Angie Thoughts

I haven’t written a lot lately because I am disheartened, no, not disheartened, not sad, angry. I am angry, I am angry at all of the murders, the slaughter of our police, men and women. I am angry that instead of the focus being on our freedoms stripped away people are more interested in voting in a woman to the presidency. Rather than look at her record, her really bad record, her criminal activity, her dishonesty when it comes to women’s issues. Her disingenuousness when it comes to the military, she is so anti-military and law enforcement her greeting to one of them saying good morning was fuck you.
The way she defended a man and got him off for the rape of a twelve-year-old girl and years later laughed at how she knew he was guilty, but she didn’t care.
The way she vilified the women her husband sexually assaulted (allegedly), had multiple affairs with and behaved in a predatory way with. The things she has said about them, why are feminist not up in arms?
Let’s talk about plagiarism since that seems to be the news d’jour; in 2008 Hillary Clinton plagiarized Senator John Edwards on multiple occasions during her failed presidential campaign. Michelle Obama plagiarized Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals during her 2008 DNC speech. Where was the outrage? The memes making fun of them?
Meliania Trump’s speech used common words to describe her childhood and how she feels about this country. No, scratch that, her speech writers used common words to describe her childhood and how she feels about this country and her husband.
I watched her speech, I thought she was poised, well-spoken and thoughtful. She came across as genuine, someone who worked to come to this country and became a citizen, the right way. She didn’t come illegally, and she is viciously attacked for it.
This country is in shambles, there is literally fighting in the streets, our Commander in Chief has facilitated the hatred for law-enforcement. That is a fact. Now he is trying to backtrack.
He also will not call certain attacks what they are, Radical Islamist Terrorists are tearing up this country and the world. He called the attack in San Bernardino violence in the work place. Violence in the workplace, let that sink in for a moment.
Here was a husband and wife, the wife that we, as a government did not vet at all when she came here on a fiancé visa. If we had, we would have found the address she gave on the application was fake. We would have trolled her Facebook posts and seen where she pledged allegiance to ISIS. Instead, we waved her in, come on in, wreak havoc on us, kill a few of us.
Disgusting, that is what it is, and criminal, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to halt all immigration from countries that actively want to kill us and our way of life until we have a vetting system in place that will not allow Radical Islamist Terrorists in.
There is nothing wrong with not wanting ILLEGAL ALIENS crossing our borders ILLEGALLY, there is nothing racist about that. NOTHING.
There is something wrong with wanting to bring over hundreds of thousands of refugees when we have homelessness of our citizens. When we have children going hungry in our country, when we have veterans living in the street and in shelters.
There is something wrong when our government does not put our men and women who have fought for this country first, above ILLEGAL ALIENS and Refugees from countries who want to kill us. There is nothing wrong with telling people who want to come here that our Constitution is above Sharia Law. And if they do not feel that way they do not need to come here.
There is nothing wrong with not wanting a president who wants to do away with the 2nd amendment and I’m guessing wants to quell the 1st as well.
There nothing wrong with me not wanting a woman who is crooked, evil, vile and is against women.
One who says Margaret Sanger is her hero, Margaret Sanger, a blatant racist who created Planned Parenthood to weed out black people and poor people.
In her own words:
Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.
We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

Me again, no plagiarism here. If this is her hero, then who is she trying to get rid of?
I am pro-life, I make no secret of that, I am not for the extinction of any ethnic group.
I am not voting for Trump because I love him, I am voting for him because our country cannot handle another 4 to 8 years of not naming an enemy, of bad economic understanding, of destabilizing our stand in this world, of weakening our military, of complete rhetoric against our law-enforcement and saying that all white people are to blame for the woes of this country.
If anyone hasn’t noticed, Hillary is as white as they come, in fact the Democratic party only gave you white people to choose from. They ran the gamut, old, crazy, criminal and very, very white.
The Republican party gave you choices, white, African-American, Hispanic, old, young, in-between.
They in fact gave a choice of an African-American who had risen from poverty, who had sought an education, an education that enabled him to help heal people. And you shunned him! You called him names, you made fun of a man that embodies everything right with this country.
Someone who took advantage of educational opportunities, someone who worked his way out of poverty. A Godly man, a man of character, for what?
A crazy old man and a criminal woman. Interesting.
And now all you can do is focus on a few words that are everyday common words, from a woman not running for office.
Once again, this is my world, my views, and as always, any hate mail can go to

