Monday = Funday

I have decided that Monday’s are not to be had, I am decreeing from this point forward that the day of the week formerly known as Monday shall be known as Funday. We will all have fun in the world of Angie.
Well, I did it, I saw One for the Money, or should I say we saw it, the Irishman took me to see it, and I loved it! They should begin filming Two for the Dough immediately. I have to say Sherrie Shepherd looked and acted just like I imagined Lula to be. She did a great job. They all did kudos for bringing to life some of my favorite characters. Have I mentioned I have met the author of the books? Well, yes indeed I have, Janet Evanovich, very nice, love her writing, have all of the Stephanie Plum books.
Saturday was spent with Elizabeth Anne, getting her birthday present, the IPhone 4S, I hope she is happy with it; she is a good daughter and deserves something special. We had dinner with Jeffrey and Freddy that evening. The Irishman was working and Alex is in Mexico, so it was just us. A good time was had by all; Jeffrey had frog legs, that was interesting.
Sunday was Brunch with Louise and Wanda planning the birthday party for Al. Lots of decisions were made and planning phase accomplished. So excited to see everything come together for such a great lady.
Well, happy Funday everyone, go out and make it happen.

My Sunday Rant

Ok, I have held off long enough, I am angry, yes, angry with the way some people are putting the late Joe Paterno on a pedestal. Seriously people, this man had knowledge that his FRIEND was sodomizing young boys and did nothing. I said nothing, oh yes, he reported it to his superiors, really Joe, is that the answer you gave God? I reported it to my superiors, I did the bare minimum of what I was supposed to do. How bout calling the police? How bout right then and there when it was reported to you, you call the police. Did you ever once think about those children? And that your inaction allowed a monster to continue to prey on more innocents? I bet not, you were thinking about yourself, I do not see you as a scapegoat here Joe, I see you as a perpetrator, you allowed it to continue as long as it wasn’t in your building. What did you care about some poor kids, and let’s make no mistake about it, the predator knew his prey, he chose boys who had no fathers in the home. You knew your boys were safe, so you didn’t care about the poor kids, kids who would not be coming to your college because they couldn’t afford it. I wonder how you justified your actions, or should I say, inactions to God. I wonder what he said to you, perhaps he just shook his head in disgust, told St Peter to get you out of his sight. I don’t know, and really I don’t care. That is between you and God.
What I do care about are all of the children that you could have saved with one phone call, to the authorities. Shame on you Joe Paterno, shame on you.
To all the people out there who are idealizing this man, well, shame on you as well, his inactions erased years of reputation in the community, in my opinion. What are you doing to help these boys? Ask yourselves that, what can you do to help these children the monster you kept in your midst hurt. That is the only thing you should be concerned about, justice, healing, not idealizing a man who had it within his power to stop the terrorizing of innocents years ago.

Celebrations and Laundry

Well, good morning and happy Saturday everyone! This morning, I have already had, and am still having my coffee, I have read the comics I read, and I have read Dear Abby. Also, have started laundry, very productive for a Saturday morning. Waiting to hear from Elizabeth Anne to see if she is coming to visit me so I can spend money on her.
Tomorrow I am having brunch with Wanda and Louise, we are meeting to discuss a very important issue. I can tell you all this now because it is no longer a surprise. Sandi’s mom, Al, is fast approaching her 80th birthday. We feel this needs to be acknowledged and celebrated, we were going to have a surprise party, but someone pointed out that perhaps she had friends that we did not know that she would love to have included in the celebration. Surprise party aborted, let Al in on it and there were friends that she wanted included, these friends were delighted to be included as they were wanting to do something and didn’t quite know how to go about it. So there we have it, a celebration of our dear Sandi’s mother, the woman we call the mother of our Mary Kay unit, and an amazingly wonderful woman.
We do have some surprises up our sleeve, we did not have to divulge everything, I am in charge of a few things, very excited about that. Cannot wait to meet and exchange ideas and come up with a solid game plan. Al and I are two days apart with our birthdays, I have always said that is why I love her so, we are birthday sisters, but there are so many reasons. I think I have said before that she is from New York, she exudes the best of New York, she is classy, graceful, fashionable and gracious. In our meetings, Al was the one that welcomed everyone and made us all feel at home, with a hug and a heartfelt how are you. You know when she asks, she wants the real answer, not the I’m fine. She retired from AT&T in New York, she was a supervisor, I bet she was one of the best supervisors they had. Like I said I cannot wait to celebrate her 80th birthday!
Tomorrow, the Irishman and I are going to see One for the Money, I am so freakin excited about this! I love those books, I have even met the author, Janet Evanovich, I cannot wait to see if they have done the book justice!

