Leggings and The Handmaid’s Tale

Hello my name is Angie and I have a confession to make, I am having a hard time processing what I am about to tell you, I hope you don’t judge me too harshly, I am addicted to leggings in real life. Not just for exercising, I bought several pair of Spanx leggings and had an awakening, for my legs. I am in love with them, so much so I bought more leggings to wear in real life.

I am in love with the legging life and I don’t think I can go back. Today I wore the cutest brown leggings with a faint pattern with an oversized brown sweater, that had pockets, which was so exciting! With brown boots, of course, how can one not top off, or bottom off, a great pair of leggings with boots.

I decided on the Spanx brand leggings due to the thickness and quality, no, they were not cheap, but in this instance you get what you pay for. Before one gets all judgy on that, I bought all of them on Zulily, so they were deeply discounted.

That is my confession, on to my next subject, while I was in Target Friday, I went to the book section, naturally. There I saw that Margaret Atwood had the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testament. I was thrilled to see this, I snatched it up and brought it home with me, paying first of course.

I was curious to see where she was going to pick up, the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu followed the book almost completely. The next two seasons were wheels off, they were a wild ride, very much keeping in the spirit and theme of the book.

I opened it with some trepidation, excitement and curiosity, how was this going to play out.

Well, I have to tell you Ms. Atwood did not disappoint, she did not pick up right where the last book ended, this one starts roughly 16 years after that.

I will not give anything away, so those that are so inclined can get the book. I highly recommend it, especially if you have read the first book, seeing the series wouldn’t hurt either.

I have to tell you, the scary thing about the first book is that this could actually happen. I do like that she does not give a specific religion that takes control. The major ones are excluded and even hunted down in the book, Baptist, Catholic, Mormon and Jewish people are all encouraged to leave or face execution if they do not assimilate. The ruling faction has bastardized the Bible, it is hardly recognizable. That is what evil people do, they take good and twist it to something unrecognizable and evil.

I also watched You, something else that could totally happen in real life, highly recommend, especially to all young people, male and female. Watch the signs, anyone can be a stalker and obsessive, if the flags are there, don’t ignore them. Run, as fast as you can the opposite direction, remember, once someone shows you who they are, believe them.

That’s all I have for now, a confession and a couple of recommendations.

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2050 Movie Review

Upon learning that Dean Cain has over 160 credits to his name; according to IMDB and someone who was in the panel that I went to in November, I figured I should do some catching up.

So I bought the movie 2050, since it is in the Sci-Fi genre, which is right up my alley. Anyone who knows me, knows that is my first love, science fiction, then superheroes, time-travel and space adventures.

I watched it this morning and have to say it is thought provoking and a timely subject matter. Dean doesn’t have a huge role, but he does have a great monologue he delivers, or is it a soliloquy, I don’t know which it qualifies for, if someone has seen it and you can tell me, I’d appreciate it.

Without giving too much away it is about buying companionship in the form of a robot. AI, you can purchase or rent one of these creations, female or male, and have it programmed to your specifications.

It is a heady thought, we can get exactly what we want, without the messiness of a real relationship. Or is it a scary thought?

One of the characters has great insight to what a woman is looking for, and he’s not wrong. Once again, I am not going to give it away, but I can see where it would put a great deal of pressure on a man. On the other side I can see where a great deal of pressure is put on a woman to be the ideal mate.

It is such a messy, confusing world we live in, life used to be so simple, or at least we like to think so. I know I do, whatever happened to girl meets boy, they fall in love and live happily ever after? Is that a thing anymore? I don’t know, because it never happened for me, it happened for my parents, for my grandparents and various aunts and uncles. It seems to have alluded myself and various cousins, and quite a few of my friends. So is it a thing now? Can two people meet, fall in love and build a life? I do believe so, it has happened for both of my sons, various friends and cousins. I know it can happen, I just have never experienced it in my lifetime.

