Superman Day

I’m not sure why today is celebrated as Superman’s birthday since he actually made his appearance on April 18 but here we are.

Since today is a celebratory day for the big guy I thought I would share my love of him.

I first fell in love with Superman when I was 4 years old and one of my cousins brought over a comic book. I was hooked, I went on to discover not only Superman/Clark Kent, but Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, Ma and Pa Kent and of course Perry White. I also found my way to the store and found Wonder Woman, the Fantastic 4, Spiderman and Thor.

I found a world that I could escape to, where I could live vicariously fighting the bad guy and discovering girls could do it in heels! What a revelation that was, I wanted to grow up to be a combination of Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. Fighting crime and writing about it, that was the dream, alas when we grow up we realize running around the city dressed in boots and spandex will get you arrested.

Superman has remained a constant in my life, I have always loved what he stood for. Truth, justice and the American way, I still love it, I do wish they could find someone who enjoys playing the big guy. I don’t think Henry Cavill enjoyed it, he didn’t look like he was having fun in those movies. Of course you can only do so much with the script and direction.

So here are my favorite actors who stepped into the role:

Christoper Reeve, first and foremost, he was the man, he made Superman his own and looked like he was having fun doing it.

Dean Cain, he play Clark Kent as the main character with Superman being the alter ego. Every other actor has done it the other way around. I like Dean’s best for that reason, Clark is who he was, Superman was what he could do.

Tom Welling, he was a really good young Clark Kent, just figuring out what he could do with those powers. His place in the world so to speak. Tom made the role his own and never donned the suit that we saw onscreen.

George Reeves, he was the first to don the suit for television. He did a great job, those are super fun shows if you watch them for what they were. Entertainment. All of these shows and movies are for entertainment purposes. George was also in my all time favorite movie, GwtW (Gone with the Wind).  He was a Tarleton twin, in the porch scene, with Scarlett.

Brand Routh also did a decent job, I enjoyed the movie he was in playing the man of steel. I do enjoy him more in Legends of Tomorrow, he does a great Ray Palmer.

There have been many more actors who have lent their voices to Superman in the animated shows. Which I also enjoy, I loved Superfriends as a child, I love Justice League now, yes I still watch animated programming at my age. I have zero shame in that, I realize I am an oddity, at my age, being this completely geeky, really more nerd than geek.

I wonder when Lois Lane is celebrated? I haven’t looked that up, I will tell you Teri Hatcher is my favorite incarnation of the character. She played her ambition and neurosis perfectly, she was equal parts steel, paranoia, chocolate loving person. Teri brought her to life and she was way more than an adoring fan of Superman’s, she was in the thick of things. Seeking her own truth, justice and the American way.

So there you have it, of course this is only my opinion and in this world it really is the only one that counts.

I hope everyone has a Super day and any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Color Issues

When I was three years old I decided I didn’t want to touch anything that wasn’t red. Red clothes, red plate, red utensils, red rocking chair and even a red teddy bear.

Not just any red, it had to be crimson, I’ve always been drawn to dark colors. Dark red, dark purple and so on. Fast forward to today, my living room is crimson and cream and my bedroom is dark purple and silver grey.

I am telling you this as a backstory to what happened a few weeks ago. I decided to get a new comforter, I had a dark purple summer quit and thought oh I’ll get a grey comforter and put purple accessories. Instead of the dark purple comforter with my silver grey accessories.

I buy a new comforter every year, I allow my pets on my bed and it just wears out the comforters. So I order what looks grey and it comes, I wait a while to take it out of the packaging. It looked grey in the packaging. The week before my trip I strip my bed, put the new purple sheets on and eagerly take out the comforter.

It’s not grey it looks baby blue, so blue I went back through my order history to see if I had inadvertently clicked the wrong color. I did not and I have waited so long I can’t return it.

I decided I need to use it until a replacement can be found. I find one quickly enough but it wouldn’t be here until after I got back from my trip. Not a problem I thought, I can do this, I could not. I very literally could not sleep under that baby blue monstrosity.

Is anyone else like that? If the bedding isn’t right you can’t sleep? Please tell me I am not alone in this.

Thankfully the new comforter came Tuesday, I immediately redid my bed and a good nights sleep was had. The new comforter is the most delicious shade of dark purple and all is right with my world once again.

Perhaps I should go to a brick and mortar store next time I decide to try a grey comforter. Next winter. We’ll see.

Have a great weekend, Dean Cain is on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning. I’ll have to set my DVR because I’m not waking up that early on a Saturday. Not even for Dean.

Arizona Dreaming

We finally made it to Arizona, our final destination, see what I did there. First of all Arizona is beautiful and I love how they did the architecture, it blends so well with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

We decided on an Airbnb instead of a hotel. This is the first time I have ever used Airbnb, I wasn’t disappointed, it was in a good location and clean. It also had a full kitchen and a laundry closet.

