Skincare and Empress Talk

I have recently developed an aversion to sunscreen, allow me to explain. My moisturizer and foundation both had sunscreen and it has started burning my face. It was awful, it took me a little while to figure it out. I changed moisturizer first and when I put that on my face stopped hurting, then I put on my normal foundation and pain. I knew then it was the sunscreen. 

Almost all foundations now have sunscreen, I looked and looked online, then I decided to go to my local Ulta store. A very nice gentleman asked if I needed help, I said yes I do. I explained what I needed and he said he had the perfect solution.

We found a foundation without sunscreen and I tried it, it wasn’t covering the red in my face. I have massive red undertones in my complexion. So he then suggested a primer that doubles as an anti-red corrector.

It also moisturizes, which is great because my skin is extra dry these days. I have never had dry skin, nor oily skin, it has always just been normal. But menopause takes a toll on everything, what a cruel joke on all women.

The primer is Smashbox photo finish correct Anti-Redness Primer and the foundation is It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation.

It is cold here today, cold without snow is not a fun thing, but I promised I would not wish for snow this year. Stupid storm of the century last year, it continues to ruin my fun. The storm that is blasting us with cold weather is blanketing the south east with snow, even to Missouri. The  storm is named Izzy, that’s right, someone named the storm after my daughter. Which is very exciting, I have yet to have a storm named after me, maybe one will be in my birthday month. After the 1st of February of course, that day belongs to Izzy Anne. When I am gone, or senile, whichever comes first, the whole month will go to her. It’s in my will, I bequeath February to Elizabeth Anne. 

I am sure she will appreciate it, monuments will be built in my honor for being so magnanimous, the 10th will become an earth wide holiday. Tiaras for everyone!

Sorry I got carried away a little, just a little.

I have been watching The Golden Girls lately, I honestly forgot how howlingly funny it is. I have laughed until tears were coming down with some of the zingers. 

I am definitely a Dorothy, acerbic, the voice of reason, I shall rule my retirement home.

Picture it, Shady Pines, 2060, Foreigner blasting over the loud speakers, chocolate for everyone. It’s going to be so much fun!

That’s all I have for now, any comments, questions, criticisms or agreements can be left here or sent to me at

Happy Anniversary Foy and Odela

Yes, it is that day again, the one that comes every year. The one where I tell you how amazing my parents were.

The important thing I want everyone to get from these missives is how deeply these two humans loved. First and foremost they loved Jesus and lived their lives in a way that showed every person that came in their vicinity just how much they loved God.

They loved their family, first three children then an outlier. They showed that love with humor, grace and discipline.

They loved their neighbors as themselves, proving over and over how valuable to the community they were. Not in terms of political power or great wealth but with simple greatness. To be in their presence made one want to be a better person.

The things that have stayed with me are many, from the way they read the Bible out loud to each other every evening. It is still one of the most romantic things I have ever witnessed. The way they watched Wheel of Fortune together, sharing apple slices and cheese as an evening snack.

The way they kissed if one of them was leaving the house without the other. Like it would be the last time they saw each other. Because you never know what tomorrow brings.

They have been gone from this earth for many years, but their actions and words stay with me. I know they influenced others lives as well, they were extraordinary examples of how to live a daily life devoted to Christ. An example of how a couple can work together in every area of their lives.

I know they are together and I know they are celebrating in heaven every single day.

SATC Reboot Thoughts

I am going to say it, the really unpopular opinion, hate may come my way, I don’t care.

Watching Sex in the City continuation, And Just Like That, I have come to the conclusion I hate Miranda Hobbs. 

She is a bad friend, a bad mother and a bad wife, here comes the part where I tell you that if you have not watched, stop reading. I will be posting spoilers if you have not seen the first six episodes.

First we see Miranda allowing her teenage son and his girlfriend to have sex in her home. I don’t know how the girl’s parents feel about this, but we only see Miranda’s side. When her husband, Steve, questions the sanity of this, she says well they’d be doing it somewhere else. 

Same equation parents who allow underage drinking have.

