Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday, she would be 97, and she was born in 1913 in a small town in Oklahoma. She grew up in Love County, Oklahoma. An appropriate place for my mom to grow up considering how much love she gave out to others and how she inspired others to love in return. I miss you mom, I miss your wisdom, your acceptance, your humor and above all your unconditional love. I know without a doubt you are having the best party with your Daddyo (that is what she called my dad) up there. Eat a slice of cake for me, tell everyone there I said hello and party like it is 1999!

Who we are

We are the total sum of our experiences; an incredibly powerful statement, a very true statement. I firmly believe however, that it is our reactions to our experiences in life that tells who we are at our core. I see people around me, I see how they react to what the world throws at them, some of them I am very impressed with, some, not so much. I will not discuss anyone I actually know here. I will discuss celebrities, first let’s take Lindsey Lohann, so totally not impressed by how she handles her situations, we all know she had abysmal parenting, however, people who use their bad upbringing on their adult behavior are, well for lack of a better word, sad. Marshall Mathers or as everyone in the world knows him, Eminem, had the most brutal childhood, he was abused and abandoned by his mother, raised by a grandmother that was little better than the mother. He has channeled that anger into a lucrative music career; he also has full custody of his daughter and niece and is raising them, from all accounts, in a loving, protective environment. He has risen above his circumstances and how he persevered and flourished is nothing short of miraculous. 50 Cent, his mother was 15 when she had him and she made the decision to sell drugs instead of going on welfare, strange choices, I know, but there you have it. Curtis, as he was called back then, followed in his mother’s footsteps, as that was the only example he had, while dealing he himself became a parent and decided he did not want his child to follow in his footsteps, he stopped selling drugs and started writing music. He wanted to set a better example for his child. I find it admirable that he himself never took drugs and was able to leave that life behind.
We all face adversity, maybe not as extreme as the cases I have presented, maybe some have faced similar circumstances and they themselves have taken their experiences and turned it into something positive. I know that I have faced great challenges in my life, I have strived and continue to strive to not allow them to steer me in a direction that is going to be detrimental to me and the people I love. I have often said I would not change anything that happened to me, the things that were beyond my control, because they have made me who I am today, I really like who I am. I wonder if any of the people I have mentioned would change anything. By changing the things that have happened to us, it changes who we are, I don’t want to change who I am, I like who I am. The only thing I would change if I could, I had no control over and I could not change it as it involves the death of someone close to me. I have no control over life and death.
I hope everyone embraces their life, react in a way that is positive, accept change as a good thing and above all, know that there is someone higher to look to in good times and bad. He doesn’t just want to hear the difficult times in our lives; He also wants to hear about the positives.


I am mentally exhausted, I have been working on an issue for a Union Member since the middle of May, and I sincerely hope we are getting somewhere.
I have made a decision, when I get back from Mary Kay Seminar I am going to do the cleansing diet for 5 days that means no caffeine for 5 days. I will begin this cleanse on a Friday, so the drying out from no caffeine cold turkey will not affect my working relationship with anyone at the office. The dogs might notice it, but hopefully no humans will. Seriously I do not want to do this; however, I really want to lose 90 lbs. maybe even 100. I want people to look at me and say, Wow, Angie, eat a burger. That is seriously my only goal in life right now. Next to finding what I am passionate about.
On that front I have not really made great strides, a co-worker had a great idea since I am passionate about coffee, he suggested that I get a camera crew and film me going out in search of great coffee around the area, then sell the idea to the food network or one of those channels and perhaps travel the world in search of coffee.
That is a great idea, however it circles back to the losing about 300 lbs, since the camera adds 10 pounds, and I don’t want people to look at me and say, how many cameras were on you. Great line stolen from Friends.

