Sunday or work day?

Today is the 2nd day of spring and there is a blanket of snow covering everything. You might wonder what is so strange about that, well this is North Texas. The last time this happened was 1989. I remember it well due to it was the year Elizabeth was born. The snow makes me very, very happy. The drive to work today did not.
I lost control of the car no less than three times. Just for a nanosecond, however, it was enough to make me want to go home. I did not, I persevered, and I am here. However if they offer etime, I am out of here!
This weekend was very short, Saturday I attended a baby shower for a friend, who, not ironically is having a baby. She is having a boy, so blue was the theme of the day! It was so much fun to get to buy baby boy things again. It seems here recently everyone I know that are having babies are having girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pink spending spree, however the blue was a nice change.
The shower was in Terrell, for those of you not familiar with Plano and the outlying areas, Terrell is about an hour and a half out. I didn’t realize it was so far, I have worked with people who make that drive every day. I have a newfound respect for their dedication to work.
Then I am at work today. I traded with a friend so I could take off Friday without using a vacation day. She was actually taking today off, so this gave her a day off without using a vacation day. Win/win situation. So it was off to bed at 8 last night for me. I am afraid I am very boring today.

Christian Kane

Ok, I know everyone thinks I am insane, but I am going to prove, that even though we have never met, that I am 4 of the girls he talks about in American Made.. If you can figure out which 4, you win a prize:
Well down in Panama city
They perfected the art of the tan
And those Oklahoma girls
They sure know why they call it heartland
Well up in Seattle, boy they’ll have you prayin for rain
And those Tempe, Arizona women’ll have you beggin for shade
And from the Valley girl talk to that Southern Belle drawl
Oh my Gad
Hey hey y’all
My girl, she’s American made
(raised right here in the USA)
Yeah my girl, she’s American made
(hotter than an Independence July day)
Ah She loves flag flying, hot apple pie, cold beer at a football game
My girl, she’s American made
Well there’s a Tennessee girl that will always have a place in my heart – that’s right
And those Broadway beauties, they sure know how to play their parts
Ooh, Louisiana ladies got a mojo that makes you wanna stay
Yeah, but there’s a city full of angels, always waiting on me home in L.A.
Yeah, I can hand down in Texas, while them girls sing along
Living on Lonestar beer and Pat Green songs
My girl, she’s American made
(raised right here in the USA)
Yeah my girl, she’s American made
(hotter than an Independence July day)
Ah She loves flag flying, hot apple pie, cold beer at a football game
My girl, she’s American made
Mmm, she loves flag flying, hot apple pie, cold beer at a baseball game
My girl is American made
Yeah my girl is American ma-a-a-ade, oooh
My girl
(raised right here in the USA)
Oooh give me an evening in Alabama with a babe
My girl
(raised right here in the USA)
Oh and up in Indiana, man, rollin in the hay
(raised right here in the USA)
And over in Hawaii you can find a good lei
(She’s American made)
(raised right here in the USA)

Starbucks Redux

Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks, how you have redeemed yourself for not being there when I so desperately needed you. Your warmth fills me; your cherry goodness satisfies me on such a decadent level that is difficult to find the words to sufficiently describe it. How I miss you when we are not together. Parting is such sweet sorrow, due to the fact I drank you and now you are gone.


It’s Friday people, time to wake up and say wooohooo, get this party started, drink some coffee, do the dance of joy and figure out what you are going to get at Starbucks!
I have decided to forgive Starbucks for abandoning me on the day I needed them most. I will be going back today; I will be getting my coffee treat. Oh, before I forget, go online at and get the coupon for a free pastry treat on March 23. Great offer, you have to buy a coffee treat to get the pastry treat, but still a great deal.
Ok, advertising for Starbucks done! This weekend I am so busy, first I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow, for my good friend Geneva. I am so excited for her; she is having a boy, so tons of blue things to be bought. Then back to work on Sunday, this time at 5 AM, I traded schedules with a woman here at work. She is going to work my Friday next week. So the next weekend you will have to have super perky Angie on Thursday instead of Friday! I know you are all excited about that.
My fiancée is shaving his head for charity; here is the link to read all about it, Here at work the morale committee is having a raffle, I have donated a Mary Kay gift basket so they can raise more money for him, yes I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. This is nothing new I have been one since 2001. I love it, it is so much fun and I am surrounded by all of the skin care products I could ever want! And yes I have a website,, so you can visit both if you want!
The reason I traded days with my friend here at work is due to a Mary Kay function the following weekend. It was very gracious of her to trade with me. This weekend I have to do something I don’t like very much, grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping, is there anyone else out there that hates it as much as I do?
Anyone want to make a Starbucks run for me right now????