Welcome Back Old Friend!

Well, well, well, it is here at last, Friday, so good to see you old friend, I hate the days we are parted, seems like forever since we were together. I cherish our magical 24 hours of amazement that comes around each and every week.
So, I finally brought my new calendar to work, the Irishman bought me a Blue Heeler one, so it is a Nocona calendar. She is a pinup girl! I have to say I am really glad it is not a Chewie calendar this year; I don’t think I could handle looking at Chewie dogs every day right now. Maybe next year.
Elizabeth Anne’s birthday is Wednesday; perhaps she will want to come see me tomorrow and go get her birthday present a few days early. Jeffrey received his early, no reason why she should not as well, come see me tomorrow Elizabeth Anne, let’s go get Siri for you! Plus, I have some other surprises for you; I know you will want them. Oh, fair warning; expect a tear jerker on Wednesday in honor of my amazing daughter.
I am thinking Starbucks is in order today, after all it is Friday and I must celebrate my old friend with a hot passion tea and perhaps the chicken hummus or chipotle chicken wraps, I don’t know yet. Oh and every one go see One for the Money! I cannot wait to see that movie, I really hope it lives up to the book, I love, love, love the book!
Happy Friday everyone, go out and make it happen!

Fatty McButter Pants

So it turns out Chewie was the drinker in the family, Nocona does not drink nearly so much water, and she doesn’t demand I give her fresh water every time I walk in the kitchen. There are times I do it out of habit, man I miss my friend. He was also the eater, I think Nocona ate to keep him from eating her food, maybe now she will stop being fatty mcbutter pants. Yes that is what I call her, I got that from King of Queens, and it amuses me to say it to her.
It is still raining, so I am still happy, I love the rain, I just wish it would turn into snow, that would make me very happy.
Elizabeth Anne’s birthday is fast approaching, as the day looms closer, I am filled with memories of the day she was born. That year I got two birthday presents, an ice storm and Elizabeth. More of that story on her actual birthday.
Today is Thursday, the gateway to Friday, I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again, mainly because I am getting older and that is what old people do, repeat themselves. I plan on being the best old person I can be, repeating my self and saying things like, in my day and give an improbably story. I look forward to it. I hope everyone has a great day, I know with the rain I will!


I am angry about something and it has to come out somewhere, so here it is. So, President Obama has decided that now is the time to get our jobs back by taking away tax incentives for major corporations. Excuse me, shouldn’t he have done this when he took office? Wasn’t that one of his promises? To get our jobs back? Why now? Oh yeah, it is election time, time to start campaigning and keeping former campaign promises. Where was the huge change that was promised? Was it the promise of the further deterioration  of our country? If it was, success! Was it the promise of more unemployment? If it was, success! That is what we got, more and more giant corporations took their jobs overseas while unemployment rose to epic proportions, and the companies that kept their jobs here were seemingly punished. Let’s help the American middle class, isn’t that the war cry? Well, President Obama you are late to the party. I shall wait and see if he is actually going to follow-up on this, he seems to have no follow-up.
Whew, got that out, so it is raining here, and I am happy, the rain makes me happy and helps me sleep. It puts me in a good mood and I feel as if I can conquer the world. So, I am off to conquer my part of the world today, in this plane of existence at least. In Angie World I am already the Empress and make all of my own laws!

