Family Ties and Eats

I had something strange happen today, on Facebook, of course. I received a message from someone I don’t know, they said they took a DNA test and it said we were a match for 3rd cousins.

I am intrigued, she went on to say her daughter said we look alike. I looked at her fb page and there are some similarities. Our smiles are eerily similar, I don’t know what to think.

I, of course, asked her familial relations, she said her mother told her that she had an affair and that the result was her. Super candid, she told me what she thinks is the name of her bio dad. His name doesn’t ring a bell, but the last name does.

The men in my family are notoriously, um, well, randy. My dad and my grandfather and my oldest brothers were not strayers. I know a couple of uncles that didn’t seem the type, but some of those others. Well, let’s just say there are family rumors.

The last name she told me is one that is familiar, but I can’t quiet place it. Maybe I’ll call one of my cousins and see if it sounds familiar to them.
The thing is, I look like my grandmother, the older I get the more I look like her. Her genetics are incredibly strong, whenever my family gathers I can see her. I used to think it was a trait passed on by my grandfather. I was wrong.

If this woman is really related to me, it is on my grandmothers side.

In other news, my version of crack chicken turned out amazingly well. here is the recipe, I know you all have been waiting with baited breath:

4 chicken breasts

4 chicken thighs, bone in and skin on, this makes for a more tender chicken breast.

1 bottle of Good Foods Caesar salad dressing

Cream Cheese brick

Half a cup of chopped up bacon. I use the Kirklands bacon that is already cooked and chopped up.

This all goes into a crockpot.

I put the breasts in first

Then the cream cheese

Then the thighs

Pour the dressing over the whole thing.

Last the bacon.

Cover and cook on low for 8 hours.

I am not going to lie, this was the most tender, tasty chicken I have ever cooked in my entire life.

If you are like me and hate Ranch, this is the chicken for you.

It is 100% Keto friendly, the dressing only has 1 carb as well as the cream cheese. that is it, no other carbs in the whole thing.

There you have it folks, my life in a nutshell, strange occurrences and a recipe all in one setting.

Bon Appetite, or dig in.

As usual any questions, comments or recipes you might suggest that are keto friendly you can leave here or send to me at

Being Erica

At night I watch a lot of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Videos, the main ones I watch are series I have already seen, shows that are now defunct.

There is one show I found on Amazon that was never on any of the main networks. It was a show I discovered on Soap Net, a network that is actually now gone. With the wind, or with some other weather happening.

I discovered it while I was looking for my favorite soaps on that channel, they used to show Ryan’s Hope! Hands down one of my favorite soaps, I digress. The show I discovered was called Being Erica, it was a BBC show that was set in Canada.

The main character, Erica, was in a car wreck and while in the hospital a therapist comes to her room. Convinces her she needs therapy and then has her right a list of regrets.

The list is long, and they start going through them, the thing about this therapy is that Erica goes back in time to try and fix her “mistakes”.

It is a really good show, it is over now, it only had 4 seasons, but the storyline wrapped up in four seasons. It was a satisfied ending, I highly recommend it.

But here is my question, if you could go back and change some things, what would they be?

I have often said I would only change one thing about my life, one real regret.

But there are things I would go back and relive if I had the chance.

I would do any day that I was 16 over, even the days I was busy breaking up with Kent King. I would love to wake up in my bed, in my parents home and walk into the kitchen and see my dad at the dining room table and my mom at the stove. I would love to have her pancakes and homemade hot chocolate. Then go to school, I would talk to people I normally would not have. You would all be confused, but I would still do it. It would be the talk of many reunions to come.

I would see my best friend, hang out at her house, drag main and get Sonic ice.

I would go home and talk to my parents, I would tell them how much I love them and how much I owe them for rescuing me.

I would call my grandma and tell her how much she has influenced my life.

I would play my music on my turntable and sing the Bay City Rollers at the top of my lungs.

But I wouldn’t change anything there, not one single thing, not even that oh so regrettable blue eyeshadow.

I would then go back to my time and relish all of my memories, of the one day I got to go back.

I am always curious, what would others do with a do over or a day back?

If you have Amazon I hope you watch Being Erica and tell me how you liked it or didn’t like it.

As always you can tell me here or send me an email at

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is a day that will live in infamy, no, not really, but I couldn’t resist.

Today is that special day, the anniversary of my parents marriage. I know I write about them often, due to the fact they were and continue to be the most amazing humans I have ever knows. I know some pretty amazing humans, but hands down those two remain my favorite.

