I am a Trekker, there I said it, and I know you are all shocked, what, she’s a nerd? Ha! Live long and prosper, and yes, I stopped typing to do the Vulcan sign. I have been a Trekker since I was 4 years old, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock captured my imagination, and Lieutenant Uhura let me know I could be anything, even on the bridge of a Starship all the while wearing a great outfit and boots. Reach for the moon, land among the stars, they traveled the universe meeting new races, some didn’t have human form. They taught us to respect life, all life, not just the ones we are comfortable with.
When it was announced that J.J. Abrams was going to direct a reboot, not the same storyline, but a completely different look at the whole thing, well I was apprehensive at best. I love J.J. Abrams, every television show he has done I have watched. But this was my beloved Star Trek, what was he going to do with the characters I have loved almost my entire life.
What he did was nothing short of amazing, he respected the fans, he gave us a plausible cause for an entirely different timeline and he gave us a fond look at our own beloved Spock before making us fall in love with the new one. To say I am once again hooked is an understatement, I look forward to the new one, and I will go back and watch the first one in his reboot to get ready for this one. Captain Kirk was a renegade, a cowboy; he has kept the same rebel spirit in this Kirk, so happy to see he is not towing the Federation line.
There you have it, all of my nerd glory, I wear it like a badge of honor, I am proud of my Science Fiction roots, I am happy I was left to my own devices to discover my own loves, my own passions. Art, literature, history, television and science fiction, what a combination.

Soapbox Tuesday

I’m a stress eater, I admit it, when I am stressed I turn to food. It comforts me, it is faithful, always there, ready to be consumed. I also grieve eat, when my mother passed away I ate a whole pan of cinnamon rolls. Horrifying is what it is. The only time I don’t eat is when I am happy, as you can all see by my obiesity, I am rarely happy. Of course happiness is an emotion I find trite as it is fleeting.
I think I would be good if my life had less stress. I know what you are thinking, reduce your stress dummy, well much easier said than done. The stress is not of my making, if I were causing my own stress I could get rid of it. , change it, make it better, however, since I am not the source of my stress there is nothing to fix. So there we have it, with me left to want to surround myself with bags of puffy cheetos and diet coke. Sounds like stress relief to me.
So, for those of you feeling sorry for Kristen Stewart in this cheating mess she caused for herself, the information that the affair has been going on for six months. Also, that public apology, Robert Pattinson forced her into writing. He wanted everyone to know this was all on her. I don’t blame him one little bit. In fact this is a very Angie move. He has also kicked her out of that house they shared, was not her idea to leave. I have to say, I seriously love him. Good for him for lashing out. I know he went on his knees and thanked God he didn’t have a child with this lying whore.
I read a review online blasting 50 Shades of Grey, finally a reviews that can actually read. This book was written at a third grade level, actually I believe a third grader would have a better grasp of syntax and grammar. Pitiful is what it is, that the American public is gobbling this thing up. It is not romantic people! It is not even literature, is is, I don’t know what it is, however, it i a valid argument for a good old fashioned book burning.
My soapbox is starting to sink as I have run out of steam. I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday.

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