Better Day

This morning was much better than yesterday morning, new coffeemaker, coffee was had, life is good.
Yesterday after work I went and had my hair done, by someone new, Rhonda Martinez, and she totally rocked! Everyone in the DFW area needs to make an appointment with her and have her do your hair! is her website. I am back in love with my hair!
I am still not happy with Starbucks not being open when I come to work; however, I am sure I will forgive them tomorrow when I am in need of my Friday fix. I don’t know if I will go for the Dark Cherry Mocha drink or try something new. I have had the Dark Cherry twice now and it is roll your eyes in the back of your head good. I hope everyone tries it, I don’t know if it is seasonal or one of the regulars, so hurry and get one!
Today is our team meeting at work, I have been put in charge of a team building exercise, I have come up with one that I hope everyone likes and thinks is fun. I won’t put it here yet, as some of my co-workers read this and I want it to be a surprise. So tomorrow you will know what it was and if it was a hit or miss.
I am now in the process of deciding what color I want my hair, do I want to keep it the dark brown it is or put highlights in it. That is the question of the day. I like the dark brown, it is my natural color, and I had it red for many years. So many that I in fact forgot what my natural color was. I had to grow out the roots and have a colorist match it. I don’t know why I was ever unhappy with it. My color suits my skin tone. I think I so desperately wanted red because of Jamie Finnell, Jamie was a girl I went to school with, she was a year older and had the most beautiful red hair I had ever seen, and have not since high school. But I have been trying to achieve Jamie Finnell red since. I never did achieve that color so I quit trying and went back to being me. It only took, well; many years for me to figure out I looked best as myself. However if someone told me they could get me that color, I would jump on it!

Bad Bad Day

Today is not a good day. My coffeemaker broke this morning. This is a tragedy! I am just now getting my coffee. I should have had it two hours ago! I am clumsy, foggy, and barely able to form words. I also think the world is collapsing around me. Cannot be perky this morning, am grumpy, so grumpy that if it were Christmas I would be saying Bah Humbug! I don’t know who I am without the perkiness. Jess did you send mental messages to Chewie to break my coffeemaker?
I stopped at 7-Eleven to get coffee, I know what you are thinking, why not Starbucks. Well, let me tell you something, Starbucks has abandoned me in the pre-dawn hours. They are not open when I go to work. I don’t understand. Where are you when I really need you corporate coffee giant? Asleep, that is where you are. I am saddened by your lack of compassion for me at my moment in real need, I am there for you, always willing to part with my hard earned money, telling everyone about your new products, steering them toward your caffeine goodness. I don’t understand why you are not there for me?
Now the 7-Eleven coffee is taking effect and I am beginning to feel better. I will have to purchase a new coffeemaker today, after I get my hair done. I am going right after work to get my hair done. You might wonder why this is mention worthy, well, the person who used to do my hair retired. Yes, retired. So I have been searching for someone to take her place. I think I may have found her, my friend Carol, her sister is a hair stylist and Carol’s hair always looks amazing, so I have made an appointment with Ronda. I will let everyone know how it goes. Ha, you all already knew that!
I have a wedding update; however, I am going to save that for a later date. I hope everyone gets their caffeine fix today.

