Soapbox Tuesday

I’m a stress eater, I admit it, when I am stressed I turn to food. It comforts me, it is faithful, always there, ready to be consumed. I also grieve eat, when my mother passed away I ate a whole pan of cinnamon rolls. Horrifying is what it is. The only time I don’t eat is when I am happy, as you can all see by my obiesity, I am rarely happy. Of course happiness is an emotion I find trite as it is fleeting.
I think I would be good if my life had less stress. I know what you are thinking, reduce your stress dummy, well much easier said than done. The stress is not of my making, if I were causing my own stress I could get rid of it. , change it, make it better, however, since I am not the source of my stress there is nothing to fix. So there we have it, with me left to want to surround myself with bags of puffy cheetos and diet coke. Sounds like stress relief to me.
So, for those of you feeling sorry for Kristen Stewart in this cheating mess she caused for herself, the information that the affair has been going on for six months. Also, that public apology, Robert Pattinson forced her into writing. He wanted everyone to know this was all on her. I don’t blame him one little bit. In fact this is a very Angie move. He has also kicked her out of that house they shared, was not her idea to leave. I have to say, I seriously love him. Good for him for lashing out. I know he went on his knees and thanked God he didn’t have a child with this lying whore.
I read a review online blasting 50 Shades of Grey, finally a reviews that can actually read. This book was written at a third grade level, actually I believe a third grader would have a better grasp of syntax and grammar. Pitiful is what it is, that the American public is gobbling this thing up. It is not romantic people! It is not even literature, is is, I don’t know what it is, however, it i a valid argument for a good old fashioned book burning.
My soapbox is starting to sink as I have run out of steam. I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday.

Summer Fun

Well it was another jam-packed weekend, Friday Tessa was supposed to come spend the night, however she was not feeling very well, so she was not able to. So I pick up the Irishman’s girls and they play until bed time, then the next day it was the pool for some water and sun fun. The amazing news came that Tess was all better and able to come and spend the night Saturday night. What great news! She came and the three of them had a grand time, playing outside with bubbles and chasing not one but two squirrels up a tree. Tessa is absolutely convinced that she is going to capture one for a pet one day.
Then it was bedtime and Sunday morning it was off to Target to get a swimsuit for Tess then fun in the sun and water. 4 hours of fun, thank goodness for SPF 50, the Irishman’s children are still pale and Tessa is a nice golden brown. With Italian and Native American heritage, well she is going to be able to tan to a golden brown without burning.
Not much sleep last night, Sunday nights are hard for me in the sleep department, it is ever allusive until around 1 AM, then I fall deeply asleep only to be awakened by the soothing tones of Andrea True Connection. Jarring is what it is, I so badly want to sleep, however I will not get that until tonight, then I will be out like a light.
This week will be a busy one, as Jess has me working on my day off, someone tell me why I did not choose the install time for the UVerse??? I could have done that without asking him! I could have chosen a later time, oh the woes of being a good friend!

Freedom of Religion

I have kept silent on this issue for a long time and with recent events I feel the need to express my thoughts. I want to get this straight, people are shocked and outraged that a company, that has not hidden the fact that the owners are Christian, are against gay marriage. Also people are shocked and outraged by Kirk Cameron saying he is against gay marriage. First off, let’s consider what happened here, both of these people were asked a question point-blank about their views on the topic. Both answered honestly. They did not take a full-page ad out in the paper, they didn’t specifically go on television to say these things. They answered a question honestly, and also, last time I looked this country still has freedom of religion (oh yeah the reason the pilgrims first came here) and freedom of speech.
Why so much vitriol directed at these two entities? Why are people so shocked? Seriously, everyone has the right to believe the way they do, in this country, not all countries. Are you going to boycott products from countries that kill gay people? Perhaps you all should research all of the things you purchase since you are so morally upright and fight for gay rights. Let’s get real, shall we, this is a hot topic right now, a hot button if you will. People are jumping a the bandwagon, seeing the people who don’t agree with them as the enemy.
When I don’t agree with someones views, I talk to them about what they believe and why, at times we have a friendly debate, others, we agree that we don’t see eye to eye on this subject but shall remain friends. I do not vilify them for what they believe, I don’t call them names, I don’t see them as my enemy, unless they are killing people over said views. That is a whole different story, I guess I was raised differently, I was raised in a household that believed in good old-fashioned debates, friendly banter and at the end of the day America was still the best country. Freedom of Religion was its foundation, Freedom of Speech was appreciated, for if we go in silence we never know the views of anyone, until it is too late. I believe Germany learned a lesson on that one.
In conclusion, I would like everyone to take a moment, reflect on their own behavior over this whole mess, appreciate that you have the freedom to say what you think. And respect others for their freedom as well.