Then we see her telling her friends that she and Steve no longer have sex. For years, it has been this way, and she has no desire to change it. I can guarantee if this were real life, Steve would be getting it somewhere else. He did in the first movie when Miranda did the same thing. He just learned his lesson about confessing his guilt.

Then we see the drinking, she drinks everywhere and at all times of the day. She is an alcoholic, she doesn’t want to admit that either. But she hides it in her backpack, oh and speaking of, she is literally the worst “woke” person ever!

She makes gauche mistakes that no woman her age would make, unless they are completely ignorant. This is, supposedly, a highly educated woman, living in the metropolis that is New York City. A place the wokest of the woke live. But there she is, a bull in a china shop making stupid mistakes.

Then we have the worst friend award, Carrie has to have hip surgery, someone has to be there afterward, in her home, to help her get around. Especially to the bathroom, it was Miranda’s turn to take care of her very dear friend.

Carrie’s podcast partner comes over to check on her. She is asleep so Miranda and Che go to the kitchen, where they proceed to smoke pot and make out.

Carrie awakens, needs help going to the bathroom and spots them in the kitchen, because they are being loud. Very loud, Carrie is desperately trying to get Miranda’s attention, calling help, she finally pees in a vase. Then spills it on her bed, she is laying in urine. That is when Miranda decides to be a friend. Then tries to justify her cheating on Steve.

I don’t care that it was another woman she did this with, she cheated on her husband. She needed to take a step back and remember how she felt when she found out about Steve cheating on her. Then if she wants to explore this new avenue, tell Steve and get a separation or divorce. 

Stop normalizing cheating, it always comes to a bad end, for everyone. 

That is all I have, I cringe every time Miranda Hobbs comes on the screen. I know the actress herself, went through a period of time where she was married to a man, then realized that was not who she was and divorced and married a woman. Maybe the writers wanted to explore this, and that’s fine, but the character Steve, doesn’t deserve this, his character deserves a little dignity. As do the fans, Miranda used to be the voice of reason, sanity, when the friends would go down an insane path. This change is coming out of nowhere. This is not the same character that took such care with her Mother-in-law that was battling dementia. 

This character was not written the same and it is not growth, we are seeing bad writing for a character that deserves better.

I hope the finale redeems Miranda, we will see next week.

My Review of American Underdog

I went to see American Underdog today, I highly recommend you do the same. A fun fact about me, I hate sports, like really do not watch any sports on television. In person is a different story, all except soccer, I will never ever ever go to a professional soccer match. 

I love sports movies, especially when they are based on a true story. Invincible, Miracle on Ice, Remember the Titans, those all come to mind. Even the Mighty Ducks movies, I know those are not based on a true story, but they are a feel good premise. The underdog coming from behind to win the day. I do love a good underdog story, not only in sports but in life.

I will admit, the draw to this particular movie was Zachary Levi, I loved him in Less than Perfect, Chuck, Tangled and of course Chuck, not to mention the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and of course Shazam.

American Underdog is a true testament to his talent, I have said this before, mostly to myself, Zachary Levi shines as an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. 

Wether it is a self identified geek suddenly thrust into the world of spies, a child suddenly becoming a grown man with super powers to this, becoming a cinderella of football.

Not to mention playing a complete legend like Kurt Warner, who not only did amazing things on the field but off as well. He gave life to a story about what the majority of the world sees as just a football player. He showed that he was not only talented on the field, he was a caring human off of the field.

I highly suggest you go see this movie even if you are not a sports fan. This will not make you one, it will however show you the range and talent of Zachary Levi. It may make you want to look into the life of Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda. I won’t give any spoilers to their life, let’s just say they are great people that were destined not only for each other, but greatness. They are special people that lives their lives in service to others. 

That is just my humble opinion, my non-sports watching opinion. I loved this movie and will most definitely buy it when it comes out on bluray. I’m old fashioned and like hard copies of movies. 