My Brush with Fame, Thank You @AllCharisma

So, last night, the most exciting thing happened, and yes, I am going to share with you, with some background information. As most of you know, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s offshoot Angel, mainly I loved the character Cordelia Chase, which translates to a love of Charisma Carpenter who played her.
Well, last night, I was watching the Lying Game, the show Charisma Carpenter is on now, and she tweeted for all of her “frans” (combination friends and fans, her word, not mine) to retweet something about the show. So I did, and added that it was nice to see her on a weekly basis again. She retweeted my retweet! How cool is that! So of course I text Elizabeth Anne immediately to tell her what happened. She in turn tweeted something about it, and Ms Carpenter retweeted Elizabeth! Such a nice person, so everyone watch her new show The Lying Game on ABC Family.
I forgot to tell everyone the best part of the weekend, I got carded while buying the Irishman Guinness! How amazing is that? At my age! I am going to buy alcohol all the time now, until they stop carding me.
So if you follow me on twitter check out my retweet from @AllCharisma!

Not a Sports Girl

Monday morning came exceedingly fast, I can only hope that this week will go as fast as the weekend did. I went to a new Target yesterday, on 121 and it was wonderful! I love the new Target shopping carts, the store was huge and well lit and clean and bright and shiny. I will be going back.
I guess there were football games on yesterday, there was yelling coming from the living room, so I looked at the TV and there were men in uniforms. More yelling, then it stopped, so I guess the game was over. I fully admit sports talk is, well, how do I say this, boring. I am not a sports person, my eyes glaze over at the mention of it, I hope no one at work asks me if I saw the game. I mean really, I am a GIRL, do I look like I watch sports? Um, no, I do not. It is brutal when they all start talking football, basketball and any other kind of ball. However, I like it when my son talks to me about sports, just because he is talking, I know that is crazy, but it’s true. I also have to admit the Irishman is kinda cute when he gets all excited about his soccer thing. So there ya have it, not a sports person.

A New Day

Well today is Sunday and I have to do all of the errands I did not do yesterday, a very busy day indeed. A trip to Costco, a trip to Target and then laundry and vacuuming. I can put it off no longer, oh I could put off doing laundry for me, I have enough clothes that I could go about two months without doing the laundry, but the Irishman is not so fortunate. Also not that fortunate in the towel department. So work it is, for me today.
I had a good nights sleep and am ready to face whatever the day brings. Alex called me last night and he arrived safely in Mexico and informed me that he is living in a gated community. That makes me feel somewhat better.
I hope I get to see Elizabeth Anne sometime, I have some surprises for her, nothing huge, just things I saw and got her. And no, they are not related to her birthday, which is in 10 days. She has informed me she wants Siri for her birthday, so Siri she will get. She is a great daughter and I am happy I can do things like that for her.
For now I am having coffee, feeding my Cityville and Castleville addictions, along with a massive caffeine addiction. I feel no guilt for any of them!
Oh and yesterday, just for the record, I was asked who does my hair and can they have their number. Huge compliment for a woman, coming from another woman, so yay me!
Alright peeps, remember, take time to enjoy your life and go out and make it happen! Peace out homies.

Highs and Lows

Today has been a tough day, first I dropped off my youngest son at the airport, he is going to Mexico to live for a while. I cannot discuss the details, he is doing what he feels he has to, I support him in that. I missed him the minute I dropped him off, I had an incredible urge to jump out and throw him in the car and drive back home.
Next was our Ladies that Lunch outing, that was a good day, we were celebrating our one year anniversary of meeting once a month. It was fun, food was good, company was better.
Next up was visiting with Jeffrey and Tessa, always good! Love visiting with my oldest son and my grand-daughter.
Then the not so fun part, I went and picked up Chewie, it was hard going back to the place where I last saw him alive. I miss him, I miss waking up to his smiling visage, I miss him dancing when he needed to go out, I miss his look of disdain as I poured my 8th cup of coffee.
I have decided what I am going to do with his ashes, I have decided that the first snow we get I am going to take him to Elizabeth Anne’s, so he can be in the country in the snow. He loved the snow so much, he and I shared that commonality, we were both creatures of the cold. I think it will be a fitting tribute to him, to be in the snow in a place he spirit can run free.

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