Building a robot seems like a genuine fix for living a life that is near perfect, I could give the physical specifications, the mental specifications and he would come with an off and on button. I wouldn’t have to cook for him, therefore not disappointing him in that area, I could program him to not talk while I am watching all of my beloved shows/movies and I could program him to read the same books I read. I would have an intellectual equal to discus said books with, now doesn’t that all sound delightful.

Or does it sound boring after a while, I would have no one that took the opposite side of an argument, that could actually eat the food I have badly cooked with, and I would have a soulless creature in my home with which I couldn’t joke with.

I think I’ll stick with my robot vacuum, at least it cleans the floor. I have Fat Catstard to argue with and Stormie for placation.

I do highly recommend this movie if you like Sci-Fi, it was a good addition to the genre and timely as well. There is already a company making AI dolls and people are shelling out money to buy them.

If you want anything real, might I suggest leaving your house without your robot doll.

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Oh and buy the movie, 2050.

Weekly Update

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you simply cannot put into words? No matter how many times you try, the words are just below the surface, trying to make their presence known.

That’s how I have felt all week, going to a funeral for someone young will do that to you. It’s a sad day when someone young passes from this earth.

I have often said death is not permanent, it is a see you later, but while we are left here on earth, it feels like an eternity until we see our loved ones again.

I went to a funeral for a 22 year old young man this week, my daughter-in-law’s brother. My oldest son’s wife, not the youngest son’s wife, she lost her brother to cystic fibrosis, a horrible disease that has no cure.

My heart breaks for her, I cannot imagine what she is going through, while it is true I have had a lot of loss in my life, I have not had a loved one that was born with something that would shorten their life.

The funeral was very well done and showed he packed a lot of living in his lifetime. I didn’t know him, I had met him a few times at family functions. But I didn’t know him, his family and friends gave a windows view into his life.

He was actively involved with his family and with his church, he was certain that God had a plan for his life and would find a way to use him.

I hope they all take comfort in knowing that he used his short life here on earth to forge an eternity in heaven.

I don’t really have anything more to say, I have now been to two funerals for young men in the past 4 months. Both young men had a firm belief in God and had a strong family bond.

Both funerals were well done and a proper send off to an eternal life. I am trying to make sense of a senseless world, one that is equalizing to both young and old, rich and poor. Death, that is the great equalizer, we cannot outrun it, it comes for us unbidden, the majority of the time, and for the majority, unwelcome.

My mother was ready to go home, I know my grandmother was not, she fought death with everything she had and she was 98.

I don’t know if I will be ready when the time comes for me to go home, I know I will be prepared.

Prepared to meet my Lord and Savior, prepared to be reunited with my parents, son, brother, grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. Until that time comes I shall enjoy my life here, with my children, granddaughter, bonus grandchildren, daughters in law, other family and friends.

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Foy and Odela, A True Love Story

I interrupt the regularly scheduled program to let you know that today is a celebratory day. Yes, it is my parents wedding anniversary, they were married 86 years ago in Love County, Oklahoma.

I know I post every year on their anniversary and this shall be no different. I have told you how they met, their love story and things in-between. I do believe I will post the links to those prior musings below. Just for the people who are new or may want to re-read them.

My parents were the most amazing humans I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Every single day of my life I thank God for them having chosen me to be their daughter. For them to have accepted the responsibility of raising another child after theirs were grown is a heady thing. Not many people are equipped to do that, I was fortunate.

My dad was the smartest man I have ever known, he was also funny, kind, warm and gentle. My mom was the wisest woman I have ever known, she was also smart, funny, kind and generous.

Everyone they met were instantly drawn to them, they were down to earth and exuded a warmth that cannot be fabricated.

They told the truth always, my dad bluntly (a trait I inherited, osmosis, it’s a thing) my my gently (a trait I would love to have). They were giving of themselves, their time and with material things as well.