Stormie and I went for a walk every morning, she loved it and I loved the scenery. The one thing that struck me was all of the orange trees, they were everywhere. The homeless there just grab and go, orange peels everywhere. At least they won’t have scurvy, also the enormous aloe Vera plants everywhere, I wanted to dig one up and bring it home with me.

Why Arizona you ask. Well, I’ll tell you, Shay’s oldest son and his wife live there. They were having their first child together. Shay asked if I wanted to go on a road trip with her to see the baby. I said can we stop in Roswell? She said yes, I said I’m all in. So that’s how it happened, her sons call me Auntie, so I wanted to go anyway.

We also went on several adventures to see the area we were in. Hiking and nature are a must in such beautiful surroundings. Stormie loves it and she loves all humans except for one.

My nephew has a bonus daughter from this relationship as well. She is adorable and couldn’t say my name, it came out Aunt Barbie. So I taught her the Barbie World song. Her parents can thank me later.

I loved visiting but no way could I live there. The heat would absolutely kill me, I don’t care that it is a dry heat. It is still heat and I hate the heat. So, Montana and Alaska still in the running, along with Florida. I know it’s hot there as well, but I seem to tolerate it better in FL.

I hope everyone has had a great week, it’s been rough getting back in the swing of things but I have persevered and today is my Friday. I hope you all have had a great week and have a fantastic weekend.

The one who named me Aunt Barbie.
Aunt Barbie and The baby
Just a woman and her best friend
Shay contemplating doing something she shouldn’t. 😂
My baby in a fox pool.
Land of the lost

Alien Invasion?

We started our journey Saturday evening, I know most people start their travels during the morning hours. However, my bestie Shay, works on Saturday, so we left after she got off work. By the time she left work then got to my house and transferred her stuff from her car to the Jeep we left about 5 pm.

We made it to Lubbock, we were really hoping to make it to New Mexico but it took 7 hours to get to Lubbock and we were exhausted. We found a pet friendly hotel and stopped for the night. Have I mentioned I took my Husky with us? Why yes I did, she is officially a traveling Husky.

The next morning we drove the rest of the way to Roswell, New Mexico. This stop was for me, I have always wanted to go there because, well, aliens. I loved the show Roswell the show from the late ‘90’s early 2000’s. Not the new one, that one is a discombobulated mess. The original is best.

Roswell did not disappoint, so many places were super pet friendly. Even the Alien Museum! I was pleasantly surprised. Stormie did great, she loved everything and was well behaved. The only sad part is there is no Crash Down diner in Roswell. We were both disappointed about that.

After exploring Roswell we continued our drive and discovered a pistachio wonderland! Just sitting there in the middle of nowhere. I also found a new boyfriend. He’s very accommodating and a great listener.

After buying things that are not on the approved eating list we made our way to Las Cruces, NM. What a beautiful city! We decided to spend the night there and make our way to Arizona the next day. I hope you enjoy some pictures from our time with the aliens!

Enterprise Ellie

In the beginning there was a car rental place. We decided it would be better to rent an SUV instead of putting mileage on my friends vehicle or mine. Plus taking my dog we needed extra space.

Saturday I show up to the car rental place, I don’t know how many of you are familiar with renting a vehicle, what you do is go online and tell them what type of vehicle you want. Sedan, SUV, compact and so on, they do not guarantee a specific make and model. The location I went to was a satellite office. That means they had a smaller selection. I’m telling all of this to explain what happened next.

A woman, well call her Enterprise Ellie, was at the counter soundly berating the young man behind the counter. She said that he told her she could have a specific make and mode, he calmly said that he would never do that as it is against their policy. She then goes on to call him a liar and here is where she really caught my attention, she says she works for the same company that I do! So then I really looked at her and realize I know who she is. She works in the same building as I, I don’t know her name but I know who she is.

What I do know of her is she is filled with anger and hatred, I have overheard some really outrageous things from her. At times we both sit in the same courtyard here at work. She is always on the phone saying really awful things.

On this day she told the young man that he was not going to prosper and she was calling corporate and getting him fired. She also mentioned social media, she very literally would not stop. She then got on the phone and started telling anyone who’s would listen that the young man was not going to prosper and kept saying the name of the company we both work for.

I told the young man to to worry about it because I have twitter as well and I had already sent him a shout out. He was calm and collected and never rude. He needs a raise. I cannot imagine carrying around so much anger that I take it out on someone young and threatening their livelihood. Who does that?

I wish I knew this woman’s name, I would totally give it to my third line and tell him what happened.

It goes against our code of business conduct to behave that way in public while invoking the name of our company. It’s one thing to behave like a donkey it’s another to drag the company along with you.

