What I Wanted

I wanted to like Supergirl, no, scratch that, I wanted to love Supergirl. We haven’t had a real female superhero score her own television show since Wonder Woman in the 70’s. we were due, we were hopeful, the same person that gave us Arrow and The Flash, Greg Berlanti, was in charge. How could this go wrong?
Wrong it has gone, and I can’t figure out why, is it because it’s on CBS and not The CW? The CW has a reputation for being edgier than the big three. Supergirl is more like a chick flick than an action superhero show. Honestly the most fleshed out character is Cat Grant. A secondary character from Superman, I don’t understand.
Our heroine is unsure of herself, she has a crush on Jimmy Olsen, and yes I know, now he prefers to be called James, don’t care, I’m old school. Now granted, the actor that plays Jimmy Olsen is so good looking it makes my teeth hurt, but still.
She makes a lot of foolish mistakes based on that crush, and the love triangle they are trying to make out of that crush. Bringing in Lucy Lane, did they do this to give us a greater tie to Superman? After all Lucy is Lois Lane’s sister, so now we have two ties to the Metropolis, Superman world.
Did we need that? And all these people that know her secret, how many do we need? I love, love, love that Dean Cain plays her dad, oh and many times does Kara really need to correct people and say foster parents. Seriously, beat us over the head.
Her sister is great, she is an original character, not of the DC Universe, they made her up for the show. I like her, it does give Kara a tie to the DEO, I love that J’onn J’onzz Martian Hunter is her boss. I called that one, by the way.
I said from the beginning, he is the Martian, however, in this world, he doesn’t seem to know Superman, and he was part of the Justice League.
This Supergirl needs to get their act together, they will be losing hardcore fans if they don’t, I’m not even sad that it is not on next week.
I had such high hopes, we have been waiting patiently for a female superhero on the small screen.
The closest we have come since Wonder Woman is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, perhaps Greg Berlanti needs to contact Joss and get some advice on how to write a great female hero. Although, Felicity is beautifully done on Arrow, I don’t understand what’s happening.
Perhaps they are taking a break to get their writing team together to watch old episodes of BtVS, or even WW. She was awesome, empowering, yet kept her femininity.
I really want to like, no love Supergirl.

About Me

So, I saw this thing on Facebook the other day, I decided not to do it there, but to do it here. It’s kind of like a get to know you, and well almost everyone on there knows me. Not everyone here does, so here goes:

Three names I go by
1. Angie
2. Angela
3. Angel (only by certain cousins, no one else is allowed to call me that)
Three places I lived
1. Oklahoma City
2. Owasso
3. Plano
Three places I have worked
1. TG&Y
2. Printing companies
3. Large telecommunications corporation
Three things I love to watch
1. All Superhero shows and movies
2. Anything Joss Whedon
3. Anything with Star in the title, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate (any of them)
Three places I have been
1. The mountains in Colorado
2. The beaches in Florida
3. To see movie making magic in CA
Three things I love to eat
1. Mexican food
2. Chocolate
3. Popcorn
Three favorite drinks (not water)
1. Pomegranate juice
2. Coffee
3. Starbucks refreshers
Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Financial freedom
2. Starting my own business
3. The future
Also a little know fact about me, I hate sports, but love sports movies, I will sit and watch them all day long.