Christmas Presents to Me

Hello old friend, it’s been a while, I admit, I abandon you when I get busy with life. Tis the season for busyness, shopping, working, taking granddaughter to her dance, shopping.

I love this time of year, I know I say that often, but it’s true.

I went to Denison with a friend of mine, for those of you not in North Texas, Denison is a town in Texas that is very old and has the most delightful shops.

Ok, to back up a little bit, there is a boutique I shop online at that is actually in Denison. My friend Cheryl, shops there as well, she said let’s go to the physical store. I said I’m in!

So to Denison we went, Zelda Rose Boutique is the name of the shop and it is just delightful. It has clothes, accessories and even homemade doggy treats. We shopped until we dropped, then crawled.

There were so many cute shops and I found unique things to give people for Christmas. I can’t wait to give them their presents!

Don’t you love that? Picking out something fun and different and giving it to the person that it reminded you of? I love that so much, finding that one thing that someone might not give them.

One year I was able to find the book my mom was published in and gave each of my children a copy. I hope they cherish it as much as I do.

I always buy myself a Christmas present, this year I bought mine early, it was Dean Cain. Well, not actually him, well, yes, it was actually him, but they didn’t let me take him home with me. I had to leave him there. But I did get to meet him and hold a couple of conversations with him. Best. Christmas. Present. EVER. I don’t know what I will do next year to top it. I am going to have very high expectations of myself from this point forward.

After Christmas I’ll be busy getting ready to meet aliens (I hope!) do they still live in Roswell? And then on to Arizona to meet my new grand-nephew, very excited about that.

But first Christmas, I am so excited, I found the perfect present for my oldest son. I always feel like I miss the mark with him and this year I know I aced it.

This coming Wednesday is the ugly Christmas outfit contest at work. I don’t know why they are doing it on a Wednesday when everyone is at work on Mondays. Doesn’t make sense, oh well, I am not in charge of planning things.

Does anyone have any traditions they have this time of year? I make my mom’s dressing, yes, dressing, I am from the South so it is dressing. It doesn’t go into a turkey’s behind, so it is not stuffing.

I only make it once a year and it is soooooooo good! I’m not a great cook, but there are a few dishes I get very right, and this is one.

I read a book yesterday, by one of my favorite authors, Jude Deveraux, I love her books. I am not a romantic person but I do love romance novels, especially when a murder mystery is thrown in. But I’m sad now, because the book is done and I had to say goodbye to the characters.

Is anyone else like that? After you finish a book it makes you kind of sad, like you are saying goodbye to friends, I wrapped presents and then my gift was getting to read my new book. It was so worth it, I need a new book now, maybe I’ll make a stop at the bookstore on my way home tomorrow.

Well I am going for now, I have things to do before I go to sleep. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a beautiful Christmas Season!.

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Dreams and More

So season three of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel came out on Amazon Prime. I watched the whole season today, was pleasantly surprised by the Zachary Levi showing. He had one of the best lines, I am not going to tell you because the show just dropped and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Speaking of Zachary Levi, he was part of my weird dream Wednesday night. I dreamed I was at his ranch for an event and I forgot my workout clothes. Part of the event was a workout, so I asked if there was a workout clothes store in Austin. Yes, it was said just like that. So someone said yes, and I drove to Austin and went into the workout clothes store.

Jack Black was in there because he forgot his workout clothes as well. He recognized me from the event and asked if he could get a ride back to the ranch. He had taken an Uber into town. I said sure, not a problem, we pay for out clothes and hop in my car.

Godzilla is burning Austin, that’s right, we start driving and this giant lizard beast is burning the town. We think this is normal for Austin so we just casually chit chat back to the ranch.

We get back there and everyone is freaking out asking if we saw Godzilla. Why yes we did, but I was still not bothered by this.

That’s when I woke up, very disturbing, I told someone at work about all of my dreams and they suggested I write to Jenna Owens, she is the dream expert.

But then I was telling my bestie Shay about it so she says google it. So I did and it turns out my dreams mean I am worried about different things.

During my waking hours I have no worries but apparently I do during my sleep hours. Last night I had no dreams, thank goodness as today is my day off and I needed a good nights sleep.

I still say if I met Zachary Levi in person we would totally hit it off in the friends department. I love him, but not in a Dean kind of way. I just hope if I ever do get an invitation to an event at his ranch Godzilla doesn’t show up.

