My Unpopular Opinions

My favorite radio show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, has a segment called “What’s your unpopular opinion.” Well I have a few, so buckle up, it’s about to get bumpy.

1. Gravy, it is the singularly most disgusting thing in the world. I am literally gagging just writing the word. I have hated it since childhood and continue to do so. That whole, your taste buds change, it’s a myth, told to us by parents trying to get us to try new things.

B. Oatmeal, it is right up there with gravy for me. Except in cookies, then it rocks. Of course now that I am doing a strict Keto diet I can no longer have said cookies.

III. Pico- once again, just nasty, but I do like salsa.

4. Mayonnaise and ketchup, both are unsettling and unnatural. Just gaggingly disgusting. One of my favorite movies has a scene that has mayonnaise in it. I have to cover my eyes every time. Every. Time. To make matters worse, I can hear the mayonnaise being globed onto a sandwich. So I hum as well as closing my eyes. So incredibly gross.

These are it with food. I’ll stop for now, but those are my unpopular opinions when it comes to food products. I would love to hear your unpopular opinions.

Catervisary and Joy

It’s my cativersary with Fat Catstard, who knew there was such a thing. Well, I did, because I just made it up. So there ya go, Angie making days up just to justify my celebrating with copious amounts of coffee. Fat Catstard will not be having any coffee today, he doesn’t need it.

Our relationship is tumultuous at best, it didn’t start that way, he came to me a fat, happy cat. I put him on a diet and he became surly and vindictive. Waking me in the middle of the night, sitting on my chest, trying to smother me, looking at my face like it is a chicken treat.

But I love him so much that sometimes I just want to Lenny him, he tolerates my existence as his food giver. Possible snack if I die in my sleep, or just pass out, which is why I don’t drink, no one wants to wake up from passing out to half a face left. I kid, there are many reasons I don’t drink much, sometimes I will indulge in an adult beverage treat. Not often, but sometimes a nice margarita is in order, or vodka, as it has no carbs.

Right now I sit here drinking my bullet proof coffee, contemplating life as I know it. It is a good life, I have zero complaints. Ok, you got me, one, I would really like it if Dean Cain just showed up at my doorstep, it would make my quasi-stalking him so much easier. I am incredibly lazy and I just stalk him on twitter, so there you have it, my Achilles heel if you will.

Ok, so, BBFF sent out the itinerary for next weekend, I became at once exhilarated and exhausted reading it. I seriously cannot wait to see what we all came up with for our Star Wars costumes, this will be epic. Why yes, grown adults dressing up and having a great time, I foresee a lot of laughter this weekend. And awe and shock and greatness. I will be Instagramming live a lot, so if you don’t follow me there you will want to, just to see all the fun.

I have been trying a new product, I mentioned it in passing a few days ago, or was it last week, I forget. But it is Cellis coffee and their supplement Fuse, the “coffee” doesn’t taste like my coffee, but it is good and the Fuse gives you an amazing kick. I am telling you I have never taken anything in supplement form that has given me that much energy and focus. Now I will tell you that there are a lot of health claims made by this company, however, I am the wrong person to try those out on. I have no health problems except so much weight that needs to come off, like a gazillion pounds. I have not noticed a huge difference in that area, but in that companies defense I do a lot of things. I follow a Keto diet, I exercise, I fascia blast and do their coffee and supplement. So I am not a good litmus for that particular claim. I will tell you I forgot to take the Fuse on Wednesday and I was lagging all day, I didn’t know I forgot until I got home and saw the pill sitting by the Nespresso. Which is what I use to make my “coffee” in the mornings, so I know it is not a placebo effect. My friend is a distributor, anyone interested in trying it, let me know and I will connect you to her.

On a different topic, I am once again rolling my eyes at all of the Facebook (always Facebook) posts proclaiming just do what makes you happy. Seriously! Stop! Do what makes your soul joyous, don’t get me wrong, happy is a good thing, however, one simply does not do everything that makes one happy. Example, if I did what makes me happy I would quit my job and stalk Dean Cain full time, I mean not stalk, um, read, yes that’s it, read Dean Cain’s twitter feed full time. If I did what makes me happy I would stuff my face full of puffy Cheetos and diet coke and read books 24/7. I would also eat nothing but chocolate and watch old episodes of Lois and Clark. So doing what makes me happy is not necessarily good for me. Find your souls joy, search for that, and some seriously need to find Jesus. That is no joke, He can give you great joy and peace. I have that joy and peace and I wouldn’t give it up for anything, not puffy Cheetos, not diet coke, not for all of the chocolate in the world. The chaos of the world will seem insignificant in comparison. Oh and get some friends as good as the ones I have.

