My Thoughts on Simone Biles

Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not watch sports, so it should come as no surprise that I do not watch the Olympics. However, having said that, I do pay attention when our team (U.S.A.) wins medals. What caught my attention was Simone Biles, she defies gravity, she is graceful, athletic, amazing and dignified.
I say dignified, because what caught my attention about her at first was not her athleticism, it was the social media storm that involved a thoughtless comment from an announcer, Al Trautwig, he said on-air that Simone was raised by her grandfather and his wife and calls them mom and dad.
Well, it turns out while in truth her parents are biologically her grandfather and his wife, they are actually her parents due to a little thing known as legal adoption.
I have to tell ya my hackles were raised by this comment, being a fellow adoptee that was legally adopted by older relatives (my great aunt and uncle) this made my blood boil.
He then went on to make things worse when he tweeted “They may be mom and dad but they are NOT her parents,” the tweet has since been deleted.
This really made me want to find this guy and educate him on legal adoption.
My mom and dad may not have been my biological mother and father, but they were my mom and dad in the eyes of the law and I have to believe God.
Adoption is a covenant between an adult and a child that the adult will care for them, love them, put their well-being before their own, raise them, educate them and be there for the rest of their lives.
Sounds like parents to me, I read what Simone Biles had to say about the whole thing and this is where I am so impressed by this young lady, her only comment was “My parents are my parents and that’s it.”
I feel that way as well Simone, my parents are my parents and that’s it.
I decided to read up on her back story and it struck home how similar our stories are, her birth mother was incapable of taking care of her and her sister. They were shuffled around for a while, she to different foster homes, me to my grandparents and other places.
Then a family member stepped up and said I want them, she went on to say in the article I read that she remembered the first time she called Nellie Biles mom. The girls had been calling them grandpa and grandma, they told the girls they could call them mom and dad if they wanted to, it was their decision.
She went into her bedroom and practiced saying the words, mom, dad, over and over. Then she walked back into the kitchen and said “mom?” Her mother turned around and said “yes?”
And that was that.
Very much like my experience, I was calling mine Aunt Odela and Uncle Foy, after the adoption the scene in my home was very much the same.
They were my mom and dad, adoption is a real thing, it is a bond, a covenant between an adult and a child. I will be your guide through this world, I will teach you right from wrong, I will be there when you fail, I will be there when you succeed. You will not be able to shake me off.
What this reporter said was thoughtless and uneducated, I am going to assume he had great parents from birth and doesn’t understand what adoption is and what it means. I do hope he educates himself and feels bad for what he said.
After my adoption there were several people in my family, I will not say names, that would introduce me “this is Angie, she isn’t real”.
No one will ever know what that did to my psyche, it was already fragile and that fractured it further. Until, my mother, my amazingly beautiful mother, told me this: With the rest of them I got whatever God gave me, but you, you I got to choose.
I’ve never forgotten it, as I have never forgotten her final words to me: You have been the most pleasant surprise.
She got to choose me and it was a pleasant surprise, giving birth does not guarantee you will be a good parent. I hope my children think I am a good parent as I gave birth to them.
But I will tell you my mom, my mom was the best mom that God ever created, when He created her I believe He should have used her blueprints for all moms. But alas our world doesn’t work that way and not everyone gets to have a mom and dad like I had.
From the sounds of it, Simone Biles has gotten to have a mom and dad like I had. For that I am incredibly happy for her.
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Well I gave up sugar again, I started last week, I am feeling better physically and yet craving it so very badly. I love sugar, if I could marry sugar I would, but I am staying off until Christmas, then I admit I plan on indulging in homemade sugar cookies and my no bake oatmeal cookies. Then back on the wagon, which will be hard however I know I can do it.
Does anyone else have this issue? A huge addiction to sugar, where you actually have withdrawal symptoms when you cleanse it out of your system? I am irritable, a little shaky, not quite the DT’s, but close, no hallucinations, yet, man, its tough!
Saturday’s show was really good, in case you missed it you can listen on our website,, we are also in ITunes, you can subscribe to the podcast and it will download automatically. We talked about grieving and the holidays that is something I face every holiday and have for a long time. When one is surrounded by older people from a young age you face grieving sooner than you should have to.
There are so many people I miss this time of year, my grandparents, my parents, my son, my great aunt Effie, one of my best friends Sandi, Chewie. I also have a grand daughter who is in heaven; it is a tough time of year. However, I have my memories and I hold them close to me, they comfort me, they sustain me. I have so many memories of Christmases with my cousins at my grandparent’s house, the warmth, the laughter, the food. Those early years the memories are jumbled, but they bring such warmth to my soul, it is almost like I can reach out and touch them.
When I get sad, and I do get sad at times, I think back to all of the happy, fun times I have had with the people I miss and it makes me smile. I also think of where they are now, and the amazing celebration they are having. I know without a doubt they are having the best time, because everyone I know that has passed, they are in heaven. I honestly don’t know how people who don’t believe in a higher power handle grief, where do they think their loved ones are? I know without a doubt I will see my people again, I will have a joyous reunion with them, I will get to hug them, laugh with them and catch them up on all that happened after they left us. They will take me around and introduce me to relatives who went before I was born. I have vivid images of what it will be like, however, I know that I don’t have an imagination vivid enough for how it will really be.

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