Accents, not for the faint of heart

Elizabeth Anne and I were having an interesting discussion the other day. Well, we have interesting discussions most days, but this day we found ourselves on the topic of accents and regions.

We found ourselves discussing how so many people think a Texas accent is a Southern accent. For the record, it’s not, if you think it is, travel to Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi or even Arkansas. Louisiana is Southern, but they have their own special accent and a lot of them, there is New Orleans accents, Cajun accents and a combination. The Carolina’s have low country accents and they have Charlestonian accents. It can become confusing, however, they do not have Texan accents.

Texans are a strange combination of the Southerners that fled here after the civil war, my great grandparents being among them, South of the Border, and yes, Northerners.

For the record, Oklahomans aren’t Southerners either, my family has the uniqueness of having a Southern grandmother, who had a genuine Southern Belle mother. I had lessons in how to walk in a hoop skirt, because she was convinced the fashion was going to make a comeback.

However, she was born in Ft Worth, Texas, so my bloodline is further confused.

Back to accents, a true Southern accent does not include the word aint, caint, seed (as in I aint never seed nothin like that) and yes I have heard that phrase in public. A person with a true Southern accent does speak English. With flare. I should know, my grandmother had a way of turning a phrase. My own mother (adopted mother for those keeping track) was actually born in Arkansas, where her mother was from. My mom didn’t have an accent, she abhorred bad grammar, I was taught by the best. She was an amazing woman who knew that a skillfully turned phrase could turn a persons day around. Or it could be used as a sharp edged weapon, full disclosure, she really did try and curb that tendency in myself.

Texans are a prideful people, they know they are in a category unto themselves, yet they also know how to accept outsiders. Something they have over true Southerners, breaking into a Southern community as anything other than being from that region is a daunting prospect.

When I lived in Georgia I fared fairly well, as my great-great grandmother was from there and surprisingly was remembered. Me being her descendent was a bonus, I was marginally accepted.

When I moved to Texas I was further accepted, because everyone in my neighborhood was from elsewhere. New York was represented, Oklahoma, California and some native Texans were as well.

I have been told I don’t really have an accent, I do, but it is not Southern, Texan or Georgian, it is Owassoan.

I will always be American first, Oklahoman second and a Texas dweller by choice. Viking and German by genetics, but that is a whole different Angie World.

You know if you have a hick, redneck or backwoods accent, please stop confusing this with Southern. Watch Gone with the Wind for real Southern accents. But not Louisiana accents, once again, those are a league unto themselves, and they are amazing. All of them.

I may be a little buzzed from all of the caffeine I have had today, but it is true, all of it.

I sit here, writing this, with an old episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the background. I find I am still blown away from the greatness that is Joss Whedon. Can we all take a moment to thank God Almighty for creating such an amazing storyteller. Cordelia Chase is still one of my favorite characters and I am really glad Hulu has these amazing episodes.

I know I may take a lot of heat for this, but all of the words are true. If you really want to speak Southern, seriously, watch GwtW. Otherwise realize you’re not speaking Southern, you are speaking Texan. Which is wonderful in its own way, I have a friend that speaks Texan. He speaks English, with that Texan accent, it’s awesome.

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Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday to my oldest son, Jeffrey Andrew, I am extremely grateful God chose to give you to me.

I was a terrified girl when you were born, when they whisked you off to the neonatal unit I was beyond scared. But you were such a little fighter. Well, not little, weighing in at 8 pounds and 10 1/2 ounces. With your jet black hair and big blue eyes it was love before first sight.

I loved you before you were born, that love grew after you were born. I am so proud of the man that you have become.

Watching you grow and take on the responsibilities you have, it is amazing. I thank God every day that He decided I would be your mom.

You were an old soul right from the start. When you were three, we were driving somewhere, probably the mall. Out of the blue you said “I miss Jesus” I said well son he’s always with us. You said “no, I mean before I was here. In heaven. He played ball with me.”

I promise you I almost drove the car off the road! Another time we were passing the fire station and you said you wanted to be the one that worked on the fire trucks. I asked why that as opposed to being a fireman. You said you wanted to make sure the fire trucks would always be able to get the firemen to the fires.

I love you so much, I’d love to be able to take credit for the man you became, but I think you were that way before you were here.

Happy Birthday son.

My Surprise

God has blessed me extraordinarily, not with wealth, power or fame (is fame a blessing or curse?), but with people, friends, good friends.

I had dinner last night with BBFF and his GF. Since they credit me with their having met; for the record, I believe God would have found a way to bring them together without me being the catalyst, but hey, I will happily take the credit; they wanted to bring happiness to my life. They had this amazing presentation that GF worked hard on and it was epic.

