Happy Birthday Odela Mae

Today is my mom’s birthday, as many of you know she was born in 1913, no, that is not a typo. My parents were older when they adopted me, the older I become the more I realize what a special upbringing I had. As usual I will be telling you one of my memories of my mom. Today I am going to share one of her memories as she told it to me. So here we go, buckle up, it will be a wild ride.

Shortly after my mom turned 80 I was visiting her, per usual I was waxing on about how perfect she was in my eyes. Not in a sarcastic way, I really believe my mom was perfect.

well, that day she really had had enough, she look at me and said in an exasperated tone that she was not perfect, none of us are perfect. We all sin and we all come short of the Glory of God and should live our lives accordingly. She really wished I would stop saying that especially in front of other people.

I said fine, tell me one time that you sinned, just one, I’ll take anything. She said, well ok then, and we sat there, and sat there and sat there. She finally said, when I was 5 years old, I interrupted her and said you had to go back 75 years! I can go back 75 seconds and tell you one of my sins! I may have gotten a little loud, she said do you want to hear this or not. I said I absolutely do, she she began to tell me the story of what changed the whole trajectory  of her life. 

Before I tell you the story, you have to remember she was 5 years old in 1918, that was a very different time frame than now. Think Little House on the Prairie, it was rural Oklahoma and life was very different.

On this particular day they were doing laundry, that consisted of a big fire, a huge caldron and homemade lye soap. It was my moms’ job to make sure the fire didn’t go out, she was very resentful of this job. She wanted to go play like the boys got to, but she had to stay and help with the laundry.

Her mother told her to mind the fire she was going into the house to get the clothes now that the fire was hot enough and water was boiling. She was told not to let the fire go down, she had a stick she was poking at the fire to make sure the flames stayed just right.

She was mad, she was resentful and she was 5 years old. That is a ripe combination for something bad to happen. Just then their old barn cat walked past, my mother hated this cat, the cat was mean, and she had been scratched more than once. So she took the stick she had been poking the fire with and bopped the cat on the back to make it go away from her. She wasn’t thinking, the stick was on fire, the cat yowled and she saw smoke coming from the fur. The cat ran away from her and right under the house. 

She was horrified, she knew without one doubt the house was going to catch on fire. Her mother came back, she didn’t say a word. She watched that house all day, nothing, she just knew it was going to happen when everyone went to bed.

When night came and she was in bed, she stayed awake all night praying to God. Please don’t let the house burn down, she thought to herself it will kill my whole family. My brothers, my baby sister, my mom and dad. 

Morning came and she ran outside, that cat was sitting not he porch giving her the evil eye. Not burned, just a little singed, she ran inside and got it a saucer of milk. Her mother yelled at her and told her not to give that barn cat any of the milk but she did it anyway.

She said that was the day she knew God was real and she made up her mind at 5 years old to live a life that was dedicated to the Glory of God. She wanted to be like Jesus, she said it wasn’t easy at all, no matter what people see on the outside. 

That day could have been devastating for her family, she said that it could have been devastating for the community. Houses back then were not like houses of today, they were old wood, that could easily catch on fire.

As she ended the story she told me that life is never easy, it is not easy making the decisions that align with Christ, but it is a life worth living.

I never loved my mother more for telling me that story, for showing me she wasn’t perfect and it was a struggle for her as well. 

I still believe my mother would have been canonized if we were Catholic, nothing will ever change my mind about that. 

But knowing she was human after all makes her even more perfect to me.

Happy birthday mom, I know you are having the best time with Dad, Jim, Jesse and Michael. 

Happy Birthday Thomas Alexander Graham Bell

Thomas Alexander, today is the day, I can’t believe it has been thirty years since the day you made your first appearance on this earth. It was an amazing day, both your dad and I were so happy to meet you.

You were always so happy and adventurous, you brought so much sunshine and love into our world. You completed our family, until the moment you all grew up and started having families of your own. Then you all added to our family and made it even more complete.

I have always been amazed at your capacity for learning, you are so intelligent, I hope you never lose the love of learning new things. My grandfather used to say that once you lose the will to learn anything new it is time to leave. 