Goodbye 2021

Christmas has come and gone, the new year is upon us and I find myself not quite ready for this year to end. I know a lot of people don’t feel that way, but this year has brought so much joy into my life.

I have gotten to watch the people in my life grow and welcome others into our circle.

I gained identical twin granddaughters, I got a new son-in-law to be, I watched my bestie grow in her relationship and get married and now I have a new BIL.

I watched my youngest son grow into a protective, loving father, I got to watch my daughter-in-law grow into a loving, caring mother.

I am able to witness my oldest granddaughter grow into an amazingly gifted writer. 

I got to reconnect with my sister, God has indeed been good this year, I find myself loath to say goodbye.

I hear so often when the end of a year is near that people are ready to usher it out, like suddenly the striking of a clock will magically fix all of the wrongs in their life.

I get it, new beginnings and all of that, but what really changes? I have to ask, because nothing in my life has ever magically changed with the ringing of a bell.

My life goes on, for better or worse, it goes on, the only thing that changes is my hair color, the amount of wrinkles I am gaining at an alarming rate. A new year does not guarantee change, only we can do that for ourselves.

I don’t make resolutions I cannot keep, I will continue to do the same things, make the same choices and be true to who I am at my core.

Do I have my own idiosyncratic habits? Yes, I do, which will continue to foster. I will also have my usual 15 bean soup made with the Christmas ham left over. Do I believe it brings good luck? No, but it does give me comfort and makes me happy.

Do any of you have any habits or traditions that make New Years Day a celebration? 

I usually take down the Christmas decorations, make my soup and watch television, or read a book. I do reflect on what I can do to better my relationship with God. How can I exemplify what He has done in my life. Be a better person, help others when I can, learn to cut off toxic people. 

Some people don’t even realize when they are toxic, they lie, they scheme and blame others for their misfortunes in life.

My life has never been easy, some things I had no control over, some things I did have control over. I have made bad decisions, I have made good decisions, I have relied on God and I have relied on self. It goes so much better when I leave God in the equation. 

All in all, my life will not magically change with the striking of the clock, but it will go on.

Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat

The other day I received a notification that my website had recently had a lot of hits. At first I was like what! Then I was like what? It seems someone did a google search on the person I used to date/engaged to and found my blog.

They went through and found every entry he was mention in, they didn’t leave a comment, so I have no idea who they are.

This is directed at that person, if you are a woman thinking of dating the aforementioned person, think twice.

I have not spoken to him in over 5 years, so I think it is time to tell a few things. 

He is a consummate liar, he is a user, a gaslighter, an alcoholic and a serial cheater.

You are now forewarned, if you read my entries thinking I want him back, please stop. I do not, my life is peaceful, I can breath and have a beautiful life.

He will try and convince you that all of his problems were due to others, his problems are of his own making.

I know you are asking yourself why I didn’t delete those entries, well they are my life, I will not erase my past. Instead I learn from it and will not be repeating my past. 

Ask yourself some hard questions, why does this person go from woman to woman, why can’t he sustain any relationships in his life. 

Think long and hard before becoming involved with him, guard yourself, your finances, your mental health and your emotional wellbeing. 

If you are a fixer, which I am, I want to fix everything and everyone, take a step back and understand you cannot fix every broken being on the planet.

Take a real look at yourself and work on you, be content being alone, the right person will be there, they will not “love bomb” you. They will respect your boundaries and if you have children, especially young children, protect them. Protect them from having a person who, when they become comfortable, will just scream when he does not get his way. Protect their mental and emotional wellbeing, be their mother, their protector.

If you have any questions, I am open to answer them as best I can, my email address is I will not publish anything here, but I will answer your questions.

I hope you have a great day and will think long and hard about your future. 

China and Just Say No

Hi China!! I haven’t written in a while and when I looked at my stats you have been all over my site, so I though I would write and say hey.

There is a lot going on, so much I can’t write about now, but some I can. My religious exemption was accepted by the company I work for, I am very relieved. I will not be getting that chemical concoction of God knows what put in my body. No ingredient list, no go, all other drugs out there will list the side effects and what is in their drug. This is the only one that does not and now the drug companies are wanting to wait 55 years to tell the public what the side effects are. No thank you, to those of you that are willing to take this I understand. I sincerely hope that you experience none of the side effects that I am seeing others experience, including death.