I’ve never met anyone like them before or since, they were rare and God favored them. Not with material possessions, they were a simple people, but with friends and with complete, perfect love.

I have also never seen two people more in love than those two, even after many years of marriage. They held hands, they giggled like teenagers and they read the Bible to each other every night. That is how they would end their evenings. It was and remains, the single most romantic thing I have ever witnessed.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been a small part of their lives. So happy Anniversary in Heaven Mom and Dad, I love you so much and remain grateful you chose me to be your daughter.

As promised here are the links to previous anniversary stories. I hope you enjoy them.





Advice for Single Women Everywhere

I am going to give every single woman out there a bit of advice, unbidden, of course, isn’t that the best kind. If you are actively looking for someone to spend your life with and you meet a man that tells you he just wants to have fun. Believe him, he is not looking for a partner in life, he is looking for a play mate. If you do not want to be a play mate, tell him thank you for thinking of you, but you are looking for something meaningful in your life.

The reason I feel the need to give that advice, well, I’ll tell you, I had gotten some exasperated comments, from friends, that I should have let the man in my previous post, ask me out.

I shan’t, due to the fact that he told me, he was only looking to have fun, I forgot to add that in. He said that right before he asked if I had a man in my life. And yes, he used those words, this is nothing against him, God bless him, he was honest. He only wants a play mate, even if he didn’t, I am not the one for him.

God and I have had more than several conversations regarding what He wants for me. He does not want me to be anyone’s play mate, plaything or anything casual. He has something more in mind for me and I am perfectly willing to wait. Please let it be Dean, oh did I say that out loud, please no restraining orders!

I went to the dentist this morning, that is one of my happy places. I seriously love having my teeth cleaned, there is nothing like the feeling of a clean mouth.

I am picking up Tess from school today, I look forward to these days so much. She is growing up way too fast, I am getting to enjoy her journey, for that I am grateful.

I hear too many stories of grandparents who do not get to see their grandchildren grow up. I am happy that Jeffrey and Tess’s mother allow me to spend time with her.

That’s all I have for now, oh wait, I lied, I did watch the last episode of Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman, last night. They really need a season to tell what happened to these characters and tell us where that baby came from and if the baby is Kryptonian, does he have powers? So many unanswered questions, ok, that is really the last thing.

TTFN, as usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left her or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Husky Alien Hunter and Miscellaneous Stuff

Before I start what I really want to talk about, I feel I need to give clarification on my gut issues. The problems I am having wasn’t due to what I was eating, I eat really pretty clean, I have for many years. The problems started when I was under a great amount of stress, I started having heart burn, which I had never had except during pregnancies.

I went to the doctor and he said oh just take over the counter Nexium. Not really interested in finding the root cause, so I did, and it went on.

The longer one takes these types of things the more it creates havoc in your body. The Nexium suppressed the stomach acid, creating a barrier, as time went on it created such a barrier that food could not get to the acid, which it needs to for your body to break it down. So the food is just sitting there and my body isn’t getting the nutrients and there is more heartburn because of the food sitting there and more Nexium is needed. It is a vicious cycle.

What my nutritionist is doing, working with me to change up some of the things I currently eat, is to build up natural acid back in my stomach. Then we will wean me off of the Nexium, as you cannot quit cold turkey, it is very bad that way.

I hope that clears some things up, now on to what is on my mind.

First off, I read or heard, I can’t remember, someone’s goal for the year is to do one thing they are passionate about. I am passionate about words, writing them, reading them, hearing them, all of it. I have also heard, many times, especially during Mary Kay meetings, is find something you love so much you would do it for free.

Well folks, here I am doing what I love for free, actually it costs me money to bring you this lovely mess I call, whatever is in my head.

I can’t promise to write every day, but I can promise you I will either read or write.

Ok, so, I did something today that leaves me shaking my head, at myself. I totally blame my cubemate, I won’t say her name, because I don’t know if I am supposed to put her name in the public stratosphere.

