The Day America Was Sold to the Highest Bidder

Father forgive them for they know not what they do, that is what I would like to say. But it’s a lie, they knew exactly what they were doing. We now have an illegitimate president in America’s house. 

There was a mountain of voter fraud evidence and everyone turned a blind eye. Anyone who saw those videos of suitcases of ballots being brought out after kicking poll watchers out, well you cannot deny it. But they are, so now what will happen.

Has God forsaken us as a country? Only time will tell. The righteous cry out to Him, begging for mercy, begging Him to send His army of Angels to fight for us. To protect us, to protect our children. 

The illegitimate one has already said he will roll back any and all abortion legislation. Giving money to an organization founded by racist, eugenist Margaret Sanger.

They are busy celebrating having someone in office that will more than likely sell us all to the highest bidder.

Protect your children, watch them closer than ever, I highly doubt the illegitimate one will give funding to finding missing children. 

This is one of the saddest days in American history, we had a stolen election and no one cared. The ones that do care, well, it is promised we’ll be silenced. They have already said they want to take our children and put them in re-education camps.

The videos are online of them saying just that, do your research. 

That vaccine, for a man made virus in China, well it has aborted fetal tissue in it. It is killing people world wide, do your research, get off of CNN and all of the others. Look at what it is doing in Norway. Thirty-three people dead from the vaccine, they have halted giving it out. Australia has also stopped giving it out due to deaths associated with it.

If you give it to your children there is a possibility of sterilization.

Stay vigilant, stay awake, stay focused in the Word, I still have faith.

I still have faith God will deliver us, just as He delivered His people from Egypt. 

I am a proud conservative woman, God, family, country. I believe in the 2nd Amendment, I believe in manifest destiny and I am really happy to be living in Texas.

God will reside in my household and in my life, it is all I can do for now.

Voting in the future, well, it seems it doesn’t matter, they are going to put who they want in office. And no one seems to care.

I’ll keep writing, I’ll keep my voice loud and strong, I was raised on a steady diet of patriotism after all. My family has been here since 1636, with another branch coming in 1774. 

We have fought for this country, we helped shape this country and we will continue to fight for this country. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Well today is a great day in my family. It is my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. They were married January 13, 1934, which started their amazing journey together.

I know I talk about them a lot, but they very literally saved my entire life. I love them so much and want the world to know how amazing they actually were.

Their love was the real deal, the hand holding, stolen kisses, mutual respect, the kind of relationship that comes when you put God first in your marriage.

They also had a profound sense of humor about life. Life is filled with all kinds of trials and tribulations. Few people will ever experience the kind of challenges my parents faced. They grew up and were married during the worst depression this country has ever seen. They also survived Oklahoma’s dust bowl.

It did not harden them, it did not defeat them, it strengthened them and allowed them to see humor in hard times.

It taught them to rely on God and taking care of each other starts at the neighbor level. They were pros at quietly taking care of people in need.

Especially an unruly 12 year old that no one else wanted. I feel unbelievably fortunate and blessed that I got to witness and learn from those two amazing humans.

So today, on what is a great day for my family, Happy Anniversary mom and dad. I love you beyond belief.

Loyalty and Love of Country

I thought I could be done, but I find I cannot, as a whole anyone who voted for President Donald J. Trump is being vilified and called horrible names. On Facebook, a friend, who didn’t bother to say anything about the cities burning around the country this summer, posted about the Capitol. Then one of her friends said that all Trump supporters were crazy and out of control. She answered IKR, which means I know right. 

We have been friends since we were 13 years old, so I sent her a text message and asked her if she thought that of me. She said no of course not, but here we are, I’m a person that voted for our President twice.

I have laid out very clearly why I voted for him, but no one wants to listen to reason. All they can do is parrot CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC and CBS News. All of the alphabet soup of them. Orange man bad.

Nancy Pelosi wants to arrest anyone who supported him, which is over 75 million Americans. What will they do with us? Good question, will it be like concentration camps or the camps we kept Americans of Japanese descent during WWII? Which was shameful as well.

I am not done praying, God has not finished with this yet, and yes I believe God’s hand is in all of this. It will always be His timing and not ours, even if we feel the full weight of the possibilities of corrupt politicians taking full control of our country. I still have faith that God will persevere, good over evil, I believe He has used this to open our eyes that it is not just the Democrats, it is Republicans as well.

Evilness is the law of the land right now, they believe they have prevailed and will get sloppy because no one wants to be the one that says STOP.

I, for one, was raised differently, I was raised on a steady diet of patriotism, of pride in our Country and my ancestors roll in all of it. I will continue to fight, even if it is just words on the internet.