BFF met Johnny Lee this week and he knows Dean Cain, one step closer people.

I feel better having gotten all of that out, everyone have a great day, a good weekend and may you discover great joy in your life. As usual any comments or question can be left here or sent to me at

Differing Opinions Not Wanted Here

Lately, well, not lately, it’s been happening since I have been on facebook, people post things like if you don’t agree with what I post don’t comment. I can understand that, no one wants differing opinions, what kind of crazy world would that be, someone who doesn’t think like me! Madness!

Well, here’s mine, if you have negative things to say about snow and cold weather, please move on. Say it on your page, I promise you I will not say a word on your negative post. As for my positive snow and cold weather post, move on, I don’t want to hear your negativity, unless said in a playful, teasing manner. I have friends who tease me about my love of winter, they do it in good fun and do it well. To those, this is not directed at you.

This is to the ones who feel the need to be incredibly belligerent and ugly about it, and they are people that don’t really know me. Today I had one who just wouldn’t let it go, so, me being me, I just eviscerated her in a nice way. I thought it was nice, it was nice for me, ok. Well she told me to f off, her words, not mine, unfriended me and blocked me. Well that taught me, you know what it taught me, I’m going to tell you. It taught me if I am honest and speak my mind on my own page then the right people will be offended and leave.

I find I am not suffering fools lately, it is probably my job that is making me like this. The phone calls of people that really don’t understand what they have in their own homes is astounding. Tech support is not for the faint of heart. I have incredibly stressful days, I need my dream of snow, and Dean Cain. Those are really the only two things I have left, those dreams, everything else has gone by the wayside.

My dream of remaining skinny while eating nothing but puffy Cheetos and swigging diet coke is a thing of the past. I also found eating nothing but a diet of sugar is a no go as well. I have given up so much, I can‘t give up snow and Dean, I shan’t. I don’t care how inane it makes me, I’m holding out hope for both!

I feel better, thank you for listening to my rant, it is a mini one tonight but one I needed to get out of my system.

As usual any comments or questions can be sent to angie@angieworld, or left here.

My Friends are Way Better Than Yours

I’m just going to say the thing that you’re not supposed to say, my friends are way better than everyone else’s. In the universe.

That is a sweeping statement, an incendiary one at that, one I am sure people will take umbrage with.

I shall make my case: I received a phone call from BBFF Thursday night telling me that David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, will be at Wizard World!!!! David Tennant people! Arguably one of the best Doctor’s, and we get to meet him!! I have to tell you he has the best GF in the universe. I can hardly wait for our adventure!

I called Elizabeth Anne, who did the daughterly thing, she yelled and screamed like she knew who I was talking about. I appreciated her efforts.

My friends are way better than everyone else’s. I don’t even think it is arguable at this point. Oh and I have another friend who has a friend that is currently looking for Dean lookalikes while he is doing drills. A man in uniform that looks like Dean Cain? Yes please.

So on that note, I shall take my leave of you all. Any comments or questions or Dean lookalikes can be left here or sent to me at

Corrections and New Products

Is it acceptable to correct spelling and grammar mistakes on Facebook? Of course the human answer is no, it is not acceptable, but the scholarly answer is shouldn’t it be acceptable? Do people really want to go around ignorant to their poor spelling and grammar skills? Shouldn’t they want to know? I want to know if I make a mistake (thank you Elizabeth Anne), I have friends and family who let me know when I make a mistake so I can correct it.

however, the non-logical side of me recognizes not everyone appreciates being corrected, especially in a public forum. So I bite my tongue, or fingers as it were, and allow the ignorance to run rampant on social media.

That felt good, ok, I’m done with that topic, on to other things.

