Hot Chocolate Kind of Week

The past two days have been a mixture of good, great, fun and sheer frustration.

Good because I have a friend on the mend from a medical issue. Great because I got to wear my favorite sweater dress and new favorite leggings today. Fun because we had a center wide celebration today.

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I genuinely like the people I work with. We rarely get to do anything where we can all interact. So today was a delightful treat.

Frustrating due to the fact I had a technical issue I could not resolve. It took two days and two companies to get a workable solution. The last person I spoke with, funny how that works, was empathetic, calming and nice. It was like talking to me on the phone. I really hope I get a survey on him because he was greatness.

So after that I decided to have some Abuelita hot cocoa made with almond milk. Make with bricks of chocolate not powder! Let me tell you how this came to be in my possession.

I was talking to a man at work about hot beverages and the subject of hot chocolate cane up. I said I really like the Abuelita cocoa, he said do you use the bricks? I said whhhaaatt?! So he explained how it was so much better than the powder. Then he brought me some! I told you I work with really great people.

When I first got it Sunday, I rushed home and made it. I was like OMG! What trick of the devil is this deliciousness?

Tonight, was rough on the phone, I decided I needed a treat. I made some more, this time I added whipped cream, keto friendly, a stick of cinnamon and dusted the top with cinnamon.

I’ll let you know just how amazing it was after I come out of my taste coma.

My Soulmate

I met my soulmate a long time ago, It was with that first glance, that first meeting, that first sip. When that first cup was poured, when I took that first sip, the warm liquid washed over my tastebuds in an explosion of flavor. Sliding down my throat and the elixir of life awakening all of my senses. Nerve endings tingling, coffee made its presence known.

Doesn’t everyone have that experience when they drink coffee? My whole being comes alive, the very essence of life is in that coffee cup.

Caffeine has no effect on me, except to give me life, I can drink coffee all day long then sleep hard and deep. It’s amazing what coffee can do for you.

It is God’s gift to man, so much power in that little coffee bean.

I love coffee in all forms, except black, I cannot so straight black coffee. Since it is winter peppermint mocha is my flavor.

I do a keto friendly version, Lily’s chocolate, peppermint essential oil, heavy whipping cream and coffee and a little truvia. Soooooooo good and life affirming.

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Candy Man

So I made a mistake. I know, huge surprise. I made the mistake of saying something tongue in cheek on Facebook and some took it seriously.

I said I’d marry the man who makes me candy. You see I have been seeing all of these videos. Recipe videos. Videos of delicious candy, I love candy. I can’t eat it, but I love it. In a moment of weakness I said I would marry the man who could make those delicious recipes.

Then came the inappropriate response and private messages letting me know who could make me candy. Or bring me candy or really anything sweet.

I’ve made this mistake in the past, not on Facebook. Before the advent of Facebook. I said I would marry the man who brought me my favorite flower and my favorite chocolates. Then one day one did, I slammed the door in his face. Then I broke up with him. Immediately.

Ask yourself one question. Are you Dean Cain? If the answer is no, keep moving, if the answer is yes then I’d faint.

I honestly don’t know if I will ever be ready to get married again. I’m not very trusting, I haven’t seen a lot in the world to trust. Plus I’m holding out hopes for Dean.

After my experiences in the dating world I’d rather be single and hope for my dream man. So no I really won’t marry the man who makes me candy. Unless you’re Dean Cain.

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The Wonderfulness of 2018

It’s that time of year again, the closing out of a year, the posts saying how the year has been bad and people can’t wait for the new year. I have been one of those in the past, couldn’t get out a year fast enough.

I have to tell you, this is not the year, 2018 has been so much fun, I want to see what 2019 brings, but I have genuinely enjoyed this year.

Both of my best friends found love, romantic love, I feel like I gained a new friend, a good friend. I have gone places I have never been, went to see my beloved OU Sooners play with a good friend.

I’ve had a fun filled year, I went through a deliverance session with a good friend. A trusted friend, it was freeing, I felt such release from demons of the past.

I have laughed more, talked more, engaged more, this year than ever before.

I know it has been tough on some people, loved ones were lost, relationships ended, things were lost. But one thing is certain, God is still the ruler of the heavens and as long as there are men and women willing to step up and do the right thing life goes on.

My heart has broken for some, it has soared for others, all in all 2018 has been a good year and 2019 is shaping up to be spectacular as well.

