Things I don’t understand, don’t pretend to understand and will never understand

Today’s entry is courtesy of my BFF Tammi. She suggested the topic.
I don’t understand Fantasy Nascar, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, well any of it really. What is the point? Perhaps instead of pretending to play you could actually go outside and play the game for real. Remember when we were kids and everyone was outside playing these games? So much more fun than pretending to play.
I don’t understand video games. I mean I get the concept; I even enjoy the older ones, frogger, pacman, space invaders, asteroid and centipede, but the Call of Duty and whatever the rest of them are called. I don’t get, I don’t pretend to, I don’t understand the draw. I will never understand it.
Marijuana, I don’t get it, why would anyone want to do anything that makes them fat, lazy and stupid? Oh and smells bad. So when you do this you are a not only fat, lazy and stupid you smell bad. No thank you. I would rather not be fat, not be lazy, not be stupid and I so totally do not want to smell bad.
Vegans, I don’t get Vegans. Animals were put here to eat, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy vegetables as well, however, without protein our hair falls out. So you would be bald. Not a good look on the majority of women. And some men.
Dishonesty, I don’t get it, it is so much simpler to tell the truth, be honest. I can imagine lies are exhausting. You have to remember who you told what to. Just be honest, temper it with some tact, but in the long run, be honest. Except if my behind looks big, don’t tell me after I have left the house and I can’t do anything about it. Tell me beforehand!
Not smiling. When someone smiles at you, smile back. Shoot smile at someone not smiling, you don’t know whose day you will make. Smile when you don’t feel like it, I promise it will make you feel better. I don’t understand people who never ever smile.
Those are just a few things I don’t understand, never will, have no desire to. Remember this idea came from Tammi!!

Things I have decided to give up this year

I know it is a little late for New Year’s Resolutions, however, it has taken me a while to come up with things I really want to cut out of my life, so here goes:
Gossip, no good can come of it, there is too much of it in the place I work and I refuse to be a participant.
Cuss words. They are crass and if I can’t think of a better descriptive word than the vulgar ones, I have no business speaking.
Speeding. It is dangerous not only to myself but others.
Texting and driving. If you do not hear from me in a timely manner it means I am driving and will text you when I come to a stop.
I will treat myself to candy once a week, not every day. Very bad habit I had gotten into.
Well that is all I can think of. If you can think of anything I should consider giving up, tell me. I am open to suggestions.


Today my mind is a complete blank. Usually it is churning with thoughts. But today… nothingness. I don’t know what I want to do today. Will it be productive or lazy? Yesterday was incredibly productive; I got up, had coffee, played on Facebook, did laundry, and then off to my Mary Kay facial with one of my favorite customers, got to visit with her and her beautiful family, then grocery store. Then back home for a little more laundry and television watching. I watched the Frost/Nixon movie. Amazingly well done! I was in the 3rd grade when all of that happened and I remember the adults around me talking about it. But seeing it as an adult, well, truly eye opening. Tricky Dick earned his name!
Today it is overcast and rainy; a perfect day, as I love overcast and rainy. Snow would be even more perfect, I am a huge fan of winter just in case you missed it.
I need to finish the last Twilight book; I just can’t get into it, a vampire baby? WTH! Oh wait, Joss Whedon already did that, and did it very well. So is this a copycat thing? Hmmmm. I also have movies to watch. And my meals to plan out for next week, have upped my caloric intake to 900 calories a day. Did the 500 calories a day for 2 weeks, it was total greatness. However you can’t go too long on that stringent of a diet. So 900 it is for now.

Ode to Coffee and Coffee Treats


Starbucks how I love you, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You warm my senses; you surround me with a calmness that is just not found anywhere else. When we are parted I miss you. Once a week is just not enough. If only your delicious treats didn’t make me fat, we would see each other EVERY day, maybe even twice a day. I have often said that coffee is God’s way of saying “I love you Angie”. Coffee totally rocks; it makes me feel a little invincible, a little brighter, smarter, funnier, and a little more capable of taking on the day. I wonder what it would be like without coffee. A world without coffee! Now that is a truly hellish thought! Can you imagine? No more perky Angie, maybe a sullen Angie, a distraught Angie, one who wanders through the day thinking who am I and what am I doing here? Perhaps looking longingly through the looking glass wondering if other worlds exist out there that have something better to offer. Well I thank the heavens every day that I do not live in a universe that has no coffee, or is only made up of shrimp. The next time I think to myself, perhaps I should give up coffee, I shall remember the universe in which coffee does not exist and the Angie’s of that world in their stupor and listlessness and will just say no to giving it up! Everyone have a Nancy Reagan day! Remember just say no to giving up coffee and coffee treats!

What Makes Us Crazy?