I will continue to stand for what is right, what is righteous, for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

I did not grow up in a privileged neighborhood, I grew up incredibly poor. It is not something I talk about, ever, it is something I would very much like to forget. But here’s the thing, the areas that were being rioted, looted and burned to the ground, well, that is very much like the neighborhood I grew up in. At least until I was 12, then I was adopted by my Great Aunt and Uncle. Then it was a middle class life for me. 

I know what it is like to have to fight for everything I have, when I got a divorce I was put right back into the poverty level. 

I worked three jobs and went to school full time to try and make a life for my three children. Then a friend made an opportunity with a major telecommunications corporation for me. I got a job that took the place of all three jobs I was working, I didn’t finish college because my three children needed me to be with them in the evenings and weekends.

I don’t regret that at all, everything was worth seeing my children grow up and succeed. They remain my pride and joy, everything was for them and to an extent continues to be. I like to be available for my granddaughter now, and for my children if they need anything for me. God has given us so much, it is now the time for me to stand up for Him and for our country that gave me all of the opportunities. 

This country owes a debt of gratitude to God, for everything, now is the time for us to recognize that and put Him first in our lives.

I’ll continue to stand up for Him and for my country, God, family, country, those are the things that are important to me.

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Oh and for my China readers, please let me know who you are. I get a lot of hits from you guys and I don’t know why. Please enlighten me.

Patriotism and Disgust

I’ve said very little about what is going on in our country, my beloved country. A country my family has had an integral part of creating, starting in 1635 when one of my ancestors sought freedom from persecution due to their religion.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that being persecuted for ones religion is going to become the norm IF Biden takes office on January 20th. 

Yesterday at the capitol building that was not who patriots are, we are above that. It is now coming out, not in mainstream media of course, that the instigators were not patriots but paid Antifa agitators.

But no one seems to care, they are more intent on which pronoun to use or defending Antifa and BLM from the riots this past year. You know, the ones that destroyed black communities and small business owners all over the country. 

If you are not willing to condemn them, then you will not stand for anything, at all.

The more I see the more disgusted I am, we are becoming a country that loves lawlessness, that disrespects the elderly, that creates chaos and throws monumental fits when they don’t get their way.

Any so called Christian that voted for the party of abortion up to birth, marxism, persecution of Christians, well, you need to have a conversation with our Lord and Savior.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver, democrat from MO, invoked a false god in his prayer to the the 117th congress. And he ended it with Amen and Awoman, this is a man that claims to be a Christian. We should all be outraged by him invoking the monotheistic god Brahma. Which is a Hindu deity, not Jesus, man oh man, I do not want to be him on judgement day, he has a lot to answer for.

I would like to think this is atypical but it is not, it is a travesty, a sham and blasphemy.

God help every single person who thinks this is ok, as for me and my house, we will worship the one true God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

Oh and whoever in China that is reading this, because I can see where the hits are coming from, I pray you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

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Salem Witch Trials and a Clean Closet

You know what I hate more than anything, well, almost anything, when someone says new year new me. Stop doing that, all of you jinxed 2020. 

I started this year like I have started every year of my life, alone, oh wait, last year was the exception due to Alex and Elicia’s wedding. 

I decided I would clean my closet and organize it, you have to know, I have an addiction. Several really, one is shoes and boots, the other is clothes. I love shopping for both, my closet was about to explode. 

I decided if I have not worn something in the past two years I was throwing it out. I now have two giant black trash bags ready for charity. One giant black trash bag to throw away and a box ready to go to my bestie. It is filled with sundresses, she loves those and I have ton that still has the tags on them. I know I am not going to wear them, the way things are looking I will still be living in workout clothes and pajamas this coming summer.

Not to worry, my closet is still packed with clothing, I got rid of none of my evening wear, which I love, nor my costumes. But those are all in a different closet, I keep those separate from the rest. 

One would think I would be embarrassed by all of this, I am not, I love my shopping and I love shoes, boots and clothes. 

I now have to find a charity that picks up the goods, I have to be honest, if I am left to my own devices I will drive around with that stuff in my car for weeks. 

I also spent New Years with Bridgerton, a worthy way to spend my time. It was completely worth every minute spent watching it, I will probably watch it again.

It is based on a series of books, I am going to try and find the books so I can see what happens to these characters.

I found out the most interesting thing ever, I discovered I am related to Elizabeth Howe, who is that you asked, I am so glad you did.

She was accused of being a witch in Salem, Massachusetts, she was found guilty and hanged in 1692. She was my 8th great aunt. I don’t know which one of her siblings is my direct line, but I will figure it out.

But this explains so much, like why I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch, why as a child I was fascinated with Samantha Stevens. Why I read everything I could get my hands on about the Salem witch trials. I am definitely going to plan a trip to go there, I’ve always wanted to now I have added incentive. 