They were steadfast in their faith, confident their belief in God would carry them through everything life had to throw at them. They would be proven correct time and time again. 

Their love for each other sustained them as well, their relationship is the one I go to for guidance. To show me what I should look for in a mate. One that I am equally yoked to, one that can understand my quirkiness and has his own quirks. 

As I think about them and their love story, which I have written about many times, if you are new here, just do a search for Foy and Odela. So much written about their incredible love story.

Once upon a time in the magical land of Owasso, there lived a couple who were very much in love. They agreed on almost everything, almost, there was one time they did not agree. Let us go back to that time.

It was 1970 something, the setting, a fabric store, the mission to find material and buttons for a new dress for youngest daughter.

The material was chosen, looking back it was probably not a good idea to let said daughter choose, disco was in full effect, buttons were being looked at.

Odela: I like these; Foy: I like these. Discussion ensues, heavy discussion. In the middle of the fabric store, daughter intervenes, shouldn’t I pick for my dress? 

I want to tell you here and now, the confused looks I received from both parental units still make me laugh out loud. 

My dad said, this is not about you, I said your taste is questionable dad, you tried to make me get coke bottles for glasses. My mom had a good chuckle at that, then they went back to the button issue. In the end my mom won, of course, they had a good laugh about it and then we went back home to eat homemade hamburgers.

They very rarely disagreed on anything, the second time I ever saw my mother put her foot down was when my dad was teaching me to drive. She wanted me to learn in drivers ed, my dad said he knew more about cars than any old teacher.

One day I was outside with my dad and he was working on the car, he said get in and punch the gas. I said I’m not really comfortable with that. He said do it, I said ok, well, the car was not in neutral it was in reverse and I punched on the gas and went through the fence. My mom came flying, yes, flying, out of the front door. Two words were spoken. Drivers Ed! Then she went back in, my dad and looked at each other speechless and he said I guess you are going to Drivers Ed. I said I guess so. 

I miss them so much, there is so much I want to tell them, I know they would love their grandchildren, my children, whom they did not get to know the way they did their others. Due to age and proximity, but I know they would love their chosen career paths and would be so proud of all three of them. 

They all three embody our family credo of take a stand, make a mark. Flourish where you are planted. My mother told me that after my dad died. I had thought about moving home and she said no, because I loved where I was. She said she didn’t need me and I needed to flourish where I was.

I hope everyone has good parents, I think I hit the lottery with mine, I wasn’t born to them, I was chosen by them. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I know you are so happy being together.

Crack Chicken

So, on Facebook, which is the litmus for every single thing, ever, I have been seeing a recipe for something called crack chicken. It is supposed to be keto friendly and amazing, there was just one problem with this, it is made with ranch dressing, yes, the singularly most disgusting thing ever invented by man, ranch dressing.

I bemoaned the fact that I would never get to taste crack chicken because of this abysmal ingredient.

Then I stumbled upon a man that is a fitness coach that does the keto lifestyle and he makes a version of this chicken with, are you ready for this, Caesar! Yes, Caesar!

I LOVE Caesar dressing, so tonight, for my meal prep for next week, I went out and bought a very keto, all natural, Caesar dressing, chicken, cream cheese and bacon. I have it in the crockpot to cook all night. I’ll update you next week.

Over Christmas I totally went off of the keto diet, I think I ate a vat of dressing. I have 0 guilt over this, but I am right back on and I managed to get right back into ketosis.

On another awesome front, it is cold here in North Texas and I got to wear my new coat that I received from Elizabeth Anne for Christmas.

I may have buried the lead, but here goes, BBFF chats me the other day and asks what I am doing on certain dates. He then says just make yourself available, GF has done research and those are the dates Dean Cain is confirmed to be at Comic Cons.

So GF has not forgotten her mission to get me face to face with the love of my life. Yes, I know he doesn’t know me and even if he did the odds of him actually falling for a fan are miniscule. However, let’s take a look at others who have made that happen.

Jason Momoa had a huge crush on Lisa Bonet, told his mother when he was 7 years old he was going to marry her. Where is he now, married to Lisa Bonet.

Kelly Preston had a poster of John Travolta on her wall growing up, where is she now, married to John Travolta.

Jillian Fink had a huge crush on Patrick Dempsey, who is she married to now, Patrick Dempsey.

I am sure there are others, but I am too lazy to look them up. My point is, it could happen, but until I am completely shot down by Dean Cain I shall continue to hope and dream and yes pray.

So, now two trips planned for the same month! This is 2018 redux, except the trips are earlier in the year, and surprisingly is with some of the same people.

