As I begin my attempt to lose weight in order to look good for my wedding day (and yes I know it is 2 years away) I find myself giving up everything I hold dear.
Yes I am attempting to give up sugar. No more sour skittles. No more Godiva chocolate, no more full blown cafe mochas. It is just sad.
I have done it before, I can do it now. I not only want to look good for my wedding, I want to look good for me. I want to feel good. Every time I give up sugar and eat lighter I feel better. I sleep better.
So here we go, yesterday went really well. I hope today goes just as smooth. It is the 3rd day that is usually, well, hades. So that would mean by Thursday I will be a raving lunatic. The good news is that it usually only lasts a day or so, then the cravings subside.
I know what you are thinking, why start on a Tuesday and not a Monday. Well Monday was not conducive to giving up anything. Maybe I will explain later, maybe never. probably never.
It is early and I need to get dressed for work.
Will keep everyone updated on the dieting craze!

Bridal Show

Yesterday I went to the Bridal Show here in Dallas. I thought it might help me become more cohesive in my thought process regarding the wedding.
Was I ever wrong. I am more confused than ever. However, I think once I choose the venue it will all be good.
Then the choices are more, Limo or Horse drawn carriage, two photographers or one, how much alcohol is enough. The cake, omg the cake, the choices are endless. The only thing I do know is that I do not want fondant. I hate that stuff. I love chocolate, I love strawberries. I am going to have seriously fast in order to go cake testing.
I know what I want the reception to be like. I want it to be old school disco fun. Studio 54 here I come. I want disco balls and lighting and the music from my misspent teenage years.
There was one place that is a total possibility; they have fireworks at night, how much fun would that be on New Year’s Eve!
My colors are red and gold and I saw some beautiful things in red and gold. Even though it is two years out, everyone there told me I was smart to do that. They said New Years Eve goes fast. Most places are already booked for New Years Eve 2010, so New Years Eve 2011 is not so farfetched.
I signed up to win a ton of free stuff, I really want to win the free liposuction or the free Lasik, I am good with either.
This wedding stuff was so much simpler in 1983. I will be needing massive amounts of caffeine and Starbucks to keep my perky up to get through it.
Think good thoughts people!

New Day

I just regained access to Angie World. It feels good to be home. I was wondering if I should start where I last left off or begin brand new. Since I excel in the fresh starts I believe that I will do so here.
I am now engaged, I know, gasp. Who knew! I never expected to get married again. I was very happy in my singleness, I reveled in my singleness. Of course, those of you who know better than I know that is when you get zapped.
Yes, zapped. John really is an amazing man, he is kind and sweet and funny without being wimpy, and I don’t know if I have the adequate words in my arsenal to explain it. So I won’t try. Just know that I am happy. I was happy single, I was happy in a dating relationship and I am happy to be engaged to John.
He is letting me keep Dean Cain on my list as part of my prenup. Now that is saying something. My birthday is coming up so if anyone out there knows Dean Cain could you let him know it is my birthday soon….
As for me, I still love Starbucks, I still love Godiva and I still love shoes. I have been accused of being too perky at 3:30 in the a.m. I think I am just perky enough. On the way to work I listen to disco music at full volume and sing at the top of my lungs. It increases my hyper happiness mode. SSSSSHHHHHHHH don’t tell Jess.
I have no doubt he will sneak in my car and cut my radio wires if he knows this.
Ok folks that is all I have for now. More on my serious addiction issues at a later date!!

Going Back

I know I have touched on this in the past, however, there is a new show on Soapnet called Being Erica. The premise of the show is that Erica has an accident, ends up in the hospital and meets a man she believes is a a therapist. He asks her to make a list of all of the thing she would change if she could. Then he sends her back to correct the items on her list.

That brings me to my thought, what would my list look like. I really had to think about this, because when you change things in your past you run the risk of changing who you are, and I like who I am. So, knowing this, I made my list anyway and here it is:

1. I would have joind the band in Owasso when I moved there. I didn’t because I loved orchestra so much, I was in both in Oklahoma City. I regret not being in the band.

2. Not being on the basketball team in Owasso. Once again, I was on the basketball team in Oklahoma City and I was good, I just was not happy about leaving all of my friends and didn’t join anything.

3. I would go back and take the job at the Tulsa World, it was a lowly position, but it was the newspaper business.

4. I would never ever have lost contact with Teri and Tammi, the two people on earth that know everything there is to know about me and love me anyway.

