Age Rant

As you know by now, I am a big fan of Kellie Raspberry of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show. I also listen to her and her husband, Allen Evans, podcast, A Sandwich and Some Lovin’.
The other night they did a Facebook live recording for their new episode. They happened to have a love expert on, a real life matchmaker. I was interested in what she had to say regarding women my age, I knew it would come up, Kellie has a large fan base with women my age range.
Sure enough the question came up, where do women who are over 50 go to meet men to date.
I wish you all could have seen the look on this woman’s face, I don’t even remember her name, she was horrified that women over 50 would even want to date.
The hesitation in her voice, the look of horror, the though process that clearly showed on her face. Finally she said well it’s very competitive and honestly there isn’t anything until you hit about 55 then men that age want to date in their age range.
The look on Kellie’s face was thank God I got engaged right before I turned 50.
Apparently my first instinct was correct, I will never date again, this time it isn’t my choice. It is because I am past my expiration date. I can only hope that this woman will be happy when she is past hers, alone with her cat, thinking I wonder why I told women who are over 50 they are too old to date.
I’m gonna tell you something, I am just a little bit angry by some of the things she had to say to all of us old gals.
She said never leave your house without looking your best, like I seriously go out in pajamas, house slippers and curlers in my hair. I always look presentable. Oh and another thing, have a really great photo on your social media, don’t post anything of you walking your dog at 5am looking a mess. Well, first of all who does that past the age of 25, B.) women of a certain age don’t really like walking their dog at 5am and I thought we were all supposed to have cats!
Oh and she said go to church, she didn’t say to meet men, she probably meant go to church and pray some man finds you attractive.
I’m done, done, I will not be dating, I will not be a walking glamour shot hoping some man will take notice of me. Unless I thought that would get me Dean Cain, I’m not doing it.
Oh and she said lose weight, then Kellie kinda called her out and said some men like women who are bigger. Then she said oh yeah I guess. What and ever!
Yes, I work out and am seriously caffeine and sugar deprived right now, which is probably why I am ranting more than I usually would about this. However to tell women who are over 50 they are just out of luck. She was simply horrified a woman that old would have the nerve to want to find someone to spend the rest of their miserably old life with.
A huge part of me hopes she finds herself alone at 50, sitting in her house with her cat wondering why can’t I find a man.
I am gonna tell you what, if I wanted to find a man, other than Dean Cain, I could find one. I am Angie, I am the empress, I am in control of where I want my life to go, even if I am older than the hills.
I seriously can’t wait till this thirty days are up.
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Friday Musings

So today on the Kidd Kraddick Show, Kellie Raspberry said how long can one continue to use the excuse “I’m still carrying the baby weight”. Well, my “baby” is 21 years old and I am still using that excuse for my lack of, well, weight loss.
So far it has been an uneventful week. I spent Tuesday evening with Elizabeth Anne, shopping for shoes for her, she said the one thing I thought I would never hear from her, “those heels aren’t high enough”. Music to my ears. Wednesday was spent organizing my Mary Kay inventory and cleaning the office area and organizing the bedroom. I plan on tackling the dinning, living and kitchen areas this weekend. Spring cleaning in full force and it makes me not happy as I hate it. I really want a maid, the minute I feel I make enough money for one, she is there! Or he, I will not discriminate; men can clean just like women. Oh a man maid, I think I like it.
I do believe this world is becoming increasingly vulgar, I hear it more and more in casual conversation, in stores, in the park, everywhere. Surprisingly, to me, the biggest offenders are women, I don’t know why that surprises me, but it does. I remember when I was about 15, I was watching television with my mom and they said the H word. I say it like that because that is what I remember thinking, oh, wow I can’t believe the said the H word in front of my mom. I was so embarrassed; I just sat there thinking maybe she didn’t notice. She did, and I will never forget what she said. She sighed and shook her head and said you know it is a real shame. I said what is? She said with all the words available in the world, the one they chose to use was a vulgar one. It’s so sad that they have such a limited vocabulary. Well that struck a chord with me, even at that age I took such pride in my vocabulary. I had read the dictionary, I scored exceptionally well on tests and played word games. I decided right then and there that before relying on vulgar words I would exhaust my knowledge of other descriptive words.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am no angel, and I do let loose, however I have to be extremely angry for it to come flying out of my mouth. I would urge everyone to look at their words, listen to themselves, then try and find an alternative. If you can’t, so be it, however remember there are so many words available just waiting to be used. I suggest the dictionary as reading material, and Shakespeare, and the Bible, all have wonderful words in them.
Happy Friday, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, enjoy the cold, wet weather.

Taste Explosion

Yesterday at lunch I went to Target, I know huge surprise, I got a few things, work supplies, then I indulged in what I can only describe as the perfect treat. I learned about this from listening to Kellie Raspberry, a DJ here in North Texas, one morning she was talking about milk duds and popcorn. Me being a huge fan of chocolate and popcorn, I decided to give this a try. It is a taste explosion, I can tell you without a doubt, the warm popcorn, mixed with the smooth flavors of chocolate and caramel are nothing short of a revelation. Once you put a mixture of the two in your mouth I promise you, your eyes will roll in the back of your head. It is amazing, run out and try this concoction, I promise, you will not be sorry. This is not an everyday treat mind you, but a once in a while treat, top it off with diet Coke and wow, a lethal combination.
Last night the Irishman and I had a date night, we went to McSwiggans here in Plano, I had the fish and chips, I will say this, they know how to do it right. So good, just the right amount of batter and fried to perfection, the tartar sauce is tangy, not sweet, and adds the perfect complimentary taste. I asked the waitress, who was terrific by the way, if they had gotten a new chef, as these were so much better than the last time. She said no, what they had done was start making their own batter instead of buying the ones already battered then frozen. I do believe they have stumbled upon the perfect recipe. These are the best fish and chips I have had, hands down. Hats off the McSwiggans for producing such perfection.
So, for a party in your mouth, try popcorn and milk duds, then take yourself out for some fish and chips. I hope everyone has a terrific Friday and a fantastic week. I am picking up Tess from school and we are going for an adventure. I found a new place CooCoo’s in Plano, I can’t wait to go and see the excitement on her face. We do love our adventure time.

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