Anyway, we were discussing some of the more difficult aspects of our job, she said she wished she had a contact in engineering. A lot of what we do is put on hold due to engineering issues. I said oh I know someone in that department. I think you know him as well. I said his name and she immediately remembered him, I said I’ll see if he still works for the company. I haven’t talked to him a few years, hold on. So I found him, he still works there, I chatted him with a hello how are you. He responded immediately, with hey I was just thinking about you last week.

I said oh wow, great minds and all of that, we made small talk for a moment, just when I thought I had buttered him up enough to ask if he could help us, he says he is single and did I have a man in my life.

I sat there for a moment, answered, I met Dean Cain, I’m hopeful. I can’t even type that without bursting into laughter, because it is exactly what I said.

I seriously hope no one ever shows this site to Dean, I’ll be getting that restraining order for sure.

Anyway I quickly ended the chat with it was nice catching up, my shift is over, bye.

And just like that I avoided any semblance of an embarrassing conversation. Have you ever had anything like that? I honestly don’t know if the hitting on was going to happen, but I didn’t want to stick around to find out.

He is a really nice man, but he comes with a bunch of baggage (I know, we all do) but 4 ex-wives is a bit much for me. For someone else he will be perfect, but not for me, before you ask, I am not friends with him on any platform of social media.

On another note, I have begun training the husky to do Alien Hunting. You know, like Kryptonians, Vulcans, Klingons, Martian Man Hunters or even Asgardians. Now wouldn’t that be something, I am very excited for this new adventure. We will be going to Roswell and I am positive she will be able to ferret out any Alien being.

That’s all I have for now, I hope everyone’s new year is going as well as mine. As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Carpathia, Skynet and Everything in Between

Ok, so, I had my appointment yesterday at the functional medicine place. It was an hour and a half, and she, Taylor, asked me questions no other medical person had ever asked. I had my blood work results from October to show her and she ordered some different ones to go along with them.

Here is one thing that really kind of angered me, not with Taylor, but with my regular doctor. When I had my physical, she, other dr, kept saying she really wanted to do a vitamin D test but the insurance wouldn’t pay for it. She made it sound like it was stupidly expensive.

Taylor said we need one of those and it is only like $15.00. I sat there not saying a lot at that, because I had to process that information, I would have gladly paid $15.00 in October to have that panel ran. I wasn’t given the option, that frustrates me more than a little.

The issue is, my gut is a mess, I have been using Nexium to mask the symptoms and I don’t have enough acid in my stomach to process the food and distribute the nutrients to my body. Which is why the weight is not budging, Taylor has laid out a plan to get my gut healthy and then we will address the weight.

Actually, the weight thing should regulate itself once we get my other issues under control.

I am very excited and a little overwhelmed to say the least. Although I will tell you it is not that big of a lifestyle change for me, due to the way I already eat. It is adding probiotics, changing up the supplements I take, changing the protein drink and adding some sour foods, like sauerkraut and things like that.

Oh and no weekend coffee until we get this under control, that makes me sad, I really like my weekend binges.

Poor Taylor, she said ok, so you drink a cup of coffee on the weekends. I said, um no, I drink a pot of coffee each day of my weekend. God bless her, she didn’t blink at all, she did stare for a second and then moved on.

She was very thorough, I was very impressed and of course will be going back. My next appointment is in three weeks, today I am going to look for the protein she suggested and also getting some of the foods.

No processed anything for sure, of course no grains, no sugars and very little dairy.

If you are having any kind of health issues and the regular doctor cannot figure it out I highly recommend this group

Carpathia Collaborative in Dallas, TX, their website is www.carpathiacollaborative.com, I am seeing Taylor, she is the nutritionist and she has other degrees as well. She is very comprehensive and explained a lot of things to me, regarding my original blood work.

I will update you as I find out more, wish me luck on this journey, I feel I’m going to need it.

