Birthday Synopsis

Well, my birthday weekend is over, the month continues, in the immortal words of Tracy Lawrence, Time Marches On. I had the best birthday this year, not just due to the presents but due to the fact I got to have lunch with Jeffrey, Elizabeth and Alex. It was not only enjoyable but fun, I have really funny kids, they have the most amazing humor. So happy I was chosen to be their mom, the only missing element was Tessa.
Let’s see, I know you want to know what I got, so I shall go down the list in order of birth, from Jeffrey I got a Starbucks gift card, he told me he knows how much I love my “Friday” coffee treats. Very thoughtful!
From Elizabeth a new Coach purse, all three of my Coach purses have come from her; this one is the trademark brown, only with purple trim! It is so pretty! I immediately had to empty the old one and put everything in the new one!
Alex gave me the gift of pampering; he got me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at a salon called the Beverly Hills Salon! I get to be a movie star! How cool is that? I can go in with my coffee treat, holding my purse and get the star treatment.
The Irishman, I know you are all wondering about him, well, he gave me the gift of communication. I got the new IPhone 5, at first I was like, my IPhone 4 works fine, but then we got to the Apple store and I fell in love with the white one. Then Siri talked to me! OMG I think I am in love with Siri! It was a very cool and thoughtful gift.
He and I had a combination of lunch and dinner, at the Londoner in Allen, it was nice, it was a really nice day.
Next year I don’t know if I want to acknowledge my birthday as it will be a huge one, a really huge one. I don’t even want to say the number, I don’t feel this number, I feel like I am maybe 25, however I know my body is going to start betraying me, that I will eventually just cave. I really don’t want to get osteoporosis, which really terrifies me. My grandmother had it and her spine curved, I know it caused her a lot of pain, she never complained about it, but I know it was not fun. I remember the doctors wanted her to wear a metal contraption that would help straighten her spine, but that was more painful than the actual curvature, so she quit wearing it.
On that note I will say goodbye and go eat my yogurt for the calcium!

Favors, Eating Dog and Birthday Celebration

Yesterday I went to my B.B.F.F.’s home to do him a favor, now mind you he had bribed me into doing said favor. Bribed me with my own belongings I might add, yes, I am easily bribed, you see he had, what I like to refer to as, the Joss Whedon collection. He had Buffy, Angel and Firefly DVD’s, so off I went to complete said favor. When I get to the location I see that Firefly is missing, I send a quick text asking if he was trying to steal part of my Whedon collection. He says, isn’t that mine? I said um no. He then says oh that’s right, I bought Serenity and Firefly belongs to you.
So I ask why he is trying to steal Nathan Fillion, he takes a while to answer, when he does he claims it is Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin he was in fact trying to steal. I would like to take a moment and point out that on Monday nights when Castle is new, I get text messages extolling the great talents of Nathan Fillion. That’s all.
On Twitter yesterday I had something interesting happen, I saw a tweet from @MrsScottBaio, she was answering someone who had blasted her for carrying a purse made of leather. I said that God put animals here for us to eat and utilize their skin. The crazy person, not Scott Baio’s wife, then sent me a tweet saying it was like wearing and eating my dog. Seriously? You are comparing beef to dog? Chicken to dog? Pork to dog? I don’t know where these people come from, such extremist, I don’t care that you don’t eat meat, don’t wear leather, why do you feel the need to put me down? Do you think such tactics will work, oh some rabid nut in Australia says I shouldn’t wear leather or eat meat, let me change my ways, she must be right. What the heck?
I will continue to carry my leather Coach purse (thank you Elizabeth Anne) and I will continue to wear leather shoes, I will continue to eat meat, poultry, fish and dairy. I firmly believe God put these animals on earth to sustain human life, a good balanced meal is important for your body that includes vegetable, grains and yes meat.
This morning got to have coffee with the Irishman, very pleasant indeed, we discussed news stories and movies. Just a pleasant way to start the morning, I like my mornings to start out pleasant, I believe that tells me how the day is going to go. It is Friday, it is the weekend of Tessa’s birthday, I am so excited to give her the presents that I have for her. She is such an amazing little girl, I feel so blessed I get to be her Gigi.

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