Now, before I go further, I am going to let you all in on a little secret. The dinner would have sufficed as a thank you. Actually, the toy mustang they had sent to me was awesome! I love that as well, it was the perfect gift, and it made me laugh with joy. Never in my entire life would I have expected what was to come.

Are you ready? Are you sitting down? I will preface this with the rest of my friends need to step up their game. J

They are taking me to Wizard Word, comic-con in Austin, TX! Where it is rumored Dean Cain will make an appearance! DEAN CAIN!

Charisma Carpenter will be there! Anyone who knows me, knows I love Charisma Carpenter, her Cordelia Chase is still one of the best characters to grace TV land.

Are you ready for this one? Peter Capaldi!! Whom we will get to meet!! Peter freakin Capaldi people! If you don’t know why I am so excited about this, well then you don’t really know me at all.

To say that I am blown away by their thoughtfulness is a serious understatement.

BBFF and I have been best friends for over 20 years, to see him with someone that compliments his personality as is not only beautiful on the outside but gorgeous on the inside as well.

My mother used to tell me that true beauty, real beauty starts on the inside and works its way outward. GF exemplifies this completely and that she has embraced his world and encourages his nerdiness and compliments it with her own brand of nerdiness is icing on the cake.

I am stupidly excited for our adventure, even if I don’t get to meet Dean Cain, this is going to be the adventure of the decade, nay, the century. Thank you so much to GF, your embracing the friendship between BBFF and myself and also going the extra mile and getting to know me as a person. This relationship has my full support and blessing. I am going to truly enjoy seeing what God has in store for the two of you on this journey you have embarked on. Thank you for allowing me to witness it.

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Alexa Frustration

This is how my morning went:

Alexa play Foreigner.

I am walking out of the room when she answers and a cacophony of horrendousness fills the air. Me: Alexa what is that? Alexa: Florida Georgia Line. Me: Alexa play FOREIGNER. I am somewhat soothed as the opening salvo of Cold as Ice permeates the air.

It’s like she doesn’t know me at all, isn’t Florida Georgia Line a country band? Country!

What part of my entire being says to play that? Nothing, that’s what, I’ll answer for you.

I went to Target yesterday to find birthday gifts for a 7 year old little boy. While I was in the toy aisle I spied something for me, something I love and have loved since I was five years old. A Duncan Butterfly yoyo, in red, and why yes, I did purchase said yoyo for myself. If spending $4.00 on me makes me happy, I’m going to do it.

Now you know all of my secrets going into the weekend, I have nothing left to tell. Oh, wait, yes I do, upon some sleuthing between me and someone else, I found out my neighbors are all alive and well and have moved to a different state. So happy no one is dead, I guess they just purged everything in their entire life and picked up and left. Sometimes we have to do that, purge, pick up and leave. I’ve done it, I know others who have done it as well, it can be a soul lifting experience.

I have a very busy weekend, Tess, family dinner, birthday party then finding out what my surprise is from BBFF and his GF. They have a presentation, who knew I was presentation worthy! I will update you all on what it is, I am equal parts wary, excited and down right terrified.

I have now watched Avengers Infinity War 5 times, 5 times I have watch Loki die at the hands of Thanos. 5 times I have cried for Loki and thought how much I will miss his delightfully evil ways. I wonder how much Tom Hiddleston was paid for his 10 minutes of screen time? I think I may have to google that, I don’t know why that suddenly popped into my head. But there you have it, randomness at it’s very best.

I am trying my hand at pork carnitas for dinner tonight, wish me luck, it smells heavenly right now.

So Much

Updates on a few things, first, I finished Star Trek Enterprise. The very end saddened me, because it was over, and left me wanting more, because, well, Trip, oh FYI, I looked it up on IMDB. Because people were trying to correct me on the spelling of his name. It is Trip, his name is Charles Tucker III, Trip is short for triple.

The fourth season did me in, that was the best, I loved it and hated it. Loved because it wrapped up everything and hated, because it was wrapped up and therefore over.

Next up, the ongoing saga with my neighbors, they disappeared. Like gone, cars gone, everything gone.

One day I came home and the husband was putting living room furniture on the curb. It was dark brown, good for hiding blood stains was my first thought. Then the wife’s car was gone, no car at all, no sightings of her or the kids. Then a moving truck shows up in the driveway. He spent weeks putting things in the truck. One evening I come home and he is putting his car on the car thingy and drives off.

Just gone, no sign in the yard that they sold the house, no notice on the windows or doors. Just poof, gone, here is where it deepens. Roughly a week later two cars were in the driveway, men were walking around the house. Now there is a huge trash receptacle in the driveway. And they are very literally cleaning house, it is cram packed now.