I have a few things I am trying out, one of them being a different cup of coffee. The product is called Cellis, I decided to try a three day free trial. It was a cup of coffee and something called fuse. When I tell you the results were so amazing after three days I had to order a month’s worth of the stuff. It gives energy that lasts all day and it is the kind of energy I love, kinetic energy, one where I am slightly bouncy. I literally want to walk into a room full of people and loudly proclaim it bounce day! Bounce with me people!

I cannot wait to see how much energy it gives me for Wizard World, I’d like to apologize up front for my peppiness to BBFF and his GF. I’d like to, but I am sure many live videos will be incredibly entertaining. So I shan’t.

Back to the product, it is supposed to promote health and weight loss as well, I read some testimonials and people have said they make bullet proof coffee with it. I have done the same and it is very good, I will report back in a month to let you know if it helped with the weight loss. Keto is helping a lot, I know I am looking better, I have now gotten into two pairs of jeans I was unable to wear previously, so yay me.

Wizard World is quickly approaching and Dr Who madness has taken over, as has Star Wars mania. I shall be dressing up as General Leia from The Force Awakens. I do believe all three of us are going as characters from that movie, very exciting stuff. If you are not following me on Instagram, I suggest you go over and do so. @angieb_64, that is my Instagram name, so many fun videos and photos will be posted.

After that will be the trip to Montana! Incredibly excited for that as well, a true road trip and girl trip. All in one! We have a special instagram account for that and I will tell you about that when the time gets closer.

As for me, well today is Tess day and she is spending the night, since I will not be able to get her the next two times I usually would, I thought a sleepover was in order.

I hope you all have a great weekend, if you have any comments, questions, corrections or criticisms you can leave them here or contact me at

Two Rants for the Price of One

I have a couple of things today, I find I am incredibly irritated. First off, people on the highway, find your gas pedal! I found myself completely astounded at the way people drive, and every single time this weekend it was a Chevy vehicle. So, Chevy drivers, this is for you.

It seems you are very capable of finding that brake pedal, but the gas pedal completely confounds you. Perhaps if you switched to a Ford, that would help you. Or maybe driving lessons, whatever the holdup is, I need you to fix it, or move out of my way. And while we are discussing driving, why on earth are there so many police cars on the road today? I seriously don’t even know what the speed limit is, I had to find a sign, and yes, I slowed down. No, I did not get pulled over, thank goodness I still have my looks and they find me charming if I do get pulled over. I digress, I need everyone to just move out of my way and allow me to speedily get to my destination. In this case it was work, wait, maybe I didn’t want to get there. Oh maybe it was the universe telling me to check my lotto tickets. Oh wait, I didn’t buy any and I don’t believe in the whole universe thing.

1st rant over, on to the second one of the day. If you know me for more than five minutes you know I am a huge OU fan. OU being University of Oklahoma, I was born at OU hospital, literally, my grandfather was a fan, my dad was a fan. In fact that is how my dad and I bonded, over OU games. Having said that, do not come on my Facebook and try and “school” me on OU football, at all. You know how some people say if your opinion is different than mine regarding political issues, even if they are wrong, they don’t want you to correct them or debate them or anything else. Well, that is the way I am about OU football, or anything having to do with OU. Just don’t. Some fool came on my post regarding the OU win to try and correct me and my BBFF. I was like whaaaatt! Who are you???? Gone, deleted and blocked, I have to admit I didn’t really know this person anyway, so no big loss, just don’t do that to me. I don’t go on other people’s posts and try and correct them or lay down some knowledge on them. If I wanted to be corrected I would ask for it, I would say please correct me if I’m wrong, or someone educate me, please. I did neither, please move along, oh wait, I moved you along.

There two rants for the price of one, on a side note, BBFF’s GF’s uncle played for OU. Huge bonus points for that one.

I was very happy that OU won their season opener, I did not recognize the school. I happened to be at a birthday party at a bowling alley and saw the game being broadcast. I said to my friend Gladys, who is that school?? I have never even heard of them, it was a Florida school, that even now I can’t remember their name. But Gladys said oh here’s my friend who is from Florida, I wish I could remember her name, she was very nice. She said oh yes, they are well known in Florida and was actually undefeated last season and now the old coach from UM is there. I wanted to ask what UM is, University of Michigan? University of Missouri? Who knows, but anyway, she said it was a huge honor for them to even be on the field with the top ranked OU and it didn’t even matter that they lost.

