So Much No

I don’t know where to start, so much is making me scratch my head, to say I’m perplexed is an understatement.

Shay has accused me of being a dude with breasts, so be it. But I have to tell you if women are falling for some of these things then my gender is in trouble.

First off if you have on your profile that you like to give massages and touch is important I am literally gagging.

God bless the honest men out there, one said if you go to church don’t choose him. People who go to church freak him out. Ok. Next. One said give me your phone number after one sentence. Ok. Next.

One said let’s meet after exchanging a few pleasantries, he has a dog named Wookie. He’s in the running. We’ll see.

Also, it’s obvious when pictures are old. I don’t want to see you when you were in high school. That’s a picture you share when you’ve been dating awhile. See what I used to look like. Fun stuff.

The whole don’t swipe right on me if you voted for fill in the blank. I’ll swipe left on those all day long, it doesn’t matter who is in the blank. If you are basing your dating life by the voting booth I can’t even relate.

And the UT people! Why are you swiping right on me??? In two of my pictures I have OU gear in! It’s a hard pass for me. October would be a mess. I can’t even.

I’m still on there. I haven’t met anyone as of yet, still hoping for a Dean.

Dating Update

I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath for my next dating update. Do men even read the profiles or just look at the pictures? Because if they read my profile they would know, somewhat, who I am. But they are all not reading, perhaps they are not able to? Or if they do they are just ignoring what I’ve said, which is just as bad.

I’ve been told that I just don’t know how to talk to men so they will find me interesting. I don’t know how to be helpless, so they will feel like they can take care of me.

I don’t think I can do this, I think that woman I heard on A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ was right. If you are a woman over 50 you just need to give it up and get a cat and expect to live your life alone.

I refuse to water down who I am, I did that for way too many years. I wasn’t myself when I was married, my fault, not blaming him. I began to be someone else when in a horrible relationship, totally on me, I should have ended that years before I did.

So now, I am Angie, I am a self admitted bookworm, nerd, comic-book reading, Sci-Fi loving and purple-haired GiGi.

I would rather live alone with my Flerken and Dire Wolf than be in another relationship where I lose who I am.

Ok, so, there was one man, who is an airplane mechanic, that swiped right on me, I swiped right on him. Conversation begins, I find out he is an airplane mechanic so I say oh that’s really cool, my oldest brother was an airplane mechanic. He then unmatches with me, to be honest I would have unmatched with him. The conversation was stilted and he wasn’t into the things I am into, it would have been another disaster.

But a friend said that he did that because I compared him to another man. Ok I am going to need a man to explain this to me, was that the case, or was he just a jackass?

I don’t think I can do this, I am not anyones type, seriously, is there a man out there who wants to talk superheroes, mythology, the Bible, Shakespeare, Whedon and travel?

I know I’m weird, I am not going to change, I refuse to be something I am not. So here I sit, a wolf at my feet, a Flerken plotting my demise and I am wonderfully happy.

I’ll keep the dating app, as I promised Shay she could man shop for me on Sunday.

Any thoughts, comments, criticisms or tips please feel free to say it here or email me at