Spectacular doesn’t have to mean fireworks every day, it can be something as simple as meeting an actress that played your favorite character in two of your favorite Joss Whedon shows.

Spectacular can be finding that certain person who embraces your geekiness and joins you in the madness. Spectacular can be in the form of spending time with ones grandchildren, gaining new people in your family.

I truly hope everyone who did not have a great year finds peace, joy and your struggles lessen.

As for me I will enjoy the rest of this year and look forward to more adventures in 2019.

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Obligatory Thankfulness Post

It’s November, we all know what that means, flowery, over the top posts regarding thanks. I do believe that means I am overdue for my own thankful missive. Buckle up, it’s going to be one fun filled ride.

I am thankful for boot season, I love boots and I cannot lie, those other girls might deny, but when a cute pair walks in I get happy.

Even when it warms up here in Texas I still wear boots during boot season.

Sweater dresses and sweaters, I love them, I am thankful for them. The patterns, the heaviness of the material used to make sweaters and sweater dresses, all total greatness.

I am grateful for Dean Cain movie goodness on the Hallmark Channel. He is the king of Christmas movies after all, and this is his season. Tis the season for Dean, thankfulness abounds. 

I am thankful for my DVD player, I can watch Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman any time I want. 

I am thankful for the Keto diet, I shall not get fat over Christmas. Must look good on the off chance I meet Dean Cain.

I am thankful for online shopping, I love coming home to packages on my front door. How awesome is that, it’s like Merry Christmas to me all the time!

I am thankful for smart phones, I love having the internet at my fingertips 24×7, playing word games, puzzle games, Instagram for fun, Twitter for amusement and Facebook to tell me what not to do today. 

I am thankful for a cat and dog that are so very judgmental and keep me grounded and amused.

I am thankful I still live in a country where I get to say what I want, when I want, one small caveat, not at work. Protesting at work is frowned upon, hmmm I wonder who could take note of that. While on the job, no protesting, check. 

I am thankful I live in a country where I can dress how I want, say what I want and listen to whatever music I want.

Which brings me to, I am thankful for music, the music that speaks to my soul, the music that makes me dance, cry and laugh. Baby shark anyone?

I am thankful I get to write on here and be as sarcastic as I want, as serious as I want or as funny as I want. 

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OUvsKU Adventure

Well, I went on another adventure, this one to my beloved Norman, OK to see my beloved Sooners play their last home game of the season.

So, my friend Kristie works with a woman that has season tickets to OU (that’s Boomer Sooner to you) and offered her the tickets to the OU/Jayhawks game. Kristie, being from Kansas, said yes, to see her beloved Jayhawks in action was too tempting.

She then sent me a text and said there was no one she would rather see an OU game with than me. I immediately said heck yeah. So we made plans to go to the big game.

It turned out to be an evening game, so I asked my friend Shay if she would trade schedules with me. That way I wouldn’t have to be at work the next day at the crack of dawn.

She graciously agreed, we had a plan, the adventure moved forward!

We decided to meet in Gainesville, TX, since she was coming from far west Plano and I was coming from Anna.

Well, I overshoot Gainesville and actually crossed the boarder into OK. I backtracked and we went on in her car.

So much fun, I have been incredibly blessed with incredible friends where conversations never lag and we listen to the same music.

We get to Norman and park, we walk on to the campus and the fun begins in earnest.

We spy Barry Switzer on a stage, with a camera crew, we go closer and they are filming a segment called Coach’s Corner. There was another man sitting with him, I stared hard at the man, I told Kristie I know I know that man. He is super familiar. I kept staring, then they introduced him, it was Thomas Lott! He played for OU in the 1970’s, more than that, he was our neighbor in Plano! My son, Alex, was friends with one of his sons. So much fun seeing him up there with Coach Switzer. For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember, I was born being an OU fan. My grandpa was one, my dad was one and I was born in OU hospital.

I am not a sports fan, I am an OU fan, while my mom and I bonded over Little House on the Prairie books, my dad and I bonded over OU games. Finding a commonality when one is adopted at an older age is a bonus. That love never left us, my dad loved OU until the day he left this earth. I carry that legacy of loyalty for him.

Back to the adventure, we wondered around looking for a store that had OU beanies, I wanted one, Kristie wanted one, so we searched. We found the store and we bought our hats, I am really glad we did, it became really cold later and that hat was very much needed.