My Thoughts

My heart is heavy, my mind is boggled, my understanding of this world is gone. Last night in Dallas, TX, 5 police officers were brutally murdered, shot down like dogs. Eleven more injured, one civilian injured as she protected her children.
During a peaceful protest shots began to ring out, police officers ran towards the shots, to protect the people protesting them. You know what, let’s take a minute to let that digest, ran towards shots being fired to protect people who hold them in disdain.
I understand they were protesting black men being shot and killed by police officers, however, I would like to remind everyone that the killings they were protesting happened in different states. Not even Texas, so it begs the question, why are you protesting Dallas police?
Do you feel a modicum of responsibility in this slaughter? If you had not been protesting police actions in a different state you would not have put our police officers in jeopardy.
They ran towards gun fire to save you, I cannot say it enough, for all of those that hate the police, that say incendiary words directed toward their demise, well, congratulations. You wiped out 5 of them last night.
To those of you that really want things to change in a peaceful manner, this is not directed at you, however, today, of all days, you need to go on your knees and thank God that they were there to run towards the gun fire to protect you.
I grew up in a household that respected laws and the law enforcers, oh don’t get me wrong, I did my share of skating the law. In my teenage years, drinking underage, drag racing, things of that nature. I didn’t rob anyone, the one and only time I have ever stolen anything was when I was four and ate grapes before my grandmother paid for them. She shamed me so mercilessly that I never stole another thing.
My dad taught me that if I disagree with a rule to practice civil disobedience. I have read Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience countless times due to my dad. Everyone should read it that wants to change things in our society, in our government, local and federal.
I am so saddened but not shocked at what happened last night in Dallas, TX. The world has taught me not to be shocked anymore at the cheapening of life that is happening on a global scale.
In our country, the United States of America, we should be above that. It is time people, time to understand that the white people who are alive today did not practice slavery. It is time people to understand that not all black people are thugs that want to rob you. EVERYONE in this country, has to work together for the betterment of EVERYONE, every citizen. The good of the many outweigh the good of the few.
Disagree with a law, disagree with what is happening, practice civil disobedience, stop waging open war on police officers.
Not all police officers are bad, not all white people are racists and not all black people are thugs. I read that on a meme. It’s true, it’s time to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.


My Opinion

I have kept quiet on one of the biggest dramas gripping our nation for some time, on purpose. I wanted my thoughts to be cohesive, the key here my thoughts, I wanted to be able to articulate what I feel with clarity and forethought.
I don’t typically go off half-cocked, I am a fully loaded and ready to aim kind of girl, an apt metaphor for what I am going to say here in the next few paragraphs.
On February 26, 2012 George Zimmerman took the life of a seventeen-year-old teenager with his whole life ahead of him.
Last weekend a jury found him not guilty of all charges, because the state of Florida did not make their case.
Here are my thoughts on the whole, horrible thing; first of all I believe George Zimmerman is a foolhardy individual with little regard for authority. He proved that when the 911 operator told him several times not to leave his vehicle, when he left the vehicle, told him to get back in it.
George Zimmerman had every right to call the police; in all honesty if I see someone acting suspicious, no matter the color of their skin or gender, I will call the police. I will not follow them, even as a neighborhood watch person, he over stepped. I understand he was frustrated at what seemed like a lack of police protection at several robberies in the area, however, he was not an officer of the law, and he was a regular citizen. Being in a neighborhood watch does not make you a cop, it does not give you the authority of someone who has been through years of training, and who has taken an oath to protect and serve.
He should never have followed that teenager at all; there would have been no confrontation if he had followed a simple directive. Stay in your car.
At 17, we have all done stupid things, we have done things we are not proud of, some have done illegal things. Does that make us thugs? Does that make us punks? Does that warrant being shot?
At that age, I will admit, I was no angel; I was rebellious, obnoxious, loud and at times rather unpleasant. I drank underage, which is illegal, I snuck home, if someone had seen me in the dark, they might have thought I was breaking into my own home. I am happy no one shot me, I grew up in a state that would have been a possibility, shoot first, ask questions later.
Florida didn’t do their job, this was not a murder 1 case, in my opinion, and it is my opinion, this should have been tried as manslaughter all along. By them adding the charges later, it sent a message to the jury that they couldn’t make their case. I believe it had a lot to do with the outcome.
I believe that every action has a reaction, has a consequence, I do not believe that George Zimmerman has paid the price for his crime. I do believe he committed a crime, double jeopardy being what it is, there is no way to retry him. He has not shown remorse, while I understand that by apologizing to the parents that is admitting guilt, which he will not do. If I had been his attorney I would not have let him. However, by telling the parents, I’m sorry for what happened, perhaps telling them I regret my actions, I regret not listening, it might have comforted them. By not showing remorse, he is driving that hurt a little deeper.
Whatever you believe, whatever your opinion is, a young man is dead that will never know his potential. He will never go to college, he will never get married, he will never father children. His mother will not have his grandchildren to play with; my heart breaks for her as one mother to another.
If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, if you feel the need to comment, please remember I do moderate and to be respectful.

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