Public Apologizing

Yesterday Kristen Stewart issued a public apology for cheating, as did the married man she cheated with. It makes one think, should everyone who cheats on their partner have to issue a public apology? Or only when the photos are leaked?
I for one believe this to be an excellent idea, can you imagine how it would cut down on those cheating incidents if the perpetrators knew they would have to face the world and own up to their actions. Telling people that they are sorry they let them down, in the case of the married man he has to apologize to his wife and children. He has let them all down because why? Oh yeah he couldn’t keep his pants on. Seriously if you are going to betray the one that is there for you, supports you through the tough times and good times, if you are going to be doing these things, you should have to publicly apologize.
I seriously don’t get this one, this man’s wife is absolutely beautiful, while Kristen Stewart is not so much. Let’s face it, she has a horse face and the body of a young pubescent boy, while her married lover’s wife is an ex-model and played her mother in the Snow White movie. Somehow that just blows my mind, Kristen Stewart you are such scum, you destroyed not only your significant other’s world, you destroyed three other people as well. How does it feel? Do you feel good about yourself now?? Do the cheaters feel good about themselves when it is revealed that they are indeed scummy human beings? I would love to hear from women who have done this, and been caught. How do you feel? Please comment, we all want to know. 

Joy and the pursuit of Happiness

I started my morning with Elton John and Kiki Dee and moved on to Kirk Franklin featuring God’s Property. The songs Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart and Stomp, could one start their day better? I think not.
The song Stomp has gotten me through a lot of tough times through the years, it was released in 1996, and it holds the test of time. It is as relevant today as it was then, whenever I hear it I get fired up. Fired up is the only phrase that I can put to the way it makes me feel.
In this culture the pursuit of happiness is tantamount; however, happiness is fleeting, pursuing joy, peace, that is what we should be doing. Do you know that the Bible does not one single time tell us that we should be happy? Happiness is such a fleeting thing, thing being the operative word, trusts me when I tell you things make me happy. I have great joy and peace in the Lord, that is what, was promised us in the bible, peace, joy, love, when Jesus was here he even said if you follow me you will know persecution, buy you will have great joy. Joy and peace last an eternity, happiness lasts a moment in time, I think people in this society have it all backwards, I hear the word happy banded about like it is the end all and be all of everything one works toward. I think that once you stop doing that, you will be at peace, which for your soul is much better; I would rather be peaceful and joyous than happy.
When Buffy died and the Scooby gang brought her back, she told Spike her soul was at peace, she didn’t say she was happy in the hereafter, she said she was at peace. She believed she had been in heaven. Joss Whedon got it right; he never once put the words on paper that she had been happy, he wrote words saying in heaven she had been at peace.
So there you have it folks, my beliefs, you can agree, you can disagree, however they are mine. I fully believe when I die, and go to heaven, I will be at peace, and know greater joy than I have ever experienced here on earth. Especially if God sees fit to put me in the sitcom portion of heaven, my life has played like one, so I see no issues there. Or perhaps in the Dramedy section, I am sure they have one, and I shall be there!

