Serious Topic

I know you have all been wondering why I smell so good, it is all due to the free shampoo and conditioner samples I have been getting from If you have not checked them out, please do, not only for the fabtabulous free samples but for the witty comments made by the keeper of the site. You too can smell good!
I have gotten a lot of fun samples from this site.
Ok, you got me, I smelled good before finding these guys but ssssssshhhh don’t tell them!

Tammi Day!

I downloaded a new app, this one is about Greek Gods and Goddesses, and it has a series of quizzes regarding Greek Mythology. I have aced every one of them; I think this app was made for a 5 year old. I thought it would be more of a challenge. Oh well, at least it was a free one!
I officially proclaim today Tammi Day! We all know my proclamations are made into national law in Angie World so let the celebrations begin in honor of Tammi. She and I first met when I moved to Owasso, the summer before eighth grade. I was a city girl out of my element, stuck out in the country, she had moved there the year before from Tulsa, so she was the same. A city girl out of her element, it was instant bonding. We had so much in common, a love of clothes, shoes, music, makeup, tanning and soap operas. Since that initial meeting so much life has happened, she is still my best friend. She is the one person on earth that knows every single thing there is to know about me and still loves me. She is more like my sister than friend. Through thick and thin there she is, no matter how much time passes where we don’t speak when we do again it is like no time has passed.
Let me tell you about this amazing woman, she has a huge heart, she opens it up and loves with everything she has, she isn’t like me, I am very much more cautious than she. She listens, doesn’t judge, and is warm and giving and generous. It doesn’t hurt that she is a former Mrs. Oklahoma and is still amazingly gorgeous, color me green.
So my friend, I lift my Starbucks cup to you and offer this toast, to health, love and life, may you have lengthy bouts of each!

Proud to be an American

Last night I read something on Facebook that just slapped me in the face, my friend Randy posted something on Facebook that created a maelstrom of comments. What Randy posted was not what slapped me in the face; it was one of people commenting on his comment. So, KW this is for you.
I am not well traveled, however, I consider myself well read, well informed and have a large circle of friends that include people from different cultures, ethnicities and who have originated from countries all over the world.
I am well aware of our history as a country, a country I might add that is a mere 235 years old, the other countries of the world have had a lot longer to work on themselves, let’s say that right now. Yes there are things we have done as a whole that were horrific, the way we had slaves, that we bought from Europeans, the way we treated the Irish when they first immigrated here, the way we treated the Japanese during WWII, these are just a few things that have occurred in our history to not be proud of. However, and it is a huge however, we, as a whole, learn from our past and continue to evolve, can other countries say that?
I am extremely proud to be from this country, I am proud of my ancestors who came here and fought for our freedom from England and Mad King George, I am proud of my uncles that fought in WWII, I am proud of my brothers, one who joined the service during Korea and another during the Vietnam conflict. I am proud that my family has fought for everything this country stands for.
I am proud that I live in a nation that fosters free speech so we can know who those people are that do not value human life or equal rights for all. I am proud that I live in a place where I, as a woman, can wear what I want, say what I want, do what I want for a living and not live in fear that I will be stoned to death.
I do what I can in my part of the United States of America to continue to stand up for, not only my rights, but the rights of others, I am a proud Union Activist, and a proud Equal Rights Activist. KW what do you do to make your part of the United States of America a better place for your progeny? If you are so terribly embarrassed to be one of us that can be easily rectified, you can leave. We won’t stop you, that is the beauty of living in a free country, you don’t have to sneak out in fear of being caught, you can simply pack up; get a stamp on your passport and leave. You say that you are obtaining a PhD, is that here in the United States of America? If it is and as you have said you are embarrassed to be one of us, perhaps you should leave and obtain that education someplace less embarrassing.
I am proud to be from the United States of America, I am proud to be an Oklahoman, I am proud to live in the state I have chosen to live in for over 23 years, Texas, I am not always proud of the way we have behaved as a whole, however, I believe we are a country that learns from it’s mistakes, one that evolves and continues growing as a nation. Not all countries can say that, countries that have been around for thousands of years still stone women to death for speaking up, or for trying to work to earn enough to feed their children, they will not allow their people to even leave if they are embarrassed to be from their country of origin, they have to sneak out. We can do whatever we want, within the law of course. In the words of Lee Greenwood “I’m Proud to be an American.”

Wednesdays Thoughts

So last night before I am getting ready to go to bed I check my bank account, there are two charges there that I did not authorize. I immediately hang up on my friend Mary and call the bank, I canceled the bank card and will have to call today to dispute those charges and get the money put back into my account. Seriously these people charged things like yahoo mail and This is the best you could come up with thieves? And how did they get my card number? I feel so very violated.
I wish these people who do things like this would get sent to the pits of Tartarus, the Titans would make short work of them. Who does this? Who sits around and comes up with ideas just to steal other people’s identities and money? They should be punished severely.
It is Wednesday, only two more days of waking up then I can sleep in for two days, woohoo!
Just thought I would throw that in there. The Irishman’s work group had a shift bid; his new hours are going to be 1:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday through Monday. We will never see each other with that schedule; we are going to have to have a serious conversation as to what we are going to do. It is hard for him as he is the lowest in seniority and has to take whatever is left. I admit it is hard on our relationship. I guess this is a test; I hate real life tests, love school type tests. Oh well, whatcha gonna do.
Happy Wednesday peeps!

Jess Day!