I have such a connection with this country, going all the way back to the 1600’s. I love this country and I am a proud American. God Bless America and God Bless our President!

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2021 and all that Entails

2020 is over, 2021 has begun and with it renewed hope that all will be well with our country. It has begun, I see the signs and on the 6th of January it will culminate. I wish I could be in Washington D.C. to see it all unfold. I will be watching from all of my sources. I follow a lot of people that are going to be there. I feel their excitement and I will be praying for them.

Christmas has come and gone, I hope everyone liked their gifts, with some it’s hard to tell if they liked their gifts. I guess I would hear long and loud if they did not, so perhaps I should take silence as acceptance.

Cooking and cleaning and wrapping takes a lot of energy and well to be honest I am not getting any younger. I still love doing it for my family, I just know there will come a day where they will all have to contribute to the meal. But not this year, maybe next or the next, or when I am ready to relinquish control.

The new year always brings an onslaught of things people are going to change. I have a habit of posting what I will not change, which is another thing I will not change. So here is my list of things I will not be changing in 2021:

1.) my love of all things sci-fi, superhero, action movies.

2.) my love of words, all words, written words, fantastically said words, delicious words. Bridgerton on Netflix is a wonderful example of this. Which reminds me, I must see if that is a book.

3.) my love of my country, I love the fact that I am an American, I love the fact my family fought for the very formation of this country in 1774. I am proud to be an American.

4.) my righteous indignation of all of the wrong that is happening in this country. The one that my ancestors fought so hard for. I am proud that my children are Americans and love this country.

5.) my love of my animals, I am not changing that. I even added to my menagerie.

6.) last but should have been first, my love of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am not backing down from my faith and everything that is happening in the world makes me cling harder to Him.

I pray for this country and this world, that peoples eye will be opened to the evil that is on full display. I have faith that God will win in the end and all will be well in our world.

I lost my brother this year, that is a loss I mourn, but I also rejoice knowing with full confidence I will see him in our afterlife in heaven. 

So happy 2021 to everyone, please go out and make it your best year yet on this earth.

TikTok Addiction

Hello my name is Angie and I have a new addiction, I would like to say I am ashamed, but I am not. It is TikTok, it has not disappointed me. 

I have gone down the rabbit hole of keto TikTok, the rabbit hole of home renovation, the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and last but so not least, the rabbit hole of insanely good looking men. These men are masculine, beautiful, hard working, country boys. I had no idea these kind of men existed, I need to know where to find them.

I have also become invested in the life stories of complete strangers. I witnessed two people who had TikTok crushes on each other meeting for the first time. I am invested, I need to know what comes next. 

I wanted it to be a television show so I can binge watch, and see it to the end, where they have married, had children and are now seeing their grandchildren. 

Jimmy Jones and Brianna, it is a love story for the ages, they are both very beautiful people. They seem like genuinely good people as well, I can’t wait to see where life takes them. Or where they take life.

I have stumbled into history TikTok, strangely no celebrity TikTok. I have desire for that, so it has not brought it to me.

It is so much fun, and I have learned a lot, for instance Brunch with Babs has taught me how to make Christmas ornaments from peppermints. 

I am increasing my knowledge of Orthodox Judaism with Melissa in Long Island. The urge to ask if she knows the Greens and Gellars is incredibly strong.

I have also fallen into the Oklahoma TikTok, which is awesome. Alien TikTok is the best ever!

I have also stumbled upon Christian TikTok and I am loving it.

Why did I decide to get on TikTok you ask, good question. Well since I put in my cat cam I wanted a venue to put my videos. So TikTok was the choice, and it is so much fun.

I am not alone in my addiction, I have drug Shay down the dark alley of TikTok. 

I shall continue, I am having too much fun and learning some things.

The Very Best of Us

I know I don’t talk about my family a lot, however, today I want to tell you about my brother Jim. 

I have a couple of stories that I want to tell you, and then a little about him as a person.

The first story is when Jim was in high school. Jim hated waking up early, always, even into adulthood. He even worked the nightshift so he could sleep during the day.

Well, one day Jim came to our dad and said he was going to quit school. He knew everything he needed to and decided that was enough. My dad simply said ok and walked off, my dad was not a reactionary man, he was a man of action.

The next day he tells Jim to pack his things that he found him a job and he was going to drive him there. If Jim was going to quit school then he would need to have a job and make his own way in the world.

My dad drove him to a dairy farm, dad was good friends with the owner and had arranged for a job for Jim. He dropped him off and said I love you and good luck. Jim had to wake up before dawn to do his job on the dairy farm.