Sitcom Heaven

Yesterday the world learned the news that Sherman Hensley passed away, he had several hit sitcoms on the airwaves at one time. He will forever be known as George Jefferson though, his most well-known, beloved characters. His television wife Louise, or as he called her Wheezy, played by Isabel Sanford, she has passed away in 2004. It begs the question, when stars of sitcoms die are they reunited with their television spouses in heaven? When God designed the universe there were no such things as sitcoms, however, God is omniscient, so he would have known they were coming. So did he make provisions? Will George be reunited with Wheezy? When David Schwimmer and Jennifer Anniston die will Ross and Rachel be forever together? After all he is her lobster. What about Archie Bunker? Is he in that area or is there a separate area for him since Carol O’Connor was on In the Heat of the Night as well, OMG Andy is once again with Barney and Aunt Bea. Now that is something I would like to see when I get there.
I tried to get my cube mate Jason involved in this conversation, however he very plainly told me he was not taking this ride with me. I said, get in the car Jason, he said no, he was walking into a metaphoric field. So you know what I did, yes, I drove off into the field trying to engage him in this hypothesis of TV stars. No go.
I will engage with you now, my faithful readers, do you think George and Wheezy are together? Do you think they are sitting down with Archie in his bar right now to catch up on happenings in the old neighborhood? Or are they back in their deluxe apartment in the sky with George walking on Mr. Bentley’s back? These are questions philosophers will be discussing for generations to come. And I started the debate, I shall take credit for this one, perhaps there will be textbooks written on the subject with a byline reading: Introduced by Angie. I would like that. So discuss amongst yourself, let me know what you think, upon ending I want to thank Sherman Hensley for all of the laughter and smiles he brought to me over the years.

Aurora, Colorado

Nothing frivilous today I am afraid, my thoughts are with the victims in the Aurora, CO shooting victims. I keep reading reports where everyone wants to blame America for this, our gun laws in particular. I am astounded by this, blame the perpetrator, not the the weapons, and to place the blame on America, Bill Mahr said America Sucks, well, Bill, go live in Norway. A seemingly peaceful place that a madman went on a rampage and killed 69, he planted a bomb in a neighborhood that killed 8 more people, mostly teenagers at a camp. He wasn’t American, so how did that happen? This happens everywhere, not just here, I am sickened by some of the comments being made by people who just want to further their own agenda and will use this tragedy to do it.
Aurora, CO is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to, I love the state of Colorado, with its majestic mountains and beautiful landscapes. The people are friendly and welcoming, I have always felt at home there. I know without a doubt the people there welcomed this young man from California and tried to integrate him into the community. It’s what they do there, it’s ingrained within them, if you have ever been and not just for skiing you know what I mean. I have a deep love for the state and the people, my heart is just broken for them right now.
I will end this entry with just a thought on the victims, you are all in my thoughts and prayers, I pray for the survivors, I pray for the families of the dead. You will never be forgotten and justice will prevail.

Proper Vetting

Finally someone will hold Penn State accountable for their, inaction is not the right word, they knew what was going on, turned a blind eye and kept the offender not only employed, but gave him privileges after he retired. They enabled a serial child molester to keep doing what he was doing, which was to hurt young boys. They didn’t care, after all the children he was hurting were the throw away children, the boys that came from broken homes, low income homes. Who had no chance of paying the steep admission into their club, the club being Penn State, who cares if this man hurts a few young boys from broken homes they probably thought. Now they know, the whole country cares, this should be a lesson for all single mothers out there, keep your children close and question everyone who wants contact with them. Especially contact that enables adults to be alone with the children, I know you are going to argue you can’t be hyper vigilant, well, yes you can. I was, I didn’t allow anyone to be alone with my children unless they were properly vetted, you think I’m kidding but I’m not. Even today when they are adults, I am choosy about who I introduce them to, of course now I have to think about Tessa as well.
People this is not that hard, protect your children! Seriously, when you become a parent it is not about you anymore, you take a back seat, you are not the most important thing in your world. Your children are, whether you have one or 20, take responsibility, just because someone is deemed important in your community don’t be flattered they want to mentor your child. Trust your instincts, more than one parent of these boys did and went to authorities, they were ignored, it is shameful what went on in that whole college town.
Whew, heavy subject for a Monday, I hope you all have a great day, stay cool, literally.

