Micro Needling and Other Stuff

As you know I love beauty treatments, I will try anything once, a lot if I like it and see results. So, when this popped up on my radar I was instantly curious. Micro-needling, have you heard of it? I hadn’t, so I did some research and decided to give it a go, what can go wrong with needles all over your face?

To Amazon I went, I found a micro needler and ordered the one with the most reviews and the best reviews. What could go wrong with rolling needles all over ones face? It arrived, I read up on it further, people are saying it hurts, but what is beauty without pain.

I eagerly read the instructions, a first for me, I usually just dive head first and pay the price later. But, you know, needles. I cleaned my face really well, not only cleansing, but also with a toner for good measure, people had discussed infections. Oh Lord what did I get myself into?

I trudged on, I cleaned the micro needler with alcohol and began rolling the needles on my face.

It stung, it didn’t hurt and I didn’t bleed like some people said they had. I followed up with vitamin C serum, I liked it, I actually saw results after a few times. The lines around my eyes are lessening, and my skin feels tighter. What the micro needling is supposed to do is kickstart your collagen production. I’ll let you know in a month if it is really working or it was a placebo effect, or swelling from the needles.

Now, for the lead, which I buried, because I know my friends and family don’t really read me, but if I lead with this they might.

I go to work on Monday and find something incredibly ugly waiting for me. MOT, Mandatory Overtime, I don’t enjoy overtime, I avoid it like the plague. My third level manager was walking past me, as he does most days and most days I smile and greet him. That morning, not so much, I said Jason, I am not happy. He said oh no, why! I said MOT. He said he was trying to get that rescinded, I said if he could do that he would be my favorite Jason. Here is where it gets a little tricky, I have a favorite Jason, my second cousin as a matter of fact. But since has no control over my overtime situation I was more than willing to kick his favoritism to the curb and give it to bossman Jason. He said ok, I’m holding you to that. An hour later I see an email in my inbox, MOT has been rescinded! A little while after that BMJ (Bossman Jason) walks past my desk and hands me an envelope with a note in it. I shall tell you what the note said, sans last names:

The “Other” Jason –

You are not respectfully bumped to the #2 position of “Jason’s” on Angie’s list.


#1 Jason

Best note ever! Gotta love a boss (even if they are three steps removed) who has a sense of humor.

I’m so sorry cousin Jason, I love you dearly, but no MOT! That’s huge!

MOT was done away with and I got to come home to a Fat Cat and a Husky Dog. Not a bad life.

As usual any questions, comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.


Change. A small 6 letter word, yet we all go through them every single day, we don’t even realize they are happening. We go through physical changes, emotional, mental the whole gamut.
Some changes are so subtle we don’t even realize they are happening until its too late.
I look back to when I was on high school and the way I looked. It is so sad to look at pictures and realize that was the best I was ever going to look. I feel like I wasted my looks, I didn’t understand the power they had. It’s too late for me to skate by on my looks. I have to rely on my brain. Thank God He had the foresight to know I would lose those looks and had me develop my thought process.
Really it was my grandfather who planted that seed by teaching me to read at 4. My dad, who taught me to argue with logic, if I had not been equipped with these skills, reading, thought, argument and logic I shudder to think what would have happened if I had been relying on my looks when they disappeared.
I look at society today, the women that young girls are looking up to and it is scary. You see beautiful women that have absolutely no thought process whatsoever being touted as role models.
Parents with young daughters should turn off the television and introduce their daughters to Mary Shelley, a published author at a time women were not being published. Especially with the subject matter, she wrote a horror story. That still lives on today, her mother was Mary Wollstonecraft was a respected philosopher. Another well educated, well spoken, insightful woman at a time women were not being educated.
So turn off Disney, turn on the written word, teach your daughters it’s great to be pretty (I myself have the most beautiful daughter like ever) but having a brains and beauty is a truly awesome combination.