Maybe Shay and I can do a weekend trip this year and chronicle that. She was a great travel partner as we both ate the same.

The other travel partners don’t eat the way I do but they are all considerate of the way I eat and try and find places where I can make good choices. They are pretty excellent travel partners as well.

I am seriously excited about traveling with Elizabeth Anne, I know we are going to have a fabulous time celebrating the marriage of a beloved friend, more like family member and exploring Orlando.

Oh, one more Facebook thing, several people have posted this thing of post your first profile picture and one from now. So I shall do that here, the first is from December of 2007, the second one is from December of 2018. No filters on either of them.

As usual any comments, criticisms or praises can be sent to

Aquaman Review

I finally saw it, Aquaman, the movie, the origin story of Arthur Curry. I have a few thoughts, first off, I did read some reviews before embarking on my cinematic journey. I am amused by critics who are not comic book fans, sci-fi fans, nor action adventure fans. They are film critics, not fans, therefore it is their mission in life to find fault with fun, adventure-filled, fantasy movies.

I have to start with Aquaman was never my favorite superhero as a kid, I mean, he was fine, he just wasn’t my favorite. I went into the movie with no expectations, except one, to be entertained. I payed for entertainment, therefore, I except it.

I was not disappointed, I do have to give the caveat, I love Jason Momoa, I have loved him since Stargate Atlantis. Not a Dean Cain kind of love, more like a Dwayne Johnson kind of love. Casting him as Arthur Curry was perfection.

I was severely disappointed by Batman vs Superman, due to the fact that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck looked pained the entire movie. They had the look of I’m being paid to show up but I’m not having fun. The only one in that movie that was having fun was Gal Gadot.

Her Wonder Woman is nothing short of a breath of fresh air, Jason Momoa adds the same excitement to his Aquaman.

From start to finish he has fun, his fight scenes are dynamic, his banter is spot on, he delivers his lines with flair. He looks like he came not to work but to have fun and fun is had. He and Gal Gadot have brought life to DC movies, they are like Christopher Reeve, he looked like he loved being Superman, there was no angst, no should I be doing all of this for the humans, he had fun and he brought us along for the ride. I may even want to go to a beach this summer and search for a glimpse of an Atlantean.

Jason brought us along for the ride, he showed up for work every day of that film and had fun. That is what I want to see in my superheroes, that is what makes a great Marvel movie. All of the actors look like they are loving being heroes, action stars, running towards fake danger and making it look real. This is what makes a great comic book movie, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are bringing the fun back to DC movies and it is a welcome respite.

I am happy I went, happy I paid to see it on the big screen and yes, I will buy it when it comes out. That is how much I enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it, go, if you are not a love of comics, go, just don’t sit and tear it apart. Enjoy it for what it is, entertainment, fantasy, science fiction.

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New Year’s Eve

2019 is here and I rang it in by going out, I know, right! Me, out on the town on a New Year’s Eve, I have not done that in over 10 years.

So, my friend Kristie, asked me what I was doing for New Year’s Eve, I said nothing, like usual and she said do you want to go with me?

I said sure, ok, follow me here, because it is about to get complicated.

We have a mutual friend, who has a son (adult son) who plays in a band, K is friends with his wife. She text K and said hey, the band is playing on NYE if you want to come out. So K asked me if I wanted to go see friends son play, well I have known him since he was little, so I said sure.

She said ok, I’m going to warn you, this place is a place frequented by older people. Older than us; I queried, yes, older than us. I said I’m in.

So off we went, to a place in Dallas, that was indeed filled with older than us people.

The band was awesome, really good, they played music from the ’60’s and 70’s, a few ’80’s and ’50’s thrown in for good measure. These people could dance!

A very nice gentleman that had to be at least 90 approached me and asked if I wanted to dance. He said I was beautiful and loved my outfit. So flattering.

I danced, so much, my feet were numb at the end, I can’t remember the last time I went dancing. It was so fun, because there was no pressure, no one was hitting on me in a genuine manner. I was told I was beautiful, a good dancer and it was fun.

It was a great way to end a great year and a good way to start a year I am sure is going to be filled with greatness.

Will it have challenges? Of course, life is not without challenges and difficulties, but we persevere and we look for the best and if you look for the best you find the best.

That is my experience on this earth.

So, my first trip of 2019 is shaping up, plane tickets have been acquired, a hotel room booked, dresses for wedding bought and now to get tickets to Disney, a rental car and parking for airport.

Getting to see the daughter of a family I love get married, priceless. Going with my daughter, beyond priceless, it is always an adventure to go places with Izzy Anne. I am sure this is going to be a fun, exciting adventure.