I realize that I am the Gladys Kravitz of my street. I need an Abner, that way he can read the paper and I can say “Abner, I think that man killed his family on the brown couch.” He can sit and read the paper. It’s too late for me to have an Abner. First of all I don’t think men are named that anymore and secondly I am undatable. So there’s that.

Anyway I don’t have anything else on them, they just disappeared.

I’m not going to lie, this August has been a little rougher than recent years. I miss my mom and Michael a lot, I think about them, a lot. I know they are incredibly happy where they are and I know they don’t know anything about my life. Because, heaven, you know, the place you get to go and not have to know what is going on here anymore. Because it is all so incredibly sad and there are no tears in heaven. As you can see it seriously bothers me when people say dead people are watching over you. No, they’re not, they are not angels, angels are lower beings, they are Saints. Huge difference. My mom is not looking out for me, she is busy worshiping God and being with my dad.

I digress, I had something happen today that was so unexpected. Someone sent me a text to check on me, just a random what can I do to make your day. The text alone made my day, it was unexpected and very welcome. To that person, thank you, that text came just when I needed it. Sometimes we all need someone to just check up on us in life. A simple hello, how are you, what can I do to make your day.

Music Musings

Music. It can bring people together or it can be very polarizing. I have found people have very strong opinions on the music they love. I, myself, am no different, I love music, and I am incredibly eclectic in my musical tastes.

I listen to everything from classical to bluegrass; I don’t care for head banging rock or hard core rap. I do like Led Zeppelin and Snoop Dogg.

I love Motown, disco and of course there is my predilection for boy bands, from The Bay City Roller, The Backstreet Boys and of course who started it all, The Jackson 5.

I’m not crazy about country, but I do have a guilty pleasure in Alabama and Dolly Parton. I also have been known to enjoy Little Texas, Tracy Lawrence and of course Tim McGraw.

I love Vivaldi and anything John Williams does is amazing. Most know him from Star Wars fame, but he is a brilliant composer outside the movie realm as well. Check him out, you will not be disappointed. His music is the type you close your eyes and open your soul and welcome in like a long lost friend.

One of my ultimate favorite pieces in music history was actually used in one of my favorite movies. Avengers Assemble, Schubert: String Quartet 13, it is an incredible piece. Joss Whedon has always been quite brilliant in his musical choices, anyone remember the episode Forever in season 5 of Buffy?

Foreigner is a mainstay in my musical arsenal, as is The Bay City Rollers. I am very fond of Kiss and Van Morrison, we can’t forget Eric Clapton. I have serious heart feelings for Eric Clapton’s work.

There are very few songs I seriously hate. I hesitate to give them here, you see BBFF has a song he loathes and  can never resist sending it to him or posting a link to his facebook page. I know with a certainty if he had this information I would have payback in an epic proportion.

These songs are worse than nails on a chalkboard to me. As a matter of fact I prefer nails on a chalkboard over these two songs. They are sung by the same artist. Surprisingly I like his other work.

I just realized I know nothing Dean Cain’s musical taste. What if we are not compatible in that area!!??? The Humanity! The horror! I need answers

I am off to do research, by for now. As usual you can leave a comment here or send me a missive at

Discount Tire Experience

Here I sit at Discount Tire waiting for two new tires to be installed on my car. A flat was waiting on me after work. Thankfully I have roadside assistance coverage on my insurance plan.

I sit here, with a waiting room full of people waiting on their cars. I am struck by just how isolating our phones are. Every single person is on their phone, either talking on it (one woman doesn’t seem to know her voice is loud) to texting, playing games or watching videos. I, myself, am writing this missive.

I am fascinated by other people’s conversations, the loud woman is discussing underwear shopping, a man is saying I love you to someone. I’m so nosey, I want to ask him is it his wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or perhaps a child. It didn’t seem a romantic I love you. I want to ask the woman who she is shopping for underwear for, the conversation indicated it wasn’t for herself.

I would love to strike up a conversation, ask who are you buying underwear for. But not now. I politely stepped outside to take a call, when I tried to come back in the door was locked. I knocked on the door the loud woman and a few men just stared at me. Now mind you they watched me walk out! It wasn’t like I was an ax wielding crazed madwoman at the door. I might be that now, but I wasn’t when I left.

The man I bought the tires from let me in, one old man (I’m petty now) said they locked you out. I said what was broken on you that you couldn’t open the door. I really want to say to the room at large you people suck.

On the other hand their boorish behavior has given me fodder for my world. Alright, all is forgiven, ax is put away.

Montana, Enterprise and Vulcans, Oh My

Ok, so, I am on season 4 of Star Trek Enterprise and I am getting happier. Although I foresee anger in the future, as there are only 4 seasons of this show.