I am making the trek to Costco today, I have a list, pray I can stay on it, the impulse buying is real there.

This weekend I decorate for Christmas, no, I have not done that yet, I have been very busy, but today and tomorrow are it, I need to see lights and tinsel and greenery everywhere.

I really can’t say anything else, a lot on my mind and heart cannot be said publicly as of yet. I will end with this, if you are a praying kind of person please say a prayer for two little girls who will make their entrance into this world in a week.

Bye for now China, really curious as to why you are so fascinated with little old me.

Veterans Day

Yesterday was Veteran’s day here in the United States of America. This is a day we set aside in this country to honor our men and women who take up the mantel of protecting our great country. Those who have served with honor and have made it home.

There are so many in my family, we go back centuries in this country. I am so proud of the men and women who have fought for the freedoms of this country. The very freedoms we enjoy to this day. 

I have brothers, a nephew, cousins and uncles and an ex-father-in-law who have all served this country with honor. Before them, in the very first Continental Army, my ancestor proudly fought for the freedom to form this country.

I have a multitude of friends who have proudly served this country. Taken the oath to protect the Constitution that formed this very land of liberty.

Without them we would fall to anarchy, socialism and complete chaos. 

On Veteran’s day and every day we should be honoring them and protecting their legacy of service. 

Some made the ultimate sacrifice, those we honor on Memorial Day.

Veteran’s Day we honor the ones that made it home, what we forget is what they bring home with them.

In some cases they bring home PTSD, in some cases they bring home incurable diseases (agent orange in Vietnam took one of my uncles after he came home). In some cases they come home to homelessness, loss of family, divorce and no support from the very government they chose to protect.

We have to do better for our Veteran brothers and sisters. We have to promise to protect them once they are done protecting us. We have to ask ourselves why is our government prioritizing illegal aliens over our veterans? We have to ask ourselves why we have so many veterans that need homes, mental health services and yet we give free services to people who break our laws and come here illegally.

We have to do better, we have to rise up as one and protect the ones that chose to protect us. 

When we, as Americans realize that the need to come together as one and stand for what this country was founded on, we are an unstoppable force.

To all of my family members, friends and colleagues that have served this great country in our Armed services, I solute you. You deserve all of the opportunities that are to be had in this country. You should come first and foremost, before people who break our laws.

I stand and solute you, I pray for your safety and every day you should have first place in line for, well, everything.

My grandmother saw all five of her sons go off to war, the majority of those fought in WWII, one in Vietnam. She saw grandsons go after that, I can’t imagine what she felt having to say goodbye to her sons, never knowing if she would see them again. 

Thankfully they all came home, she did get to see them again. However, she had to watch helplessly as some never recovered from their time in service. 

Love of country is something that has always been instilled in Americans since before birth. We need to instill that in our children and their children. 

Gratefulness for the Job I Never Knew I Wanted

With it being November everyone is talking about thankfulness. So I thought I would tell you one thing I am incredibly thankful for. My job, and I will tell you why I am so thankful, no matter what happens on the job or how stressful it becomes.

I was a divorced mother of three children, I had been divorced almost four years, life was not going well. I was working three jobs, going to school full time and raising three children. 

I worked at a children’s clothing store, church daycare and babysitting in my home. My car was falling apart, it was hard to make ends meet and I never slept. 

One day a friend of mine asked if I wanted a real job, I said I don’t know what that means because I work three real jobs.

She came over that evening with an application, stayed and watched me fill it out. Then hand walked it to the head of HR in the company she worked for. Did I mention the head of HR at that time was her best friend. Had been the Maid of Honor in her wedding. Yes, nepotism at its finest, I have no regrets.

