Cookies, Snow and Slipper Boots

Finally I feel the cold, I woke up to 29 degree weather, still no snow though, that is disappointing. I need the snow, I crave it, it is my friend. Snow is the great equalizer, it blankets everything and turns it into an amazingly beautiful world. Snow doesn’t care if it lands in a rich neighborhood or poor, it falls on both equally.
Yesterday was a good day, I not only got to spend time with my son, Jeffrey, I received a huge surprise upon my arrival, Tessa was there! Love the days I get to see Tessa. That girl is total greatness.
I am loving my new slipper boots Elizabeth and Freddy got me for Christmas, they are warm and cozy and extremely cute. Gotta love the cuteness factor, even if the only ones that get to see me in them are the dogs and the Irishman. As soon as I get up in the mornings they go on my feet, as soon as I walk in the door from going anywhere, on my feet they go! I am so spoiled by them, I feel like I am walking around on a cloud, they are just amazing.
I have been craving sugar since my fall off the wagon, I cannot shake it, no matter what I do I want sugar so bad, I dream of the no bake oatmeal cookies. Those are pure sugar, three cups of sugar in the recipe. I want them so bad I almost got up in the middle of the night to make them! This has to stop, There has to be a happy medium, where I can have sugar socially and not go overboard. Perhaps there is a drug out there that can help me with the urges, a patch, like for cigarette people. Sugar addiction is real my friends, I am living proof, I think I even had the D.T.’s.
Well that is enough for now, I am going to go start my day and do stuff, like resist the urge to make cookies and eat them all. Elizabeth Anne does not live close enough to come help me scarf them down as soon as I make them.

Happy Friday, Happy Cookie Day!

Well it is upon us, cookie making season, the season where I make 5 batches of cookies to get one to turn out decent. Sugar cookies are a tough one, I have a tendency to make food the way I like it, and I like crispy things. Cookies, bacon, really everything except steak. I like that medium rare. But I love crispy cookies and bacon, my children however like their cookies soft. it is really had to make soft cookies. I don’t even know how to do it. It is no wonder they seriously hate my cooking. except for my dressing and green bean casserole, those are the two things they do like, oh and deviled eggs. I know how to make those.
Today I drove the Irishman to work so I could take his car and run last minute errands, I need my nails done so bad, they are way long and look bad. I need to go to the store and get the stuff to make the deviled eggs, on thing I forgot. And a few stocking stuffers.
a week from Saturday will be mine and the Irishman’s four year anniversary, I have nothing planned, I know he doesn’t. I don’t think it means that much to him to be honest Every time I say something about it he starts mumbling, which is what he does when he is trying to avoid a subject. That tells me all I need to know. The date is not that important, so he is going to see if I will forget it. So I guess I will be doing nothing for New Years Eve. Sad, that is what it is, I guess this is what you get after a while, dates are not important to the other person.
Well I am off to get dressed and get my errands done, then it is more cooking making and present wrapping. I hope you all have a fantastic day!