I still don’t have an answer as to how mind melding became ubiquitous and how they got rid of the MMTD (mind melding transmitted disease). I also am so confused as to why Vulcans are so bent on destroying humans. Granted I am only 4 episodes in, I am loving the relationship between Trip and T’Pol, I find them cute.

T’Pau is a revelation, as she is the one who officiated over Spock’s wedding! Well, almost wedding, crazy nuts seeing her here being a complete Vulcan rebel.

This show is a must watch for every Star Trek fan, as a matter of fact I do believe I need for every person I know to watch this show. I need to discuss this with people!

Captain Archer is quickly becoming one of my favorite captains and Trip one of my favorite engineers.

I am gearing up for my trip to Montana in October, it is a road trip with a friend. She and I will leave on a Saturday evening when she gets off work and travel through Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

I am beyond excited, I believe I will be able to feel God in Montana. I cannot explain it, but I have always felt that way. Since my friend and I eat the same it will make this trip so much easier. We are going to stock up at Costco and I found a hotel that the rooms have small kitchens.

Epic, that is what this will be, we will also have an Instagram page just for the trip. When it gets closer I’ll give you the name and you can follow along. We will be doing live video and posting cool pictures of our journey.

Bye for now, have to continue on my Enterprise journey.

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It’s been 15 years since you got to go home mom, it’s seems longer, yet shorter. There are days I miss you so much my whole heart feels shattered all over again. I know you would tell me how joyous you are in the place you went. Home. With God and your beloved Daddio.

I know you are where you wanted to be since 1993, it took 10 years for you to join him. I know how you grieved until you were able to do so. I don’t begrudge your going, I only wish I had gotten to have you as my mom earlier.

You were so brave to take a child that wasn’t yours by blood and make her your own by love. I’ll miss you until I get to see you again. Please give Michael, Jess and Dad a hug from me.


Your daughter


Entitlement. It’s a word being thrown around a lot lately, and there are some things that people think they are entitled to that they indeed should be getting. Those are not the things I will be discussing here, today, in this missive.

I would like to address the people that believe they are entitled to credits for a service they are not receiving. Now, mind you, if you have not received said service, then you should not have to pay for it. The days it has been down, not any other time frame, not for your lost vacation day waiting for a technician. But for the time actually down, there is a specific calculation used to figure out the credit one should receive.

Please allow me to break it down for you, let’s say for example you pay $30.00 a month for a service. Your services don’t work for 2 days. You are entitled to two days worth of credit, hence $2.00. Not $100.00, not $15.00, but $2.00 is fair and sufficient.

To call a company and tell a person who is trying to help you get one television cable box working that you don’t even pay for, out of the 5 you have, that you deserve hundreds of dollars in credit because you didn’t call the first two days it was not working is the singularly most ludicrous thing I have heard in a while. To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement, then I saw where you lived and it all made sense. Sort of. You see I know someone else who lives in that area and they are a lovely human, who has their cognitive abilities in tact. Then to inform me that you were going to push back on me to force me to give you said credit, once again, ludicrous is the only word I have to completely describe your behavior. When I offered you an avenue to voice your complaints you turn it down. Threatening to go to a different company has very little effect on anyone in my department. You really needed to go to the department I told you to and taken the information. You were the singularly most self-indulgent, self-entitled human I have spoken to in a while. I have one thing to say to you: I am glad I’m not you and I’m glad I don’t live with you.

Enough. If you are one of these people that believe you should be getting something that you are not paying for, or credit above and beyond what you are paying, go to a different company. Better yet, I have a Travis Tritt song for you, if you can guess what that is, good for you. Then you know exactly what I am saying.

Just stop with the buffoonery, I am incredulous that people behave in such a way. Wait, no I’m not, I will tell you this, there are two types of people who exhibit this behavior. I’m not going to say who here, because it isn’t all people in those categories, some are lovely humans. I will say roughly 90% of the people I speak to are really lovely humans.

I often hear that I am the nicest person they have ever spoken to at the company I work for, which is sad. Everyone deserves respect, until they don’t, and even if your complaint isn’t valid, if you convey to me the issue in a calm, respectful manner, I will always listen. I will always tell the truth, it sometimes hurts. Honesty is often like that, it hurts, but is way preferable to subterfuge, lies and deceitfulness. In any endeavor, any business dealing, relationship, friendship, whatever it is, just tell the truth.

One day it may get me fired, but there you have it, the job isn’t worth my immortal soul.

The beginning of August is not the time to mess with me, I do not suffer fools at all during this time frame.

I’m done, I feel better, sometimes one just has to get all of this out of their system.

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