Another Starbucks Friday

Happy Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a fantastic day today! I am so very ready for the weekend; it has been a long stressful week at work. I usually am never stressed about work issues, as I believe they are all moo points. But this week has just been well, hmmmm, my very own version of hell week. I am mentally drained, emotionally beat up, and physically exhausted, I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight!
I will be shoe shopping this weekend, I admit it. But I have a valid reason, I have two DSW $5.00 off coupons that will expire on Monday, how can I not use them? Plus I will be helping the economy, plus keeping a beloved business up and running. I wonder if anyone out there has a shopping obsession like I have with shoes. I have a friend who has a denim obsession, she buys tons of high end denim, I am talking $200.00 a pair denim. I do not have that obsession, I do have an obsession with BCBG though, I love them, so amazing.
Tuesday begins my total lifestyle change, no more indulging; this weekend is it, any thoughts on what I should eat? I know Mexican is on the menu, Taco Bueno a must, maybe a Frito chili pie, or two. Diet cherry, vanilla Dr Pepper, a must have. Beginning Tuesday I will no longer be drinking diet soda, no sugar, no anything really. For two weeks I suggest no one speak to me, I will not be in the best of moods. I also will be back at the gym starting next week. YUCK. I hate working out, with a passion, I resent that I have to; I resent the fact that God did not bless me with a metabolism that would allow me to eat whatever I want and stay skinny.
I seriously don’t understand it, I mean, he gave me great hair, a great shape, incredibly pretty face, a personality that people would love to have, yet, a metabolism that would make me 300 pounds if I ate whatever I wanted. It is God’s little joke on me, I am going to give you all of these great components, however, with a twist, a challenge. I would like to think that everyone has a challenge in life; however, I have seen enough to know that is not always the case. Some people have it all, looks, brains, talent, no weight issues whatsoever. Crazy nuts.
Ok, peeps, I am totally outy, I hope everyone has a Starbucks kind of day!


I may have to rethink the eating thing. My jeans are too big this morning. I am uncomfortable as I like my jeans skin tight. I am going to be the funniest looking 90 year old in the nursing home, with skin tight bellbottom jeans. Get ready for it people, it is going to happen! That is all I have today! How’d you like that!

Shout out to Linda!

I am having a hard time getting started today; I took something to help me sleep last night and am still feeling the effects. It is new shoe Wednesday and I am wearing my new T-strap, plum colored peep toe pumps by Steve Madden. Love him; you will be seeing him on my feet a lot this spring and summer. I am very enamored right now.
I ate myself sick yesterday evening, thin mints, they are my kryptonite. I figure I better eat them now; I will not be eating them next week!
I think it is time for acrylic nails again, I have not had them in years, but I find myself wanting them, also a pedicure is in order this weekend. It is sandal season here in North Texas and I am in need. There is nothing worse than bad feet in strappy sandals. I mean seriously, you can even perform a do it yourself pedicure and get decent looking feet. Ladies step up! Get those feet looking cute, they have been incased in boots and socks all winter, now is the time to show off pretty toes with cute polish! And your heels please do not neglect the heels of your feet! You may not be able to see them, but we can!
I have something exciting to share, however, I cannot share it as of yet. When I can you all will be, well probably the 8th or 9th to know. I can’t say the first, because I will verbally tell people before writing it up here.
Very excited for the weekend! Have plans to get together with Linda, she and I have not been to a store together, well, wow, since I took the kids on a train trip to visit them up in Michigan, Alex and Christopher were just babies. I can’t wait! She is so much fun to be around. Never a dull moment with Linda and her crew! Have you ever met someone that when you walk into their home you instantly feel like you are part of the family? Well that is my friend Linda, her home was always warm and welcoming and full of activity! Not to mention a great cook.
Alright peeps I am totally outy for now! See ya tomorrow!

Mary Kay Epiphany

Yesterday I felt Sandi talking to me, loud and clear. First I got five Mary Kay orders, five, I was able to fill the orders as I have inventory, but I needed to place an order. I went online, it is still extremely difficult to go to the Mary Kay website, but I did it. I placed my order, and then went on to register for Career Conference. That is a huge deal for me; I have never attended a Mary Kay function without Sandi. I have a hard time visualizing it, what made it a little easier is that it will be in an entirely different place than previous years. I will be honest, I was not going to go, and I couldn’t even entertain the thought. But we were having our monthly luncheon and Wanda said she was going; she was the only one from out unit enrolled. Sandi would not want Wanda to go alone, so, I made sure she will not be there alone. I will be there with her.
I still miss her every day, I think I always will, especially when it comes to anything Mary Kay, it will always be bitter sweet.
So, everyone, I am back to my normal Mary Kay self and taking orders and delivering with style! Don’t hesitate to order! You can even go online and order on my website thanks for your support!