5. I would never ever have gone out with Greg. OMG what a loser.

6. I would be nicer to my ex-sister in law, the one that no one likes.

That is all I can think of for now. I am sure there are other things. The big things, those I would not change, like I said, I like who I am.

Texas Football

I got this from Kidd Kraddick In The Morning’s web site:

I’d like to give you another story that shows a different side. This story is real. It was written by the talented Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated and it inspires me every time I read it:

High school football is big in America, but I suppose there is no place where it is bigger than in Texas. Friday nights there are legend.
The fans scream; the stands are packed; cheerleaders with pom-poms jump and sway to the beat of the school bandand everybody joins in the chants and stomps their feet on the metal stands until you are sure they will collapse.
This is the frenzy of Texas high school football.
But there is one football team in Texas that is a little different. When they play on Friday night, their stands are empty, no band, no cheerleaders, no mass of parents or townsfolk wearing the school colors and waving banners and flags. They take the field without anyone cheering them on. When they score a touchdown, which rarely happens, there is no wild celebration behind them… All of it seems hollow and muffled in contrast to the tidal wave of roars and drums and chants that come from the opposing side.
They are the Tornadoes of the Gainesville State School, a fenced, maximum-security facility. The young men who go to Gainesville State are there because they have made some major mistakes in their lives. But the players who are on the team are there because they have worked hard and have earned enough good behavior points that gives them the privilege to leave the facility and play football on Friday nights—always an away game for them—always a home game for their opponents—and almost always a loss. They don’t have a weight program or training equipment or high-paid coaches and assistants. They don’t have a large pool of players to draw from. The school has 275 boys, but many are too old or too young or can’t or don’t meet the “criteria” to play. And they don’t have the support of a town and a mass of parents and family and reporters and bands and cheerleaders.
That is, until November 7th. Something changed. They played Grapevine Faith Christian School.
A few days before the game, the Gainesville coach, Mark Williams received a call from Faith Christian coach, Kris Hogan, asking him if it would be okay if Faith formed a “spirit” line for his team when they ran on the field. Mark said, “Sure, that would be a real encouragement to the kids.” He thought that the line would consist of a couple of the JV cheerleaders, but when they took the field, there were a hundred people in it and it stretched to the 40-yard line, filled with Faith Christian parents, fans and varsity cheerleaders, complete with a banner at the end for them to burst through that read “Go Tornadoes!”. And then, those parents and fans sat in the stands behind the Gainesville players and when the Tornadoes broke the huddle and went up to the line they could hear people cheering for them, by name. When they got a first down, “their” fans erupted.
You see, coach Hogan had sent an email out to the Faith Christian parents and students asking them to consider doing something kind for these young men, many who didn’t know what it meant to have a mom and dad who cared, many who felt the world was against them, not for them. Hogan asked that they simply send a message that these boys were “just as valuable as any other person on earth.”
So half of the Faith Christian fans were now sitting on the visitor’s side of the field, cheering for the Gainesville team, and in some cases, against their own sons.
–Cheering for a team decked out in mismatched old uniforms and helmets.
–Cheering for boys who wouldn’t go home that night and have a smiling dad slap him on the back and feel his mom put her arms around him and say “I’m so proud of you son!”
–Cheering for the underdog.
This was a Friday night like no other for the Tornadoes. In the locker room, the players were confused.
“Why are they cheerin’ for us, coach?”
“Because, men, they want to encourage you. They want you to know that they care about you…that you have value.”

Coach Williams said the boys were stunned. For many of these kids, it may have been the first time that anyone had shown them, so visibly, unconditional love.
They were down 33 to nothing at the half. Williams encouraged his team to set a goal for the second half: to score a touchdown against this vastly superior team. And when the boys from the State School took the field again, with their fans cheering them on, everything started to click. And they did score. Not once but twice.
And the fans went wild.
Coach Williams was asked what the bus ride was like on the way home and he laughed and said that they were all asleep—their bellies were full. That’s becuz after the game, the parents brought a whole bunch of food over to the guys: hamburgers, fries, candy, sodas…and included in the meal sack was a Bible and a personal letter of encouragement from a Faith Christian player. But then, he said, they formed a line for us out to the bus. And the parents patted them on the back and said, “Nice game” and “Look forward to seeing you guys next time.”
As they left the field that night, Coach Williams grabbed Coach Hogan and said to him: “You’ll never know what your people did for these kids tonight. You’ll never, ever know.”