How is your New Years shaping up? Did you do anything different? I would love to know how you spent your New Year’s Eve. You can leave comments here or email me at

Closing Out 2018

Today is New Year’s Eve 2018, as the year comes to a close I have to ask myself if I am ready for it to end. On facebook, where we all know is the litmus to humanity, everyone is like worst year ever, ready for it to end, good riddance. However, here’s the thing, always with the thing, everyone always says that about every year.

I, for one, had a fabulous 2018, sure there were pockets of non-greatness, the bout with the flu followed by food poisoning, followed by romance gone horribly wrong, but those were but glitches on the road to greatness.

I got to do three incredible things, things that were on my life bucket list, just FYI.

First was a trip to a comic-con, Wizard World in Austin, TX, with my BBFF and his GF. It was epic in nature, I do believe I can speak for the three of us when I say best time ever.

Followed closely by a lifelong dream trip to Montana, an old fashioned girls road trip. I’ll be forever grateful that my friend Shay not only said yes, but stuck to that yes and was with me on the journey.

Next up was a trip to Norman, OK for an OU Sooners football game. My friend Kristie for the win on that one, it was so much fun. I love my Sooners and they were playing her beloved Jayhawks (Kansas).

Seeing my BFF find the love of her life, then getting married to said love of her life, priceless. Seeing my BBFF find the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, priceless.

My oldest son marrying the love of his life and welcoming a life that now includes 4 more children, priceless.

Seeing another friend find her forever love of her life, priceless.

Taking part in a deliverance session, letting go of things from childhood to adulthood, priceless.

I’ve had a great 2018, I eagerly await 2019, I already have one trip on the books, a trip with my daughter. I have plans tonight, I know major shock I have plans on a New Year’s Eve night.

This is what happens when one trusts what God has planned for their life. I will make plans, I will pray to God for His continued guidance in my life, I will trust in His plan for my life.

I saw a post, once again, on Facebook, that said pick a person to pray for every single day for thirty days. Start January 1st, 2019, pray for their happiness every day. I thought, hmmm, I want to do that, but I don’t want to pray for happiness, that is fleeting, I want to pray for their soul to be at peace, for them to find great joy in their daily struggles. So I have chosen my person, I will not say who they are, I will be praying for them in a specific pinpointed way for thirty days. I will watch what happens in their life.

I think this is a good way to start 2019, oh I’ll do the usual as well, cleanse from all the bad food I’ve eaten over Christmas and clean closets, yes I have that planned. And get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore or have never worn. So many clothes in my closet that have tags on them that have never been on my body.

I am curious, what changes has 2018 brought to your life? Was it good, was it bad, was it indifferent? Please feel free to comment here or email me at

Christmas 2018

Christmas has come and gone and this is the time we are supposed to contemplate the coming new year.

But I love Christmas and I am not ready to move on just yet. I know I’ve mentioned before that we celebrate as a family on Christmas Eve. It started with the four of us and has grown to include a growing family.

Every year I think to myself I’m going to decorate a tree just for me. I dream of a purple tree with silver decorations. But every year I get out the Christmas things and start pulling out all of the ornaments my children have made over the years. The ornaments that I purchased to commemorate their first Christmases.

Watching my adult children stand around the tree searching for their ornaments is worth the price of a non-purple tree. Watching them count to see how many they each have on there. Well there is nothing quite like it, my heart is made happy.

I have several favorite activities during the Christmas season, shopping with Elizabeth Anne is one, wrapping presents with Elicia is another. This year we made snowmen for the children. 5 of them. They turned out so stinking cute. I hope the kids liked them.

I love getting to shop for children, we now have a grand total of 5 to shop and wrap for. I love it.

I love Christmas dinner with all of us around the table. My children are all funny, smart and sarcastic. There is never a dull moment with them.

They also never disappoint in the gift area. They know me so well. I got a robe that feels like I’m wearing a cloud from Jeffrey and his wife Amanda. OU slippers from Alex and Elicia and new pajamas from Elizabeth Anne. I also got a vintage, framed Wonder Woman comic with a Wonder Woman painted on the glass. A Superman picture along with so many other things.

To say I am blessed with the children God chose to entrust me with is an understatement. Not due to the things they buy for me, but with their thoughtfulness and their generous souls.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you will have a very happy New Years.

Customer Service Gone Right and Horribly Wrong

So this past week I have had four customer service issues with 4 different companies. Two were incredible, in the sense they were greatness, two were incredible in the sense that I have never received worse customer service in my entire life. Ever.