The next day I received a call from said head of HR, she asked me to come in and test. Back in those days you did not interview for this corporation for an occupational job, you tested. I will admit I don’t know how you get hired these days. I went in, took a typing test, I type 95 words a minute with a 98% accuracy. I passed, she then had me take a Word Perfect test, I scored 100 and she said I can’t give you a perfect on that so she marked it 95%.

She then offered me a job, it was Operations Clerk, the position had been open for a while because no one could pass the typing test. The requisition said it needed 45 words per minute, no one could pass that, let that sink in.

I accepted, I said I needed two weeks to give my current employers, I never looked back.

The pay that I started out at replaced all three jobs that I had, I finished out the semester in school and didn’t finish my degree. I am ok with that, I was able to provide for my children, go to their school functions, sporting events and could pay the electric bill and buy groceries. It was very literally a God send moment. 

I was able to live in nice neighborhoods, send my children to good schools.

Also being an Operations Clerk was hands down my favorite job at this company, why you ask, good question. Because it was my first job, it started the whole thing, I learned what this company was, it taught me the bedrock of this company and how important its function is in society. 

Telecommunications is what keeps everyone connected, especially now, it is more important than ever in this world. 

24 years later I have worked a few different jobs and moved up the occupational ladder. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to pull myself up and achieve professional meaningfulness in my life. 

Yes my friend provided my foot in the door, but since that day I have worked hard and proven myself a worthy employee.

Is it my calling in life? No. Is it something I can feel accomplished with at the end of the day? Yes. 

I have not only found a place I feel useful, I have made lifelong friends. I also found a place I can be as nerdy as I really am and be accepted. 

So on this day I am really grateful for my job. Oh and some things that have happened and I have witnessed will be taken to my grave. As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to

Talent and Eye Talk

So my granddaughter writes, she has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil. She has dozens of journals that she writes in, every time she is with me and we go to the store she gets a new one. Along with mechanical pencils, she is just like her Uncle Alex in that regard, he loved mechanical pencils.

I have never read anything she has written until now, I had told her I would love to read one of her stories when she was ready to let me read one. Yesterday she sent me the link to her google docs and gave permission for me to read them. 

They are private, not anyone can read them, she had to give permission, which is fabulous for her age. There are too many ugly people on the internet for a child her age to be public. 

I digress, I eagerly opened the first one and started reading, she is good, really good, she writes fiction. This is something I could never master, and I have tried. She is really good, I mean like she should be published good. 

I am blown away by her talent, it is God given and I pray she continues to write her entire life. My mom would be so proud, she was a writer as well, she could write fiction, it is a talent and a gift to be able to do that, not so many people are so blessed.

May try, which is why we have books that are not so good, but that is ok, I truly believe if that is your passion and you can make a living off of it, good for you.

I am so excited for her future, I look forward to seeing where this talent takes her.

On another front, I had one of my famous accidents this week. I was sitting at my desk working away when I dropped something on the floor, I went to pick it up and like a fool, did not get out of my chair to do so, I thought to myself I can just lean over and do this. Well, as you can guess, I leaned wrong and slowly tipped the whole chair over, taking with me a side cabinet. 

I wasn’t injured just happy to be working at home where no one could see me. I don’t even know what I was thinking, leaning over the arm rests was the mistake. Accident prone Angie strikes again, nothing injured but my ego, that has a nasty bruise.

On another note, yesterday I went to the ophthalmologist, for the 4th year in a row my eyesight has improved. The glasses I have now had become blurry and have been giving me headaches. It was time to have my eyes examined, so off I went. 

He also said that it was time to take supplements for my eyes, he said to take Lutein + Zeaxanthin, I had never heard of this. But upon researching this supplement I found it does help strengthen eye health and staves off cataracts. He said that it was very inexpensive and he was right, even at Whole Foods it was less than $15.00. He said at Wal-Mart it is less than $10.00. I was going to WF’s on my way home so I just got it there. 

If you are over 50 I do suggest you take this supplement for eye health. We can never be too careful with our eyes, seeing is very important. 

That is all I have for now, it is Red River Shootout time, so Boomer Sooner! As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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