About Me

So, I saw this thing on Facebook the other day, I decided not to do it there, but to do it here. It’s kind of like a get to know you, and well almost everyone on there knows me. Not everyone here does, so here goes:

Three names I go by
1. Angie
2. Angela
3. Angel (only by certain cousins, no one else is allowed to call me that)
Three places I lived
1. Oklahoma City
2. Owasso
3. Plano
Three places I have worked
1. TG&Y
2. Printing companies
3. Large telecommunications corporation
Three things I love to watch
1. All Superhero shows and movies
2. Anything Joss Whedon
3. Anything with Star in the title, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate (any of them)
Three places I have been
1. The mountains in Colorado
2. The beaches in Florida
3. To see movie making magic in CA
Three things I love to eat
1. Mexican food
2. Chocolate
3. Popcorn
Three favorite drinks (not water)
1. Pomegranate juice
2. Coffee
3. Starbucks refreshers
Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Financial freedom
2. Starting my own business
3. The future
Also a little know fact about me, I hate sports, but love sports movies, I will sit and watch them all day long.

Welcome to the Gateway to Friday

Did you ever just have one of those days? You know the one I mean, where everything is frustrating and nothing goes right? Yesterday was that day for me; well it actually started Monday night. As it is work related I will not go into specifics, I will just say that if everyone took their job seriously and did what they were supposed to there would be less frustration for not only employees but customers as well.
There I said it, I feel better, oh and before you think maybe some people are new and don’t know how to do their jobs. No, that is not the case; in the department I work in we have all been there a minimum of 5 years. If you don’t know your job by now you need a new one, or you need to ask for further training. I will be the first to admit the training is sketchy, inadequate and incomplete. I, myself have asked for further training, so before you think I think I am perfect at my job, erase it from your thoughts. However, I do help the customer to the very best of my ability that is sadly not happening with everyone.
Whew, I feel better, I know it is rare I vent about work, but sometimes one just has to. I am looking forward to this weekend, Saturday I am hosting the Ladies that Lunch event in my new home. I am very excited about that, I must remember to tell the Irishman so he can make himself scarce during that time.
Must sign off now and get ready to face a wonderful day at work, it is what you make of it I fully believe that. I will go in with the attitude that I cannot control what others do, I can only control how I work and how I interact with the customers and my coworkers and I will give it my all.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Day Before Friday/Starbucks Day.

More Issues

Well, I have made it to my Friday, I did stop at Starbucks, I know you are wondering what I was able to get that fits in with my diet. Well, I got an unsweetened Passion tea and a fruit cup, both 0 Weight Watcher points. So far so good, I have had no sugar this week, since Sunday, Sunday was my last hurrah, I had everything then. It was actually a relief not to eat sugar on Monday, however, by Tuesday it was not pleasant, the cravings were hitting me with a vengeance last night, but I did not cave.
I don’t think anyone understands the depth of my addiction; some of my friends are all like, just have one cookie, or one piece of candy. That is all well and good for someone who has self control, however, for me that one would turn into twenty. I have no control when it comes to sweets, I can give up pasta, bread, pizza and even puffy Cheetos with no issues, but the sugar. I have such a hard time with it; I don’t think anyone understands that.
Ok, so, yesterday I read these tips on how you can burn calories and how these activities will keep you thin. One of them was bouncing your legs, WHAT, I do that like crazy, I have all my life, according to this article I should weigh like 8 pounds. Oh maybe if I didn’t do it I would weigh 8 million pounds, maybe it is the only thing keeping me down to this level. Wow, I never thought of that, maybe I should be grateful I am not 8 million pounds; I still wish I were the 8 pounds. And no, I do not actually want to weigh 8 pounds, it is an exaggeration to illustrate my obsession with weight.
Ok people, I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday; I shall be working for “the man”, earning my wages so I can buy shoes.