Welcome to Wednesday

I wish I could have stayed in bed and slept today, it has been a rough week sleep wise. I go to bed around 7:30 but then I have been waking up at 10:30, so I take a 3 hour nap, and then have a rough time going back to sleep. I am going to try taking a nap today and then going to bed around 8:30 to see if that helps with the situation.
I am so looking forward to next week and being in my pink bubble that is how we refer to Mary Kay world. I know this is going to be hard for people who are not Mary Kay Consultants to believe, but it is three days of no one yelling, no one cursing, not a harsh word is said and everyone is happy to be in that place. 10,000 women in one place and everyone is happy. Think about it, why can’t we be that happy in our corporate job world? I’m going to tell you, it is because of our mission statement in Mary Kay, Do unto Others What You Would Have Them Do unto You, yes we abide by the golden rule. We follow the God first, family second and business third rule, when you put things in the correct order then all falls into place.
I love, love, love my Mary Kay business, I associate with the best women, that encompasses my customers as well as my business associates. Not to mention the skin care products are phenomenal. I have been using Mary Kay since Elizabeth was 6 months old, she is now 21. I feel I don’t look my age and I credit Mary Kay and good genetics.
I got to talk to Jeffrey last night, he has a very busy life so we don’t get to talk that often, and when we do we always have great conversations. Last night it was about his beloved Texas Rangers and fair weather fans. Total greatness!

Happy Birthday Stacy!

I didn’t get to watch all of the Real Housewives of New Jersey this morning; however the part I did see, all I can say is why is CPS not coming to get Danielle Staub? She has got to be the worst mother on television. Is anyone else appalled by her behavior?
Today is Stacy’s birthday, happy happy birthday Stacy, I hope it is an awesome day and filled with everything you want it to be.
I woke up congested and wonky, a little out of it, I have to admit if I did not have something incredibly important to do at work today I would have been tempted to call in and take the day off. However, I do have all next week off, I have my Mary Kay Seminar. I am so very excited about that! I look forward to this time of year every, well, year. It is held in downtown Dallas in case you didn’t know and there are five different Seminars they last 3 days each. Mine starts Monday and goes to Wednesday. So yes, I took all week off. Also on Friday Elizabeth is having her wisdom teeth out, so of course I want to be with her for that.
Well yesterdays post was a long one so I won’t bore you too much today!

Finding your Passion

I just finished watching Julie and Julia; again, I love that movie. This time I watched the special feature, in it, one of the commentators, and I don’t remember which one, says that she hopes this movie inspires women to find what they are passionate about and pursue it.
As you all know that is something I have been trying to figure out for a while now. No one seems to know what it is that I am good at, and quite frankly if I don’t know how can I expect others to know. I do know that I love shopping, I am good at finding bargains and I am good at knowing what looks good on someone else. I also know what looks good on me, but no one will pay for that. I know that I love to write, I love putting words to paper and having others read what I write. I know that is a bit narcissistic, but that is part of me. I know that I love making others feel good about themselves, I love fighting for what I believe in. I also love fighting for the person who needs me to stand of for them. I love argument, I love singing (that is totally not a career option unless I want to be the next William Hung, which I do not) I love movies, watching them, not making them. I love comic books, and superheroes, flawed superheroes are the best.
What am I passionate about? Besides Dean Cain. I am passionate anbout righting the wrongs of the world, or at least my little corner of the world. I hate injustice, mostly injustice for the working people. Really I hate injustice for single mothers. I would love to see job re-training for women who have been stay at home moms and suddenly find themselves thrust into the role of breadwinner. That was me at one time, I didn’t have help or any where to turn, I just had me, while some think that might have been enough, it would have been really great to have had someone to just say I think you would be good at this and here is the training program for that job. Now I am not saying I did not have friends who were there and completely supportive, I did, I had amazing friends. One in particular who went through the divorce and subsequent child custody battle with me, there at the courthouse every day until it was over. I still get emotional thinking that I don’t’ have a clue of why I deserve such a friend, just so grateful she was there.
But back to the job thing, I think that when you have been a stay at home mom and the job you were originally trained for doesn’t exist any longer that there should be some type of re-training program. This does not only apply to the women who find themselves single after divorce but the widowed as well. It is a tough world out there when you are alone.
Before I got married, I was a typographer, I loved that job, I went to school for two years to learn it. It was not the highest paying job in the entire world, but I loved doing it. That career no longer exists thanks to desktop publishing. I was obsolete. Now, I work at a job, that most days I like, I like the pay a lot, I like helping people, that is not what depresses me or stresses me, it is not the job itself.
I would love to find something I am passionate about and the people I work with are passionate about it as well.

