New TV Show

There is a new television show Undercover Boss that airs on Sundays. This past Sunday it was the CEO of Hooters.
As I watched this particular episode, I was struck by the women on the street they asked if they would dine at Hooters. The women that they asked said they were deeply offended by the restaurant and would not dine there, the men they were with however would.
I would like to address the women who are offended by the Hooters girls. I, myself, am not offended; in fact my daughter was a Hooters girl and if the restaurant had been in the Tulsa area when I was 18 I so totally would have worked there. I don’t understand why women believe that Hooters demeans women. Twin Peaks yes, they are incredibly sleazy with their lingerie week and bikini week, Hooters has none of those and I hope they never do. I have seen the pictures of the Twin Peaks girls during lingerie night and it is appalling. In fact there is a man I work with who is maniacal about going there and in fact got the number of one waitress and texts her to find out when she is working, I might point out the girl is 18 and the man is 30+. He is a pig. Please note he is not doing that with a Hooters girl.
The uniforms cover everything and they wear hose, not just any hose, dance grade hose. These girls are covered more than I see in the mall these days. So the next time, women, you decide to make a young girl feel bad about themselves, like the ones did in this show, please take a step back, go into a Twin Peaks and realize Hooters girls are respectable. They are hard working, and work a delicate balance of good service and not blatant flirting.
I would rather my fiancée go to Hooters as opposed to Twin Peaks. I hope he takes heed of this.


as most of you know I am an avid television watcher. Last night was The Office, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Let’s start with Vampire Diaries, this show is total greatness. The characters are fleshing out nicely, and the dialogue is not smarmy or stilted. Learning that Catherine was never in the vault but always in the world and never bothered to conact the Salvatore brothers, well played writers, well played. However, bad thing, no new shows until MARCH!! WTH! Is it due to the Olympics? Hello, DVR much?
On to The Office, how much do we love Kathey Bates as the new owner of Dunder Mifflin? She rocks this role. And Michael wanting to be a salesman but not being able to take being on the floor with the great smelly mass that is his work team. Love it. Love that Pam and Jim will be physically close in the office once more.
GA and PP, well I will not be going into the sudsy mess that is the lives of these doctors, it would take up too much space.
Let’s get back to Vampire Diaries, this show makes me miss Joss Whedon so much, I know that Dollhouse just went off the air, but I truly miss him.
His writing, his show conceptions are nothing short of brilliant, when will he realize that network television is not for him? Dollhouse would have gone on for years on SyFy or even Showtime, did you know that the viewership for Dollhouse was the same as Dexter? And at Showtime they are applauding those numbers while Fox still lags behind in the program development phase of their business. Sure they have Bones and House, but Fringe? Really? Their numbers are better than Dollhouse?
I will be very honest here, I hate reality TV, I hate American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or whatever else they can come up with. The only place reality tv has is on E. The rest of these shows just need to fade away. Bring back real television, scripted, well written shows.
Bring back Joss Whedon!

Snow Day

When I was growning up, every year, it was a snow day on my birthday. My mom used to tell me it was God’s birthday present just for me. His way of showing me He loved me.
The year I moved to Atlanta, there was a huge snow/ice storm on my birthday. My mother called me and said see I told you He would find you.
All of the years in Texas it has been hit or miss for snow on my birthday. This year it was a hit, just a day late.
It is beautiful outside, big fluffy white flakes coming down. With a prediction that it will last all day.
Coffee and snow, the two ways God tells me He loves me. Today I have both.
I know it sounds silly, but for me snow makes everything perfect, it tells me all is right with the universe. That blanket of white, the great equalizer, makes even the ugliest tree look amazingly beautiful. Don’t we all want that? Something in this world which makes us all look amazingly beautiful? For me that is snow.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today is my birthday. I have heard that as people get older they get more introspective as to how they have lived their lives. Well I am no different. As today approached and I began to realize that I only have a good 60 years left on this earth, how would I use those 60 years.
My life so far as not been me carving out my niche, in fact it has been me reacting to the forces around me.
I want to change that. I want others to react to the force that is Angie. Not in an evil supervillian kind of way. But a take charge of my life kind of way.
As you may have ascertained so far by reading this I am indeed more than chocolate, shopping, starbucks and shoes. I hope I have depth, sincerity and a desire to make my part of the world just a little better.
I don’t know yet how I am going to do that. It will be hard to save the world while planning a wedding, however if Sue Storm can do it, surely I can.
I have so many ideas running around in my head on what I want to do with the rest of my life. The first being, going back to school to finish my degree in Journalism. I want to ferret out untruths and bring them to the light of day. It doesn’t have to be huge untruths, like a corrupt government, it can be something as simple as they lied about the ingredients in lipstick. I just know I want to write and tell the truth. My parents were huge purveyors of the truth. They totally instilled that in me.
Well enough for today. It is my birthday and I am going to start off with of course Starbucks… Have a great day everyone!