I did major Christmas shopping today online, I found out the most delightful thing. I can do same day delivery from Target! No one delivers out here like that! But Shipt does, with three different stores, Target being one.

I have never been so happy in my entire life, well I have, but still, delivery! Same day!

That freed me up to drink coffee, watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Christmas shop online and finish decorating for Christmas.

It was a great day, I’m not going to lie, I feel refreshed, I have a full day of shopping tomorrow.

Oh and who knew Ming-Na Wen showed up in the Mandalorian! Greatness.

Also, if you have Disney + I cannot say enough good things about The World According to Jeff Goldblum. His unbridled joy and enthusiasm is contagious! I have started watching an episode before going to sleep. I started this last night, probably why I didn’t have weird dreams.

Seriously, watch this show, it is so much fun and you learn some things as well.

That’s all I have for now, I am sure I will find other things to get out of my head later.

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Musical Taste

As I was leaving work a teammate and I were discussing a few of our calls from today. I told him about a man I was helping and the music he was listening to. It sounded like it came straight from a 1970’s porn movie. He and I laughed then started talking about our playlists. He and I are about the same age and listen to a lot of the same music.

Then I started thinking about my playlist and it is pretty eclectic, I am going to give you a taste here. Just a few because one playlist has 101 songs on it.

Number One by Tove Stryke (my current favorite)

Is This Love by Whitesnake

Good as Hell by Lizzo

Count On Me by Bruno Mars

Alison by Elvis Costello

All Summer Long by Kid Rock (this song reminds me of my last free summer)

Lido Shuffle by Boz Skaggs

A Girl, A Boy and A Graveyard by Jeremy Messersmith

Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

Feeling Good by Nina Simone

If I Could Write by Phillips

Leaving on a Jet Plane covered by Jeffster

This is just a taste of the music I am currently listening to, there’s more, Andy Gibb is represented as well as The Backstreet Boys.

I like everything, I even admit to having some Tracy Lawrence and Tim McGraw thrown in.

I would love to know what everyone else is listening to, I find I am getting a lot of things from television shows and movies.

Music has played such a huge role in my life, I used to play the cello and bass. Sometimes I miss it, playing in the orchestra influenced my love of classical music. I love instrumentals to this day.

I am looking forward to sleeping later than 4:30 on Friday, the new work that we are doing in my office is mentally draining. In a good way, I come home tired and sleep hard, except for last night. Last night I had a horrible nightmare, it woke me up, not screaming but very disturbing.

I dreamed all of my children were little and we were home but we lived in the country. Someone put three snakes in our house and I had to find them and kill them before they bit my children.

One, a huge black snake grabbed Alex’s face and I had to pry it off. I did and I killed it and Alex was fine but it woke me up and I said prayers for Alex. I don’t know if God was telling me something or if I need to stop watching Prodigal Son before going to sleep.

If anyone can interpret dreams I would love to know what that one meant. I’m still a little freaked out by it, number one, anything that hurts one of my children has to go and number 2, I hate snakes with a passion. So it was a double whammy, I am hoping I have a better nights sleep tonight. How do you sleep without dreaming? If you know, please tell me.

I have to go now, I find I have to look up how to write a contract.

God’s Plan

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11.

I used to wonder what incredible future God had planned for me. Now I know the life I was living was what He had planned for me. I got to raise the most incredible humans I’ve ever known and I had the best parents. Most people don’t even get that much.

It could have been so much worse, my birth mother could have chosen not to give me up, that would have been a nightmarish life. I could have had different children, I can’t imagine.

I was telling my BBFF a few weeks ago that my ex husband and I should have never married but I wouldn’t change it because I have the most incredible children. He said something so profound that it struck a chord in me. He said sometimes God let’s the wrong people get together to create the humans He needs to be in the world.

I was seriously blown away by that thought. Like I’ve said before I only regret one thing that would have been within my control.

I’ve spent a lot of my life wanting something that God was never going to allow me to have. Looking back on my life I have lived the plans God had for me. It’s enough.

This is the time of year people start to take stock of their year. Mine has been really incredible. I got to travel to Florida to see someone I love get married. I not only got to spend time with some of my oldest friends I got to travel and spend time with my daughter.

I got to meet Dean Cain, which I never thought I’d get to do.

I got to meet some really nice people on Twitter thanks to a little show called Chuck. And I got to meet two of them in person. Bonus.