On another note, I am very excited for the Christmas presents I got this year, I love them every year, but this year was just exceptional.

First off, Jeffrey, Amanda and kids got me a pet gate, I know what you are thinking, how is this exciting. Well I have been wanting one to keep Storm out of the dining room and laundry room. They not only got me one, Jeffrey installed it after I opened it, it is one that actually screws into the wall to make it stable.

Alex and Elicia got me picture frames, when I first opened them I was excited, but then I started looking at them, they had actually put pictures of my family in them! Jeffrey and Amanda, the kids, Elizabeth, myself, Blakely and Brooklyn, my Fat Catstard (Ronald), Stormie and a blank one for her and Alex, I am going to put one from their wedding in it, and finally one for my Dean and me picture. It was so cool!

Elizabeth Anne and Travis got me Skynet, my robot vacuum cleaner, I love that thing.  Of course new pajamas and everything in my stocking! Best Christmas Ever.

I hope very ones New Year is starting as wonderfully as mine is, new daughter-in-law and taking my health into my own hands.

Any questions, comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

New Year Same Me

It is officially the new year and I can now tell the secret I had been keeping. My youngest son, Alex and his girlfriend Elicia got married! New Year’s Eve at Topgolf, where they met, it was fitting that their story have it’s crowning moment there.

Hands down my favorite moment of the year, the event was so representative of who they are as a couple. It was kept top secret as they only invited immediate family and a few close friends. Twenty-four in all, it was filled with so much laughter and love.

My daughter, Elizabeth Anne, pointed out this was the first New Year’s Eve we had all spent as a family since they were little. It was amazing for all of us to be together.

Family is a word that encompasses so much, in this case it includes myself, their dad, his wife, the three of them and now two daughter-in-laws and a boyfriend.

The bride wore a deep burgundy lace dress and the groom wore a charcoal suit with a matching shirt. They told their guests to dress in what they were comfortable in.

We golfed, ate, some drinks were had, we laughed, a lot, we watched vows exchanged and cheered the newly married couple. You could feel the emotions in the air, the good wishes, the love and the excitement for the new couple.

What a great way to start the year, having a new daughter-in-law and being with my family, I can’t think of one thing I would have rather done. Oh, wait, a date with Dean, wait, no, not even that could have outdone this event.

Someone took a picture of all of us together, when I say all of us, yes, I am including their dad and his wife in that. When I get that I will amend this post and add it, it represents who we are. Blended is a word that gets thrown around a lot, for better or worse, when one is blended you take the good, the bad, the ugly and make it something absolutely beautiful. Which is what we are, a beautifully blended family. Can I tell you all a secret? I genuinely like my ex’s wife, she didn’t cause our divorce, she came into the picture much later and she is a really nice person. Who really cares about my children and has shown it in so many ways. I pray that they stay together for the duration, she is a much better fit for him than I ever was. She made it a point to tell me she expects me to come to Thanksgiving next year and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I am off work until Sunday, today I have an appointment with a functional medicine place. I am very excited about this, I have been waiting since October for this appointment. I’ll let you all know what they say, they treat the whole person, not just symptoms. I am telling you the hot flashes are about to do me in, I am hot natured anyway, and when one hits it is horrible! I feel like I am burning up from the inside out. I will say because it was so cold New Years Eve, I didn’t get one hot flash at all. It was awesome!

I really don’t want to put anything synthetic in my body, so I am eager to say what they can recommend for me. I have started taking Vitamin D3 in liquid form and I do collagen. I feel like that has helped somewhat, my hair is super thick now, again, I had started losing it, which was a nightmare, I so do not want to look like I have mange.

I have seen women who look like they have mange, with thinning hair, it happens, but I don’t want that. If that does happen to me, it will be wig time, I won’t hesitate.

That’s all for now, I have to get dressed for my appointment. I hope everyone has the best 2020 ever, I know I will, it started off great and I already have a trip on the books for next month. Can anyone say aliens! I am so excited!


