives wore me out!


Today is Betty’s birthday, who is Betty you might ask, well, rest assured I am going to tell you who Betty is. Betty is the cleaning lady in our building; she goes about her job with a joyous spirit, always a smile on her face and always a kind word for everyone that crosses her path. She is funny, hard working and above all joyous; she just has a demeanor that we should all have when we go about our jobs. One would think that a job that requires you to clean up after others would make you cranky, but not Betty, she has such an infectious attitude, just being around her makes one happier. I look forward to my good morning every day and seeing her sunny smile throughout the day. So, Miss Betty, Happy Birthday to you!

Yesterday the world received the sad news that Donna Summer was dead at the age of 63 of lung cancer, she never smoked a day in her life. This morning Kidd Kraddick is playing her songs, I am happy and sad all at the same time. I loved Donna Summer, of course she was the embodiment of Disco, of course that meant my parents had great disdain for her. But for me, her music crept into my soul and released my inner diva. She was amazing, and I will forever love her and her music, God speed Donna Summer, I know you are singing in God’s Choir today.

A busy weekend ahead, the Irishman has his children this weekend; I have a Ladies that Lunch event tomorrow. Looking forward to that, I have been saving a dress that I bought a month ago for this one. I cannot wait to get all dressed up and lunch with my friends. I know an amazing time will be had, good food, good company and great conversation. What more could one ask. I am so grateful for every single blessing in my life and there are many, my amazing friends are just the tip of the iceberg of the greatness that God has bestowed upon me.

I have a special does that make me crazy, every morning on my way to my car, since it is dark, I look around to make sure there are no vampires lurking around. Also during a full moon I keep an eye out for werewolves. Does that make me crazy?

Word of the day: Congregate: to gather. The people began to congregate around the wild eyed young man as he spouted his nonsense.

Happy Friday everyone, remember, vampires don’t like crosses and werewolves are human except for 3 days out of the month.

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