My one word of advice to you comes from him, never become complacent, complacency leads to stagnation and stagnation leads to death. 

I am so proud of the man you have become, you have such an incredible soul, your ability to love and accept others for who they are comes straight from my mom, your grandma Testerman. 

She would be so proud of you and how you have grown up, on this day, your birthday, I want you to know that not only am I proud of you, I look forward to where your future takes you.

I love watching you grow and become who you are supposed to be. You are strong, mentally, physically and emotionally, I know whatever life throws at you, you will be able to take and not only handle it but make it your own.

I hope you know how proud of you I am, how much I love you, how much I look forward to the years ahead. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you.

Happy Birthday Thomas Alexander Graham Bell, I hope it is your best one yet.




I am rewatching Smallville, for the I don’t know time, it is one of my favorite Superman incarnations. Not my ultimate favorite, we all know who holds that place in my heart.

I will admit it is a little hard watching Chloe, knowing everything that Allison Mack was doing. Thank goodness Kristin Kreuk had enough sense to not get involved in that mess. 

I digress, I am to the part where Lois has made her entrance,  I like this Lois. All Lois’s have spunk and curiosity. This one has street smarts as well, she is every inch a military brat. I really like they kept her dad a Colonel in this one. In my favorite he is a doctor, Colonel explains so much of Lois’ attitude. 

This one is sassy, fast talking, bad attitude thrown in with a sense of loyalty. Erica Durance plays her to perfection, with a skip in her step and a penchant for jumping before looking, she is a delight to watch.

Others have done a great job as well, but we are talking about this incarnation.

Tom Welling is the perfect mixture of boyish charm and sex appeal. Much like William White on TikTok these days.

He plays a young Clark Kent finding his way in this world with extraordinary abilities. It shows his humanity, he stumbles as any teenager would, he makes mistakes and he is guided by true Middle American sensibilities. Something we could all use a little of these days.

Lana Lang is much more fleshed out than I have ever seen her. She has depth and an actual storyline, not just a love interest for Clark Kent.

My ultimate favorite character on this show is Lex Luthor, he is complex, not just bad. It shows the relationship between Clark and Lex, which had to be there for Lex to hate him as much as he does. True hate doesn’t just happen, it springs from perceived betrayal. The casting of Michael Rosenbaum is perfection, he plays Lex exactly the way I have always pictured him.

I highly recommend this series if you are a Superman fan, it is a fun ride and you get a real sense of how Clark Kent became Superman. What he gave up along the way to achieve that status. What he gained as well, a sense of purpose, love with Lois Lane, who in her own right wants to save the world. 

Brilliant casting with John Schneider and Annette O’Toole as ma and pa Kent, they aren’t called that here, just mom and dad. 

There is also an episode that gives a nod to Schneider’s Hazard roots.

I have often said the CW does DC right, they pay homage to the shows and actors that came before. Casting Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Margot Kidder, Helen Slater and Terri Hatcher, to name a few.

I hope everyone has a great day, I have something I am dying to talk about and cannot. Soon.

Arms Out and Self Care

I know I haven’t visited in a while but I was a little busy. Busy on TikTok, done judge until you’ve seen William White.

I’ve thought of many different things to write about and then I go to sleep and the mood is never there to actually write. Today the mood has hit.

It is a beautiful summer morning here in North Texas, not too hot, cloud coverage and a slight breeze. I am sitting on my back patio with my coffee enjoying God’s handiwork.

Yesterday I went shopping, I really need some summer tops and Target has the worst clothes ever this summer. It is very literally blessed be the fruit in there.

So I went to TJ Maxx, they had some really cute summer tops. I found two I really liked, so I bought them.

The thing is they are sleeveless, and I fully intend on wearing them without a shirt over them. I am daring to show my arms!

What is the big deal you ask, I’m so glad you asked. I have always hated my arms, even when I was at my smallest I have hated them. And here is the weird thing, no one has ever said a word to me about them. So it’s not like someone said something and I took it to heart.

It has always been me, we are always hardest on ourselves, about everything. It begs the question why are we that way. Why can’t we be kind to ourselves and love us the way God loves us?