I listen to a radio show every day here in the DFW area, The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show; they have a segment on there called Does That Make Me Crazy.
People call in and state things that might seem crazy to other people. It made me think. What things do I do in my life that might make others consider me crazy?
I have an obsession with superheroes. Does that make me crazy?
I have a thing for boots, the first day of September I begin wearing them, even though it is still 100 degrees here in Texas. Does that make me crazy?
I can’t stop playing word games on my Iphone; I have 3 downloaded at this point. Does that make me crazy?
I am completely fascinated by the show The Girls Next Door, the original ones with Holly, Bridgette and Kendra. Does that make me crazy?
I talk to my pets like they are real people and have an opinion about what I am telling them. Does that make me crazy?
I can’t touch hair that is not on my head, I consider it dead hair. Does that make me crazy?
I still believe without a doubt in my heart Dean Cain is the prettiest man alive. Does that make me crazy?
I don’t want to overwhelm you with the rest of my crazy behavior; this is just the small tip of the iceberg of my craziness. What do you do that others would see as crazy?


Confession time. I am a huge fan of vampires. I always have been. I believe it started when I was a little girl watching the old Bella Logosi movies. He was completely brilliant. I have been hooked since then.
The thing is, I don’t want to be a vampire, I mean I am not that weird. However being a vampire slayer, well that job is still on the table. I had no idea such a thing existed before Joss Whedon brought it to the forefront of society. Imagine, being that powerful that you can defeat not only vampires, but demons, witches and yes even a god.
We not only got to see Buffy kicking major ass, but we got to see Kendra and Faith pitching in as well. Then at the end of the series seeing all the potential slayers get their powers, well let’s just say I was waiting for mine to kick in as well!
While meeting a vampire would totally be a dream come true, I would only want to meet the ones with souls i.e Angel and Spike. I know two vampires with souls is a bit much, but Angel was cursed and Spike, well Spike just asked for it.
No one does vampire/human relations like Joss. The Vampire Diaries are total greatness and while showing true teen angst it just does not come close to Buffy. The True Blood series is amazingly well done, love it. Love how it shows the sire/turned relationship between the vamps. There is a bond there that just cannot be broken. The Twighlight series while enjoyable is just a lightweight compared to Joss. Where are the slayers? At least in The Vampire Diaries and True Blood people are trying to kill the vamps. Makes for great drama. As for me I will quite possibly go into training to become the next slayer, please do not tell me I am too old… I don’t believe in age….

A few helpful hints before you call your ISP for technical support.

1. We do not work on computers, if you have a virus, your computer has crashed, you are getting the blue screen of death, do not call us; call someone who works on computers.
2. Keep your computer clean, this does not mean dusting; it means clearing your history and cookies in your browser, small hint, a browser for example is internet explorer, Firefox or safari. It is the vehicle in which you “browse” the internet.
3. Make sure your modem is plugged in.
4. If your electricity is out your wireless connection is not going to work.
5. Know what your operating system is, Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac, whatever it is please be at least a little knowledgeable.
6. If you are not sure even how to turn your computer on, take a class. This is an expensive piece of machinery in your home, it is also something you put your banking information, social security number and various other personal bits of information. Not only is this your window to the world, it is the world’s window into you.
7. When you do need to call your ISP, listen, follow directions and answer the questions you are asked without attitude. Remember we are here to help you; however, you do get more flies with honey as opposed to vinegar.
8. Know your own user id and password. You are responsible for knowing your own personal information, if you have a security question and answer in place we will ask it and if you cannot answer it please know there are consequences. Ignorance of your own information is no excuse, it is just sad.
9. Lastly if you yell, curse, scream or are just in general nasty, I will still help you just not as much if you had been nicer. I understand frustration I do not understand bad manners. Remember as my Grandmother used to say “Having bad manners is worse than having no money.”
There you have it folks, take a little time to learn about your computer and how it connects you to the world. WE, the worker bees of the ISP’s are not your instructors. We are here to make sure you have a solid connection to the internet. Not to clean up your computers after you have accessed very bad sites.


Today is Lent, and although I am not Catholic I feel I must give something up. However, I have already given up so much. Chocolate, sugar, food in general, I am having a tough time coming up with something to give.
I would like to give up work, however, I find I like the paycheck too much, I would like to be able to give up television, however all of the good shows are coming back right now. I would like to be able to give up shoe shopping, however that is like cutting off my right arm.
I honestly don’t know what I can give up. If any of you out there have any suggestions I am willing to listen… or read as the case may be.

Television Shows I Am Addicted To

Brothers and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
Men of a Certain Age
Life Unexpected
New Adventures of Old Christine
Cougar Town
Modern Family
Witches of Eastwick
The Office
Vampire Diaries
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Stargate Universe
Flash Forward
Ghost Whisperer
All My Children
The View