More Issues

Well, I have made it to my Friday, I did stop at Starbucks, I know you are wondering what I was able to get that fits in with my diet. Well, I got an unsweetened Passion tea and a fruit cup, both 0 Weight Watcher points. So far so good, I have had no sugar this week, since Sunday, Sunday was my last hurrah, I had everything then. It was actually a relief not to eat sugar on Monday, however, by Tuesday it was not pleasant, the cravings were hitting me with a vengeance last night, but I did not cave.
I don’t think anyone understands the depth of my addiction; some of my friends are all like, just have one cookie, or one piece of candy. That is all well and good for someone who has self control, however, for me that one would turn into twenty. I have no control when it comes to sweets, I can give up pasta, bread, pizza and even puffy Cheetos with no issues, but the sugar. I have such a hard time with it; I don’t think anyone understands that.
Ok, so, yesterday I read these tips on how you can burn calories and how these activities will keep you thin. One of them was bouncing your legs, WHAT, I do that like crazy, I have all my life, according to this article I should weigh like 8 pounds. Oh maybe if I didn’t do it I would weigh 8 million pounds, maybe it is the only thing keeping me down to this level. Wow, I never thought of that, maybe I should be grateful I am not 8 million pounds; I still wish I were the 8 pounds. And no, I do not actually want to weigh 8 pounds, it is an exaggeration to illustrate my obsession with weight.
Ok people, I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday; I shall be working for “the man”, earning my wages so I can buy shoes.

Starbucks, Weight Loss and Friday

I did something horrible yesterday, I fell off the wagon, I had sugar, and while most of you might think its ok to fall off once in a while, it is not ok for me. Yesterday I had a bite of hummingbird cake and of pound cake. Last night I crashed, literally my body crashed from all of the sugar, I went home from work and by 8:30 I was passed out. No Tylenol PM or wine was involved, I promise, it was a sugar crash, I slept hard and woke up feeling like I was coming off a three day binge. Horrible. I am a sugar addict, I cannot have it, I have consequences to eating it, a lot of people don’t and that’s fine but I do.

Dieting is simple in nature, you eat less, exercise and you lose weight, it is not easy, there are pitfalls, and there are temptations everywhere we look. You cannot walk into a store without being assaulted by the temptations of candy, cookies, cakes and pies, they are at the checkout counter, they are when you first walk in. I fight this everyday, yesterday I caved, I fell off the sugar wagon and paid a price. I will not be doing that today, back on the wagon I am. I am angry with myself this morning, I forgot my yogurt at home, every morning I have Greek yogurt and I love it, I forgot it. I did remember my blackberries, but man I need some protein, especially after my binging yesterday. Oh well, I shall persevere.

I am very happy today is my first Friday of the week, I have made a decision, not life changing, however important for me. I have decided to only have Starbucks on the real Friday of the week. The reason for this is I want to keep my relationship with Starbucks special; I also want to keep my wallet somewhat fuller and my waistline slimmer. I love Starbucks and there are healthy choices to be had there, my favorite is a Venti Passion Tea Lemonade unsweetened, so good, so good for you. However, I still love my coffee treats, these days I like them soy milk and low fat, low sugar, but even then they still have a lot of points. I like using my points for other things, so, once a week Starbucks and I will be getting together to cement our relationship.

I hope everyone has a great day, I have great plans for tomorrow, I will be getting my hair done, can’t wait to see Beatrice and hear about her trip to Kenya. Then I will be seeing Thomas Alexander, not many people know this, but I named him after the very first one of my ancestors that came to this country in 1774. I don’t think his dad even knows this, alright peeps I am totally outy!

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