So there you have my football talk for the month, I promise. Any comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Accents, not for the faint of heart

Elizabeth Anne and I were having an interesting discussion the other day. Well, we have interesting discussions most days, but this day we found ourselves on the topic of accents and regions.

We found ourselves discussing how so many people think a Texas accent is a Southern accent. For the record, it’s not, if you think it is, travel to Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi or even Arkansas. Louisiana is Southern, but they have their own special accent and a lot of them, there is New Orleans accents, Cajun accents and a combination. The Carolina’s have low country accents and they have Charlestonian accents. It can become confusing, however, they do not have Texan accents.

Texans are a strange combination of the Southerners that fled here after the civil war, my great grandparents being among them, South of the Border, and yes, Northerners.

For the record, Oklahomans aren’t Southerners either, my family has the uniqueness of having a Southern grandmother, who had a genuine Southern Belle mother. I had lessons in how to walk in a hoop skirt, because she was convinced the fashion was going to make a comeback.

However, she was born in Ft Worth, Texas, so my bloodline is further confused.

Back to accents, a true Southern accent does not include the word aint, caint, seed (as in I aint never seed nothin like that) and yes I have heard that phrase in public. A person with a true Southern accent does speak English. With flare. I should know, my grandmother had a way of turning a phrase. My own mother (adopted mother for those keeping track) was actually born in Arkansas, where her mother was from. My mom didn’t have an accent, she abhorred bad grammar, I was taught by the best. She was an amazing woman who knew that a skillfully turned phrase could turn a persons day around. Or it could be used as a sharp edged weapon, full disclosure, she really did try and curb that tendency in myself.

Texans are a prideful people, they know they are in a category unto themselves, yet they also know how to accept outsiders. Something they have over true Southerners, breaking into a Southern community as anything other than being from that region is a daunting prospect.

When I lived in Georgia I fared fairly well, as my great-great grandmother was from there and surprisingly was remembered. Me being her descendent was a bonus, I was marginally accepted.

When I moved to Texas I was further accepted, because everyone in my neighborhood was from elsewhere. New York was represented, Oklahoma, California and some native Texans were as well.

I have been told I don’t really have an accent, I do, but it is not Southern, Texan or Georgian, it is Owassoan.

I will always be American first, Oklahoman second and a Texas dweller by choice. Viking and German by genetics, but that is a whole different Angie World.

You know if you have a hick, redneck or backwoods accent, please stop confusing this with Southern. Watch Gone with the Wind for real Southern accents. But not Louisiana accents, once again, those are a league unto themselves, and they are amazing. All of them.

I may be a little buzzed from all of the caffeine I have had today, but it is true, all of it.

I sit here, writing this, with an old episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the background. I find I am still blown away from the greatness that is Joss Whedon. Can we all take a moment to thank God Almighty for creating such an amazing storyteller. Cordelia Chase is still one of my favorite characters and I am really glad Hulu has these amazing episodes.

I know I may take a lot of heat for this, but all of the words are true. If you really want to speak Southern, seriously, watch GwtW. Otherwise realize you’re not speaking Southern, you are speaking Texan. Which is wonderful in its own way, I have a friend that speaks Texan. He speaks English, with that Texan accent, it’s awesome.

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Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday to my oldest son, Jeffrey Andrew, I am extremely grateful God chose to give you to me.

I was a terrified girl when you were born, when they whisked you off to the neonatal unit I was beyond scared. But you were such a little fighter. Well, not little, weighing in at 8 pounds and 10 1/2 ounces. With your jet black hair and big blue eyes it was love before first sight.

I loved you before you were born, that love grew after you were born. I am so proud of the man that you have become.

Watching you grow and take on the responsibilities you have, it is amazing. I thank God every day that He decided I would be your mom.

You were an old soul right from the start. When you were three, we were driving somewhere, probably the mall. Out of the blue you said “I miss Jesus” I said well son he’s always with us. You said “no, I mean before I was here. In heaven. He played ball with me.”