I don’t have answers just more questions, I will tell you this, since becoming menopausal I don’t care what anyone will think anymore.

Partially, of course I care what I look like, but I like comfort as well and these hot flashes are no joke.

Last weekend I went to a store I loathe, I won’t say the name. However, I live in a small town and it is the only store here. I just needed a few things and quite honestly didn’t feel like driving to my usual place.

Well in that store I started to have a hot flashes and thought this is how people end up on the website for this store. They are having a hot flash and start taking off clothes. I did not but I did hurry and pay for my purchases and got the heck out of there.

So here is my lesson of the day, be kind to yourself but also take care of yourself. Don’t use self love as an excuse to not be your best. But also do not let it be an excuse to hate any part of you. You are a work in progress, and only you can determine your outcome.

As usual, hello China, and any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

William White aka King of Cougar Town

Ok, so, as you all know since growing older I have increasingly felt invisible. It’s not a pleasant feeling, but it is one almost every woman feels, especially those of us who are single at a certain age.

But something happened this weekend that made me feel a little less invisible, a little more alive and it was the best fun I have had in a long time.

On TikTok, because of course I have abandoned almost all other social media outlets. Mostly because TikTok is fun, and this weekend was the funnest. Yes I realize that word isn’t supposed to be used but follow along.

I was casually scrolling my For You Page, or if you are in the know FYP, and this image came up. There was the most beautiful young man I have ever seen in my entire life. 

I stared in awe as he badly lip synced all of my favorite songs. He looked like he stepped straight off of the cover of one of my beloved Tiger Beat magazines. All of the beautiful heartthrobs of my youth that hung on my bedroom walls had literally been rolled altogether and dropped into present day social media.

He has the sweetest countenance, I fully admit to scrolling through all of his videos and was just completely floored. Let’s take a moment and recognize that I do have cougarish tendencies, but not this young. He is 21, he lives in Canada and is beautiful. He takes the prettiest man alive from Dean Cain. I mean it had to happen, don’t get me wrong, Dean is still a very handsome man, but he is not 21 and he has settled into handsomeness. Let’s face it, he is way too old to be cougar material. William White is the new king of the cougars, we crowned him.

Had I time traveled? This was not possible, how was he created? In a lab? All of the cougars came out of the woodwork, but the amazing thing was there was nothing overtly sexual. It was with pure amazement that I watched and then started interacting with other cougars. 

We have a Facebook page, where we discuss all things @Whiteyy18, and even Barry Manilow gave him a shout out, he has brought back Mandy. I almost want to change my name when I see him lip sync that song. The eye roll is icing on the cake. Magical.

I just felt seen, I haven’t felt like that in a long time, I felt young again, I felt 18 and the whole world was in front of me with all of the possibilities. 

Of course we all know how the story turned out, with a lot of hardships, a lot of pain and three amazing humans. There is not a lot I would change, just one thing, and that one thing happened in my 40’s. 

But for now I am going to enjoy a little bit of time travel with William White and the other cougars. As usual you any criticisms, comments or questions can be left here. Or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com. Oh I will be leaving you with one of his videos. If you have TikTok and you are not a massive Karen, I highly suggest checking him out.

Happy Alien Day

I finished Brothers and Sisters, I’m angry, it needed a 6th season to wrap everything up. It was a wildly emotional ride with the Walkers. If you watch it I would love to know your thoughts.

It has been raining here in Texas for 40 days and 40 nights, not really, it just feels like that. I know rain is life giving, however it can be a life hinderer as well. My yard feels like a sponge when I step on it. Which is kinda gross, it grosses me out, I don’t know about anyone else. But there you have it, one of the things I find disgusting. 

It is full on humidity season here as well, which means curly hair, I can’t straighten it, no matter how many products I put in it, the curls and frizz start popping up as soon as I walk out the door.

I have come to the conclusion that the world is a mess and I just need to rule it. This is not the first time I have come to that conclusion but it is really getting out of control.