Strawberry Cake and other Addictions

A few weeks ago Kissa and a I began bugging Kay to make a cake we had dreamed up in our heads, strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, a fresh strawberry on top drizzled with chocolate sauce. Every day we talked about this cake, we would beg her to make it, she would look at us like we were crazy. Finally, last Monday, she arrived to work with the cake, I, for one thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was too much for me, I had to have it, at that point there was no reasoning, no thought process, just deep desire for this amazing creation. I didn’t care about Weight Watcher points, I just knew deep in my soul that cake was the one for me. With my first bite I knew we were soul mates, the cream cheese frosting was homemade, not out of a container, the way it felt on my tongue, well, I knew that I could not stop at one taste. I ate the whole piece of cake, it was nothing short of amazing. I have no regrets, I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Food is my weakness, if someone showed up at my door with that strawberry cake and some Taco Bueno I would run away with them. My favorite indulgence at Taco Bueno is the Mucho Nachos, they are 49, yes 49 Weight Watcher points. I tend to make that a two day experience, I eat half one day and the other half the next, and it is all I eat all day as I only get 26 points a day. But it is worth it, the seasonings, the blend of the refried beans, the cheddar cheese, mixed with sour cream, guacamole, ground beef and the chips, well it is pure bliss. It is something that allows you to know that you are truly loved.
I have a contentious relationship with food, I love it, it puts weight on me, big time, I would love to be one of those super thin (Tammi) people that eat whatever they want and never gain weight. God did not make me that way, He gave me this deep love of food and put me into a body that is round and will get rounder if I eat everything I want. So, therefore I fight my urges, I am like a meth addict, taking one day at a time to fight my addiction, slipping up at times and getting right back on the wagon the next day.
I wonder if anyone else has any addictions like I do, not drugs or alcohol but food, television, word games things I am addicted to. Let me know.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday, go to the pool, or lake, the pond or create a puddle outside, stay cool and enjoy life.

Everyone Should Wear Red in Jersey

Friday is here once again and I am so tempted to stop into my favorite hangout and treat myself to a coffee. I can quit you Starbucks, I don’t know what power you hold over me, but I like it. I like the way the coffee smells when you grind the beans, when you make the actual coffee and when you pour it into the cup and add all of the goodies, well the flavor is near heaven. I know without a doubt our relationship, no matter how contentious at times it becomes, will continue for a long time. You are my nirvana.
For those of you wondering, I have not forgotten about Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. This episode saw Joey Gorga telling his wife why she should not wear red around him in front of people. It makes Tarzan way too happy, wow, all women should be so lucky to have such a man in their lives. One that when he sees his woman can barely control himself, makes me want to move to Jersey and see if there are more of him there. Or take the Irishman there and see if any Italian ways will rub off on him.
Melissa and Gia acquitted themselves very nicely at Beatstock, I do think Teresa should have a talk with her girls and let them know the things they say about their aunt are not very nice. Perhaps they should be taught not to repeat everything they hear at home, interesting how Miliania totally tells the world how Juicy Joe lives in a different room from Teresa. She tries to pretty that one up in her blog, but I’m not buying. She is not a happily married woman at the point this was filming and it shows. I do hope things get better with her and her husband, I am rooting for her to succeed, as I find myself rooting for all of the women on here and their families. I don’t think I have ever been so invested in a reality show, in fact I don’t watch them, this is the only one. I have no idea why it fascinates me so much, but it does and I have no shame regarding said fascination.
Here is to a fabulous Friday people, I hope you have a fantastic day!

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