So, Enterprise Rental, don’t listen to the woman who went to the Plano, TX location. She’s certifiable.

As usual any comments, questions or anything else can be left here or sent to me at

Stormie’s Adventure

I was going to start at the beginning of our adventure, mine and my bestie Shay. However, something happened today that I need to write about. After that I’ll begin at the begun.

We decided to go hiking this morning at one of Phoenix’s parks. It was a beautiful mountain and a beautiful morning. As most of you know I have a gorgeous, lovable goofball of a Husky named Stormie.

She loves all humans and animals alike, or so I thought. We start up the trail, several people stop and tell me how beautiful she is, ask to pet her and she is very obliging. In my experience with Huskies, they love attention. Will preen and prance when they believe they are the center of said attention.

As we are walking up a woman is coming towards us, Stormie freaks out, starts cowering and backing up. She actually manages to to wriggle out of her harness. And takes off like a shot, she was terrified of that woman.

Now I may have been listening to too much Dateline, but I believe an animal when they tell me someone is evil. I don’t know what Storm sensed in that woman but she was terrified. I wanted to ask that woman what was wrong with her but I was too busy chasing a freaked out husky.

We finally got her, I jumped in the Jeep and drove to where she finally stopped. I opened the back drivers door and she jumped in as nice as you please. I have tightened her harness and that will not happen again.

Believe an animal when they tell you a human isn’t trustworthy.

Trash TV

When I was sick i watched a lot of trash television, I have a confession to make, I love trash tv! Mostly Lauren Lake’s paternity court, what I am about to say may offend some. If it does, perhaps you should rethink your life choices.

There was a young man on there, roughly 21, 22 years old, who didn’t know who his father was. His mother had always told him it was one man, it turns out that man was not his father.

There was a choice of 8 men, 8, yes, 8, I’m sorry, the window of conception is just a few days, and if you have had unprotected sex with 8 different men in that time frame. Well, rethink your life choices, now there is a young man who doesn’t know who his father is and you don’t know who his father is. you are just guessing and now he has to track down 8 different men from over 20 years ago.

I have no words for this, the devastation the was the reality for this young man was disturbing to watch.

I don’t understand that many partners in that few of days and unprotected. She’s lucky all she got was a baby out of that, she’s lucky she didn’t get a disease.

I’m sorry but if you are doing that, rethink your lifestyle please, there is nothing empowering about that kind of promiscuity. The risks are just not worth it, I’m not talking about a baby, I’m talking disease, a disease that could alter your whole life. You could die. That is no exaggeration, you could die, so please, whoever you are stop it. Lauren Lake is awesome, she told the young man she was not stopping until she found his biological father so he could have answers. She was going to be his advocate in all of this.

ok, preaching time is over, Saturday begins a whole new adventure for my sister and I. We are traveling to Arizona via Roswell, this is Stormie’s proving ground. We’ll see if she can ferret out any aliens. Cute ones please, no predator stuff, just Kryptonians, Asgardians or Vulcans please.

I didn’t tell my sis this, but I do believe I read somewhere Dean Cain’s brother’s band plays somewhere in Arizona. Perhaps a side trip is in order, shhhhh don’t tell.

I am very excited, I have never been to Arizona or Roswell. I am trying to go somewhere I’ve never been at least once a year. Last year was Universal Studios, I had never been there. The year before was Austin and Montana, I am thinking Vegas for the next adventure. I’ve never been there either.

Somewhere in the next winter I want to go somewhere cold, I want to go where the snow is. I am going to have to plan something.

I’ve never been to Tahoe, I understand they get snow, and it is beautiful there.

I’m going now, I need some sleep, I woke with a horrible headache about three this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.

oh, our trip Instagram, if you want to follow along is @toffeeandwhippedcream2018 we will be chronicling our trip there, also our Montana adventure is on there as well.

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, it is an almost perfect day, I say almost as it is cold but there is no snow. Only snow would make it perfection oh and a happy birthday from Dean. But here we are, a cold dreary day, there is not a lot more I could ask for. 

Thankfully I am much better, the only thing lingering is the cough, that horrible cough. That is happening even while I type this missive.

I took myself to the movies yesterday, I decided to see Birds of Prey. It was ok, a little heavy handed on the men bad, women brave theme. But the action was fun and Harley Quinn on roller-skates was a nice touch for this ex roller disco queen.

Turning 56 is nothing new from 55, I wonder when it happens, the slowing down, the achy joints for no reason. Does it happen for all people as they age? Or only some of them? The only thing that slowed my dad down was his heart, he never complained of achy joints or made grandpa noises when he got up from a chair. Since I am so much like him (through osmosis) I like to think I inherited that from him.