On Tuesday the government here in the United States is set to disclose the whole truth about aliens. I don’t know why they are bothering, I fully believe life exists elsewhere. How can any Christian think otherwise? To believe we are God’s only creation is the height of hubris. I have said that before and I stand by it, we as humans are completely full of ourselves. As a whole, not on the individual level, but as a collective we are pretty self-centered. 

What will you do when the alleged aliens drop in? I will be in search of Spock (see what I did there) I still find him fascinating (still cracking myself up over here).

I really hope it isn’t Andorians or the Goa’uld, but we would need a Stargate for them. Maybe we do have one, has anyone been to Cheyenne Mountain lately?

I have a lot of time on my hands these days, there is a lot to think about. Such as, is the government planning on blaming the aliens when Jesus comes back and all of the believers are taken to heaven? I hope God let’s us see how all of that goes down.

There was a video on TikTok where the woman asked who is the first person you are looking forward to seeing in heaven. Taking God and Jesus out of the equation, of course for me the answer is my son, then my mom and dad and grandparents, great-aunt Effie and then all of my aunts, uncles and cousins that went before me. What a grand party it will be, I don’t want to die but I am not afraid of the inevitable outcome of life.

In the meantime, I am growing tomatoes, spaghetti squash, watermelon, cucumbers and wild onions. What a feast!

I hope you all have a great day and don’t forget to say hello to China, I hope you enjoy this missive and stay safe out there. Don’t walk into blue beams.

Too Old for My Dreams

So my bestie starts telling me about this show she is watching on Hulu. There’s something you have to understand about my bestie, she never gets the names of show right. So I have to guess at what she is trying to tell me. I ask her who is in it, she never knows the names of the actors.

It’s always fun trying to figure what she is talking about, I am convinced this is what will stave off Alzheimer’s. The brain teasers trying to figure these things out.

So she says it has the guy from Charmed, the original, I think for a minute, put all of the pieces together and blurt our Brothers and Sisters. She says yea that’s it. I tell her I watched the series when it was originally on.

But then it happened, I had to go back and watch it from the beginning. I loved this show when it first aired. I identified with Sarah, single mom, husband walked out on her. The only difference was I didn’t have a hot French guy come sweep me off of my feet.

I really wanted to be the Kitty character, not the getting sick part, but the political pundit part. I would have loved that.

As I have grown older and I am watching again at first I thought I identified with Nora. But now I realize I am Saul. He said something so profound and I thought oh that’s me.

Nora went to Sauls office and was inserting herself in his work. He became very upset and yelled and end scene. The next scene is him telling Nora that work is all he has. “My dreams are all gone, I’m too old for them.”

That’s me, I’m too old for my dreams. I had so many, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to travel the world. I really wanted to go to Egypt. That place on earth has always fascinated me. I don’t know if the region will stabilize enough for me to explore it before I leave this plane of existence. So too old for my dreams.

I always thought I would have someone to share my life with, but that was not to be the case. I’m too old for my dreams.

But the best dream I ever dared dream happened. When I was five years old I knew I wanted to be a mom. That dream has been the best experience of my life. God gave me three of the most amazing children on earth.

Now being a Gigi, that’s just icing, I am blown away at how amazing the reality of that is. So many dreams I am too old for, but being a mom and a Gigi, well I’m just right for that dream.

Mother’s Day, Planting and Some Bacon

Here we are, Saturday morning, I have had a pot of coffee, no exaggeration, and I am ready to go. Fair warning, this is going to be a rambling post.

I was watching Dateline this morning, of course, and came to the realization that if I were accused of a crime I would have no alibi. Alone, home, watching television, is apparently not a solid alibi. The dog would be useless and the cats would sell me down the river. Gleefully. 

Just so everyone knows I have done nothing, I am innocent! ok, enough of my proclamations for the day, well, maybe not, we’ll see.

I have to go to Home Depot today, why you ask, good question. There comes a time in every woman’s life that she has to make a decision. Roses or tomato plants, I am going with tomato plants. I don’t believe I have a rose thumb but I do believe I can grow tomatoes and Elizabeth Anne is bringing me tomato plants. So there’s that, and I really don’t believe I can grow roses. They take a lot of work, my grandmother grew amazingly beautiful roses. I don’t have that kind of patience.