I got to spend time with friends and family and just be myself. It’s been a good 2019, oh and a certain little boy had started calling me Gigi and I love it.

As this year winds down I look forward to a really fin 2020 with a trip on the books to see aliens and a new grand-nephew.

I hope everyone has had a really great 2019 and I pray you all have a fantastic 2020.


Thank God Thanksgiving is over, definitely my least favorite holiday. It is December and this is my favorite month. I love Christmas and all that comes with it. I love the sparkle of it all, I love the way people are just a little nicer. I love celebrating the birth of a risen Jesus Christ.

I also become a little sad, I miss so many people, my mom and dad, my grandparents and my son. I miss being part of a large family, Christmases at my parents was always the best.

My whole month is busy, shopping, planning, cooking I love it all.

Huge shout out to my sister Shay, once again she comes to the rescue. My schedule at work is messed up for the week of Christmas and she graciously offered to trade days with me so I can have off Christmas Eve. That’s the day we have our family gathering. If I didn’t have off I wouldn’t have seen my family. She really is the beat friend one could ask for.

So I did something shameful, I don’t even know if I should admit what I did. They say confession is good for the soul. So here goes, I came home from work yesterday and turned on the tv. I then went into the kitchen and started making my dinner. I came back into the living room and what was on my television was shocking.

It was Keeping up with the Kardashians, I picked up the remote and found that I did not change the channel. I was sucked in! For two episodes! I can’t even tell you what it was about. Someone got upset with someone else and then they worked it out. I have no idea what happened! I very literally lost brain cells!

I am ashamed and must pay penance, no Chuck for a week, no, not harsh enough. No Lois and Clark or a week, no, too harsh. I’ll think of something.

I just thought of something, I’m bust through February! Oh if anyone knows of a good alien hotel in Roswell, NM let me know.

Thanksgiving Choice

Apparently I have become an object of pity, I don’t even know how this happened. Wait, that’s a lie, I do know how this happened. I did it to myself, I have cultivated a life that is void of any human contact except for work and my children.

I am such a creature of pity that even my ex-husband decided to invite me to Thanksgiving. I politely declined, as I politely declined every Thanksgiving invitation.

Why you ask, its simple, Thanksgiving is family time and I don’t have one. Yes, I have my children, but at Thanksgiving they are purely their dad’s children. I gave up any thanksgiving rights a long time ago. I will not be reclaiming any of them, I refuse to go somewhere that I feel awkward.

My parents are gone, I am adopted, my siblings never saw me as real, so their families don’t see me as real. One brother is gone, the other is in a nursing home and my sister has her own family and I’m not real anyway. So I would not e spending any holidays with anyone who thinks I’m not real.

I have cousins, but they have their own families, once again the awkward thing comes into play. Its one of the reasons I don’t go to many family reunions. Because they all have shared experiences and memories and well I wasn’t there and it’s awkward. So I stay away, I’ve never remarried, so I’m alone, with a dog and a cat.

Its fine, I did it to myself and i’m good with it, for the record I had 4 invitations to Thanksgiving dinner, but they are not my family and well awkward. When you are with family you relive stories and catch up and you don’t really want a stranger sitting there with nothing to offer. It is really for the good of all I don’t show up to anything. I tried a few times and I always feel like the lone person out. So I stopped going to anyones home for a family affair.

Apparently I am an object of pity now, so old that no one would ever want me for a life partner, I mean men my age are demanding and getting much younger women, and my children are their fathers children on Thanksgiving. I would never dream of insinuating myself into that situation.

I feel it would be disrespectful to his wife, this is her show and she should be front and center in this family holiday.  Her husbands ex-wife should never show up for a family holiday. My daughter pointed out that we all get together at Easter, but this is at my son’s home. Not theirs, if it were at theirs I would not show up, because it would be disrespectful and here’s that word again, awkward.

I write all of this not for anyone to feel sorry for me but because I need to get it out, I need to expunge my feelings in writing.

I have no regrets about my life and the way it turned out, i’d do almost everything over again. I’d only change one small thing and I think we all know what that is.

So Happy Thanksgiving, if you have family and are with them, cherish it, I wish I had known the last time was the last time I would have a real family Thanksgiving. I think I would have cherished it more, I would have saved every minute in my memory bank so I could bring it out and relive it.

Feliz Navidad and all the Good Things

I’ve decided to give my BBFF an early Christmas gift. You see he has a song he absolutely hates, it’s a Christmas song and every year I torture him with it. Feliz Navidad, if you see him please sing it to him if you see him. He LOVES it so very much.