Birthday Week

I know most people have a birthday. Day being the operative word, however, I choose to celebrate all week. Some years I celebrated all month long. My daughter was born February 1st, so that year it was an all month year. That year she was my present along with snow and a new TV. It was a good year.
When I was growing up in Oklahoma, every year on my birthday without fail, was a snow day from school. My mother used to tell me the snow was God’s way of saying He loved me and all was right with the world. The year I moved to Atlanta, on my birthday, was a giant snow/ice storm. My mom called me and said see, God found you. It was indeed magical.
This is a year that I could already use some magic. Seeing snow on my birthday would be exactly what the doctor ordered. Figuratively, not literally.
I have always been a cold weather person, not the howling winds of Chicago cold, but the still, snow covered cold of Colorado. I love the snow, I love winter, and I miss real winters.
In the part of Texas I am in we don’t get a lot of snow, granted we have gotten more this year than any other year. We even had snow on Christmas. And it was amazing.
So having said that, I realize that maybe God has already sent my present only a few little early.
I don’t know what I will do with this week as of yet. But I know that it will be fun, maybe not everyone’s idea of fun, but totally my idea of fun!
Happy start of my Birthday Week everyone!

Where I am from

Some of my readers, who do not know me personally, have asked where I am from. Well to answer that I have to start at the beginning.
In 1774 one part of my family landed in New England and fought alongside General Washington, from there settled in Virginia. From Virginia, some years later, a member of my family went to Missouri, from Missouri to Oklahoma. Love County, Oklahoma to be exact. From there to Oklahoma City, where I was born. Then on to Owasso, Oklahoma. I am proud to say I am a Daughter of Oklahoma; I was born in Oklahoma City however I claim Owasso as my hometown. I have an unnatural love of Owasso. This is where I met my BFF Tammi; she is the one person in the world who knows everything there is to know about me and still loves me! Amazing friendship that has lasted over 33 years.
From Owasso, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where another part of my family was originally from, they moved from there to Ft Worth, Texas to you guessed it Love County, Oklahoma.
Atlanta was an eye opener for many, many reasons, which I will not go into today. From Atlanta we (and by we I mean me and my now ex-husband) moved to Texas.
So I am currently, since 1987, a resident of Texas, and I would have it no other way. I love it here. I hope that answers your question of where I am from! I know it was long and convoluted. But by now you should know that is my writing style.


Sorry there have been no recent updates. I have been sicker than sick with Strep Throat. I would not wish this illness on my worst enemy! It was horrible; however, it has been greatness for my diet. I actually put on real clothes yesterday, not pj’s or sweats, and my jeans were looser and I looked amazing. So, I guess what I am saying is that Emily from The Devil Wore Prada was correct; I was one good flu away from my goal weight. I know I didn’t have the flu, but that was the quote.
Anyway feeling much better today, just a little weak.
Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Woohoo? I am admitting here, I do not watch football, I do not enjoy football, I have no desire to fake enjoy football for anyone’s sake. Does that make me less of an American? No, that makes me a girl.
Well what does one do if they are not watching the Super Bowl? Well, I will be hanging out with my daughter Elizabeth, since she feels the same as I. She just turned 21, and we did not get to spend her birthday together. She now lives 55 miles away and works and I work, and her Birthday was on a weekday. So today is our day.
Does anyone one else have alternative plans? Please remember this is a family friendly site, so no pervy comments!
I have vacation planned next week. I am not going anywhere, just taking the week off of work. I had originally taken it off due to my youngest son going into the air force. He is no longer doing that. Long story and not for public consumption as it is his to tell not mine. However, my birthday is also next week, Wednesday for those wanting to not waste time purchasing a gift! So I am taking my birthday week off for some much needed R&R. I had debated whether or not to take the whole week and with still not feeling up to par after the illness and still being on antibiotics would rather not take the chance of getting anything else in the Petri dish that I call work.
I also have a new addiction. SoBe water, specifically the Fuji Apple Pear flavor, it just totally rocks. They only sell it at Target. So I have to run around to the different Targets finding my flavor. Major hard work!
Well folks that is all I have for now! Everyone stay well!