If you have seen Steel Magnolias you will understand what I am saying. So I need pots, cages and soil, that entails a trip to Home Depot. I would have gone yesterday but I went to Costco and got frozen and refrigerated things. Even though I had them in a cooler in my trunk I wasn’t comfortable leaving them in the car to go into another store. Why not go home, unload and go back out, another good question. You see I live far away from those stores and didn’t feel like making the trek out again.

I have also started Stormie’s food for the week, yes, I make her food, we have covered that, focus. I am also making twisted bacon, if you have not tried this with your bacon I highly suggest it. The bacon just hits differently, you take parchment paper, line a baking sheet, twist the bacon and put it in the oven at 350. 20 minutes, turn the bacon, for thick sliced it takes about an hour, thin sliced about 40 minutes. This is so good, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, this is always a bittersweet day for me, I am happy to be a mom, sad I don’t have my mom.

I am sad and yet happy she is where she is, she is with my dad and two of her sons and two grandsons. She is having the best time ever, I fully expect to see her again. 

Being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, my three children are amazing. I wish I could take full credit for how they turned out, but they do have a good dad who contributed as well.

They are all steady, stable adults who do not court drama in their lives. They are independent and successful in their personal and business lives. They really do make a mother proud, they are each opinionated and vocal with their opinions. They get that from me, they also get their sense of loyalty from me, they also get their clear vision from me. Vision to cut through nonsense and see what is really there, vision to make the best decisions for their lives. 

They get their business sense from their dad, he is an excellent businessman. They get a few other things from him but this is about mom’s so I’ll wax on about the things they get from me today. 

I am so proud of them and can hardly wait to see them tomorrow. 

I hope everyone has a great mother’s day and if you are not able to be with your mom, for whatever reason, I hope you have great memories of her to help you through the day.

I will sign off for now as Home Depot beckons, as usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Oh and Hi China!! I didn’t forget you!

Hair, Goat Coffee, Mighty Ducks and Some Cartoons

I feel bad for coach Bombay, watching this episode of the Mighty Ducks was hard. I am not going to say anything else because the episode just hit today and I don’t want to give any spoilers. I will say there was a point I got a little verklempt, then I got myself together and carried on, in true Duck fashion.

I had my hair done this week, I love going to get my hair done, the whole process. The washing, the color, the cut, the styling, the good conversation. The whole thing, anyone else love it? It is three hours not wasted, it is three hours looking after me. God gave me hair, let’s face it, fantastic hair, it has always been my best feature, and I take care of it.

Thankfully I have not lost my hair due to menopause, I know that is a thing and due to the collagen and other supplements, I am blessed.

This week started off rough, then, on my Friday, God showed off. Every single one of my customers were nice, and appreciative of my help and followed my instructions. It was so amazing! I don’t even know what to say, after my day was over I said a prayer and thanked God for my amazing day.

Do you ever have a day like that? Where you see God’s hand in it, everything falls into place and it is just perfect. I am not saying every day I have is horrible, it isn’t, it is just some days make you see the hand of God. 

I believe we have to have some challenges in order to appreciate the good in our life. If life were perfect all of the time would we recognize true greatness?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but We the People is not the government. Here in America we have a Constitution for a reason, our Founding Fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment for just the situation that is happening now. We the People will stand our ground, always, especially here in Texas.

On a different note there is a new show on Amazon Prime called Invincible. It is really good, thank you to my friend Ant for suggesting it. If you do not like animation or superheroes you will not like this. I love both, this is really well done and super (see what I did there) good. It is filled with flawed characters and it is not for children. It is an 18+ show, so please don’t think just because it is animated it is for children.

I don’t know why people think all animation is for children, people, do your research. I would not allow Tessa to watch this show in my home, because it is adult in nature, too adult for someone under the age of 18. In my humble opinion, if you are a parent and want to allow your children to watch things that are above their level of understanding then that is on you, not me.

One time, a long time ago, in a land not too far from where I live now, I, along withe my children, were visiting a friend. 