Yesterday was a good day for some and a not so good day for others. Today is an ode to Jess, my male best friend, yes; I have a straight male as a best friend. I do realize I have quite a few best friends and you are all my best friends; please do not be offended that today is Jess’ day for recognition.
Jess is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met; he definitely keeps me on my toes intellect wise. He is funny, wicked smart, good looking and great company. I know it sounds like I am advertising for him, ok, here is the deal, if you are interested in Jess you have to go through his sister Amy and me, and we get final approval for all future involvements.
Jess and I first met when I was a clerk and he was a first line manager at the major telecommunications company we both work for. I believe it was instant friendship karma, we found we not only shared a love of television shows (Buffy and Friends) but we were both Orchestra geeks and science fiction nerds. I felt like he was the little brother I begged my parents for and never received. This is odd because in my head I am younger than Jess.
Jess is someone that I not only like, but have deep respect for, someone that only deserves the best in life. So Jess I proclaim this week Jess week, it is your birthday week, I hope it gets better for you from this point forward!

More Monday Posts

So last week was really tough on me, Monday was Michael’s birthday, he would have been 26, Wednesday was the anniversary of my mom’s passing, it has been seven years. Friday I took Arthur, our cat we have had since 1993 to the vet, he is down to seven pounds. Good news is his kidney function is great, his liver function was high, and he was dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight. The vet put him on a special diet with electrolytes; Elizabeth has been feeding him every hour this past weekend and at last update he is doing very very well. She said that he now expects to be fed every hour and goes straight to his bowl to let her know that the hour is at hand. Very good sign indeed.
I still miss Michael and I still miss my mom, I guess those feelings will never go away. Add on top of that I am very much persecuted at work; it was a very tough week. I really don’t talk about it; I don’t like to burden my friends with my darkly emotional demons. I think this week will be better, I don’t know though; it is not starting off too well. I still feel emotionally raw due to other things going on in my life. Like I said I really try not to burden anyone with the bad things, I know everyone expects me to always be up and the life of the party so I totally like to deliver what people expect.
So, for the masses, I will be happy, positive and up, when I go home I’ll unburden to the dogs, they are great listeners and they never seem to let my emotions affect them. So a win for everyone!


Very few things in this world make sense to me in this world. It seems that the world at large is going crazy and not in a good way. One thing that does make sense to me is Dean Cain as Clark Kent. I watched the first episode of season one Sunday afternoon. I still say he is the prettiest man on the entire planet.
The show’s appeal was just not Mr. Cain; it was perfect casting of every single character, Lane Davies as Perry White, pure brilliance. Terri Hatcher still remains one of the best Lois Lane’s in a long time. I think it still has appeal. It is a story that is never ending; I really hope they make another Superman movie.
When I was young I wanted to be an intrepid girl reporter, I wanted to be Lois Lane, she was so brave, so smart, and so capable. She was who I wanted to be. Now I am just me, nothing special, not that interesting, I mostly live inside my head, which at times can be a scary place.
I didn’t do a lot this weekend, I spent time with Alex, took Arthur to the vet Friday afternoon, got my car fixed then as well, got to see Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Freddy and Alex after I got home. Alex came over Saturday as well.
I made Chewie mad at me again on Sunday, I trimmed his old man nails and brushed him down really well, boy was he not happy with his grooming session! He looked at me like, you are the only human here, do I really have to look good for you? But I prevailed and he is groomed and looking handsome.

Pure Laziness

I am pure old fashioned lazy today. I woke up mad at the Wookie, I had a dream where he ran away in the rain and it made every dog look alike so I was stopping every dog I could find and they were not him! I finally found him and he jumped in the car, soaking wet, and I gave him a good talking to! Then I woke up and he was right there happy as a clam, so I told him not to scare me in my dreams like that again!
I am still trying to wake up from taking two tylenol pm’s last night, oh wow, that could explain the strange dream! Drug induced! Good grief, now I can’t be mad at Chewie, I have to be mad at me!
Call from Elizabeth this morning, she said Arthur’s eyes look better, not sunken in, which means he is hydrating, so very much yay!
I plan on being lazy today, maybe a little laundry and maybe some self-tanner, my legs are way white!


TGIF!! It has been the longest, hottest, most horrific week at work in a long time. These people are trying to break my spirit; however, I believe they have severely underestimated their target.
There was no new shoe Wednesday; I just wasn’t in the mood. I promise I will be back to normal next week. I did have a good Mary Kay week, which in reality is all that matters. I love that business; it will always bring my spirits up. I am planning something special for September, so be on the lookout for it. Yesterday was the last day for voting on the new contract, I hope everyone voted no. it is a bad, bad deal for employees here at this major communications corporation. It seems they resent us, the ones doing the actual work that make them all of the money that they are able to take home. They want to take more and more from us. I seriously do not understand it. Whatever happened to the mentality that you take care of your workforce and they will work harder for you. That has escaped the CEO of this company. Of course he did not come up through the ranks so perhaps he does not understand what it actually means to work for your paycheck.
Enough about that, I get to see Elizabeth and Jeffrey today, so it is a good day, an exceptional day. Then later this evening I will be seeing Alex, so, an amazing day really.
I hope everyone has a great, no, an amazing Friday, and a great weekend!

Chewbacca update

I made the Wookie mad at me. On Saturday I decided to clean my bedroom and rearrange some things. One of the things I rearranged was his bed. I not only washed the bedding I changed locations on him. That night when it was bed time, I took him into the bedroom, showed him where his bed was located. He looked at it, looked at me then walked over to where the bed used to be located, turned three times and laid down and looked at me with a defiantly. Well I was determined to keep the configuration of the room the way I wanted. So I turn the lights off and we all go to sleep, by all I mean me, Nocona and Chewie.
The next night I decide that he is indeed an old dog and I should not be torturing him with moved bedding, so I move it back to it original spot. That night he takes one look at it, and goes over to where I had moved it to the day before! Turns three times, lies down and stares at me. I threw my hands up and said I give up.
After teaching me a lesson he is back to sleeping in his bed. I will not be moving it again.

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