There are two songs I absolutely loath and I have never told anyone what they are. They are by the same singer and everyone loves this singer. This will be my most unpopular opinion yet.

I’m finally going to reveal what they are and who sings them.

It’s Willie Nelson, On the Road Again and To all the Girls I’ve loved Before. I hate them, they are like nails on a chalkboard for me.

Granted I am not a huge country music fan, although I seriously love Dolly Parton, she’s amazing.

I don’t know what it is, I just can’t stand those two songs, if I never hear them again I would be good. So that’s my Christmas present to BBFF. Now he has something equally as loathsome to torture me with.

If you know him be sure and look for the Feliz Navidad posts to begin soon!

Inappropriately Aged

Ok, so, a few weeks ago I was reading Hollywood gossip, which is fun, right, we get a peek into a world most of us will never get to live. When one of the stories say a 65 year old actor is now engaged to a 26 year old college student.

She is younger than his child, I had no words, so I immediately rant to BBFF, who says Angie this an actor, then silence and the I can see how this could be upsetting because that is your target.

This is the reason, one of the reasons, I don’t date, men in my age range, no matter their socioeconomic status, want young girls.

I will be honest I have my share of younger men that hit on me, I say no because number one I refuse to date anyone I could have given birth to.  And b. I don’t want to have to explain any of my pop culture references, lastly I’m not going to take care of anyone and raise them. I already did my job, raising three amazing humans and I don’t have the wherewithal to raise anyone else. I’ve done my job, it’s done, I’ve earned the right to sit on laurels, because they all turned out so well.

So here I sit, sliding fast into my dotage, with a cat and a dog because I chose this life. I’m good with it, I refuse to date not in my age range, either side of it, and there is no one in my age range to date.

So there you have it folks, the unadulterated opinion of a way much older man engaged to a woman that in all honesty could be his granddaughter. I know Hugh Hefner did it, he was married to a woman that could have been his great-granddaughter, this does not make it ok.

We all know why she is with him, especially after learning she is currently working towards her Ph.D. in accounting. Smart girl, she’s going to need that degree a few years from now. Ironclad prenups are not what they used to be, loopholes are there.

If I sound bitter, I’m not, I’m a realist, I know I don’t sound it at times (Dean) but I am. I know what my limitations in real life are, I really have no illusions about who or what I am.

When men grow older society says they are distinguished, when women grow older they are just old. Or referred to as hags, crones, witches or just ignored. Forgotten, if they are in the movies or on television they normally turn to plastic surgery, botox or any number of beauty treatments that the average person can’t afford.

I admit I do take care of my skin, I do a lot to stave off wrinkles and saggy skin. I do think I look amazing at 55, for an average woman, not one that can afford the really good plastic surgeons. I have nothing against plastic surgery, maybe I am a little green that I really can’t afford the good surgeon. Best advice I have had was Jenna Owens saying don’t get botox off of Groupon. So I won’t be doing that either.

65 and 26, I just can’t let that go, its crazy! When did this become acceptable? Ok, the beginning of time, I know, men always go after the younger.

I still say I wasted my 40’s on someone who didn’t appreciate anything I was or did. That was my fault, I have no one to blame but me, I have to look at it this way God will use what I went through one day. I may not even know how He uses it or who He uses it with. So maybe not wasted time, maybe it was useful, maybe I was there for another purpose. Interesting, I should stop looking at it as wasted time, I should look at it as a learning experience.

I love how I do my own therapy here, you all pay the price, reading complete nonsense. I love you all for it, thank you, especially the Japanese readers. I have a lot of hits from Japan and China, I’d love to know if anyone gets anything from my ramblings.

On another note, I highly recommend Dollface on Hulu, so good, funny, smart and complete escapism. Kat Dennings is, well, herself, it is really good.

Right now I am watching Brittany Runs a Marathon, inspiring, it makes me want to run one. Not really, I’m never going to run 26 miles, like ever.

But I will watch someone else doing it, that’s all I have for now, I have things to do today, to accomplish. Maybe, I’m undecided if I am actually going to do any of them.

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Big Hair and Sleep Pants

I love going to health food stores, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, places like that. I love getting my snacks from The Vitamin Shoppe, they have the best protein almonds and chips. Having said that I am going to tell you when not to buy something, when you ask if they have tried a certain protein bar and they tell you yes, you ask how it tastes and they hesitate a full 5 seconds, then say interesting.