Monday Musings

Today is Monday and I am having an amazing hair day! Ok, I discovered this website called and everyday at 11:00 am Central time they have amazing deals. Well they had this Iso Straightener that is normally over $100.00 for $20.00, I thought why not. So I ordered it, it came; I was so excited I ripped it out of the box and tried it immediately. Now I know what you are thinking, what is so special about a straightener, well, I have extremely curly hair and it is very had to get it straight. This straightener is amazing, the first day I used it my hair was very curly I had not used the blow dryer to get it straight. Miracle of miracles the straightener worked!! My hair looks amazing!
So, it is Monday and I have actually received a message from a friend that has some good things for me, I will be messaging her back today to see when we can get together. All ideas and suggestions for wedding are welcomed.
My weekend was fairly drama free, I like that, shopping for groceries on Saturday, a task I detest, I still need to go to Costco, but I feel like I need help with that one. Waiting till next weekend then will drag the Irishman with me. Then yesterday did a little shopping for me, I need new tops like crazy and new capris and skirts, I don’t wear shorts in the summer so these things are essential. I did manage to find 3 new tops, however nothing else. I really want to go to the Allen Outlet Mall, who wants to go with?

Need Help Now

I need help, I am horribly bad at planning, and I have to get started planning this wedding. I want simple, inexpensive, yet nice. Please give your ideas, especially if you have a place that you have been to a wedding, that is in Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco or Mckinney. I would love to have my own caterer, so many places wont allow outside vendors.

Major Mistake

I have made a major mistake; I am the kind of person that can admit that. This whole eating my birthday month away was not the best idea I have had in my lifetime. I feel bloated and huge, not to mention I have had heartburn for a week and have been eating Tums like they are candy. I don’t know that I will do this next year. I can hardly wait for March. I know what you are thinking, just stop eating, however, I have committed to this and I will see it through. 8 more days, 8 more days of torture for me, well not really torture, but it is something.
I wonder if there are others out there that have made mistakes and are regretting their course of action. Can you change that course of action? I find I cannot, I am committed and will carry on, what will you do? Will you continue or call it quits? If this were really detrimental to my well being I would like to think I would stop. However, knowing me and the real amounts I eat, it is really not that harmful, it is really the type of food I am eating. So in 8 days I will begin my 500 calorie, 50 grams of protein cleanse, it will last for two weeks, I will be grouchy and irritable and in general not a nice person for those two weeks. Also I will begin working out, I hate working out with a passion, it never gets better for me, those endorphins never kick in. I HATE IT. I cannot say it more emphatically.

Bad First Date

Sorry it has been a few days since I have visited with you all. Tuesday night I actually got to witness the worst first date in the history of mankind. It all started with me accompanying the Irishman to the Guinness pouring contest at Trinity Hall, all proceeds benefited St Baldrick’s Foundation. The Irishman was a judge this year, last year a contestant. So, anyway, I’m sitting there with one of his 1759 friends and this couple sits at the table next to us. The most striking thing was this girl was really pretty, dressed cute, really cute first date outfit, flirty and edgy without contriving to be. The guy, I don’t even know what to say, blue polka dot shirt with a dark blue tee under it, with blue polyester slacks. As he begins to talk, 1759 friend and I begin to pay attention, as it is incredible, the man was doing nothing but talking about himself. He didn’t ask one question of this girl sitting across from him. Whom, by the way, clearly out of his league, he was totally dating up.
He told story after story about his teenage escapades, I almost fell asleep and I grew up in the country, he told her how he got a girl pregnant then told the girl, well I’m not going to marry you, then proceeded to brag on his parenting skills. Every story was designed to make him look amazingly good; however he just came off as a jerk. I happened to be in the restroom at the same time as the girl, she got a phone call, she told the person on the other end, oh I’m out with a friend. Friend. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that the two met on an online dating service. Not a bad thing in this day and age, just a fact. However it was also painfully clear he was not what she was expecting to show up. When the man left the table, 1759 and I actually got to talk to the girl, she was intelligent, capable of conversation; I really don’t understand why the man felt the need to dominate the conversation.
I was really hoping I could give her my number so she could text me to let me know how the date ended. 1759 speculated a light hug in the parking garage and a yawn, its late bit; I wondered how she would get out of seeing him again. Text, polite email, or just ignoring all contact from him, I really wish I knew!
Just a suggestion to all single men out there, and women, don’t dominate the conversation, conversation is just that, give and take. Also dress appropriately, if you are not sure about your wardrobe choices consult a fashion expert. Or research online. Lots of websites out there these days to help you with your fashion choices, for all occasions.
For all of you wondering, yes, you can donate to St Baldrick’s, here is the link to the Irishman’s page:, he is once again shaving his head in solidarity with children who have cancer. He is raising funds for St Baldrick’s in the process, please help with this worthwhile cause!