More Tongue in Cheek Ramblings

I know this is all probably caffeine overload induced thinking, but on the way to work I was thinking about my country’s need to save the world. We do it all of the time and have done it since our inception over 200 years ago. Why are we like this? Is it due to us being comprised of every other country in the world? We are an amalgamation of all of the other nations. Perhaps this is why we have a savior complex. Yes we, as a whole, have a complex. We want to save the world. Maybe we need therapy, calling Dr Phil. Well maybe not Dr. Phil. Maybe someone who is experienced with handling these types of issues, perhaps, dare I say it, not even a licensed therapist, maybe we just need to go on a talk show and work out our issues, since it is a country wide problem. And is it really a problem? Or an issue or a sickness. We need to decide, because we really need to fix ourselves before we tackle the rest of the world’s problems. I personally think we should leave solving the world’s problems to the celebrities, Angelina has a handle on adopting all of the children, Lindsey can tackle addiction issues and as for world peace I nominate Danielle Staub to bring light and love to everyone. I suggest she start with Libya.
My brain is in overload, am going to work on my manifesto to the United Nations. I am positive they will take all of my suggestions to heart and within a matter of weeks all of the ills of the world will be resolved!


I do my best thinking when that first wave of caffeine induced euphoria sweeps over me, which is why I write almost all of my posts in the early mornings. Today I started thinking about my old Sunday School teacher again. Someone meanly and rightly pointed out that her photo on her website was probably not from this decade, they are probably correct. Her hairstyle is exactly the same. I mean, come on, seriously, who keeps the same hairstyle all the way from 1979? And her daughter has the exact same hairstyle as she did in 1982. Her photo does look way more recent. Who does that? Who keeps the same hairstyle from decades before? That is a lot of upkeep, not to mention the same hair color? If I had the same hair color that I did when I was a senior, oh wait, never mind that, I went back to my natural color. Let’s get back to the cut, if I had kept the cut I would be sporting the Farah do right about now. That was a lot of work, it would take a minimum of two hours every day for me to get ready for school. Not that I consider it to have been a waste of time. I was freakin hot, I credit all that time spent on my looks as having a direct result in how I look now, so thank you to my past self.
I am very much feeling feisty this morning, it is Friday, I had starbucks and a diet coke yesterday afternoon, Alex came by and he and I had Taco Bueno for dinner, mind you it was an early dinner, but still. It was good and the company was good. But back to me feeling feisty, I also feel a need to be well cutting, my thoughts are darker than normal, I don’t quite understand why as my boss will be gone today and trust me that is a very good thing. For my sanity at least and perhaps for the sanity of those around me.
The first week of me working 5am to 1:30 is coming to a close and I am so grateful, it will take a minute for my body to get used to getting up 30 minutes earlier. Ok, here is the deal, if you have not gotten a compliment on your hair in the past six weeks, color it, cut it or buy some more of it. Do something! And by the way, someone saying to you, oh, wow, your hair, that is not a compliment unless they say Oh WOW your hair looks amazing. Or good, or incredible or I love it, or even I like it. If they have a stunned I totally cannot believe she did that to herself look, run back to that hairdresser immediately. Whew, I can’t believe I got that out! Please forgive me, I can’t seem to stop my fingers this morning, I really have not had that much caffeine this morning, I am just at a little over half a pot. Must go refill! Happy Friday everyone!

Starbucks Day!

Yesterday was a strange day at work, I had to move desks, again, they have put me with a group where no one comes to work when I do, and they all start much later. So I am all alone for an hour and a half. I have to say it is nice and quiet.
Also, yesterday, Kimmy looks at me and says you are very white today, I know what you are thinking, aren’t you white every day. Well, Kimmy doesn’t know that, I think this is the first time she has seen my skin color. She doesn’t know that I am Caucasian, so if you all could not tell her that would be great. Speaking of really white people and keeping secrets, as pale and pasty as I am, the Irishman is like a bazillion times paler and pastier. One time he was wearing shorts and socks, yes that situation was addressed, but the thing was you could not tell where the socks ended and his legs began. Don’t tell him, he doesn’t know he is actually that pale. You would think he would know that, being Irish, I thought the whole nation was that color, perhaps I am mistaken.
Today I am wearing something I never, ever wear in public, before anyone can shout Elmo slippers, just know I would have no hesitation to wear those in public, no, it is a T-shirt. I normally wear those while working out, however today is Thursday and that means wear red to work day and I have obtained a shirt that says Union Activist. I rather like announcing myself as an activist. So, on it went. Don’t get used to it; I seriously do not like wearing T-shirts to work, or to the store or really anywhere besides a gym or bed.
On an up note, I am wearing really cute heels with cute jeans with said way too casual t-shirt.
I am really looking for a new career; does anyone have any suggestions for me?? I am having a hard time figuring out what I would be good at.

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