Heavy Heart

My dad loved college football, he said it was the last time players played for the love of the game instead of a paycheck. He particularly loved the Sooners, he would watch every OU game that was on television and if it wasn’t on television, he would listen on the radio. This was back in the day where pay-per-view and cable didn’t really exist. Especially in the country, where we were at.
When he wasn’t rooting for OU, he rooted for OSU, unless they were playing OU of course. I asked him once why he would ever root for OSU, even when they weren’t playing OU.
He looked at me with that dad look, you know the one, the head half-cocked, one eyebrow raised, and said words I would never forget.
He told me that all Oklahomans stick together, and when OSU wasn’t playing his beloved Sooners, the Cowboys deserved his respect and attention. Simply due to the fact they were representing Oklahoma.
He would be heartbroken over what happened in Stillwater yesterday, senseless loss of life, people injured. Especially children, the children injured and dying would have brought him to his knees. He would have asked God to wrap His arms around the parents and families and thank God for welcoming the children into heaven with open arms.
He would have prayed for the person who did this, for her family, as the guilt of this will be staggering on them as well. Our actions have a ripple effect and her family will be hurting over her actions.
When I would question him on this, and I would have, he would assure me that our God is a loving God and will be there for the survivors. We should pray without prejudice, and pray unceasingly.
My dad was what we call a good man, he was a godly man and he was the head of our household. I miss his unwavering belief that everything would be ok, that consistent prayer and worship and study would bring us the answers we need in life.
He was first and foremost a Christian, after that came my mom and his family, then he was an Oklahoman, to the core of his being. Even when they moved to California during the depression he never stopped trying to figure out a way to get back.
God provided that way through a job at McDonald Douglas, God was faithful to His faithful servant.
I have to believe now, in the wake of this tragedy in my beloved Oklahoma, God is faithful, He is the great comforter.
Like my dad taught me by example, I prayed for the victims’ families, for their loss, and for the survivors, I pray for a quick healing of body, mind and soul. And yes, I pray for the perpetrators family, that they can come to grips with what their loved one did.

Wacky Wednesday

I shall rename today Wacky Wednesday, for no apparent reason. I woke up to having to make my own coffee, which is fine, however I like the Irishman’s better. Once again I am having honey in it, you know it really brings out the coffee flavor. I am rather enjoying it.
My nails are looking rather raggedy right now, nail appointment on Saturday, I think for the season I am going to forgo the french manicure for a color, a holiday color. I am thinking red, I know, original, maybe with some sparkle, since I have a party to go to Saturday night and a football watching thing on Sunday. I want to look festive, I have found the perfect dress in my closet to wear Saturday night. It is red, fitted and amazing, I have only worn it once, then could never wear it again. I got it from Victoria’s Secret so you know it is incredibly sexy. Not something most people think of me as, but at times I can look incredibly hot. So, for Saturday night I choose to look hot, or at least in my mind I will. And seriously, that is all that counts. Shoes, that is the big question, I have the smokin hot Carlos Santana ones, however they are red, would that be overkill, do I go with black to break it up, or go with the red shoes and carry a black purse to break up the red? Decisions. And Sunday, what do I wear? It is a football watching party, do I wear the pink Cowboys jersey I bought to support United Way? Do I wear a cute outfit? I think we all know I don’t really watch football, ok, not at all, I go for the social aspect. I like these people, they are nice and fun, I am in such a quandary as to what to wear. I’ll ask Rachel what she is wearing. Whew, disaster averted.
Ok, I am off to get dressed and start my day, I am still loving my tour, I am finally getting enough sleep and am waking up rested, a heady feeling indeed.