A Good Day Indeed!

Today a friend retires at work, I am so beyond jealous, in a good way. I so would love to be able to retire, quit, just stop going. In all seriousness this man so deserves to be able to retire, he is just a great guy. Genuine, funny, kind and always a pleasure to work with, I am going to miss seeing him and sitting by him. I hope he enjoys his retirement immensely!
They are having a retirement gathering today at the office, the best part, there will be cake! So can continue with cake and caffeine diet. Yay me! Do cookies count as cake? What about sour straws? I am counting them as cake as they have sugar in them. Don’t tell me if they don’t count, 90% of a diet is mental.
I am a member of the Disney movie club, along with this membership you can collect points, well I collected enough points to select a prize. I chose a movie, The Fighting Prince of Donegal; I chose this because that is the region of Ireland the Irishman is from so I thought he would enjoy it. He would not stop looking at his laptop long enough to watch it with me. Although he kept saying when I take you to Ireland I’ll show you the real Hugh O’Donnell castle. So he is familiar with the story but he was not interested in my Disney movie. Huge disappointment. However I will be watching it all the way through on Saturday.
Well folks as I woke up tired this morning that is all I have. I hope everyone has a great day! Oh and before I forget, Go Big Red, Go Big White, go red go white, fight, fight, fight! Boomer Sooner!

Jeffrey Andrew Day!

I won the Rangers tickets in the United Way raffle, I am so excited! I was trying to win them for Jeffrey, my oldest son. He is a huge, mega fan of the Texas Rangers. This game happens to be fan appreciation day as well, so, bonus! I was so happy to be able to win those for him, he deserves them.
Let me tell you a little bit about Jeffrey Andrew; he is bright, intelligent, funny and caring, a truly hard combination to come by. He is so smart, he always impresses me with his political views and his insights, I truly wish he had gone to college; however that was not to be his path. He chose to work with his dad and he is good at it, and successful at it. I am incredibly proud of Jeffrey and the man he has become.
Today is turkey leg day, we are selling turkey legs in three different locations today, and as usual all proceeds go to United Way. We do this every year at this time, Brent is our smoker, he is brilliant at it, come one, come all and get those legs! Have a great Wednesday!

Coffee; Elixir of the gods

Question of the day people, what does a person do when they see someone making a huge mistake? One that will have repercussions the rest of their life? It’s really none of you your business, you really have no right to speak your mind, what do you do? What would Dear Abby say in this situation? Let me tell you what she would say, keep your mouth shut, it is none of your business, this person is an adult and can make their own decisions about their life. Abby is one smart cookie, so here I sit very much shut up. On a lot of different issues, I am about to implode. Do you know what it feels like to have so much advice to give and no one to hear it? I feel like running around with my arms flapping and hollering, yes hollering.
Enough about that, during United Way time I feel like I cannot get caught up with anything around the house, I need to vacuum and there is always laundry to be done, it was that way even when it was just me, Chewie is a shedder. Hard to keep up with him and his fur! I try, but to no avail, oh well, what is one to do but to chase after him with the vacuum.
I don’t think I can say this enough; I love coffee, when I take that first sip every morning it is like being given access to the elixir of the gods. It is my gateway to eternal youth, eternal energy and eternal optimism. It tells me all is right with the world, that nothing can conquer me and I can conquer all. That is what coffee does for me. In the same line of thought, I do believe my caffeine and cake diet is working, my jeans are getting looser! Double Woo and Hoo!