Christmas had come and gone and now we are heading into a new year, a new decade.

Christmas was amazing, as usual, filled to the brim with family, love and laughter. A lot of laughter, we are a family that loves to laugh. We had a new addition, Izzy Anne’s boyfriend joined us. I hope we didn’t scare him, he doesn’t seem like the type that scares easily.

Christmas is a double edged sword for me. I love it, the hustle, bustle, sights, sounds, food, music and people.

I hate it because I miss so many people, my mom, dad, son, brother, grandparents, cousins and all of my aunts and uncles. They’re all gone, and parts of the season went with them

The other day I took a picture of the sky, the clouds were dark and heavy with the light trying to break through.

It was a perfect representation of how this time of year makes me feel. Darkness with the light bursting through.

Isn’t that our souls as well? Darkness with the light of Christ shining through.

I know I’ve said it before but I feel it cannot be said enough, I very literally have the best children ever. I’m so proud of them, their accomplishments and the people they have become.

They are all smart, funny, generous and considerate. The people they have brought into the fold reflect those traits as well.

I have exciting news that I can’t share yet, after the 1st I’ll be able to.

I’m signing off for now, I have work in the morning. Then I’m off for 5 days. I hope you all had a great Christmas and that the new decade brings peace, prosperity and love.

Christmas Past

Christmas Eve is here, the turkey is in the oven, the dressing started, to be fair, part of it was started a couple of days ago. I sit quietly with my coffee, reflecting, it’s the day for that. It started last night with a dream of Christmas at my parents house.

We all have those memories, the ones that are so warm and inviting that you almost feel as if time travel is a real possibility. Sam Beckett style, so you can really appreciate the experience.

I remember my mom waking up at 4am to put the turkey in, the sounds coming from the kitchen are comforting. When I wake again it is to the aroma of turkey cooking, bread rising and pancakes.

There was always pancakes on Christmas, with bacon and real hot cocoa.

Then everyone would come to the house, my nephews and niece, brothers and sister and their spouses. The laughter was the best sound in the world. My dad had this booming laugh, that would not only fill the house but one’s soul as well. He was always so joyful, that joy was contagious. He was a gregarious man who loved life and loved God. What a combination, he and my mom lived a life that was a true testament to how Christians should behave. Never judgmental (except for my music) always loving, generous and warm. Christmas always amplified those qualities.

When it came time for lunch, yes we had Christmas lunch, my dad would ask one of my brothers to say the blessing.

It was always Jesse, the youngest, I will be honest, I never noticed until my oldest brothers son brought it to my attention.

He said it really hurt his dad that my dad never chose him. So, on that last Christmas that we all spent together, we didn’t know it would be our last at the time, I was with my mom in the kitchen. I started talking about how much I loved our Christmas traditions and then I said did you ever notice dad doesn’t ask Jim to say the blessing? It’s always Jesse, I wonder if Jim would like to say it. Then I just left it there.

At lunch that day my dad asked Jim to say the blessing, Jim looked startled and his eyes got a little teary, darn Oklahoma dust. Then he said the prayer and it was beautiful. Later my nephew told me how much that meant to Jim.

I hope when my children look back at our Christmas times together, they do it with as much fondness as I have for my memories with my parents.

I don’t remember the presents, well, one I do, my cowboy boots that I wanted so badly. I kept them forever, until they literally fell apart. Urban Cowboy, anyone.

I remember the love, the warmth, the laughter and the wonderful dressing. There I said it, dressing, not stuffing, to this day I still make my mom’s dressing. I don’t deviate, I don’t add, take away, or anything else. With every bite I take of that dressing I am back in Owasso, Oklahoma, I can hear my dad’s laughter and see the twinkle in my mom’s eyes. I feel love.

I pray everyone has be the best Christmas ever and experiences the promises of what is to come.