Her sister was there and decided she wanted to watch an R rated movie. At that point I said oh it’s time for us to go, we have church tomorrow. My friend knew it was because I didn’t want to my kids watching the movie. She said something about the movie, her sister said you don’t let your kids watch this stuff? I said no I don’t, she said when do you watch R rated stuff. I said well my kids are with their dad the 1st, third and fifth weekends of the month, so there’s that. However, I am not judging you, if you want to do that and are comfortable with the adult themes in movies for your kids, that is your choice. 

So there you go, those are my thoughts on that, if you want to watch adult themed shows and movies with your kids that is your choice. My choice was not to, so simple, so eloquent, she took exception to that and told me I was a snob.

Not sure snob is the right word here, but there you have it, snob I shall be in that instance.

Of course my children are grown now and can watch whatever they want. 

I was introduced to a new coffee, Goat Head Coffee, it is super smooth and so good. I’ll post the link at the bottom, I highly recommend the Curious Kid. 

June 11th can’t come soon enough, Loki is going to be amazing, I hope, I know. Judging from Falcon and Winter Soldier I would say everyone is on track. 

That is all I have for now, if you have any show suggestions I would love to hear them.

Oh I almost forgot! How could I! I can’t ignore my biggest fan! Hello China!!

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.


Some Coffee and Some Dog Food

Right now, as I sit here typing, I am multitasking, I am doing a foot mask, a load of laundry, running the dishwasher, making Stormie’s food for the week and drinking water. Oh and I am typing this. 

This morning has been busy, I put together an outdoor garden storage box, a patio set and fed the stray cats. That was after having a pot of coffee, of course, nothing begins until coffee has been had. Oh I also saw this TikTok on how to cook bacon a certain way, I tried it and it did not disappoint. 

In case you’re curious, you take a baking sheet, line it with parchment paper and then twist the bacon. Put in the oven at 350 degrees, turn after 20 minutes, cook 20 more minutes and it is the right amount of crispy. The perfect amount! I did let mine cook an extra 5 minutes because it was thick sliced bacon, crispy without any burning. 

Oh and yes, I do make my dog’s food, it is all real ingredients, no dyes or chemicals. She loves it, if you would like that recipe, it is as follows:

2 cups of brown rice, I cook this in the crockpot for an hour in a about a cup of beef bone broth.

2 or three sweet potatoes, depends on the size

2 packages of vegetable mix of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots

3 pounds of ground meat, she hates turkey so beef for her

I cook it in the crockpot on high for three hours and this amount lasts a week.

I feed her a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening, I warm it up in the microwave for thirty seconds.

I understand she is spoiled and I am ok with that, she is a good companion and semi-loyal, as on a Husky can be.

I have decided to make my patio into an oasis, I have been cleaning it and planting flowers, I want to get a canopy. There is no cover on the back porch and I think that would just be the icing on the cake.

I found some inexpensive ones that look simple to put up, they brag it can be done by one person. I hope that is true, since I am just one person, I was surprised how easy the storage unit and patio table was to put together.

I am not a handy person and I am kind of clumsy, I have been since I was a child.

On to superhero things, I watched the season ender of Falcon and Winter Soldier. It was perfect, I want to say so much more but will not until next week.

The reason being I know not everyone has seen it and I don’t want to inadvertently give any spoilers.

I will tell you this, I became a little emotional during two different scenes. In a good way, I really hope there is a season two.

We did get the release date for Loki, June 11, which is a perfect day. Can I be honest? Any day that Loki would have premiered would have been a perfect day! 

This past week was really rough at work, then my second to the last call of the day made the whole week worthwhile. I can’t say too much, just that she also has cameras in her backyard to capture wildlife. Such a fun call to end my week.

It was my service anniversary this week, I have 24 years with this company. Do I feel appreciated? Absolutely not. I would be replaced if I dropped dead while working. They would dock my pay if it was in the middle of my shift.

But something keeps me there, one would say the pay, yes that is part of it, but it is also the people I work with. Also the customers, I genuinely enjoy helping people, sometimes they make it hard to help them, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

I hope you all have had a good week and you have a good one going forward. Oh and hello China! I almost forgot, but I remembered! 

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.