I Miss Jessica Simpson

I was watching The View this morning before coming into work; their big guest was Jessica Simpson. I readily admit to being a huge fan. I loved hers and Nick Lachey’s show on MTV, Newlyweds. It was pure sitcom gold. I know what you are thinking, it was a reality show. But was it really? Jessica would say wacky things and Nick would look at the camera with an ever suffering look. The show made Jessica look like a total blonde ditz. However, in reality, this girl is smart and has a lot of business savvy. Her shoe line is nothing short of amazing, she has designed smart, sexy, quality, affordable shoes. They are sold in all the better department stores.
But let’s get back to her first show, camera’s followed her and Nick 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to get 25 minutes worth of show. If camera’s followed you around for that long do you think they would get 25 minutes of you saying something or doing something embarrassing and or completely ditzy? They would follow them around for roughly a month to get 25 minutes of show. I know if I had cameras following me around for a month they could probably get more than that.
If they followed me to a trip to Oklahoma they could get a whole 2 hour special on primetime television. I seem to do the most embarrassing things in Oklahoma, it all starts when I cross the border. First I develop an accent, I don’t even know where it comes from, and next I just begin doing embarrassing things, not limited to locking myself in a bathroom at a convenience store and falling in a museum, wearing a skirt. Then there is the whole episode with Garth Brooks, at church.
Don’t even get me started on how I behaved with Scott Baio that was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my life. And no, I will not be sharing that here, yet. I may later on, but not now. It is still painful after all of these years. Painful but funny. That would have been television gold.
Jessica has a new television show that will be on VH1, it is called The Price of Beauty. It looks interesting and insightful. What do we do to ourselves to achieve our own personal idea of beauty? Me, well, I starve myself, if I could afford it I would totally have plastic surgery. I make no secret of that. What do you do to achieve your idea of perfect beauty?

Help needed!

So yesterday I totally cheated on Starbucks Friday. It was not my fault however; it was the fault of my fiancée. He came over and said, first things first, Starbucks. What could I do? It called to me as soon as I walked in the door, Dark Cherry Mocha, extra hot. Total greatness.
I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life. Should I go back to school and finish that journalism degree? I loved going to school, everything about it, well except for the math classes. Not crazy about that part of school. I love ferreting out the truth and telling everyone what I found, I am not talking gossip, I am talking news stories. Of course I like telling everyone what I think as well.
I am a Mary Kay Skin Care Consultant as well, and I love that. I love helping women feel good about themselves, there is something about helping a woman take care of her outside so she feels good on the inside. I love it. I love working with positive women, I love working with a company that has the best interest of its sales force in the forefront of their mind. God, Family, Career, that is the Mary Kay motto and it appeals to me.
However I know I want to do something else as well, I don’t know, does anyone have any ideas what I should do? Can you gather any hidden talents in my completely random words here? If so, please, please enlighten me!

Shopping With Elizabeth

Yesterday was shopping with Elizabeth day. It was a funfilled day, we had plans to go to the regular mall then the outlet mall. We found everything we were looking for at that regular mall, however decided to make a trip to the outlet mall just for the heck of it. On our way to the outlet mall, Jeffrey sent me a text, asking if I wanted to come watch the baby while he did some yard work.  So, plans changed, off we went. Now, Elizabeth is a total outdoor girl. So while I got to play with Tessa, she got to help her brother with the yard work. Perfect for both of us! Before going to Jeffrey’s there was the obligitory stop at Taco Bueno. Whenever Elizabeth and i are together, it is a Taco Bueno day!

So, I got to play Barbies, and cars, and puzzles and take all of the money out of the piggy bank and put it back in with Tessa. So much fun!

After that we ran by New Flower to get Elizabeth some of the just chicken salad that she loves so much. That was for her to take home with her. We also found these beautiful purple flowering shamrocks. I bought that for her as well. She is turning into quite the plant person.

After that it was a quiet home with my thoughts, I think we can all agree sometimes that is a scary place to visit. I am not having good thoughts people, I am very conflicted about several things at the moment and chaos reigns.

I think another shopping trip is in order for today, this time with just me. Maybe the outlet mall, Target and wherever else I want to go. Or maybe a movie! I’ll let you know tomorrow what I decided!

New Day

Today is not a Starbucks day. I am finally down from the total high of the Dark Cherry Mocha. I am trying a new coffee here at home, it is a dark french roast from Wolfgang Puck. It is pretty good, very full bodied and robust. I know you are all wondering how I take my coffee at home, well I use extra heavy whipping cream and if I am feeling decadent I will add a splash of flavored coffee creamer. It makes the coffee amazingly rich and good! I suggest everyone that takes cream in their coffee try it.
On the agenda for today is shopping with Elizabeth, we have not spent the day together in a long time. I am way excited. Yesterday afternoon was spent with Jeffrey. I love spending time with my adult children. They have turned out so well, I like to think I had a little to do with it, however, I firmly believe we are born being who we are going to be. And they are amazing. I believe in genetics over environment.
Well I know I will have more tomorrow as I will have the adventurous shopping trip to talk about then! I hope everyone has a great day, it is sunny and beautiful here in Texas! Oh and everyone download Christian Kane’s new album, I so do not like country, but his music is a combination of country, soul, and a little rock and roll! I love, love, love it!