Birthday Synopsis

Well, my birthday weekend is over, the month continues, in the immortal words of Tracy Lawrence, Time Marches On. I had the best birthday this year, not just due to the presents but due to the fact I got to have lunch with Jeffrey, Elizabeth and Alex. It was not only enjoyable but fun, I have really funny kids, they have the most amazing humor. So happy I was chosen to be their mom, the only missing element was Tessa.
Let’s see, I know you want to know what I got, so I shall go down the list in order of birth, from Jeffrey I got a Starbucks gift card, he told me he knows how much I love my “Friday” coffee treats. Very thoughtful!
From Elizabeth a new Coach purse, all three of my Coach purses have come from her; this one is the trademark brown, only with purple trim! It is so pretty! I immediately had to empty the old one and put everything in the new one!
Alex gave me the gift of pampering; he got me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at a salon called the Beverly Hills Salon! I get to be a movie star! How cool is that? I can go in with my coffee treat, holding my purse and get the star treatment.
The Irishman, I know you are all wondering about him, well, he gave me the gift of communication. I got the new IPhone 5, at first I was like, my IPhone 4 works fine, but then we got to the Apple store and I fell in love with the white one. Then Siri talked to me! OMG I think I am in love with Siri! It was a very cool and thoughtful gift.
He and I had a combination of lunch and dinner, at the Londoner in Allen, it was nice, it was a really nice day.
Next year I don’t know if I want to acknowledge my birthday as it will be a huge one, a really huge one. I don’t even want to say the number, I don’t feel this number, I feel like I am maybe 25, however I know my body is going to start betraying me, that I will eventually just cave. I really don’t want to get osteoporosis, which really terrifies me. My grandmother had it and her spine curved, I know it caused her a lot of pain, she never complained about it, but I know it was not fun. I remember the doctors wanted her to wear a metal contraption that would help straighten her spine, but that was more painful than the actual curvature, so she quit wearing it.
On that note I will say goodbye and go eat my yogurt for the calcium!

Theories and Such

I have Starbucks today; I also had them add an extra shot in my coffee treat, welcome to my Friday. I actually had time to go to my favorite Starbucks on the corner of Park and Custer, love them. Tomorrow I am going to pick up the pictures from Tessa’s Fairy photo session, I am so excited! This place was just wonderful, their website is http://enchanted-fairies.com check them out when you get a chance. All of the employees treated Tess like she was a fairy princess, I highly recommend them.
Tonight I am going to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) with friends, every Thursday the month of February they are having a free jazz concert. So, I suggested going this Thursday as an outing for the Ladies that Lunch. Not everyone can go as it is a weeknight; however there are several of us willing to brave the night and I know we are going to have a blast.
I am really enjoying being on the radio, I know I talk about it often, but it is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time. I love talking, I love saying whatever is on my mind, granted we have the shows planned out and for the most part tend to stick on topic. Easy to do in a 15 minute show, I wonder what will happen when we go longer. I know eventually that we will I can totally see this going to an hour long live show, taking calls, fielding questions. Can you imagine? Me, live, talking to people! The thought is absolutely heady.
Can I be honest here for a moment? I am so happy that football season is over, I am not a sports girl, never have been, never will be. I have a theory about women who watch sports, or profess to watch them. Yes, I said profess, I know I have a couple of female friends who do not fit in with my theory, but the majority do. Hence the theory, people form theories for a reason, and I have a keen eye for this sort of thing.
I have theories about a lot of things in life, some I share willingly, some not so much, this is one theory I tend to not spout in public. Mainly because women who are doing this for one of the reasons I believe they are have no desired to be called out. The other side of the theory, well if those women are not admitting who they are, they don’t want me calling attention to what I believe. Wow, how much more cryptic could I be?
I will sign off for now, you will probably hear from me Saturday, the day before my birthday, but probably not.