All of a sudden I am all achey. I wonder if I am coming down with something. The diet is still going good. Although there are times I crave a cookie so bad I am ready to get in the car and drive to my friend Jess’s house and knock the door down and steal one of the homemade chocolate chip cookies he has stashed there. The other night my fiancee’ tells me he has eclairs. ECLAIRS. Now I didn’t want one until he said he had them. I swear I can smell sugar. I want the craving to end. I wonder if they make a patch for it. If they did I would totally buy it and wear it. Maybe get a dozen and wear them all at once!
I know the end result will be worth it, it is just so hard getting there. I am a self admitted sugar addict. A chocolate addict. OMG I miss Godiva!
My birthday is next week, maybe they make sugar free birthday cakes?
Oh and for those wondering I will be having cake at my wedding, I don’t care how fat it makes me!!!

Fashion Tip of the Day

Spring is coming and so begins another round of sandal season. I would like to give a few helpful fashion hints to all out there. Wearing pantyhose with open toe shoes is a total no-no. If you are doing this, please stop. It doesn’t look good. In fact it looks very, very bad. Go to the nail salon, have a pedicure and show those toes off!
If you feel you need the support that pantyhose offer, consider these options: spanx, a girdle or the new footless pantyhose. Those are viable options for support. Remember just say no to the pantyhose.
Also, please remember to moisturize those heels. No one likes to see caked up dry, dead skin during sandal season. Men this goes for you as well. Oh and while we are on the subject of men, if you insist on wearing tennis shoes with shorts, please, please invest in the appropriate socks. Tube socks or anything else that goes above the ankle is not attractive. Or fashionable.
Please consider these fashion tips given out of love, love and frustration. And remember, even if you wear these things, I will still love you. I will make fun of you, but I will still love you.

I am Vindicated!!!

Love this article! It totally justifies my coffee addiction!

9 Reasons to Drink More Coffee!
By Lucy Danziger, SELF Editor-in-Chief – Posted on Tue, May 05, 2009
Ask anyone who knows me: I am a certified java junkie. I’m naturally energetic to begin with, but I rely on my caffeine companion to power me through long days, tough workouts and piles of work. I can even have three cups a day—including a dose after dinner—and still sleep soundly all night. Lucky for me—and the 87 percent of Americans who consume caffeine daily, with the average java drinker gulping down 8 ounces a day—more research is proving that coffee is actually healthy for you. So go on, have that latte without guilt. As if you needed more inspiration, here are some brew benefits to prove that sipping is smart:

It helps you shed pounds
People who drank more metabolism-firing caffeine gained less weight over 12 years than those who cut back on the coffee, say researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

It powers your workouts
Downing coffee and toast between back-to-back workouts can keep you humming, a study from the Journal of Applied Physiology reports. Athletes who drank a caffeinated carbohydrate beverage after cycling had 66 percent more glycogen (an energy reserve) in their muscles than those who had a caffeine-free version. Replenishing glycogen helps you go farther and faster in your next session. Do you run on caffeine?

It helps you wake up refreshed
Drinking a cup of coffee immediately before taking a 15- to 30-minute catnap can leave you alert and rested after waking up, according to research from The Sleep Research Centre, Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England. Caffeine takes a half hour to kick in, so it will rouse you after a short snooze. Try these tips to sleep your way gorgeous.

It can ward off illness
Increasing your coffee intake may prevent liver cancer, The National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden, finds. Two cups of java daily lowered a person’s risk by 43 percent on average. In another study from University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, women who drank coffee had a 24 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease and other inflammatory conditions. Antioxidants in coffee are likely behind the protective benefits.

It can ease muscle cramps
Women who had the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee the day after their quadriceps were stimulated (as if they’d done squats) felt 48 percent less leg pain within an hour, research from the University of Georgia in Athens reveals. Caffeine may block the body’s receptors for the ouch-causing chemical adenosine, scientists speculate.

It makes cardio feel like a cinch
Women given the caffeine equivalent of about two cups of coffee an hour before cycling reported 40 percent less pain than those who went decaf, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Caffeine seems to block neurotransmitters that signal discomfort during exercise, researchers say.

It helps you get want you want
Dealing with a difficult person? Broach a tough topic over a cup of joe. Caffeine may make people more open to persuasion, the European Journal of Social Psychology notes. Researchers say it hones cognitive function, causing skeptics to be more receptive to a convincing case.

It may fight breast cancer
Young women drinking four or more cups of caffeinated coffee daily reduced their breast cancer risk by 40 percent compared with nondrinkers, a study in the Journal of Nutrition finds. The caffeine and polyphenols in regular coffee protect against cancer. Worried about getting the jitters? Even two cups every day can help.

It improves recall!
Caffeine perks up short-term memory, a study from the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria reveals. One cup of coffee may be all it takes; drink it before a big meeting to be your sharpest.