Disney Woes

Something has been bothering me for a while now, it is a disturbance in the Force.
So, an open letter to Disney I am writing, on behalf of little girls everywhere. But mostly Tessa.

Dear Disney,

I have a nine-year-old granddaughter that loves you, she not only loves you, she loves Star Wars. She not only loves Star Wars, she loves Darth Vader, Chewbacca and anything that has to do with a lightsaber.
Last year, when I went on a search for an outfit for her annual Christmas pictures, I lucked out, I found the most amazing outfit ever. At Kohl’s of all places, I will include her Christmas picture from last year at the end of this blog so you can see how amazing it was.
This year I was on a quest to purchase her an outfit or pajamas with her beloved Darth Vader.
Do you think I found any girl outfits with him on it? You know the answer; it is no. I ended up buying her boys pajamas with storm troopers on it talking about the Dark Side.
I did a search online for any and all girl Star Wars clothing. The majority is pink, purple and has no bad guys on them. None. No Darth Vader, no Darth Maul, not even Anakin Skywalker, before the Dark Side took over. I didn’t even find a Princess Leia outfit, now there are costumes, but no shirts, pajamas or dresses.
I did find a couple of dresses online, but nothing like last years. This year’s offerings were paltry in comparison.
I am begging you to understand that little girls everywhere love Star Wars and love all characters, no just ones deemed appropriate for girls.
They also love the Marvel Universe, they love Thor, Ironman, Hulk and Black Widow. With Black Panther and Captain Marvel on the horizon, I am begging you to step up your girl game.
Please understand that girls are as equally nerdy and geeky as boys, they enjoy wearing their favorite characters and would love to have clothes made to fit them.
I know what you are thinking, buy a boy’s shirt, well, they are boxy and cut short. They are really strange fitting, so if you could make girl shirts and pajamas and gowns and dresses it would be awesome.
I know I would appreciate it, she would appreciate it, as would many other little girls worldwide.
You have an opportunity to make an impact here Disney, you do the spunky princess so well. You know little girls; you know sass and heart and having the courage of your convictions. You know smart women characters, Belle comes to mind right away, Tiana is another. They were the rescuers in their worlds.
Princess Leia was a perfect fit to your world, no one in any galaxy, compares to her. She taught us so much when I was young, and she continues to teach generations even now.
Pick up a blaster and save yourself and your so-called rescuers, there was, is and never will be another one of her.
Please keep her legacy alive and give our girls a clothing line worthy of our beloved Princess.


Queen vs Princess, Which are You?

I find myself irritated a lot lately, and as usual I am going to share my irritation with all of you. On Facebook, naturally, I have been seeing a lot of posts from women who want to be treated like a princess. I look at those posts and think why, why a princess. I am an adult woman, I do not, in any way shape or form wanted to be treated like a princess. Princesses are normally children, they are told what to do, what to wear, what to eat, how to behave.
I am not ok with that. I don’t want to be a princess, I want to be a queen, and I want to be treated as such. I like making my own decisions about what I wear, eat, drink, think and how to behave, if I wanted a man to treat me like a princess I would be way more whiny and childlike.
I have a theory, if a woman wants to be treated like a princess she will find a man who will treat her that way, if she wants to be treated like a queen, the man who deserves her will find her.
I never wanted to have someone tell me how to behave or what to do, I always wanted an equal partner, a king if you will, that was worthy enough to rule with me.
I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (don’t judge) and one of the housewives, Yolanda, was practically accosted by her husbands ex-wife. They were at a party and the woman was telling a group of people that Yolanda treated her husband like a king. She was being derisive by the way. Yolanda told the woman, of course I treat him like a king, why not when he treats me as a queen.
I thought, that’s it, that is the way it should be, husbands and wives treating each other like royalty, ruling the household with equal power.
that is what God intended when He created man and woman, he created Eve from a rib bone, not a heel bone, or head bone. A rib bone, side by side, man and woman would rule over their domain. When did everything become so mixed up?

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