To My Customers

To the wonderful grandmother who called in for help with her dsl because she wanted one thing to work right in her granddaughters life. Her daughter was getting a divorce and she and her children went to live with her mother. Who was the grandmother that called in. She was so sweet, of course the issue was not the dsl service it was her computer. Totally out of my “scope of support.” So what did I do…

I did what any benevolent empress would do, I had her do a system restore and wipe out the last 5 days. Voila, she was able to access the Internet, that was when the whole story poured out. I told her she was doing an amazing thing and it was wonderful she was able to provide a stable home for her grandchildren.

For the retired gentleman who promised his wife he would get the newly ordered Internet service up and running when he did not know how to work the new laptop they had just purchased. You were so kind and patient as I walked you through everything, even when you still could not type in the password correctly, you allowed me to do what I do best… Take control. I did not make you feel inadequate for not being able to type and for that you were kind to me in return.

For the kinda creepy man who offered to marry me at the end of my day for getting you back on line.

I thank each and every one of you. It is customers like yourselves that makes my job truly fulfilling. For the ones who don’t cuss me out when they are the ones who have downloaded all of the things that make their computers crash, for the ones that tell me how amazing I am, how smart I am and in general make me feel good about the time I have spent with them, for the ones that tell me this is their only lifeline to the world as they are handicapped and not able to get out into the “real” world, for all of you I want to say a great big thank you.

My job is to help people with their Internet service, and I love it, I love it when I am able to correct the issues and people are so happy to be able to see their emails again! I love their reaction when they open their browser and wow they are magically online again.

For my customers that are genuinely nice, you totally rock!!!

Dawn of a new era

Well another Presidential election has come and gone. We have a new President, with a different Party in power for the first time in a long time.

I have adopted a wait and see attitude. I hope “change” is around the corner. I hope that now we can all work together to strengthen our amazingly great country.

Here is my major concern, I am not a pacifist, I do not relish the idea of us not being a strong nation in the sense of military power. Especially with the climate that is prevalent in today’s world. It greatly concerns me.

I will of course continue to pray for the office of President, Congress, Senate, Governor and every other elected official. I hope this is the beginning of a great era. As always I am an optimist at heart.


Ok, so on Sunday I was watching a show on the history channel about Halloween. I had no Idea that the great holiday started in Ireland.

Why was I not up on the history of Halloween? Me! I love history, all history, of everything. And, I LOVE Halloween. The come as you aren’t holiday. Or, as I like to refer to it, the come as you really want to dress every day holiday.

I have not planned well for this year. I was not going to dress up as I was not going to be at work, then I was invited to a party, so costume plans are on. I have not decided on what I want to dress as yet.

I have a ton of costumes in my closet, there is the Anna Nicole, in poor taste now that she is dead, the Greek goddess, Wonder Woman (my personal favorite), Barbie doll one, and of course the quintessential sexy witch.

I will probably go with the witch one, I love that costume. However I love my wonder woman boots and have only worn them twice. Ugh, decisions.

Any thoughts on what I should be? And I would love to hear what everyone else is dressing up as!


I have been thinking a lot lately about family. What constitutes family, Webster’s defines family as 1: a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head : household2 a: a group of persons of common ancestry : clan b: a people or group of peoples regarded as deriving from a common stock : race3 a: a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation : fellowship b: the staff of a high official (as the President)4: a group of things related by common characteristics: as a: a closely related series of elements or chemical compounds b: a group of soils with similar chemical and physical properties (as texture, pH, and mineral content) that comprise a category ranking above the series and below the subgroup in soil classification c: a group of related languages descended from a single ancestral language 5 a: the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children ; also : any of various social units differing from but regarded as equivalent to the traditional family <a single-parent family> b: spouse and children.

Considering that I am adopted and both of my parents are now deceased my “family” consists of my children. However, I have come to the realization that family is more than blood ties.

Being a single parent with no dictionary definition of family for support, I have cultivated my own version of a “family”. I have a multitude of sisters and even an annoying younger brother. I am a very fortunate person to have all of these people who have consented to being a part of my non-blood family.

I guess the reason it comes so easy for me to have all of these people in my life is due to the fact that I am adopted, it is easier to accept different people of different backgrounds when you yourself are thrust into a world into which you are not really born.

For all of my “family” thank you for being part of my life!!!