We found a place to eat and discovered Kristie lost her glove, yes, one, we looked and looked, backtracked, no glove. No worries, she used her hat as a glove, it was the funniest thing to see. Incredibly effective, but funny, we found out a cold front was coming in and our new hats came in very handy.

We found our seats, 6 rows up from the field, in the endzone, we saw every touchdown OU made! It was very exciting, Kristie saw her beloved Jayhawks and the their mascot. We saw Boomer and Sooner and the Sooner Schooner! We saw Miss Oklahoma and the band up close, it was such a great experience. I am so grateful she thought of me and asked me to go with her.

We left at the 4th quarter because it was getting so cold, we walked about 3 million miles to the car. Our legs were completely frozen, thank goodness her car had seat warmers. It took over an hour to get the feelings back in our legs and behinds!

When we got to the car Kristie was saying she was worried about her parents cats, that conversation went something like this:

K: I’m really worried about my parents cats.

M: why? Are they outdoor cats or barn cats?

K: they live in the chicken coop.

M: where are the chickens?

K: they died.

M: DIED????

K: they got old and died.

M: Oh.

K: yeah my parents aren’t replacing them, they are too old to care for the chickens.

At this point I burst out laughing and said only two people from Oklahoma and Kansas can have a conversation about their parents being too old for chickens and understand the whole thing.

In case you were wondering OU won 55 to 40.

2018 has been filled with excitement, I have to tell you I have way better friends than everyone else.

First BBFF and his GF surprise me with a thank you trip to Austin to meet multiple Dr. Who’s and search for Dean Cain. Then a road trip with Shay to Montana, a trip I have dreamed of taking since I was a kid. Then the OU outing with Kristie, amazing times with such great people.

The only thing that could top any of this would be meeting and marrying Dean Cain. There is still time, 6 weeks left until 2019. It could happen.

I already have one trip planned for 2019, with my daughter as my adventure companion.

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National Adoption Day

Today is national Adoption Day, a day set aside for families to finalize adoptions. Judges and court reporters and everyone else volunteers to do this job on this day.

It is a great day for families across this nation, children get their hopes of a family to belong to, parents get to become, well parents, with no fear of their children being taken away from them.

As everyone knows, I am adopted, to me this day speaks to me especially. I have an unique perspective on adoption, I was adopted and I gave a child up for adoption.

My adoption was by family, I chose strangers to give my child to, for incredibly selfish reasons. You see there was no way I could emotionally see my child at family reunions, get togethers, funerals, weddings, whatever.

There would have been no way I could have done it, it was selfish on my part. Me being adopted was the best day ever, me handing my child over, one of the worst.

And best, I knew it was the best decision I could have made for her. For her betterment, it was selfish to give her to strangers, but it was for her benefit to give her to people who could care for her financially and emotionally.

I celebrate this day, for the people who, for whatever reason, decide to adopt. You are heroes to these children, but I also celebrate the women that realize they cannot raise their own children.

If women were celebrated for recognizing their own heroism in giving children to people who can care for them the world would be a much better place. Instead we are shamed, it is shameful to talk about giving a child to adults who want to and are ready to become parents.

For decades girls and young women who became pregnant outside of marriage were shipped off to homes for girls like that. Girls that happened to had to be bad, right? So they were hidden, and after the baby was gone, it was never discussed again. It was something to be hidden and it was something to be ashamed of.

Think about it, to this day no one talks about these women, the ones that carry the children, nurture them in their bodies and then hand them over to someone else to raise.

It is an unselfish act, it is an act of complete surrender, you see, for the most part, we are not party girls. We are not reckless, we just got caught doing what everyone else was doing. Some girls were forced and the children are the result of that tragedy.

All in all, we are emotionally, financially and mentally not ready to raise a child, so we give them to people that can.

This is what we should be celebrating, in all of the talk of actresses holding parties to celebrate abortions, this is what we should really be celebrating.

Women who make the sacrifice of carrying a child they know will never be theirs. The ones that give their children to others to raise. We made the sacrifice of our bodies, they will never be the same. We made the sacrifice of our souls and hearts, because part of them will always be missing.

So on National Adoption Day, I celebrate you, the women who made it possible for people to adopt.

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Crazy Cat Lady in the Making

I am going to say the one thing that women my age are not supposed to say. It will be shocking in nature, not for the faint of heart. If you are feeling weak, don’t look, just back away slowly and get more coffee, because that is what will be needed for what comes next.

