As most of you know nothing gets me riled up like infidelity, there is now something going around on Facebook (where we all know is where I get my information) about how devoted Brad Pitt is to Angelina Jolie. I’m sorry; these two sicken me, if he was such a wonderful man, then where was the devotion to his actual wife?
However, according to Pat Robertson it was acceptable for Brad Pitt to cheat on his wife because he is good looking. Angelina Jolie has been quoted as saying that she cannot wait to show her children Mr. and Mrs. Smith because that is the film that shows their parents falling in love. Hmmm, wasn’t Brad Pitt married to Jennifer Aniston at that point and time? Didn’t Jennifer Anniston visit Brad on the set of that movie? Yes to both, it also means that Jolie met Jennifer, knew Brad was married and went after him like a tornado goes after Oklahoma.
I have been the victim of a woman seeing what I had and going after it with a vengeance. See, want, take, that is the philosophy of these women, don’t think you are safe from that kind of vicious attack. If someone perceives your life as something they want, and they have no morals, they will take it.
I don’t want to even see a film that these two are in anymore, that is how much they sicken me. Before you go off on some tangent about how brave Jolie is having a mastectomy, please know that the test she took and the surgeries she had, the normal, average woman in this country and many other, could never afford. EVER.
Much less the plastic surgery afterwards to replace her breasts, I don’t believe there was anything brave about what she did. She is wealthy and privileged; she can make these choices, where we cannot.
I will continue to not see their movies; I will continue to be sickened by the very public, poor treatment of Pitt’s first wife. The way they continue to want to slap her in the face every chance they get. Especially Angelina Jolie, you won, ok, you got the man, I hope it is worth an eternity in hell for you. What God has joined together let no man, or woman put asunder. Those words are there for a reason; God so hated infidelity it is mentioned twice in the top ten. Do not commit adultery and do not covet what is your neighbors. This is it people, don’t think these two are romantic; the couple that was so romantic to me were my parents and grandparents. They stayed together during the dust bowl, during the depression and they worked together, through good times, bad times, sickness and in health. That is what romance is, not cheating and stealing.

A Proud Paris Hilton Reject

So, I heard that someone called me a Paris Hilton reject, so of course I start to analyze that. I am not sure if that is a compliment, because seriously I would not want to be accepted by Paris Hilton, or an insult. And was I called that because I do not carry around a small dog in my Coach purse? Or is it because I am not rail thin (I’m working on it!) or is it because I cannot afford the designers she wears? Believe me when I tell you even when I become rail thin I will never wear outfits short enough to show my undergarments. That is, well, icky, especially for a woman of my advanced age. Oh, could it be that Paris would reject me due to my age? Alas I fear I will never know, however, I do know this, I am flattered to be rejected by Paris Hilton.
On an unrelated topic I am running out of clothes to wear, all but two pairs of jeans are too big, I have one pair of Ralph Lauren khaki pants and one pair of slacks I got from Victoria’s Secret that fit. I do have a ton of skirts I have not tried, however, working United Way fund raisers are not conducive to skirt wearing, lots of heavy lifting and food deliveries. I don’t want to buy new jeans until I am done losing. Ugh! Issues, I have them, in abundance! If anyone has any size 8 jeans they are done with, give me a call. I know I really want to lose about 40 more pounds, not sure what size that will be, but right now I am a solid size 8. Very happy about that! I look amazing! Looking at me you would never be able to tell I gave birth to 5 babies, 4 C-sections. It is crazy, God must really love me in this area of my life, because goodness knows nothing else goes the way I think it should.
Last night the Irishman and I saw Moneyball, we all know I have a deep obsession with sports movies, this movie delivers. Brad Pitt was greatness, Jonah Hill outdid himself, I wish I could hate Brad Pitt and boycott his movies, but I cannot bring myself to do it. I do find I have no issues boycotting Angelina Jolie movies, I blame her in the whole mess, I find I have a tendency to blame the women involved in cheating more than the men, except when the men lie to the woman and tells them they are single when in fact they are not. However, when a woman knowingly enters into a relationship with a man that she knows is in a committed relationship with someone else, well the woman can say no. Good grief just Nancy Regan it people! Have some dignity!
Well I am going to take my Paris Hilton rejected self and do United Way work today! I hope everyone has a great and productive day!

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