Also my grandmother (by blood) was 98 when she passed away and the only thing that slowed her down was a broken hip at 96. Since I don’t have brittle bones I don’t foresee a broken hip and I will tell you after my 3rd injection of vitamin B12 I am finally feeling it. I feel energized, like ready to go, it is a heady feeling and my fingers are practically flying over the keyboard as I sit and write this. Ok that last part has always happened, I’m a fast typer, typist, typologist, whatever.

My birthday weekend started off with a family dinner at Jeffrey and Amanda’s house. They cooked! It was lovely, Mexican food, I do love my Mexican food. As usual the conversation was lively, and Elicia brought dessert, she brought me keto cupcakes! Two of them, I saved one for today, so I could have cake on my birthday.

I love those dinners, with all of us, my children are all so funny, smart and quick witted. I am in awe of them and their successes, sometimes I still can’t believe I got chosen to be their mom.

I am going to include a picture of me at this age. I try to do it every year, an unfiltered, unadulterated look at myself the way I am in this very season. I still think God did really good work with me. He and I have an agreement, He allows me to retain my looks and I don’t kill people. It has worked well so far, I do believe He knows me and knows what I can handle in the aging process.

Also I watched a series on Netflix called Dirty John, every single woman needs to watch this. Wow, this did actually happen and I have no doubt it happens on the daily. This actually convinced me more than ever dating apps are not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe they work for a lot of people. I have hard evidence to that fact, however, with the kind of luck I have with men, this story would totally happen to me.

That’s all I have for now, I hope you have a great day, I know I will!


Dean Cain for my Birthday?

I’ve lived in the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) area since 1987, the entire time I have lived here there is a store I have been dying (you’ll see what I did there later) to go into.

The reason I mention it is I passed it again today, I rarely pass it because it is in Dallas and I live 36 miles from this particular store. But on my way to get my vitamin B shot today I passed it and thought man, I really want to go in there to shop.

It is a casket store, I really want to go in and pick out my casket for when the time comes. When I talk about funerals the majority of the people think I am macabre, and they don’t like to talk about it.

I have been going to funerals since I was little, I’ve been to a lot of them. My mom would say things like oh don’t do that at my funeral or I like that, do that.

The greatest gift we can give the ones left behind is to have our funerals planned and paid for. Both of my parents did this, it was such a relief off of all of our shoulders to be able to just focus on grieving. And remembering our parents, everything was chosen, from the casket to the songs. The funeral plots chosen and paid for, no having to choose, no having to guess at what they wanted.

I will tell you that they had done this so long ago that by the time it was my mom’s turn to go home the casket she had chosen was no longer available.

That was a phone call I won’t forget, my sister called me and told me, that the casket our mother picked out was no longer available. I said ok, can we pick out something comparable, she said I don’t know Jesse went. Our brother, I said ok, she said I just know he’s going to pick out something in hot pink. Huge sigh, ok, I am 5 hours away, you are literally 10 minutes from the funeral home. Besides that, Jesse’s sister in law Helen, works there, she will not allow him to pick out anything that would dishonor our mother.

She hangs up after much debate, then 30 minutes later called me back and said Jesse had done a great job, he chose a soft pink casked. Which was our mother’s favorite color.

So besides that hiccup, we had a beautiful send off that was everything she wanted. And we could greive without worrying about what to do or trying to guess at what she wanted.

Having said all of that I have been sick this week and thought I was going to die, again. It started Tuesday right after work, I had been coughing all day, the minute I got into my car I started shaking uncontrollably, I barely made it home, I could not get warm, even with the heat on full blast.

Today, Friday, I feel human, I am still coughing but my fever is gone and the headache is gone. That was a rough one, I don’t want to do that again.

Next up, my birthday!! Who still gets excited about their own birthday? Me. Everyone should, it is the day you made your appearance on this earth.

My daughter, Elizabeth Anne, called me, this is how that conversation went:

Elizabeth Anne: Mom what do you want for your birthday?

Me: Dean Cain

EA: biggest sigh ever, Mother, please be realistic.

Me: He’s coming to Dallas.

Fast forward to yesterday, I open my email and I have one from the Dallas Fan Expo, you have a gift from Elizabeth, it is the VIP package for the Expo!

Not only will Dean be there but also Terri Hatcher, I have said it before, she is my favorite Lois Lane.

I have been reading the comics and watching all incarnations of Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane, I fancy myself a bit of an expert.

When I was a little girl Lois Lane captured my imagination, Intrepid Girl Reporter. Her character is what led me to major in journalism in college. I really hope the both of them do a panel together, that would really be something.

Also two of my twitter peeps might be there as well! The same ones I met up with in Tulsa, how much fun would that be!

That’s all I have for now, I have some chores to do before going to pick up Tess from school then it is my birthday dinner at Jeffrey and Amanda’s with all of my kids, granddaughter and bonus grands!

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at TTFN!

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