Never buy that product, it is made by minions of satan, literally the worst thing I have put in my mouth. And it was a flavor I love, chocolate mint! And it was hideous, so there, I took a hit for all of us, never buy anything to eat when the worker at the store says it is interesting.

It’s not easy eating clean and staying Keto, but I persevere. On an upbeat note Legendary foods are amazing products. I am currently addicted to their Pecan Pie almond butter. It is so good, no embellishment needed, it is like a party in ones mouth.

Speaking of health things, the vitamin D3 has been a miracle, I literally have no more joint pain in my left shoulder, it has been there for several years. None, all gone. I bought these sleep pants, I know you are thinking, um pajamas, no, these are compression sleep pants. They are supposed to improve circulation in your legs while you sleep. My hip flexor pain is almost completely gone, these are amazing. I found them on Facebook, I highly recommend them. I have 4 pairs now and if I don’t wear them I miss them. So much health going on here, it is disgusting.

The weather here is weird, usually this is my good hair time. Not this year! It is humid, with mild temperatures, my hair is huge! Pray for my hair, I know things are bigger in Texas but this is ridiculous. I hope Dean likes curly hair.

On another note I am still loving Disney +, I do wish they were faster with the Mandalorian episodes, so far only two. However I am finding so many other things to watch, it is so much fun reliving childhood favorites. Do you have any Disney favorites that would make you want to purchase this streaming service? I find I am reliving my childhood and my early momhood, watching things I watched with my children. It is glorious.

Also I have my ugly Christmas outfit picked out. Last year I won the competition at work. I’m working on two years in a row! I’ll add a picture of last year’s winner.

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Coffee Fueled Ramblings

With Steve Rogers going back in time at the end of Endgame shouldn’t Agent Carter get a revisit? What a great show with only two seasons, ABC you missed the mark canceling that one. I know I’m late with this and it has been over for several years, but with the release of Disney+ I find renewed passion for the show.

Last night I was treated to dinner at my oldest son’s home, homemade hamburgers and sweet potato tater tots. Not to mention good company and being regaled with stories from children. I also played games with a very lively 5 year old, I think he cheats, I warned him I cheat at Candy Land and Monopoly, but I think he’s better at it than I am. So much fun!

When I picked Tess up from school yesterday her mom sent me a text and asked me to call her and put her on speaker phone. Of course I obliged, she then told Tessa that she had received a call from her history teacher. He said that Tess was a born leader and he has started calling her Madam President. He said the other children in the class look to her for leadership and she is his favorite student in that class. In a class of 30 kids she stands out, I am so proud of her!

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with humility to think that God chose me to be the mother and grandmother of such great humans.

This mornings ramblings are brought to you by coffee, one half Black Riffle Smooth Silencer and one half Godiva Caramel. So good, I wish Godiva still made the Creme  Brûlée but they have apparently stopped making that particular flavor.

I love creme brûlée, unfortunately for me, so many calories and so much sugar, but the coffee was heavenly and had no sugar or calories. If anyone knows someone at Godiva that has influence tell them of my plight and disappointment.

Last night when I got home 20/20 was on, does anyone remember when that used to be a real news show? I used to watch it growing up and I loved it, Hugh Downs was excellent, now it is a true crime show.

I miss real news shows and real news anchors, I know I have said this before, I’m not senile, but I really miss Walter Cronkite. There was something comforting in his sign-off, I am all for bringing back real newscasters, now we have people who insinuate themselves in the story and put their own spin on it. Ridiculous, tell me what happened and I will form my own opinion about, well, everything.

Dean would make a great newscaster, have you ever noticed they all have great hair. He has great hair, and he’s literally the prettiest man alive. Even in person! Why yes, I will be telling everyone that I met him and he was even better looking in person.

Back to Peggy Carter, the show was smart, funny, action packed, well written, directed and acted. Not to mention the costuming was pitch perfect for the time period. It was killed off way too soon and there was no closure, Hayley Atwell deserves better. We, the fans, deserve better, Captain America deserves better, let’s just say it, America deserves better. I may have had a little bit of coffee (a whole pot is not too much right?), for cognizant thinking.

I’m going to go now because I am rambling and I have things to do, I bought a new Christmas Tree and I want to get the living room Christmas ready.

Have a great Saturday, as usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at