After a week my dad gets a call from Jim and he says he’d like to come home now. Dad said what about school, he said I believe I can catch up on my school work and graduate with my class.

Lesson learned, my dad didn’t have to yell or scream or threaten, he simply showed Jim what was in store for him without an education.

The next story is something that happened after I was born and after I became an adult. This story comes straight from me.

Whenever we gathered for family dinners, before the meal, we prayed. Dad always asked Jesse to preform that task. One day Jim’s son and I were talking about the upcoming gathering. He told me how much it hurt his dad that our dad never called on him to pray. That was all that was said, that was all it took. When I got to my mom and dads’ house the day before the holiday I started to help her in the kitchen. We began to talk and I said have you ever noticed how dad always calls on Jesse to say the prayer? She said well I never thought about it. I said yeah I was thinking about it on the drive up here. I wonder how Jim feels about that? He’s the oldest, I wonder if he’d like to say the prayer. Oh well, hand me that bowl.

That is all I said, I planted a bug in mom’s ear, she took that bug and ran with it.

The next day, as we were standing to have the blessing said over the meal, my dad says Jim would you do us the pleasure of saying the blessing? Jim looked startled, I could see his eyes start to tear up, and he cleared his throat and said yes sir. He said the most beautiful prayer.

After that dad was more even handed in asking the boys to say the prayer.

Jim was called to go home yesterday, December 3, 2020, I have no doubt he was met by mom and dad. I have no doubt Jesus was waiting for him with open arms and telling him it was ok to rest, that his work on earth was done.

Jim inherited everything good from our mom, he was a kind, sweet, gentle soul. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone. He welcomed all into his home and was dedicated to his family. He welcomed me as his sister when I was adopted, taking me on vacation with his family. I’ll never forget the acceptance and the way he treated me. I loved him.

He left behind a loving wife, Carol, a son Darrell and his wife Beth, along with one grandson. He also leaves two sisters, Nell and myself. 

The world will be a little dimmer without his presence here on earth, but I know he is incredibly happy to be home. 

Thankful and Why I Can’t Find a Date

So, um, yeah, 51 year old Matthew Perry got engaged to his 29 year old girlfriend. Why does this matter you’d ask. Good question.

I’m 56, men my age only want younger women and they get them.

Today is Thanksgiving, a day all Americans give thanks for all they we have. Not material things, but for family and friends.

I am on of those Americans that spend the holiday alone. As I’ve talked about before it’s my choice to do so. My children spend this day with their dad and his family. It’s been this way since 1993, there is no reason to change that.

I’m going to tell you all what I am thankful for today. I’m thankful for strong American women. Sydney Powell, Amy Coney Barrett and Jenna Ellis. I pray for their strength, perseverance and safety.

I’m thankful that I live in a country that is a constitutional republic. I’m thankful for a Supreme Court that upholds our constitution.

I’m thankful to have been instilled with old fashioned common sense. You know the thing that allows you to discern between crap and truth.

I’m thankful to have grow up in an household that taught patriotism, history and my family’s part in it.

I’m thankful my dad insisted I learn current events and study things that are happening in our country.

I have to say I am horrified by the lack of patriotism, of people willing to sell their country out. I am horrified by the lack of knowledge and by people not willing to investigate on their own. People who drown themselves in CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news. Never bothering to listen to the speeches of politicians live. Just getting the bits MSM wants you to know.

I am thankful to live in a country where I have the option to make my voice heard. I’m thankful to be in a country where we can ferret out voter fraud and right the wrongs that were done.

If you are with family today give thanks for that. Then pray for our brave patriots.

Must Love God

Ok, so um yeah. Shay has decided she is going to find a man for me. I don’t even know how this is a good idea. I try telling her that we have completely different taste in men. She thinks I’m younger than I actually am and acts accordingly.

So since she wants to find a man for me, here are my requirements.

Somewhat nerdy, but also manly. Please no men that wear dresses. I like a man that can work with his hands and fix things. I come from a long line of fixers. My dad could fix anything, so could my brothers and nephews and my sons. My daughter can as well.

He has to like animals, both cats and dogs and others.

He also has to get along with my children. Oh and has to have good hygiene, physical and oral, there is nothing worse than a man who doesn’t brush his teeth or shower regularly.

Oh and good looking, I’m pretty, I am attracted to pretty, it never goes well with me when I deviate from what I’m attracted to.

Someone who likes to travel, I don’t want to be tied to someone who just wants to sit and watch television. Speaking of, I love superhero shows and movies. So there’s that.

Oh and music, they have to like music and going to concerts.

Above all they have to love God, Jesus and believe in the Holy Spirit.

This list is subject to change but that’s it for now.

An appropriate age is a must as well. If you know of anyone that fits the bill tell him to hit me up.