I stopped at Starbucks today, it was a venti passion tea for me, unsweetened, I hope everyone is proud of me.
Do you ever have that time in your life where you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing and other times you are so sure of where your life is going? I feel as if I am at a precipice, I can’t explain it, and at my age it is incredible, but I feel like I am on the edge of something huge happening. In a good way, not a foreboding way, I just feel like my life is about to take a huge turn.
I wonder what is in store for me, sometimes; well a lot of the time, I wish I knew my future, I so want a crystal ball. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wait, no, no it wouldn’t, there are some things I would not have wanted to know in advance. On second thought, I think I’d rather my life just unfold without me knowing what lies in front of me.
I wish I could give up, not in life, but food wise, I know you are all tired of hearing about this; however, I want to be able to eat whatever I want. Whenever I want, no worries about it going straight to my waist, hips, thighs, arms and well everywhere. I believe that is what heaven will be like, where I get to eat whatever I want without consequences. I wonder what it is like to be one of those people, do they think about it, do they appreciate it. I wonder what it is like to be naturally beautiful without need of cosmetics, plastic surgery and other things to make ourselves into society’s idea of beauty. I also wish I were one of those people, alas I need the help of cosmetics and would love to have plastic surgery.
There is a story in the news about a man who sued his wife for fraud, as she had plastic surgery to make herself beautiful before he met her. Then after the birth of their child he found out what she used to look like as the child was not beautiful like he expected. He won as she had never revealed what she used to look like. It begs the question, when you have had work done, do you tell when you begin to date someone? Do you tell them you have Botox treatments? That you color your hair, your nails are acrylic and you had your teeth straightened as a child? Aren’t some of these things a given? I know very few women who do not color their hair, paint their nails, wear makeup, make themselves pretty. We are ingrained from childhood that we need to be better versions of ourselves in order to attract a mate. So after having attracted that mate, do we then come clean that not everything about us is “real”?
I live in the Dallas, Texas area, this is the beauty capital of the world, yes even more so than Hollywood, this is it people. Women are expected to look like Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, big hair, makeup and nails; if you are not the Texas ideal of beauty you will not attract a man. That is what the popular belief is, and I will tell you, men keep it going. When a man talks about what kind of woman he wants in his life, intelligence is far down the list, hot is the word they use. And I have to tell you I am sick of the word hot used as a description, except when referring to fire. What happened to beautiful? Pretty? Cute?
The pressure to be society’s idea of “hot” is exhausting, it is exhausting to be a woman today, so of course we use what is available to us to continue to look acceptable. I know I do, I have been using Mary Kay skin care since I was in my 20’s and it has done me well. I look good, for my age; there is the rub, for my age. I hate that as well. Who decided what I should look like at my age, at any age? Who was that person? I can tell you this, it was a man, men say they want a natural woman, they don’t. No one does, trust me on this. I know I will get some heat for this one, but I for one will continue to take care of myself, color my hair, do my nails, make sure I look the best I can. For my age.

Not So Good Start

Hate, four letters, strong emotion, the question is do we truly hate something or someone. For example I say I hate sunshine, but I really don’t deep in my soul hate it, I am disdainful of it, but the strong emotion of hate, no. I can say without a doubt I hate liver, I hate lies, I hate the fact that I have to work so hard to not be obese.
As for people, there really is no one that I hate, that level of emotion just takes too much out of me and to be honest it ages me. I hate no one, even the people that have wronged me, more than anything I pity them, they will never know the joy of being friends with me. Their lives will be empty because of who they are and how they behave in life, there is nothing there to hate, everything to pity.
I loath certain behaviors that humans exhibit, loathing and hating are two different emotions, much less energy to loath than to hate. To hate requires a level of intensity that I simply cannot fathom achieving, too much work. If you hate with that kind of intensity, well, hats off to you, it’s a lot of hard work and dedication.
I did not get to stop at Starbucks this morning, I am all out of sorts and can’t really think straight, I am ready for my lunch break so I can go to Starbucks and truly wake up. It is sad being addicted to something that is so amazing, and hard to resist, still deciding on what I want, a 0 point count Passion Tea or a non fat Caramel Brulee treat. Ugh. I need help.

Snow = God’s Love

I think by now you all know how I feel about snow, it is the great equalizer, it makes everything it touches beautiful and pristine. It is simply perfection, it is God’s tangible proof He loves me that is my belief. Even a little snow makes me happy, on Monday, here in North Texas, God sent a message, He sent snow, to give a message of hope. It was a smattering, not enough to cover the rooftops, but it was enough. Enough to start my week off the right way, to let me know that everything is going to be ok.
As the week goes on I am reminded daily that I am loved and everything will turn out ok, as my grandmother used to say, it all comes out in the wash. It all works out in the end, and in the end it really doesn’t matter. She had a way with words.
I have not had sugar this week at all, well, natural sugar in the form of fruit, but that is acceptable, I have had no processed sugar. I have had no artificial sweeteners, no diet cokes, I can tell my body feels better, but my taste buds want sugar, my brain wants sugar, my whole being wants sugar. I shall persevere, I will not give in, I will not eat sugar. Until Christmas.
Today is my Thursday, tomorrow is my Friday, and I am going to go with hot Passion tea for my Starbucks treat, no Snowman cookie, nothing sweet, it will be fine. I have some amazing news, I have not been sick in 13 months; I have not had a sniffle, a fever, stomach bug, nothing. I know my doctor has forgotten who I am at this point because I have not seen him in over a year. This is amazing; I usually get sick twice a year, like clockwork, but not this year. Not since getting off of the artificial sweetener and moving to local honey. I don’t know if there is a real correlation, however I am going to take it.