I promise you I almost drove the car off the road! Another time we were passing the fire station and you said you wanted to be the one that worked on the fire trucks. I asked why that as opposed to being a fireman. You said you wanted to make sure the fire trucks would always be able to get the firemen to the fires.

I love you so much, I’d love to be able to take credit for the man you became, but I think you were that way before you were here.

Happy Birthday son.

My Surprise

God has blessed me extraordinarily, not with wealth, power or fame (is fame a blessing or curse?), but with people, friends, good friends.

I had dinner last night with BBFF and his GF. Since they credit me with their having met; for the record, I believe God would have found a way to bring them together without me being the catalyst, but hey, I will happily take the credit; they wanted to bring happiness to my life. They had this amazing presentation that GF worked hard on and it was epic.

Now, before I go further, I am going to let you all in on a little secret. The dinner would have sufficed as a thank you. Actually, the toy mustang they had sent to me was awesome! I love that as well, it was the perfect gift, and it made me laugh with joy. Never in my entire life would I have expected what was to come.

Are you ready? Are you sitting down? I will preface this with the rest of my friends need to step up their game. J

They are taking me to Wizard Word, comic-con in Austin, TX! Where it is rumored Dean Cain will make an appearance! DEAN CAIN!

Charisma Carpenter will be there! Anyone who knows me, knows I love Charisma Carpenter, her Cordelia Chase is still one of the best characters to grace TV land.

Are you ready for this one? Peter Capaldi!! Whom we will get to meet!! Peter freakin Capaldi people! If you don’t know why I am so excited about this, well then you don’t really know me at all.

To say that I am blown away by their thoughtfulness is a serious understatement.

BBFF and I have been best friends for over 20 years, to see him with someone that compliments his personality as is not only beautiful on the outside but gorgeous on the inside as well.

My mother used to tell me that true beauty, real beauty starts on the inside and works its way outward. GF exemplifies this completely and that she has embraced his world and encourages his nerdiness and compliments it with her own brand of nerdiness is icing on the cake.

I am stupidly excited for our adventure, even if I don’t get to meet Dean Cain, this is going to be the adventure of the decade, nay, the century. Thank you so much to GF, your embracing the friendship between BBFF and myself and also going the extra mile and getting to know me as a person. This relationship has my full support and blessing. I am going to truly enjoy seeing what God has in store for the two of you on this journey you have embarked on. Thank you for allowing me to witness it.

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Alexa Frustration

This is how my morning went:

Alexa play Foreigner.

I am walking out of the room when she answers and a cacophony of horrendousness fills the air. Me: Alexa what is that? Alexa: Florida Georgia Line. Me: Alexa play FOREIGNER. I am somewhat soothed as the opening salvo of Cold as Ice permeates the air.

It’s like she doesn’t know me at all, isn’t Florida Georgia Line a country band? Country!

What part of my entire being says to play that? Nothing, that’s what, I’ll answer for you.

I went to Target yesterday to find birthday gifts for a 7 year old little boy. While I was in the toy aisle I spied something for me, something I love and have loved since I was five years old. A Duncan Butterfly yoyo, in red, and why yes, I did purchase said yoyo for myself. If spending $4.00 on me makes me happy, I’m going to do it.

Now you know all of my secrets going into the weekend, I have nothing left to tell. Oh, wait, yes I do, upon some sleuthing between me and someone else, I found out my neighbors are all alive and well and have moved to a different state. So happy no one is dead, I guess they just purged everything in their entire life and picked up and left. Sometimes we have to do that, purge, pick up and leave. I’ve done it, I know others who have done it as well, it can be a soul lifting experience.

I have a very busy weekend, Tess, family dinner, birthday party then finding out what my surprise is from BBFF and his GF. They have a presentation, who knew I was presentation worthy! I will update you all on what it is, I am equal parts wary, excited and down right terrified.

I have now watched Avengers Infinity War 5 times, 5 times I have watch Loki die at the hands of Thanos. 5 times I have cried for Loki and thought how much I will miss his delightfully evil ways. I wonder how much Tom Hiddleston was paid for his 10 minutes of screen time? I think I may have to google that, I don’t know why that suddenly popped into my head. But there you have it, randomness at it’s very best.

I am trying my hand at pork carnitas for dinner tonight, wish me luck, it smells heavenly right now.