Productive or not Productive that is the question

I sit here pondering the questions of the universe; not really, I sit here enjoying this amazing fall morning. Here in North Texas we finally have relief from the heat and I am completely over the top about it. I hate the heat, love the cold, want snow more than anything. Are you listening Joe Kovak? He is my snow provider just in case you were wondering.
Chewie is frisky due to the weather, he wants out every 5 minutes, I finally just left the door open for him to go in and out by himself, he looked at me like I had just popped his favorite red balloon. I do believe part of the fun for him is me getting up and down to let him in and out.
So yesterday the Irishman and I did the most adult thing we have done to date, we opened a joint checking acct to pay the bills. We each have directed a certain amount every payday into the acct and that will pay the bills, then we have our own personal accts for our personal things. This way he never has to know how much I really spend on shoes, and I never have to know how much he spends on Guinness. Perfect arrangement if you ask me.
The Friday spaghetti sale was a huge hit, Gladys made the most wonderful vegetarian spaghetti and chicken spaghetti, and I am going to get the recipe for both as they were both amazing! In the words of her and Don’s daughter Sam, Tummy Yummy!
Yesterday was spent doing errands and laundry and watching everything I have dvr’d and have not had time to watch, then on to streaming Netflix to watch a little Dean Cain and then, O.M.G. A Streetcar Named Desire was on TCM. I love that movie, I love Vivien Leigh, she is just amazing, and I wanted to name Elizabeth Vivien Leigh that is how much I love her. If you want to see a great movie watch Fire over England, she is just fantastic in that.
Well kiddoes I don’t have a lot more today, I will be finishing laundry and doing little things around here, the Irishman works on Sunday so it is just me and the pups hanging out! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH maybe Taco Bueno……


The other day Elizabeth sent me an email about The Suffragette movement, well about a particular incident that happened November 5, 1917, I knew the story, however, have not thought of it in a long time.
Just a reminder, women have only had the right to vote for 90 years of our country’s existence, and even after that women took little advantage of it. Women were tortured, beaten, brutalized and killed in the fight for our right to vote. For our rights period, as women, no matter what your ethnic background, you have an obligation to honor these women who went before you.
We must remember our sisters who went before us, what they gave up for what many consider an inconvenience, yes an inconvenience. I am too busy, why don’t they make voting easier, really? Easier than going to a school or church or library to tell your country who you want in office? Or what you want your hard earned tax money spent on? What messages are we sending our daughters? Every woman has an obligation to go to that voting booth and honor our ancestors who, in some instances died for us to have this right.
Until recent history women were considered property, chattel to be traded off for alliances or better land, or even money. Women had no say in the upbringing of their own children, in some countries this is still going on. But our American ancestors fought for us not to have to know what it is to have our children ripped from our arms, or to have to “take” whatever our husbands felt like meting out. Women were treated as children, to be punished if we stepped out of line, Suffragettes wanted to change all of that. And they did. So let’s honor them and their fight, get up, get out of your mini vans and your Volvos and go vote. Make your voice heard, honor the women who came before you, fought for you, died for you.

Cooking Day

Today is red sauce making day, the apartment smells of garlic and onion and bay leafs. Perfection. It is now simmering; I have been at it since 6:00 a.m. It is for tomorrow’s spaghetti sale. Gladys is making chicken spaghetti and I am doing the traditional Italian one. Oh and Gladys is preparing the vegetarian one as well. Mine has meat in it.
I don’t think people realize the work that goes into making the sauce, it is a lot of sautéing and chopping and peeling and crying (over onions) and simmering. But oh so worth it, unless you are Elizabeth Anne who hates Italian food, then it is a waste of time.
I am now ready for a nap! What is everyone else doing today? Is anyone coming out to Richardson to purchase this feast Gladys and I are working on? I hope so!
I am knowing great frustration at this time and moment, not with the Irishman or with Jeffrey or with Elizabeth or with Stacy. It is frustrating to finally think you are making progress and things go backwards. I know as a parent we have all felt this way at times, it just seems this time knows no end. I am totally ready for a vacation, preferably in the mountains or the beach, I will take either.
On an up note, my friend Linda is moving back to Texas, I am way excited about that, it has been years since we have even been in contact, thank you Facebook! And it has been longer than that since we have seen each other! She is an amazing woman, just a force of nature (in a good way, not a tropical storm way) I can’t wait to see her again! We used to live behind each other (Plano has alleys) and every day we would watch All My Children together, well, not physically, on the phone, it was a hoot.
On that note peeps must go stir the pot, literally not figuratively.