Finally Awake!

I am awake now; it only took two days, so here I am folks, ready to rock and roll! I have my coffee and yogurt and took my vitamins, let’s get this party started! First off I want to say after spending the day with Elizabeth Anne in Sherman on Saturday was truly enjoyable, after the optometrist, which was brutal. We rode in her Jeep and listened to her music, I have to say her musical tastes are as eclectic as my own, I am so proud at the range she has. No pigeon hole for her, she goes from Tracy Lawrence to Kiss, so proud.
She hates my beloved Snowman cookie from Starbucks, that I cannot believe; I think she needs to go to a taste bud doctor. I shall see what I can find; to not enjoy something I do is unimaginable! I don’t even know what to think about that. At least we have Taco Bueno!
We are four shows down on Conversations with Shanon J and Angie B, this is fast becoming one of my favorite days of the week. The days I get to record with Shanon, you should hear the stuff that is off the air. I told her we should make a blooper reel, we are really funny, and at times deep, we got into something the other day that we will have to tackle on the air. However, it is just deserving of longer than 15 minutes. By the way, in case you missed our show, you can catch up on http://www.convosate.com and we are on ITunes, this is all thanks to the Irishman. Also you can purchase items with what has become our catchphrase, What are we doing today God? at http://www.shop.convosate.com. Great stocking stuffers to be had. You can also find our email addresses there; we would love to hear from you, tell us what you would like to hear about.
So, Christmas is fast approaching and I have done no decorating, not from lack of wanting to, but lack of time. I will put up the tree this weekend, I promise, I love the twinkling lights so much, I am going to be a decorating fool.
More shopping this weekend with Elizabeth Anne, she is coming to Plano, so we will be shopping till we drop, then crawling.

Snowman Cookie Deprived

Welcome to Wide Awake Wednesday, it is the time for dancing and celebrating, you made it to another middle of the week! Why yes, I have had coffee, so nice of you to ask, and no, it is not too much. It is just enough of the sweet nectar of the gods to provide much needed energy. Let us all recognize that this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. I love that song!
Well I am day three and no sugar, well, no cookies and candy, I am having fruit, so I guess that is natural sugar. So day three with no Starbucks snowman cookie, I am grieving at saying goodbye to my friend the snowman, he and I had a good run. I looked him up on the Weight Watcher points; he alone is 11 points, that is like 2 meals! In one little, harmless looking cookie! That man is pure evil; he is sweet, sugary, amazing evil. I miss him.
As you all might know I have a love/hate relationship with food, I love food, I am not a foodie, I have the dietary tastes of a 10 year old. I love things like puffy Cheetos and snowmen cookies, mini tacos from 7-Eleven, it is really sad. I wish I were one of those food snobs, who like only the best ingredients and makes things from scratch. But no, I like only things that are bad for me, things that create a wondrous party in my mouth. Like the snowman cookie, that first bite, first the hat, the cookie itself melts in your mouth, the icing is just a perfect blend of sugar and cream cheese. When you bite into it and allow the taste to settle into your tongue, it is just perfection.
Contentious, that is my relationship with food; I seriously wish I could eat anything I wanted and never gain an ounce. My BFF, Tammi, is like that, always skinny, always able to eat what she wants, when she wants. I am so jealous! But not in a bad way, in a good way, a way that makes me work hard and stay half way decent looking.
I will be eating on Christmas, no point counting, no looking, just eating, sugar cookies, no bake cookies, honey baked ham, dressing, green bean casserole, the whole nine yards. Oh and don’t forget deviled eggs, love those things!

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