Happy Valentines Day!

It is so hard to come to work after having a few days off that alarm going off at 3am is just brutal! However, I will enjoy leaving at 1:30 in the afternoon. I know everyone is wondering what I did on my birthday, well the Irishman planned a day for me. First we went to the movies, I love going to the movies, we saw Black Swan, then the huge surprise, he took me shoe shopping! I got 3 new pairs of shoes!! Very exciting. Then it was dinner at Abuelos, I love Mexican food, the Irishman not so much. So much fun, then I saw Elizabeth Anne on Saturday; she got me a shoe rack! We organized my shoes; I have pared it down to 30 pairs, not including boots, tennis shoes and flip flops.
Today I am wearing my new Gianni Bini’s, red closed toe pumps in honor of Valentines Day. I wore them yesterday as well, when I went to lunch with the ladies. We went to this very cute tea room in Plano. Then huge surprise, at the end of the meal the proprietor told us that Wanda’s husband had called and picked up the tab for all of us for Valentines Day! Love Bob, he is such an amazing man. Not just because he paid for our lunch. He is kind and thoughtful and just all around terrific.
Then it was another movie with the Irishman yesterday, Just Go With It, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. I loved that movie, it was funny and sweet, sometimes a little over the top, but one expects that from an Adam Sandler movie.
Tomorrow night the Irishman is going to be a judge in a Guinness pint pouring contest, all of the proceeds going toward St Baldricks foundation. They raise money to fund research for a cure for cancers occurring in children. A very worthwhile charity. If you would like to come there is information on the Irishman’s Facebook page. I will try and see if I can share his link for it. Would love to see everyone come out and be a groupie with me, oh I will be wearing my new Carlos Santana shoes, something for everyone!

Happy Birthday to Me

Well today is the day, my birthday, I can’t decide if I feel older, younger, the same, do I still feel immortal? Am I now mortal? These are the burning questions of the day. I will tell you this, today is an exceptional outfit day, Michael Kors shirt dress with purple suede knee boots, top it off with my purple Coach purse and that is what I call an outfit.
I still love my birthday, I do wonder when I will begin to abhor it, will it be when the wrinkles set in? When there are too many to count? Or will I be proud of my age and shout it to the world? As of now I tell no one my age, I subscribe to my grandmothers way of thinking. Whenever people would ask her how old she was, she would say “old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.” I like that. I just tell people I am 19, it is an obvious lie, however, it makes me feel better. Now through some miracle of science I am younger than all of my children, a heady feeling indeed.
Act your age, a saying we have all heard growing up, I wonder what it means, especially at the age I have become. What does acting ones age mean? What does it mean for me? Should I give up knee high boots? Should I cut my hair in a short hairstyle? Should I be more serious? More staid, steady, dependable, well ok, I am already dependable. But how should one behave at such an advanced age?
One thing I will tell you, for all of my little insecurities, I believe with my whole heart that I am really pretty. I have great hair, pretty eyes and the personality to go with it. My self esteem is very much intact, thanks to amazing parents and grand parents that told me every day that I was beautiful.
I remember one time when I was 16, my mom had a giant Christmas cactus and she wanted my dad to take a picture of it. He didn’t want to just take a picture of the plant so he told me to get behind it. He was looking through the camera lens; he slowly put the camera down and looked at me. It was like he was seeing me for the first time. He said, “You’re pretty.” I said “I know”, he said, “no, you’re really pretty, the get into trouble kind of pretty.” I said “I know, are you going to take that picture or what?” it was after that he began to question my dates a little harder and put the guns in eye range.
I still believe that I am pretty, there might be a couple of more lines around my eyes, a couple of grey hairs (which will be taken care of) and less naiveté, however I still believe.

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