I love my cat, he is furry, fun and evil, cantankerous and grouchy and loving. All wrapped into one, I am so happy I decided to take him into my home.

I think I’ve told this story before, how Fat Catstard (aka Ronald) came to live with me.

My oldest son, Jeffrey, was looking to re-home his cat, Ronald. He had two cats and a dog and was selling his home and would be living elsewhere until he built his new home. That many pets was too many for him to responsibly take care of while all of that was going on.

He asked if Ronald could stay with me until he found somewhere else for him to live. I agreed, after a week I called him and said I’m keeping the cat. He laughed and said I thought you might say that.

So Ronald became a permanent part of my household. I call him Fat Catstard because I really believe he is an evil genius. He made me fall in love with him, and he bites, and wakes me up at 2am meowing to the wall. I also believe he is my protector. He is a better watch dog, most certainly, than a Husky. That Husky would allow a burglar in and show them all the good stuff then say here’s the treats, I need you to pay me now.

Fat Catstard on the other hand would attack a stranger and get them out of the house.

So, I love my cat, I am on my way to becoming the old spinster woman with 50 cats. It’s all good though, I’m ready for it. Not the 50 cats, that is a total exaggeration, but I’m ready to be the crazy old lady, I mean I have the crazy part down, crazy in a fun way, not scary. Unless you get on my bad side, then it is so very scary.

Just ask some Plano ISD teachers, they have been on the receiving end of some of that kind of crazy.

Other than that, I think I will stick with the one cat for now, I think he likes being the king of the household.

He is a very funny cat, he likes to take a morning constitutional before I go to work. I have to make sure he is in before I leave, he is pretty sneaky. I have learned to wait to put his food out until I am ready to leave. That way he makes sure he is inside, he will not skip a meal. There is a reason he has earned the first part of his name.

His belly used to drag the ground, I am happy to report it no longer does. Thanks to food portions and diet food, he is happy with me, I believe. I don’t know though, sometimes he does bite, a lot. Of course it could do with the fact I intentionally irritate him at times. We have a good relationship, he and I, he claims the whole house as his.

So, that is my secret, the one thing women my age are not supposed to admit for fear of being labeled a crazy cat lady.

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Happy Birthday Tammi

Today is my best friend’s birthday, let’s all take a moment to tell Tammi happy birthday.

I would like to tell you about my best friend, we have been friends since we met at the ripe old age of 13 years old. On a dusty, dirt road in the great city of Owasso, Oklahoma. We have been through thick and thin together, it was immediate friendship.

We bonded over two city girls stuck in the country, she grew up in Tulsa and I grew up in Oklahoma City.

That country road led us to different paths in life, but the friendship was always there. We only had one serious falling out and that was quickly put to rest.

We may not talk every day, but when we do we pick up exactly where we left off. If she needed me I would drop everything to talk to her or listen, I know she would do the same for me.

We may live in different states, but she is still my best friend, the one that I call or text when I have something good to tell. The one that knows literally everything about me and is totally non-judgmental. The one that will jerk a knot in my tail when I need that as well.

So today, on the day of her birth, I celebrate her, her generous heart, her amazing sense of humor and her loyalty.

Happy Birthday Tammi, may God continue to bless your life in tremendous ways.

It’s been a long friendship and it will only become longer as the years go by. I hope your Birthday month is filled with amazement, awesomeness and total greatness!

Thank You

I come from a long line of American patriots, a long line of people who have fought for not only the Independence of this country, but the continued Independence of this country.

Veterans Day in the United States of America is set aside to honor veterans. A veteran is a person who has served and is no longer serving in the armed services.

I don’t have adequate words to express how grateful I am to those men and women who have served this great country in that capacity.

Your bravery, fortitude and sacrifices are not repayable. They are priceless in nature, the selflessness that goes with service is immeasurable.

On our day of remembering and honoring all that you have given so we can enjoy freedom is only a drop in a very large bucket.

So many came home with invisible wounds, those can be the hardest to heal. My brother who was in the Navy during Vietnam had those wounds and scars. He carried them throughout his life.

When you see someone that is clearly a veteran please say thank you and I’m with you.

I stand with you, honor you and humbly thank you for all that you have done for me and my progeny. So we may live a life of freedom in our land of a Constitutional Republic.

My heart swells with pride every time I hear our national anthem, I tear up think of our brave soldiers in every corner of this earth.

May God bless you and keep you all.