Bored Now

It is a new day; at least that is what the greeting cards would have you believe. I am exhausted; I am looking forward to Saturday when I can sleep a little bit. Anyone else bone tired? We are having a Frito chili pie sale today in Richardson, very excited about that. Please come out and get yours all proceeds benefit United Way.
I have a lot I could go on a soap box with today, however, I choose not to here, will do that to my poor friends, in person. Well short post today as I have a lot to accomplish and a short amount of time to do it in.
Toodles people!

Television Viewing

Lots of season premiers last night, How I met Your Mother (greatness), Lonestar (love it!), Castle (awesome as usual!) and Hawaii Five 0. Love love love love love that one! They kept the theme music! They updated it, while keeping the integrity of the theme music, God bless them!
Everyone should check out this new show, it is updated, revamped, and the actors are greatness, yes a little formulaic, and the plot predictable, but what a ride! James Marsters as their first guest star, genius! That is what sucked me in, and I stayed. And will be staying for weeks to come.
Thursday is the huge season premier night, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and The Office, be still my heart!
So I had a conversation yesterday regarding Dancing With the Stars, let me just say, I don’t care for this show, not just this one, I don’t like American Idol, or that one about Racing around the world, or Survivor, or any unscripted show, I believe this takes work away from amazing actors and writers. Also how did this become an Emmy category? Really? It takes no talent to do these shows, NONE, there is no writing, no acting, what producing? Seriously, the hosts have a category in the EMMY’s???? Stop the madness, go back to great television, Bones, House, Fringe, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, How I Met Your Mother, just to name a few, these are Emmy worthy television programs. What’s next? A camera set up in every household so we can watch people doing mundane things like washing dishes? Will that be the next Emmy category?

Sunday Happenings

Yesterday was grocery shopping day and laundry day. I hate both of those activities. I seriously despise grocery shopping. As much as I love shopping for everything else, I wish I had someone else to do my grocery shopping. Oh I know what you are thinking, send the Irishman. Well if I did that I would end up with nothing but Coke, meat and chips. Not exactly the four food groups. There is four right? Or is there more now. I can never keep up.
I have decided to develop my own diet, I figure since everyone else has one on the market I might as well get in on it. I have decided the caffeine diet is the way to go, with the possibility of cake added in. if you drink nothing but caffeine think of all of the energy you will have all day long! You will not be able to sit still; hence major weight loss will be incurred. At least I hope that is the case, I will keep you all updated. Friday was a bust diet wise, I had to have Taco Bueno for dinner, and it was calling my name. I love, love, love the mucho beef nachos with extra shredded cheese and guacamole, it calls to me, says my name. I succumbed. I feel no shame.
Today I will be assisting Gladys in the making of breakfast taco’s, or breakfast burritos as she calls them, I don’t care what they are called as long as they sell. So tomorrow morning starting at 5:30 a.m. in Richardson they will be for sale. Remember all proceeds go to United Way.
So, this past week was a rough one, I have a feeling this next week is going to be just as rough. Person took their medication and it had an adverse effect. Said person did not call the doctor on Friday to tell them of this reaction, just stopped medication. Have had a serious talk with mystery person and they have promised to call first thing Monday morning to get new meds. I am completely knackered, am hopping next weekend will bring about much needed sleep.


Yesterday was incredibly surreal. Something was confirmed that I already knew, or suspected, great relief and great sadness as this will be a lifelong battle now. All I can do and ever could do is pray, pray that this person takes their medication and follows their doctor’s instructions to the letter.
I don’t know why people think they know better the doctor, or, they find one person who veers from the doctors set course of treatment and because it is what they want to hear they latch onto it. I have never understood that.
Today is the drawing for the Starbucks coffee basket, all proceeds go to United Way, I hope I win. I have bought 13 chances, 13 is a lucky number in my family. So, cross your fingers!
I am discombobulated today, I really hope the root beer/coke floats do well today, come get yours in Richardson! We will also have sugar-free ice cream and diet coke and root beer as well, so something for everyone.
I hope everyone has a great Friday! Go out and make it a Starbucks day! Love you and much love to Miss Jan!

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