Do I do the good or the bad first? I think I’ll go with good.

First up is Doterra, the essential oils company, I had ordered Jasmine touch oil. It is not cheap and it is amazing. I was almost out of mine so this was perfectly timed. I come home, the order is in my mailbox, I very excitedly rip open the package, this is not Jasmine I think to myself, what is this. It is lavender, I didn’t order this, and this is way cheaper than my Jasmine. I go online, look at my order, making sure it was not my mistake, it was not. I call and the woman immediately sees the issue and corrects it. Then and there, no thinking about it, no someone will get back with you. Before we were off of the phone I was getting a text with the replacement order information. Plus she said I could keep the lavender touch at no additional cost to me. Great, quick, professional.

The second was a company I cannot name yet because what I ordered is a Christmas present and I don’t want to give it away. I accidentally put the wrong zip code on my shipping address. Fat finger incident. I panic, then I take a screenshot of my order confirmation, send an email to the company and within minutes received an email that literally said, we got you. fixed. Done. You’ll get your order. What!

One of the bad customer service issues I can’t discuss. Next.

Ashley Black Fasciablaster, I know you have read about her on here. I am completely enamored with their faciablaster, I have many of their products. They are not inexpensive.

I was very excited to see their new product, a paddle blaster, it is going to bring blasting to a whole new level. I got on the wait list for the product.

On Black Friday we could order, I put my order in before I went to work that morning. I did not receive a confirmation, that was suspect, but they did charge my card. Since I have never had any issues with this company I really didn’t think twice about it. A few weeks go by, I see on Facebook many women have received theirs. So I go to the website to see if I can find any tracking information.

I put my email in and the site says they can’t find my email at all. Now mind you, I have ordered many products on this website. I was more than a little upset.

I went to contact us, I sent a message, received an automated message in return, the product will be shipped within 3 weeks of ordering. It had been well over three weeks. The missive also said to contact them via facebook. I was like um, ok, so I did and it was deleted, as I thought it would be. Next I went back to my browser history and actually found an order number. I find the order on the site and it is processing.

I found a number to call, you cannot actually speak to a human, you have to leave a message with your email address. That’s right folks, your email address.

I finally received an email from them after that message and the facebook message. It turns out it will be some mysterious date in 2019 that these will ship. And if I had questions to email this person back.

I did, I had many questions, I have not received a message back. I sent another one yesterday asking for my money back. I have given them 24 hours to respond, they have not. I will be calling my bank and filing a claim for my money back. I seriously have not had a worse experience, except for the one I cannot talk about.

That’s been my week so far, or rather couple of weeks. I hope yours is better on the customer service front than mine.

As usual any comments, questions or suggestions can be left here or sent to me at

Santa Claus

Do you ever look in the mirror and think wow God does really good work? No? Yes? Only me? Alright then.

This past weekend was jam packed, by jam packed I mean I didn’t get to sit for hours and drink coffee and watch Hallmark.

Friday was spent at the dentist, first for me, which I love, yes, I love going to the dentist. I love having my teeth cleaned and my dentist is really funny and good. So I love going to see her.

Then I took Tess to the dentist after school for her cleaning. I know she has parents, but since I am off, I volunteered to take her. That way none of her parental units have to take off work plus I get to spend time with my girl.

We had a little time before the appointment so I took her to eat at McDonald’s. I know, but it has an indoor playground and it is a treat not an everyday thing. 

Then dropping her off at her dad’s (my son) in Bonham, then back home.

Here is my real question, when did it become pitch black at 5:30in the evening? When did this happen??? Seriously. All I want to do is put my pj’s on and go to sleep.

Speaking of pj’s, I bought new ones and they feel like clouds on my legs! So soft and warm, I seriously did not want to take them off and get dressed for work. 

Yesterday I headed off to Northpark mall to see my good friend, Santa Claus! Yes, I am friends with Santa, I will post a picture to prove it. I have known him for years, he and his wife are incredibly sweet. Visiting with Santa is always a good idea right before Christmas. I have been really good this year and it has been incredibly difficult, so I think I need a good present. 

Santa is from Owasso, of course, because Owasso is a magical place. It is a place that produces Santa Claus, Wonder Women, Baseball players and so much more. American Heroes are produced there as well, I know several. 

I also got to hang with my BBFF for a little, which was lovely. 

I also bought a new front door mat which lights up and plays music, it is so obnoxious! I love it!

Well that’s it for now, as usual any comments, criticisms or suggestions can be left here or sent to